We’re Not the Jet Set

This is Glen Sather. If you’re an Oiler fan, this is a day to turn back the clock and cheer like hell for “Slats.” Dany Heatley’s delay on giving the go-ahead on a trade that sees Edmonton loading up on a 1line L gives Sather and the Rangers a window of opportunity.

As I understand it, Heatley would prefer to play in New York City. I think it’s a good move for Heatley, he belongs with the Rangers and hopefully will join a long list of men who have carved out careers elsewhere before playing on Broadway.

In my lifetime, Bernie Geoffrion, Tim Horton, Phil Esposito, Ken Hodge, Derek Sanderson, Barry Beck, Marcel Dionne, Pierre Larouche, John Ogrodnick, Mark Messier, Luc Robitaille, Kevin Lowe, Glenn Anderson, Esa Tikkanen, Glenn Anderson, Wayne Gretzky and a myriad of others have made their reputations elsewhere and arrived in New York as famous men.

This is a better stage for Heatley, and it’s certainly in keeping with Sather’s team building methods since arriving in New York. Buy high, sell low. Pay now, pay later. It looks for all the world like today will be a bidding war between the Oilers and the Rangers, with Cogliano, Penner and Smid (PLUS) representing the Oilers side and a plethora of young talent (well, the few young players who haven’t been sent away) from the Rangers side.

Late last night on the epic thread below, poster and friend PDO dropped a bomb courtesy Daren Millard:

  • Heatley didn’t kill it. the oilers are on the list and he confirmed it with his agent.
  • Still has to approve it etc- rangers have entered the fray. package is getting better.
  • Callahan, Dubinsky and del zotto and are improving it.
  • Senators still want mark staal.
  • Rangers are top priority- oilers are still fully in this thing and they will improve the package to keep with the rangers.
  • Sens are still talking with both teams and will squeeze both teams.
  • Penner and cogliano have been informed they were traded
  • Millard believes this is the rangers deal to lose.
  • Millard believes the sens want staal or nothing.
  • Oilers-Sens deal is still on the table.
  • It’s Tambellini vs Glen Sather tomorrow.

My thanks to PDO for posting it and apologies to Mr. Millard if anything is untrue or misrepresented. We need to cheer like hell for Glen Sather today. The Rangers should win this battle, it’s what they do. The Oilers can return to building a team brick by brick.

The draft, intelligent free agent additions, smart trades. Measured and reasonable. Please.

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  1. hunter1909 says:

    "I had a dream last night I was an Oiler, and that Roloson was our goalie in the finals" Heatley on why he decided against joining the Oilers

  2. Deano says:

    Roli and Wang were meant for each other.

  3. Jonathan Willis says:

    Roli to NYI. 2 yrs, 2.5MM/yr. Wow.

  4. PDO says:

    Good for Roli, and good for the Oilers to pass on giving him two years.

  5. Coach pb9617 says:

    Biron at 3 would be an absolute coup.

  6. gogliano says:

    Good for Roli, hope he does well on the Island.

  7. DBO says:

    best thing to happen to the Oil. move on. get a younger tender. Dump bad deals, don't deal for any. Poach next year when the cap falls.

  8. Lowetide says:

    Good for Roloson, nice move. Oilers should ask after Biron but the offer sheet for Harding is looking stronger imo.

  9. Showerhead says:

    Goodbye Dwayne Roloson. I will miss your beautifully orchestrated helmet shaking, dive taking, and calf-whacking. I will also miss your baseball zone clear. Au revoir!

  10. Deano says:


    Here, here. Who else is looking?

  11. Schitzo says:

    Good for Roloson, but I'm glad we're not the ones paying it.

  12. DBO says:

    trade for Patrick Sharp from Chicago. Trade for harding. Dump Penner on Ottawa

  13. Krankor says:

    The comments on TSN's live blog are priceless:

    [Comment From Erik]
    edmonton needs a goalie, but none are on the market , they need luongo

    [Comment From leafsfan]
    thats a steal for the isles

  14. Coach pb9617 says:

    Pierre is awesome.

    Cogliano with 18 goals in his second year "hasn't proven he can put up points", but Armstrong at 22 goals in his 5th year is a guy who "can put up points"

  15. Temujin says:

    The comments on TSN's live blog are priceless

    Hahaha, I saw that too.

  16. mc79hockey says:

    July 1 is like federal budget day in terms of being an orgy of pointless spending.

  17. DBO says:

    Or what about Versteeg? he's an rfa. Chicago just seems like a team that has to make a deal

  18. speeds says:

    Got to think Biron's an option now.

    What would you need a deal to look like with CHI to be willing to take Huet? Got to imagine they'll try and move some salary having added Hossa.

  19. DBO says:

    Larry brooks was on team 1260 and he seems to think the rags didn't offer that much. Pull the deal tambellini.

  20. DBO says:

    DarrenDreger: Roloson tells TSN he wanted a 2 year deal and the Isles were quick to offer. Oilers wouldnt offer a 2nd year..

  21. Krankor says:

    July 1 is like federal budget day in terms of being an orgy of pointless spending.

    I liken it more to a Boxing Day sale, where every store only stocks a handful of the desirable items and you end up buying the Shitsonic DVD player for twice what it's worth just so you don't go home empty handed.

  22. Showerhead says:

    mc79: funny you make a government joke. It's free agency day and Canada Day but instead of celebrating I have been watching Obama discuss US Health Care. Days like this make me feel OLD.

  23. DBO says:

    speeds: was thiking the same thing. Lots of salary, but what could we get if we took that deal? That allows them to sign both Khabibulin and havlat. Mind you. why don't we just sign them? Just saying.

  24. Lord Bob says:

    Hard to believe that Roloson contract. I mean, the Islanders have such a history of making the right decision on goaltenders, it's hard to believe they could screw up like that!

    (Thank you, Garth Snow, for saving Tambs from himself.)

  25. DBO says:

    Chicago signs korecky form Det for 2 years $2.4 mill total. Trade with them!

  26. DBO says:


  27. Krankor says:

    Lord Bob: Credit to Tambo, though, for sticking to his guns with a one-year offer. I was starting to worry that he'd soften on that and get stuck with Roloson's Geritol bills for another year.

  28. Jonathan Willis says:

    Would you guys sign Biron for 3 years and 10 million? I would.

  29. DBO says:

    JW: at the cost of guys now, i would do 3 years for $9 mill.

  30. godot10 says:

    I think you only offer Biron one year, $4 million.

  31. Lowetide says:

    No. No to Biron at 9m/3years. It's crazy. Trade for Harding if you must, but an offer sheet is the better plan.

    Nothing has changed today in regard to goaltending.

  32. Psyche says:

    According to the TSN "Reporters" Edmonton is the Gitmo of the NHL.

  33. DBO says:

    what about the same deal for heatley to chicago for Sharp, Huet and a prospect or someone else.

  34. kris says:

    One thing people haven't discussed re Heatley's apparent "indecisiveness."

    What if the Rangers spend their cap room on someone else today and walk away? If we assume the Rangers had the only offer that was close, can we lower our offer once they're out of the running?

    Granted other teams will be interested in Heatley once they find out Gaborik is gone, but there are few teams willing and able to give up as much for Heatley, given his contract.

    Fingers crossed.


    I'll be interested to hear what actually went down last night. My guess is that this is Heatley's agent's odd plan to try to keep Heatley out of Edmonton if possible. I doubt he planned it this way, probably just sort of happened.

    We'll see.

  35. Chris says:

    10 million to a 40 year old goalie? This is madness.

  36. Deano says:

    Lt – Biron appears to have no suitors – that is new info.

    We may be the only team with starters minutes to give.

  37. hunter1909 says:

    "But Dany, no one else will take you but Edmonton".

  38. Schitzo says:

    Chris – that would be madness. Who are you referring to?

  39. Jonathan Willis says:

    LT: Harding at 2 or Biron at 3.3? I'll take Biron.

  40. kris says:

    I mean, planned it in advance.

  41. Lowetide says:

    Deano: Fine. 3 years, $7.5M. Take it or fuck off.

  42. Krankor says:

    "But Dany, no one else will take you but Edmonton".

    "Aw, shit. Can you bury me in the minors? I hear Rochester isn't too bad."

  43. Lowetide says:

    Jonathan: We're building a team and Biron isn't Hasek in his prime. Offer sheet Harding or deal for him.

  44. mc79hockey says:


  45. speeds says:

    you don't like Biron at 9 over 3 LT?

    Seems pretty reasonable to me.

    I can see going in another direction but if they go with Biron at that price it seems like a pretty good deal.

  46. Deano says:

    LT – Edmonton's new motto – "We're not the KHL."


  47. Chris says:

    2/5 for Roloson skitzo. That's alot of money for a player on the wrong side of 36.

  48. speeds says:

    Obviously try and get him for less, if you can though.

  49. Lowetide says:

    I'd rather spend that money up front. Harding.

  50. Schitzo says:

    Chris – it was 5 million total, not per year.

  51. Jonathan Willis says:

    LT: If it were Harding and someone else as a reliable backup I'd say sure. But JDD is the backup, and that means this team needs a no-questions-asked starter. Biron's the only one left on the market who I think meets that description.

    (And yes, I know about Khabibulin. My memory just stretched back to 2005-06 and 2006-07.)

  52. Deano says:

    Biron is only 31 guys.

    Will Harding become as good as Biron is now?

  53. Rosi X says:

    Edmonton=29th most desirable location (ie 2nd worst)in a survey of NHL players. Oiler brain trust=over-reaching panic stricken wild bunch riding into the guns.

  54. Lowetide says:

    I'm fine with Biron, but not at 3M a year and not for three seasons.

  55. bookie says:

    Good for Tambi for remembering Roli 07/08 as opposed to Roli 08/09 who was made to look better than he was.

    Good for Roil for getting some retirement $$.

  56. Coach pb9617 says:

    I'm still a fan of Legace for 1.5 and Labarbera for 1.

  57. speeds says:

    What are you going to get Harding for?

    2 mil get it done, or does MIN match that?

  58. Deano says:

    LT – But you were fine with $4MM for Roli?

  59. Chris says:

    Yea looked again I appear to have misread that.

  60. Lowetide says:

    Well I'd trade for him and sign him to a couple or three seasons (on the upswing). I'm not certain what they'd sign him for but it must be well short of 3M per season.

  61. Chris says:

    I think our best move would be to offer sheet Harding and then sign Labarberra to something reasonable. Between the two of them the job should get done.

  62. Jonathan Willis says:

    LT: Fair enough. We obviously have different views of the player. What about Nittymaki?

  63. Lowetide says:

    deano: Not fine, but guessed at the price.

  64. Psyche says:

    What are the compensation packages / salary ranges for tendering an offer sheet to Harding?

  65. Scott says:

    Knuble to WAS for 5.6 over 2 years.

    Good player that outscores tough comp, even if he's getting older.

  66. Krankor says:

    @DarrenDreger: Heatley has yet to decide. Oilers are still very much in play.

    Oh FFS.

  67. Lowetide says:

    I'm fine either way with the Heatley deal UNLESS they sweetened the offer. I don't like giving up Cogliano and the rest of that package but if Heatley shows up in shape and plays well/is healthy it might work out.

  68. Smarmy Boss says:

    The Oilers do their best to look desperate and pathetic.

  69. kris says:

    It's funny, a few threads ago discussing Rollie at 3MM/yr, I said something like, "who's gonna give Rollie 3MM a year or a second year at more than league minimum? The CrazyTown Moneythrowers? Oh wait, they don't exist?"

    Turns out they do exist and they play on Long Island.

  70. Krankor says:

    I agree, LT, but I'm sick of this thing dragging on.

  71. Deano says:


    Worked for me with women.

  72. SKOiler says:

    And the award for worst contract on UFA day 09 is….
    NYR – Donald Brashear – 2 years, 1.4M per year.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Mike Russo of Minny Star-Trib tweets Oilers are taking a run at Scott Clemmensen.

  74. Showerhead says:

    Please please no, he's the worst of the bunch.

  75. Jonathan Willis says:

    Anon: Dear God, no.

  76. mc79hockey says:

    Well, I'm going to go have a shower and then hang myself.

  77. Lowetide says:

    They really do love Deslauriers.

  78. Jonathan Willis says:

    Biron or Clemmensen, folks? There isn't really a choice methinks.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Update on Clemmenson tweet: This was reported on the NYT live blog, now edited to add the phrase "…and considering Josh Harding".

  80. Coach pb9617 says:

    The CrazyTown Moneythrowers?

    Man. I misread that as CrazyTown MonkeyThrowers. I liked it better that way, too.

  81. Scott says:

    If JDD is ever a top 16 starter in the league, I'll never question EDM management again…. and I plan on bitching an moaning for a long time.

  82. mc79hockey says:

    Seriously, the parallels between Scott Clemmensen and Scott Fraser are terrifying.

  83. Lowetide says:

    Harding/Deslauriers is a little lack in experience, that's the only negative imo. Where's LaBarbara?

  84. oilerdiehard says:

    Showerhead said…

    Please please no, he's the worst of the bunch.

    I totally agree. Clemmensen is what 30 years old and besides last season. The numebers he has put up in the minors are only moderately better than JDD for crying out loud. Labarbera even has a better track record.

  85. Traktor says:

    I'd say you could toss a coin and have just as good of chance to predict which one of these tenders will have the best year next season.

    Sign the cheapest one and move on.

  86. Coach pb9617 says:

    Damn, that Montador deal is a nice one.

  87. Jonathan Willis says:

    Gregor likes Clemmensen because of his "experience". I'm assuming he's echoing something someone else told him, but I sure as hell hope that's his personal and not the Oilers' opinion.

    7 years of experience as an NHL backup/AHL goalie I could do without.

  88. godot10 says:

    .//Damn, that Montador deal is a nice one.//

    Adults in charge in Buffalo.

  89. deano says:

    I hope they're just leaking info to lower Harding's price.

  90. Anonymous says:

    Funny joke: Starbucks in Chicago has announced a new drink in honor of Hossa. It's served without a cup.

  91. Jonathan Willis says:

    Todd Richards had Nilsson and Schremp in Wilkes-Barre.

    That probably won't help the Oilers move them to Minnesota, though.

  92. Ribs says:

    Another test for Tambo. Don't let Roloson be next seasons Reasoner.
    Get a damned goalie.

  93. PDO says:

    Marty Biron and Nik Khabibulan have to be getting desperate, don't they?

  94. Krankor says:

    They plan to use Strudwick as #1G, #7D and #13F.

  95. kris says:

    This Heatley is thinking aout it angle is so absurd. What's he thinking about? He's looking at Google maps trying to figure out if Edmonton has enough Denny's restaurants for his liking, how many art house movie theatres there are. Does Edmonton have a Red Lobster? Heatley loves him some Red Lobster.

  96. Deano says:


    Heatley is waiting for Sather to make a better offer.

  97. Traktor says:

    I'd rather go to the prom alone than wait and see if Heatley can find a better looking date.

    This is so embarrassing.

  98. Coach pb9617 says:

    Todd Richards had Nilsson and Schremp in Wilkes-Barre.

    That probably won't help the Oilers move them to Minnesota, though.

    He had JDD and Pouliot too.

  99. Krankor says:

    Joke's on Heatley: if he goes home with the Rangers, he'll wake up with the clap for sure.

  100. Schitzo says:

    Clemmenson is just Dwayne Roloson born a decade later. Played behind a superstar goalie and never got a chance until he was 30.

  101. Lowetide says:

    I'm indifferent as to the outcome so it's kind of interesting. Unless I'm wrong, this is a giant game of chicken with Murray counting on the Oilers not signing a UFA and taking the offer back.

  102. visiondude says:

    Niedermayer resigns with Anaheim 1yr, $6 mil…TSN

  103. Deano says:

    We will go through this Heatley sh*# until Katz gets the trophy for his wall.

  104. YKOil says:

    I kinda like the Montador deal. He didn't play tough competition but did well against those he did play and with a lot of minutes to boot.

    $1.55 /yr isn't a Sauer deal but it isn't bad either imo.

  105. kris says:


    Uh, I got that. Humor and all.

    Deal for Harding. Please.

  106. Deano says:

    I unconvinced that Montador is an NHL defenceman.

  107. Deano says:


    Sorry, I missed the nuance.

  108. Traktor says:

    Can Quinn even discipline Heatley if he isn't performing up to snuff?

    If the PP is struggling can Quinn even change it up?

  109. Lowetide says:

    If we sign Toby Petersen then maybe.

  110. Jonathan Willis says:

    Schitzo: I don't think so. Roloson had 102 games over four previous seasons (average: 25.5/yr) before he got the starting job in Minnesota at age 31. Clemmensen had 28 over seven previous seasons.

    Plus Roli's record in the AHL and NHL was better than Clemmensen's.

  111. Ribs says:

    Knuble signing nice.

  112. Rick says:

    C'mon Tambs, sign Biron now.

  113. Traktor says:

    Heatley = Terrell Owens

  114. godot10 says:

    //Heatley = Terrell Owens//

    A fat Terrell Owens.

  115. Bruce says:

    I blame Bettman.

  116. speeds says:

    Haven't heard much about Havlat, Tanguay, or Gaborik as yet.

  117. PDO says:

    Or Cammalleri.

    I thought he'd be a Leaf by now.

  118. roadiejobs99 says:

    Look at the bright side! By no marquee players willing to sign with EDM, they will inevitably end up with a ton of cap space. Once the salary cap drops, the top UFA's in the next couple years will have NO CHOICE but to sign with the OIL because it will be the only place left with ANY MONEY. Schedule the Stanley Cup parade for June 15th 2014!

  119. Schitzo says:

    Man, if Pronger is the key to getting Philly deep in the playoffs, I'm not sure of the wisdom of a Boucher/Emery tandem.

  120. Krankor says:

    @DarrenDreger: Boston Globe is reporting Spacek to Mtl. 3 years, $11.5 mil. Ouch!

  121. B.C.B. says:

    The Team 1260 just announced that the Oilers have "made a move". They will announce what it is after the ads. It must be small.

  122. speeds says:

    According to TSN the Oilers are one of 3 or 4 teams that have made an offer to Neil, and at least one of them has offered 4 years.

  123. Lowetide says:

    tsn is reporting Oilers are in on Chris Neil sweepstakes.

  124. andy grabia says:

    Question: why are we not in the Phil Kessel race?

  125. Chris says:

    Depending on the money I like the idea of Chris Neil as an Oiler.

  126. Shawn says:

    Chris Neil? Why?

  127. PDO says:

    Behindthenet doesn't flatter Chris Neal.

  128. Coach pb9617 says:

    tsn is reporting Oilers are in on Chris Neil sweepstakes.

    How? Are they going to put Moreau, Staios and Nilsson in Springfield?

  129. Jonathan Willis says:

    Would you rather have Spacek or Ohlund? I'm not sure the answer is as obvious as most people seem to think.

  130. Lowetide says:

    He has some grit, rugged player. Perhaps some insurance against injury to some often-injured veteran wingers.

    Something like that.

  131. Chris says:

    Admittedly I haven't gone to the trouble of looking at his advanced statistics. But he would provide some of the toughness that was sorely lacking last year.

  132. Traktor says:


  133. Jonathan Willis says:

    As an actual question – no sarcasm, I don't have a good read on Neil – what does Chris Neil bring that Zack Stortini doesn't? I assume he wins more fights?

  134. Chris says:

    I have to say if we're unhappy with our GM, I'd be appalled if I was a Canadians fan. Gomez and for fairly big money is not how I'd want to spend that cap space expecially when Gomez mant surrendering Higgins and a very good prospect.

  135. godot10 says:

    I thought we needed inexpensive 3rd and 4th liners.
    I thought we had too many contracts.

    Stortini can do everything Neil can do.

    I am peering into the abyss of a hockey-free world, and diving into it is beginning to have a great attraction to me.

  136. goldenchild says:

    I would rather they go for Manny Malholtra

  137. Lowetide says:


  138. Jonathan Willis says:

    Tratkor: I think I agree, but Ohlund hasn't hit 35 points since 2001-02. Last year Spacek had 45.

  139. Shawn says:


  140. PDO says:


    Good signing, depending on numbers.

  141. Scott says:

    Khabby an Oiler?

  142. speeds says:

    Khabi to EDM?

  143. roadiejobs99 says:

    bulin wall!

  144. Scott says:

    … at least he's a Flame killer. Hope the money isn't too big.

  145. gogliano says:

    Fuck 2.

  146. Shawn says:

    This obviously depends on $$$

  147. Scott says:

    Come on short term deal… He always put up big numbers in contract years.

  148. Traktor says:

    Needs to be a 1 year deal under 3.

  149. Jonathan Willis says:

    Khabibulin? Really?

  150. Jonathan Willis says:

    2 years, 6MM. Not a penny more.

  151. William says:


  152. hunter1909 says:

    Khabibulin to Oilers, but it's only TSN so we're waiting for confirmation.

  153. B.C.B. says:

    I want Madden, not Malholtra. He plays the toughs: 0.03 QualComp (2nd highest of all Centres in NJ, playing 50+ games) but with -0.37 QualTeam (the lowest of all centres). He did have the worst GAON/60 and traditional plus/minus of all those centres, but those can be related to his play the toughs with the dregs. I think we can get Madden for a reasonable price tag: I'd give him 2.5 million for one year, so that he clears the cap so it would be easier to resign Gags.

  154. Deano says:

    So we find out how much it takes to keep Khabby here for 1 more year.

    At the right number, i am okay with this. I would rather have a longer -term solution but this is not much different to me than Roli for 1 more year.

  155. Scarlett says:

    Bulin wall to Edm? I would have preferred Harding but Khabby is a bonafide number one. Let's wait for contract details first.

  156. andy grabia says:

    The double whammy of Bhulin here and the Bouwmeester presser in Calgary has crippled me. Sounds like Calgary signed Pardy, too.

  157. Chris says:

    Jonathan, he's an NHL vetran with seven years of NHL experience. As LT has said this team could use some "NHL hockey players". Neil is a gritty guy who throws his weight around and fights. I believe his upside would be "he's a hard player to play again".

  158. goldenchild says:

    How bad can this get, they wouldnt give anything more than 3would they? I mean Kevin Lowe isnt in charge anymore.

  159. Jonathan Willis says:

    Chris: But not a hard player to score goals against? I like grit, but I prefer grit that doesn't drag around ugly goals against numbers.

  160. speeds says:

    lol, what are these guys doing?

    15 over 4 for Khabi?

  161. LittleFury says:

    Four years at $3.75M per? Yech.

  162. Deano says:

    4 years – $15MM for Khabby FUCK!

  163. Lowetide says:

    Where are we getting that horrible horrible number from?

  164. pboy says:

    4 years / 15 million per Bob McKenzie

  165. Scott says:

    Blogger needs a puke smilie.

  166. Schitzo says:

    Uh oh.

  167. Chris says:

    As I indicated Jonathan my approval is contingent on the money involved. Neil definately doesn't appear to be one of the best shut down options available. On the other hand, as an energy guy he's certainly worthwhile.

  168. William says:

    What??? There's another anchor contract.

  169. goldenchild says:

    Dear God No

  170. speeds says:

    what can you do but laugh?

    All this leverage and opportunity and they give a 35+ goalie a 4 year deal at 3.75 mil.

  171. Traktor says:


  172. Schitzo says:

    So we didn't give two years to Roloson because of age…

  173. Chris says:

    4/15 for Khabbibulan Christ..that guys so old I grew up watching him play for the Jets. What the hell are they thinking?

  174. goldenchild says:

    4 years? I just threw up in mouth.
    All of a sudden Old man Rolie in a 2 year deal looks good.

  175. Boondock says:


    Trying to put a positive spin on this….. the above stats paint Khabi in a decent light…. not working….. want to cry

  176. chartleys says:

    Screw this deal please

  177. Coach pb9617 says:

    What are they doing?!

  178. Scott says:

    He's 36 years old.
    Where's our capologist when you need a screaming lunatic in the room saying "NOT FOUR YEARS!"

  179. Chris says:

    Fire Tambellini! I'm getting on this train early.

    And Fire MacT while we're at it..oh wait.

  180. Smarmy Boss says:

    Hopefully Khabby needs to think on the deal to see what Washington wants to do.

  181. Deano says:

    It has to be 15 years for $4MM.

  182. gogliano says:

    Well the good thing about overpays in net, unlike players, is that they can still contribute when they are over the hill or washed up, just like Kipper down the road.

    (We're screwed for four years)

  183. Jonathan Willis says:

    This isn't the end of the world – but it sure ain't good. I can't gloat about Kipper nearly as much anymore.

  184. Ribs says:

    I must be nuts. The deal seems okay to me. It screams "Buy Out" but I thought that was supposed to be okay now that Tony Stark is in control.

  185. PDO says:

    It's a year too long, but that tends to happen on UFA deals.

    He's a flame killer, and a legit #1 right now.

    We did just sign the best best available goaltender.

  186. kris says:

    Well, it's not all bad. Maybe he retires in 2 years. I mean it's either that or keep living in Edmonton.

  187. BenJammin says:

    4 year, 15 mill. decent money but too long of a term. But I'm sure that's how they got him. What does this do to our cap? I believe Biron at the same term for 12 mill. would have been doable. I guess we'll never know.

  188. Greg MC says:

    Guess that E-town is so bad that we have to overpay most of our players. Kind of like a northern living allowance!

  189. Scarlett says:

    I hate this deal now. 4 yr deal to a 36 yr old? No way.

  190. Chris says:

    I'd have been much happier with an offer sheet to Harding and signing Labarbara. This Khabbibulin for four years at that money is insane. How do they intend to make this work with the cap and fill in holes in the roster?

  191. gogliano says:

    If he retires aren't we stuck with the cap hit because 35+?

  192. Deano says:

    Because he's over 35, he counts against the cap even if he retires, right?

  193. Anonymous says:

    Bye Heatley

  194. Chris says:

    I'd rather this team was run by online voting by the fans than some of the deals our management makes.

  195. Smarmy Boss says:

    Actually the deal is okay. He'll likely be bought out or retire before its completed.

    I don't get the Biron fixation. In what world do people want goaltenders Philadelphia no longer wants?

  196. PDO says:


    I'm pretty sure there's some fun ways to get around that though that we'll explore when we get there.

    It's a year long, but the cap hit is good, and he was the best goalie on the market.

    3.75 + whatever JDD makes is a lot less than most teams spend in net.

  197. Scott says:

    Chris, that depends on which sites the votes are coming from…

  198. speeds says:


    It is 3 years too long.

  199. Chris says:

    This one naturally Scott :)

  200. Temujin says:

    Did he sign that contract with his right Khabi, or his left Bulin?

    Bwa ha ha ha, I slay me.

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