Back on the Chain Gang?

There is a crazy rumor on the internet that Daryl Katz has signed Mike Comrie to a 1-year, $1.3M deal.

If true, the Edmonton Oilers are in trouble. Daryl Katz owns the team but has men with titles like “general manager” whose job is to procure talent and other men called “coaches” whose job is to maximize performance for 23 hires.

This kind of activity does have precedent, a recent example in NHL history being the NY Islanders since 2000. Others include the 1980′s Detroit Red Wings (Mike Ilitch made a lot of wonky moves) and that’s the comp I’m praying for (sure they suffered for 15 years before Stanley arrived but at least it had a happy ending).

If you buy the Comrie signing (Dan Tencer says it is possible and he’s connected) then it might make sense in a “we signed Comrie and traded for…” scenario since the Oilers need another small forward like they need a hole in the head. And we can probably bring Dany Heatley into the conversation since it’s out there anyway.

In mid-July, I thought this summer was like Groundhog Day, each day’s events identical and unwavering. Now, I’m thinking Steve Tambellini is the Golden Man.

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