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This is Glen Sather. If you’re an Oiler fan, this is a day to turn back the clock and cheer like hell for “Slats.” Dany Heatley’s delay on giving the go-ahead on a trade that sees Edmonton loading up on a 1line L gives Sather and the Rangers a window of opportunity.

As I understand it, Heatley would prefer to play in New York City. I think it’s a good move for Heatley, he belongs with the Rangers and hopefully will join a long list of men who have carved out careers elsewhere before playing on Broadway.

In my lifetime, Bernie Geoffrion, Tim Horton, Phil Esposito, Ken Hodge, Derek Sanderson, Barry Beck, Marcel Dionne, Pierre Larouche, John Ogrodnick, Mark Messier, Luc Robitaille, Kevin Lowe, Glenn Anderson, Esa Tikkanen, Glenn Anderson, Wayne Gretzky and a myriad of others have made their reputations elsewhere and arrived in New York as famous men.

This is a better stage for Heatley, and it’s certainly in keeping with Sather’s team building methods since arriving in New York. Buy high, sell low. Pay now, pay later. It looks for all the world like today will be a bidding war between the Oilers and the Rangers, with Cogliano, Penner and Smid (PLUS) representing the Oilers side and a plethora of young talent (well, the few young players who haven’t been sent away) from the Rangers side.

Late last night on the epic thread below, poster and friend PDO dropped a bomb courtesy Daren Millard:

  • Heatley didn’t kill it. the oilers are on the list and he confirmed it with his agent.
  • Still has to approve it etc- rangers have entered the fray. package is getting better.
  • Callahan, Dubinsky and del zotto and are improving it.
  • Senators still want mark staal.
  • Rangers are top priority- oilers are still fully in this thing and they will improve the package to keep with the rangers.
  • Sens are still talking with both teams and will squeeze both teams.
  • Penner and cogliano have been informed they were traded
  • Millard believes this is the rangers deal to lose.
  • Millard believes the sens want staal or nothing.
  • Oilers-Sens deal is still on the table.
  • It’s Tambellini vs Glen Sather tomorrow.

My thanks to PDO for posting it and apologies to Mr. Millard if anything is untrue or misrepresented. We need to cheer like hell for Glen Sather today. The Rangers should win this battle, it’s what they do. The Oilers can return to building a team brick by brick.

The draft, intelligent free agent additions, smart trades. Measured and reasonable. Please.

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