Reddox Signs with Oilers

A rather bizarre story ended in a good way today with the news Liam Reddox has signed a one-year, two way contract with Edmonton. Earlier this summer, tsn reported that the rookie winger had not only rejected his qualifying offer but also had plans to play in Europe in 09-10. I described it as “unusual” and it appears the idea of a two-way deal may have been the reason for the disconnect.

Reddox is a full court bleeder at this stage of his career but has been able to survive in the majors for most of a full season. That has value. Reddox’s boxcars and secondary numbers from his rookie season tell the story:

  • Boxcars: 46gp, 5-7-12, 10pims
  • Plus Minus: -6
  • Corsi: -21.7
  • GF/GA ON: 16-22
  • 5×5/60: 1.43
  • Quality of Competition: 3rd level
  • Quality of Teammates: 3rd level

Reddox is extremely unpopular among some Oiler fans because Craig MacTavish played him on the top line for a time when there were clearly better options. I understand the frustration but prefer to view that in a way similar to the period of time when Zack Stortini was forced onto the Stoll-Torres line: not the fault of the player and an issue that cannot help in any way when evalutating a prospect or young player. That Corsi number is a stunner, and in fact Stortini’s -19.2 is the only number from a semi-regular in the range. Knuckle dragger Steve MacIntyre (-26.4) was effective as a saloon door.

We know Reddox had a subpar rookie season. We know the coach saw something in him. We know kids don’t develop in a straight line. Liam Reddox may end up being a lesser player than Domenic Pittis or a greater player than Josh Green. Either way, he was certainly worth this contract.

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15 Responses to "Reddox Signs with Oilers"

  1. Asciutto says:

    "when there were clearly better options"

    There were?

    Redox played 100 minutes ES with Horcoff.

    Wasn't Hemsky hurt at the same time Gagner- Cole were finding some of that mysterious thing called "Chem"?
    Pisani was hurt.
    Brule was worse than Reddox.

    There are these little oddities over the past three years:
    - Toby on the PP point
    - Marty Sakic
    - Smid at wing
    - Reddox on the "1st line"

    They all, in turn, have developed legendary status way out of proportion with the reality.

    You could call it
    Career minor leaguer bites NHLer

  2. raventalon40 says:

    Yeah. Dustin Penner for one.

  3. Lowetide says:

    No disrespect to Reddox, they dressed 12 forwards during that run and pretty much all of them were better options.

    Having said that, it was a coaching decision and the negative reaction towards Reddox is both misdirected and mystifying.

  4. boopronger says:

    Anyone read the article in the Sun about free agents? Lot of guys just sitting not getting much in terms of offers. Mostly due to cap implications. Still some semi big names out there. Oilers interested in Tanguay. Tanguay has been offered one year deal around 1.5 million. (dont know which team offered it).

    Thus ends stream of consciousness.

  5. raventalon40 says:

    1.5 million would be a steal for Tanguay if you compare him to Nilsson, for one

  6. Hockey Noob says:

    Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Oh, I meant Reddox!

  7. Lowetide says:

    There's no way Tanguay gets an offer that low and accepts. Even if he's the last man standing I'd think it would take 4M a year to sign him.

    GM's are playing a dangerous game of chicken. Detroit might drop in and grab Tanguay.

  8. quain says:

    If Edmonton can't offer Tanguay more than $1.5M, they need to start taking guys out back and shooting them until they've got space. This is idiotic.

  9. spOILer says:

    As I mentioned in the previous thread, the article actually said $1.2M. Strangely, that paragraph was not included in the print version.

    But again, it was Garrioch.

  10. LaBellePoque says:

    Comparing Montreal's success before and after Tanguay and Lang's injuries is enough to sell me on the player. Can't believe it's July 30 and he's still out there. I guess the argument against him being on the Oil is that without a finisher, it's like having 1/2 of the Sedin twins. Still wish we could dump a contract or two and get him.

  11. oilersinsider says:

    The Tanguay $1.5 million dollar contract offer is nuts and can't be accurate. From a source in Phoenix, they came right out and said they had Tanguay signed with except for a misunderstanding in salary.

    You can't really misunderstand 1 yr $1.5 million.

    It takes $3 million at the very least to land Tanguay.

  12. godot10 says:

    What can Tanguay do that Andrew Cogliano can't do or be coached to do? I say not much. Sure Cogliano can't do everything Tanguay can do right now, but that is what you hire coaches for.

    Cogliano has two 18-goal seasons. Fun time is over for him. The coaches have to start coaching him to fill a Tanguay-like role.

    Ditto for Robert Nilsson.

    If you trade one of these guys, then you can sign Tanguay.

    But you aren't making progress if one is signing UFA's to fill holes that should be filled by player development.

    Signing a 3rd line centre who can PK is a higher priority than signing a guy who is going to take away ice time from Cogliano (and to a lesser extent, Nilsson).

  13. dawgbone says:

    Yeah. Dustin Penner for one.

    Who do you think was on the other wing?

  14. marriedtotheoil says:

    Glad to see Reddox will be back. I take a bit of a irrational proprietary interest in him, since he's the first Oilers prospect who got my (good) attention in person at the AHL level.

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