Oilers sign Minard

Edmonton Oilers seem to be following through on a promise to their AHL team (Springfield) as the signing of quality AHL players got underway this weekend.

Chris Minard is a veteran of 35 NHL games (20 last season with the Pens) and 213 in the AHL. He scored 34 goals in the minors last year and has totals of 25 and 32 in previous AHL seasons.

Minard isn’t likely to make a dent at the NHL level in 09-10, but that could change with a strong training camp, injuries and other factors. He’s described as a determined player with offensive ability, with foot speed being the negative.

His contract (nhlpa) is $550,000 and although there’s no confirmation available that it’s a two-way deal that would be the smart bet.

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10 Responses to "Oilers sign Minard"

  1. bookie says:

    Well, helping out Springfield also allows for the possibility that one or two of the mix of NHL 3rd & 4th Line bubble players and AHL 1st & 2nd Liners rises to the occasion and ends up as a solid NHLer.

  2. devin says:

    Great signing (assuming a 2-way). Saw a lot of him in PIT and he's a solid, if unspectacular, player. Came very close to establishing himself with the Pens, and IMO he was much better than Taffe or Thomas or the other callups. He and Potulny should have a real shot at a job this year if injuries abound.

  3. uni says:

    I don't know if I'd want to hope for injuries to abound. I'd be nice for Minard and Potulny to light up the AHL to the tune of 3-4 points a night though, and force the hand.

    For all the talk about Schremp not getting a chance, if he could pull off what Getzlaf and Perry did, and just destroy the AHL, he'd be up with the big team or would have been traded off in a second.

  4. mike w says:

    Actually, I'd totally expect the Oilers to give him a one-way contract for no reason.

  5. Paper Designer says:

    So a guy who can play on your top two lines in Springfield, and if a rash of injuries occur, might be good enough to round out your top six?

    Good, reasonable signing. I guess this sort of player makes getting rid of a Tyler Spurgeon a bit more palpable.

  6. PDO says:

    I, for one, support KatzCash going towards making our AHL team respectable.

  7. doritogrande says:

    I wouldn't be so quick to assume a two-way contract. The best way to ensure that your talent ear-marked for the AHL actually gets there is to make them unappealing to the rest of the league. And, for that matter, who cares if it's a one-way contract? As long as he's in the minors the contract does not count against the salary cap.

    This is how the Manitoba Moose were able to hold on to the likes of Jason Krog and Michel Ouellet this season. They were both on one-way contracts and as such were not touched when they passed through waivers. This is the benefit of having rich uncle pennybags as our owner. Do you think a team like Atlanta or Buffalo has the cash to keep a 600K player in the minors?

    I like that he can put the puck in the net, but would have preferred a center capable of taking the toughs. It's a good signing nonetheless.

  8. Lowetide says:

    Excellent points, dorito.

  9. doritogrande says:

    Thanks LT.

    Of course it's only a suggestion, but if I had the kind of money Katz does, I'd sure as hell flaunt it as often as possible. "Sure, we can't buy Heatley, but we bought ourselves a Calder Cup with the money I make off viagra!"

    ….On second thought, do you think Heatley would be interested in playing in Massachussets?

    And a heartfelt welcome back to Mike W.

  10. Bendelson says:

    I for one am very interested to see Dubnyk play goal for a winner. To my knowledge, he has never played on a highly skilled team – certainly not with the Blazers anyways. He has certainly seen his share of rubber.

    I'm a big Dubnyk supporter, but until he learns how to win on a regular basis, any other stats he may produce, could be largely irrelevant.

    Signings like Minard (one more please) could give him a chance to step up. When coupled with a legitimate R. Daum development program for the young talent (is this believable?), its time for Dubnyk to show he can be a difference maker, and WIN.

    If losing builds character, Devon should have the right stuff.

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