Back on the Chain Gang?

There is a crazy rumor on the internet that Daryl Katz has signed Mike Comrie to a 1-year, $1.3M deal.

If true, the Edmonton Oilers are in trouble. Daryl Katz owns the team but has men with titles like “general manager” whose job is to procure talent and other men called “coaches” whose job is to maximize performance for 23 hires.

This kind of activity does have precedent, a recent example in NHL history being the NY Islanders since 2000. Others include the 1980′s Detroit Red Wings (Mike Ilitch made a lot of wonky moves) and that’s the comp I’m praying for (sure they suffered for 15 years before Stanley arrived but at least it had a happy ending).

If you buy the Comrie signing (Dan Tencer says it is possible and he’s connected) then it might make sense in a “we signed Comrie and traded for…” scenario since the Oilers need another small forward like they need a hole in the head. And we can probably bring Dany Heatley into the conversation since it’s out there anyway.

In mid-July, I thought this summer was like Groundhog Day, each day’s events identical and unwavering. Now, I’m thinking Steve Tambellini is the Golden Man.

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102 Responses to "Back on the Chain Gang?"

  1. Hockey Noob says:

    Wow, does this get an L(2) or just and L(1), lol? I saw this on Oilers Nation and it certainly got my attention–but I thought he was only joking. If Tencer is saying maybe, well then who really knows???

  2. Lowetide says:

    Hockey Noob: Well, one thing it will tell us is that Kevin Lowe isn't in charge.

  3. bookie says:

    Ok, if we signed Comrie, it does NOT mean that Katz was the guy doing it. The man is a businessman and unless we have evidence that he is acting like a 12 year old boy, we should probably assume it to be an embellishment on the story.

    Just like Pronger wasn't having an affair, nor was Comrie sleeping with someone's wife, etc.

    There are reasons to believe that the team would sign Comrie. Cheap, big upside, etc… You can start the year with an unbalanced team and make a trade part way into the season.

    Anyway, I think we need to be careful of believing rumours.

  4. bookie says:

    LT – When millions of dollars are involved it is possible for grown up (including Lowe and Comrie) to forgive and forget.

  5. Lowetide says:

    bookie: One assumes that if Dan Tencer is reporting it there's some kind of truth. As for the Katz portion, there are signs everywhere. He's a kid in a candy store, hey I'd probably be worse.

    But history tells us it's a bad idea.

  6. Schitzo says:

    He might be small, but he showed he could play the 3C role in Ottawa during their 2007 run

  7. PunjabiOil says:

    "No comment" from Ritch Winter when asked by Robin Brownlee – according to nanook on HF.

    It's a dangerous game when the owner who lacks technical expertise begin making hockey moves (so far, we've heard through the grapevine that the Horcoff extension, Hossa persuit, Laraque offer, and now Comrie deju vu). You could probably put the Heatley persuit under Katz too.

    Difficult what to make of this move though. Comrie is coming off a pretty bad season (10 goals, 27 points in 63 games). He certainly can't be used as he was back in the early 2000's in a PVP role, but there is potential to outperform the contract at 1.3M.

    Then again, it boils down to this: we already know Comrie's ceiling – is it prudent to get rid of Nilsson, who has demonstrated some ability to be a solid 2nd liner? He had a good season in 2007-2008, and it was only 1 summer ago everyone was praising his 3 year contract. New coach, etc. and as per Gregor/Tencer, he's worked exteremely hard in Sweden this summer to improve his game. I'd like to hold onto him for at least half a season under quinn before considering getting rid of him.

    The other point is if there is room for Comrie at 1.3M, then the Oilers can find room for Malhotra, Lang, Moore, or Bonk.

    Darly Katz must love bossing the Oilers senior management to extract maximum enjoyment on his shiney toy. He's Daryl f****** Katz – that's why.

  8. Ribs says:

    I like Comrie for 1.3M over Nilsson for 2M but then what do you do with Nilsson?

    If he's not replacing him or some other trade isn't going down I can't say it makes much sense.

    … And I see I'm echoing PJOil now.

  9. Lowetide says:

    PJ: I think the move here may involve a Heatley acquisiiton. Deal Cogliano and replace him with Heatley.


  10. Ribs says:

    Well, not echoing.. but mentioning the Nilsson thing as well.

  11. Travis Dakin says:

    You send him to the minors and let him, Pouliot and Schremp light it up.

  12. gogliano says:

    Well, he is another NHL player, LT, you can't deny that.

  13. bookie says:

    There are rumours everywhere, not signs, big difference. I am sure Daryl Katz is in the room when they are making decisions, but we have no evidence that he is overiding his management or ignoring his managment and making deals on his own. Its just the Old Ladies of Edmonton making this town a less attractive place to play.

  14. Lowetide says:

    Hey, Comrie's an NHL player for sure and he's certainly got scoring ability. It's not a terrible signing but would have to (imo) be followed by a trade because that's about 10 small forwards now.

  15. PunjabiOil says:

    Lowetide – I've given up on the Heatley saga. While Heatley didn't outright note in the press conference that he'll never accept the Edmonton trade ("we need options"), I still can't see it happening. He has already acknowledged his intent to go to Ottawa's training camp if a trade doesn't get done – doesn't seem like the guy is keen to accept the Oilers offer.

    Perhaps you're more in the know?

  16. Travis Dakin says:


    That would be Christmas. dare to dream

  17. Forain says:

    LT, what if it isn't that drastic. What about Comrie in, Nilson dealt elsewhere?

  18. Hockey Noob says:

    LT, yeah I've also read rumors about a new center coming in to facilitate the Heatley trade–though I had no idea that it might be Comrie. However, at this point it's still speculation.

  19. quain says:

    What if it's Comrie in, nobody dealt, and then someone bitches around the trade deadline that we have too many contracts and no flexibility to make a move!


  20. godot10 says:

    If Mikey is back, Bill better be ponying up $100 million for the new arena! -).

  21. Lowetide says:

    PJ: Then we're talking about someone else coming in because if Comrie arrives. Too many small forwards.

  22. Lowetide says:

    Things I like:

    1. He's a scorer
    2. 1.3M is a nice number

    Things I don't like:

    1. He's not an out-scorer
    2. The Oilers need rugged, checking men.

  23. Lowetide says:

    bookie: You may be right in regard to Katz but can you agree it appears to be a concern?

    Overall, I like the deal but would hope the Oilers make a followup trade in order to increase the size and range of skills among the forward group.

  24. flamingpavelbure says:

    Well, that would be an okay signing. If you deal something. And i wonder Lowetide, how come you always include Moreau or Pisani, in your 3rd lines? They could qualify as 4th liners, I would certainly Give Pouliot Or Brulé a chance over these old geezers. I still like Pisani better than Moreau tough.

    And for the love of god, don't trade Robert Nilsson. You know you will regret that, you know he's probably going to make you pay, because he got the abilities and potential, to become a 70-75 point guy. Something i don't believe either Cogliano or Penner has the upsides to do so. I felt the Ottawa deal, was pretty damn perfect. I was scared Nilsson was gonna get the hook, but obviously either Edmonton has the faith or Ottawa doesn't.

    But yeah, i think Heatley could go to Edmonton, if it's his last resort.

  25. PunjabiOil says:

    PJ: Then we're talking about someone else coming in because if Comrie arrives. Too many small forwards.

    You're rational LT. I'm not sure management is.

    The most recent example is trading Kyle Brodziak, a type of player the Oilers needed more of, and have yet to replace him.

    For all we know, the Oilers may be considering Comrie to play the 4th line instead of Brule. Brule to the minors for another year (has that been cleared up whether he's waiver eligible?)

    Following the Oilers since 2006 has not been pleasent. Just an unfortunate situation all together, and little indication things are going to change.

  26. Lowetide says:

    flamingpavelbure: I believe Moreau and Pisani are the best available options. They faced the toughest available opposition a year ago according to Desjardins btw.

  27. PDO says:

    I'm on the same page as LT.. I think this just screams "replacement for Cogliano."

    Too bad, really, I love watching him… but depending what's coming back, you gotta give something to get something, so we'll wait and see.

    … and why does everyone assume the worst with Katz here? If you're Tambs, and you think getting him involved in the process gets the deal done, then what's the harm in saying "we want to do this, we have this available… have at 'er."

  28. Lowetide says:

    PDO: For the older folk, it's going to take awhile to trust Katz. I worry about what happens when the arena thing doesn't go his way, as an example.

  29. flamingpavelbure says:

    Yes, but we both know that. Moreau and Pisani won't evolve, Pisani won't go very far from that 30 point line if he stays healthy and it's the same for Moreau. Give Pouliot a chance, give Brule a chance, give Shremp a chance. The thing that great teams posses actually, are 3rd lines that can score. The Oilers would be perfect to run and gun with 3 lines, i wonder why you still grind and play some defensive like that. Don't adapt your team to the style, adapt the style to the team. Be like the 07-08 Canadiens, it seems to be, it's the only way the Oilers will make it. Do run and gun, give your youngsters a chance to do it. You know your old Geezer won't be able to, and you know they won't be around when you will eventually win, so why the hell not? Montreal gave guys like lapierre et latendresse chances and responsibilities, and look now, one is a candidate to being captain, and the other is labeled as the next Power Forward. Both have been given chances on the 3rd line, and both have improved each year. Something you need to do with Pouliot Brulé and Shremp. The only way to do it, is like the Habs, a trade seems not likely, well not a major one, and the only chance is in the intern, Gagner, Nilsson and Cogliano must be like Plekanec and the Kostitsyn Bros, destroy the expactations, and i think they can, and i think they have the upside, i think you should give them the chances and say ''know what kid? It's your time, go out there and do your best, sleep safe, your job in INSURED'' Who knows? You could be first or 13th, but i think, it's still more damn worth, than knowing youre gonna be 9th-10th or barely squeeze in .

    As for Nilsson, i think Quinn likes the kid, he always privilegied Talent, with those kids, being critized a lot in Toronto, for using Poney and Antropov, but they did turn out good. I think he could do the same for Robert Andrew and Sam.

  30. PDO says:


    Fair enough, but I grew up fearing the EIG… ;).

    I'm not sold it won't go his way either. He's got the clout, it's been floated for a while, and I think he's okay with footing a large part of the bill.

  31. oil dude says:

    Mike Comrie is very good friends with Dany Heatley…. why do i keep convincing myself that this might actually happen? glutton for disappointment i guess.

  32. Undisclosed Personal Reasons says:

    I wonder if the Perry deal is still on the table?

    Seriously though, this would be a terrible move unless we're shipping out two small guys.

    I still can't believe Comrie wanting to play here.

  33. bookie says:

    I will agree that is could be a problem because we do not have anything to go on. I just don't think there is much real evidence that Katz interferes. I KNOW this city however and I KNEW that as soon as a single owner took over this team that everyone would do their best to make a drama out of it.

    To me Katz thus far has seemed involved but in no way dominant. I think he gets along really really well with Lowe and co and in many ways they are like buddies so it doesnt surpise me that they might brainstorm together, etc.

    The one possibility that I see here is that Comrie could not get signed elsewhere. Katz said to the Oil Management. Look guys, I want you to sign him and give him a chance. After that, its up to you-send him to the farm if it doesn't work out, but the Comrie's are big business in this city and a good ally in the arena fight so we need to earn favours where we can.

    Now, just because it is possible and I can rationalize a way that it would work, does not make it true. That is something we need to remember.

  34. Lord Bob says:


    I doubt you have the Twitters and Willis hasn't been about, so I'll parrot a stat he dug up shamelessly.

    "Mike Comrie's EVPTS/60 the last two seasons: 1.44 and 1.47. To put that in perspective, Liam Reddox posted a 1.43 EVPTS/60 last year."


    "Comrie's powerplay PTS/60 last season: 2.13. Sam Gagner's? 3.12."

  35. Jonathan Willis says:

    Two items:

    1) I'm a sucker for a bargain NHL'er. Just am. Comrie at 1.3MM would qualify. It's a good contract, if true.

    2) Comrie isn't remotely what this team needs, and the deal only makes sense if it's in conjunction with a trade. Or two trades.

  36. Lord Bob says:

    $1.3 million per year isn't a bad contract, I should add. But it's the wrong contract. Change Mike Comrie's name to "Bob Smith" and make him the biggest Oilerlover on the planet and it's still the wrong contract.

    The cynic in me says this is Katz still holding out hopes for Heatley. He signs Heater's buddy Comrie, he has cover for trading Cogliano and maybe persuades Heatley to come to Edmonton. That actually wouldn't be a terrible rationale, since Comrie is an older, slightly worse Cogliano, but it wouldn't impress me.

  37. Jonathan Willis says:

    Lord Bob:

    I was in a hurry when I did the latter comment, so it's worth noting that Comrie put up a 3.56 PTS/60 in 2007-08. That sounds lousy, but it was easily the best on the Islanders.

    If he's been signed, it's at least partially in the hope that his powerplay numbers will reflect 2007-08 than 2008-09. It seems like a gamble with a reasonable chance of working.

  38. Lord Bob says:

    Actually, the more I think about it…

    Heatley – Horcoff – Hemsky
    Comrie – Gagner – O'Sullivan

    …that's not bad. It's not good either. But it's not bad.

  39. PDO says:


    And it's better than:

    Penner – Horcoff – Hemsky
    Nilsson – Gagner – Cogliano

    Insert POS onto the 2nd line if you wish, regardless…

  40. Lord Bob says:

    My original objections to the Heatley trade (that's a hell of a lot of cap space and upgrading from Penner's Jack to Heatley's King shouldn't be our top priority) would still hold up, but with Comrie providing some of that much-needed forward depth, I could almost live with it.

    I'd still throw myself through a plate-glass window to get a decent 3C in town, mind you.

  41. Lord Bob says:

    Just got a text from Katz confirming that we're signing Comrie to try and sweeten the pot for Heatley.

    Unfortunately Mike's a bit iffy on coming back to the Oilers, so we've offered a 9-year, $45-million contract to Paul Comrie.

  42. flamingpavelbure says:

    Did the San Diego Barracudas agreed to free him?

  43. digger says:

    Someone needs to perform an intervention here, this is like watching an episode of "Hoarders".

    If you already have a hundred and five empty ice cream buckets piled up in your bedroom and you happen to find another empty ice cream bucket kicking around in some ditch when you're out on the town, you might think to yourself "Hey, free bucket! And it's got a lid and everything!", and totally snarf it up for your collection.

    Do you need it? Not really, but hey…what a deal! You never know when you might need a hundred and six ice cream buckets, there's always THAT possibility…

  44. Mr DeBakey says:

    Shawn Horcoff 5,500,000
    Dustin Penner 4,250,000
    Ales Hemsky 4,100,000
    Patrick O'Sullivan 2,925,000
    Fernando Pisani 2,500,000
    Ethan Moreau 2,000,000
    Robert Nilsson 2,000,000
    Sam Gagner 1,625,000
    * M Comrie 1,300,000
    Andrew Cogliano 1,133,333
    Marc Pouliot 825,000
    Zack Stortini 700,000
    Ryan Potulny 595,000
    JF Jacques 525,000

    Lubomir Visnovsky 5,600,000
    Sheldon Souray 5,400,000
    Tom Gilbert 4,000,000
    Denis Grebeshkov 3,150,000
    Steve Staios 2,700,000
    Ladislav Smid 1,300,000
    Jason Strudwick 700,000

    Nikolai Khabibulin 3,750,000
    Jeff Deslauriers 625,000
    CAP SPACE 596,667

  45. flamingpavelbure says:

    We should get that guy, lot of experience, cheap, plays tough

  46. overpass says:

    Schitzo – Comrie played on the right side for Ottawa in their 2007 playoff run on Fisher's line (the second line). I don't remember him playing center at all – Spezza, Fisher, Kelly, and McAmmond were the regular centers, and Vermette would slide over to C before Comrie.

  47. Lowetide says:

    Mr DeBakey: You've got some bonus money in there (Gagner, for instance) and they do indeed have enough room.

  48. Mr DeBakey says:

    Yes, the Bonus Bucks are subtracted out at the bottom.
    The list is copy-pasted from Capgeek
    [I should've said that]

  49. Lowetide says:

    The Oilers have $1,176,667 in cap space and then of course the dollars from the player Comrie will replace.

  50. bookie says:

    At 1.3 this is a good risk to take if the Owner is willing to bury the salary if it doesn't work out. Comrie could be a pretty decent player and is probably worth the risk AS LONG AS you are willing to bury him in the minors if he doesnt work out!

    In one case, you have a useful NHLer and an asset that can be traded for whatever you need. In another case you have an expensive AHLer.

    The Oilers can leave one of the boys on the farm for a few weeks at the begining of the season to see which way Comrie is leaning.

  51. bookie says:

    Send Smac down and if you lose him on waivers you have the other tank you picked up earleir today! Hmmm, wonder why they picked up the AHL tank.

  52. flamingpavelbure says:

    i tought it was already set that Macintyre blows ass and that he wouldn't make the team anyway. I mean for the love of god, that was was playing semi-pro like 6 years ago. He recorded 4 fucking points in 4 WHL seasons. Get this guy the fuck out

  53. PunjabiOil says:

    Apparently Heatley was the only player recipient of loud boos during player introductions tonight. He's also getting the Mike Comrie treatment every time he touches the puck. In his hometown.

    Mike Comrie must have strong mental make-up to consider signing here, give the fans vehemently lament him every time he comes back.

  54. HBomb says:

    PJO: If Comrie signs here – somehow I think that would be the end of the booing. Edmonton fans can be pretty vicious, but I think they'd be equally forgiving if this went down.

    That being said, I'll go on record and call this idea what it is: stupid. This team needs another small-stature, soft-minutes forward like I need a case of genital warts or a shortage of Amaretto.

  55. bookie says:

    I need a case of genital warts or a shortage of Amaretto

    I hear that Katz was seen driving down 118th ave in his limo with a sign that said

    "Will Trade Amaretto for F@#ks"

  56. Lowetide says:

    HBomb: The only way it makes sense is as a set-up signing for a trade. Either way, lots of goals on the way this winter.

  57. Black Dog says:

    Well. Its been said already but this club doesn't need another player like this.

    But the contract is exactly the type they need.

    Better if it were Maholtra.

    Anyways if this is a precursor to a Heatley deal they still need to move some money out to get under the cap, regardless.

    As for the fans if Comrie came back they will cheer for him, seen the error of his ways and all that. Plus he's getting a bit of a comeuppence, no? Nobody else will have him.

    Win-win, he is going to try and get his career on track with cherry minutes, Oilers get a cheap option for same, presuming they move POS or Nilsson out.

  58. Black Dog says:

    LT – exactly! saw Chris! and Garnet tonight and one comment was that we would see a lot of 6-4 games.

    It will be exciting, not sure how fun though.

  59. gogliano says:

    Mike Comrie is not my favorite player. He has a narrow set of skills and is, or at least was, a bit of an ass (or say so tens of people in my age bracket who played hockey with him or went to school with him).

    But for $1.3 million I think he is under-priced. And I would give him grudging respect for coming to the 780 to play after all that has gone done, even if desperation would be a partial cause.

    And we'd have balance issues, of course.

  60. kris says:

    I see another deal coming:

    Penner and Horcoff for St. Louis and Briere.

    We then sign sober-Fleury and resurrect Cliff Ronning (I know he's not dead, but still) and hire a Mini-me version of Quinn as coach:

    O'Sullivan-Brule-St. Louis

    I give you the Edmonton Micro-Oilers.

  61. HBomb says:

    Lowetide: how about just sign Malholtra, ditch Moreau (I continue to say that O'Sullivan is the better LW option for an uber-toughies line with Horcoff and Pisani, and that Ethan cannot be relied on for this role) or Nilsson, and go from there?

    Seems a lot simpler to me.

  62. Lowetide says:

    HBomb: For the first time since forever, I'm not really certain I like most of this team. Honest to God.

  63. HBomb says:

    Lowetide: I like most, if not all, the individual players (save Moreau and Staios, and if those two were paid half of what they are, no issues).

    It's the overall makeup that concerns me. Upside is that I don't think it's a terribly hard thing to fix, but I think the current management has an obsession with sizzle over steak at times.

    Manny Malholtra or similar would help this team WAY more than one could imagine. He's not a hard piece to add.

  64. Lowetide says:

    HBomb: There's so much "if" on the roster. I can get behind Gagner's future and am a Cogliano fan, but lordy this team is like a jigsaw with a couple of pieces missing. I can make a nice top 6 (Horc line and the kid line) but it's too small.

    I can make a nice, veteran top 6 (Horocff-O'Sullivan-Pisani and then Gagner-Penner-Hemsky) but then one of the table legs on the bottom 6 falls off.

    It's like my old Brick furnitire (to bring things full circle): the first night I took my (now) wife back to my place she didn't sit on the furniture because the floor was more comfortable.

    What can you do with that?

  65. Racki says:

    Lowetide said "Hockey Noob: Well, one thing it will tell us is that Kevin Lowe isn't in charge"

    I've thought that since Katz got his fingers on the club. Actally, once we were going full bore for Hossa/Jagr. I started to wonder if we were going to see a trend where our owner pushes hard for the team to acquire a certain player. And really, that's got to be pretty rough for a GM to deal with. What's he going to do, say "it wasn't my idea… Katz wants him". We'd never know if that's what was happening, but I kind of can see that happening. It just seems funny that we often seem to be zoning in on one specific player always.

    Anyways, my thoughts are this: signing Comrie looks good on the organization, so long as the fans can put everything behind them (which could be a stretch), however it does nothing to help this team. He's small, he's got ok offense, but a marginal upgrade on Horcoff, if at all, and he's too small.

  66. HBomb says:

    Lowetide: your assessment is accurate (I don't buy furniture from the Brick, all my stuff is from nicer joints). But it's not like it's so wildly screwed up that 1 or 2 well placed trades couldn't fix it now, could it?

  67. bookie says:

    Having been privy to some insider information when the EIG was running things, I understand that they were pretty hands on in terms of management. They gave Lowe NO room with Ryan Smyth.

    All owners affect management, some of you seem to be suggesting that Katz is overriding management.

    Lowe has gone after big guys before – Remember Pronger?

  68. Lowetide says:

    HBomb: We got the good furniture as soon as we got married. I'm not a big part of the decision making process. :-)

  69. HBomb says:

    Lowetide: I had a 20 month lag between when I bought my condo and moved into my condo (stupid construction boom and lack of skilled labor). While living at home rent-free, I had time to stockpile money for good furniture.

    So I did it up front. Not only is this place a stone's throw from Whyte Avenue AND full of booze, it's also well furnished and decorated (I think you'd appreciate the two 18"x24" framed photos book-ending my TV wall – an autographed Horcoff pic in the retro jersey and the painting of Messier holding up Cup #5 against the downtown skyline backdrop).

    Guys like the place. So do the ladies. It's the perfect bachelor pad.

  70. Gord says:

    A few posters have suggested that Katz does not get involved in management's role – they are wrong…

    I clearly heard George Laraque state (on the afternoon show of Team 1260) that Katz phoned him personally during contract negotiations & improved the offered contract by a year…

    On a side note, I am fairly positive Katz was talking to Hossa during that extremely ridiculous (salary cap destroying) contract offer…

  71. Gord says:

    I mean that Katz was negotiating with Laraque & added a year to the offer during a personal phone call…

    I remember that because I almost hit the brakes in the middle of rush hour traffic – my wife wondered why I started cursing out of the blue…

  72. flamingpavelbure says:

    Haha, on a fun sidenote, i played in a simulated hockey league, picking up edmonton 21st in the team draft(it was a full 30 real GM league).

    I won the cup in 4 straight games.

    Heres the lineup for that Winning team


    Staios-Emelin/Plante Rotation

    In net was Deslauriers, going for 40 W's Roloson Backing up.

    Here's the stats

    Kotalik 34-67-101
    Yashin 36-63-99
    Hemsky 19-67-86
    Kovalev 27-42-69
    Richards 29-36-65
    Souray 28-26-54
    Huselius 17-37-54 (Suffered 20 game injury)
    Gagner 18-35-53
    Nilsson 16-27-43 (suffered 15 game injurie)
    O'sullivan 15-24-39
    Gilbert 10-23-33
    Visnovsky 7-21-28
    Grebeshkov 7-19-26
    Cogliano 4-16-20
    Staios 7-11-18
    Eberle 8-7-15
    Plante and Emelin split for 12 Points

    What does this tell us?

    Absolutely nothing.

    But i believe one of the non-oilers above can be useful to the team, while being cheap and accesible.

    Alexei Yashin. As much as he could be known as a dickhead, i would be a dick too if i had to spent all my prime in OTT and NYI. Now think about it, when he left the league he averaged aproximately a PPG, good enough to be your N1 Center, he'S not likely to ask too much money, as his KHL contract isn't really high, and he'S a 6''3 220 lbs right hander… heh so you like it?

  73. raventalon40 says:

    There's also the possibility that Tambellini has a trade in the works and he's doing what he can to build Pat Quinn's kind of team, a team that can roll four lines.

    Maybe Nilsson and company are being dealt for a checking center and Comrie is going to round out the team as a cheap, offensive option for 4C? I certainly would feel angry if for some stupid reason Horcoff was playing on the third line.

    That would give us enough run and gun to roll four lines, I think. It'd look a lot like the Detroit model, that's for sure.

  74. Lord Bob says:

    Comrie certainly would be an offensive choice as 4C, but in that role $1.3 million is certainly not cheap.

    A (say) Jacques – Comrie – Stortini line seems like an awkward mismash of parts that would lead to bloodshed, and the same with any nu#89-centred fourth line you could name.

    (Side note: what number does Comrie get? #89 is taken by a better player who didn't call us communists, and if Comrie goes for #39 the hockey gods will actually cut his testicles off.)

  75. raventalon40 says:

    1.3 million would only be a shade more expensive than either Brodziak or Reasoner.

  76. hunter1909 says:

    Comrie returning to the Oilers means that the only good thing that happened to this team for the past 20 years is the 2006 fluke run…and in 10 years time the 2006 failed run is still going to be the only good thing that happened to this team.

    Beam me up Scotty.

  77. Lord Bob says:

    $1.3 million isn't awful for a fourth liner, but it's not cheap. Gil Brule ($800,000) or Blair Betts ($1 million-ish?) is closer to what we should be looking at.

    (Reasoner and Brodziak only make slightly less, but Brodziak is more of a #3B than a #4 and Reasoner is pretty badly overpaid for what be brings onto the ice).

    Plus, of course, Comrie is entirely the wrong player for the position. He could be making minimum wage and that wouldn't change.

  78. Yeti says:

    Godammit! Comrie? Doesn't Katz realise that is SCHREMP's place on the team? I bet MacT's fingerprints are all over this. Trying to ruin that kid's career from beyond the grave.

  79. raventalon40 says:

    I don't disagree that Comrie is the wrong guy for position, but that's only if the Oilers system remains status quo. If it becomes a more offensive four-pronged attack, it might be possible. Emphasis on the might.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm still on the "I hope this isn't true" side of the fence.

  80. LMHF#1 says:

    Am I taking crazy pills if I suddenly have the thought of Comrie AND Heatley AND Jagr playing on this team? If Jagr's suddenly decided that he doesn't want a ton of money it becomes a possibility.

    What a squad that would be.

    And bookie; why do you state that those two "rumors" in particular were not fact?

  81. Jayman says:

    Guys that brag about their personal possessions on the internet are so cool.

  82. bookie says:

    And bookie; why do you state that those two "rumors" in particular were not fact?

    I typically don't assume that rumours are fact unless there is evidence supporting it. Our society is prone to fabrications and drama and as such many things 'spread' without any basis.

  83. bookie says:

    THere is a difference between Katz being INVOLVEd in managment decisions and Katz DOMINATING managment decisions. One means that he works with his management team, the other means that he works against them.

    Katz has been personally involved in negotiations, we have some evidence of that, but we do not have evidence that this was not supported by Lowe and the rest of the management team.

    We just need to be careful here because otherwise we will soon be talking about how Katz slept with Lowe's wife….

  84. Lord Bob says:

    Speaking of rumours spreading without any basis, has the former Mrs. Tommy Salo been reached for comment on the Comrie signing yet?

  85. quain says:

    Guys that brag about their personal possessions on the internet are so cool.

    Guys that make their first post to berate someone for bragging on the internet are so cool.

    Especially when the person 'bragging' was having a legitimate, on-topic conversation with the owner of the blog about housing furnishings.

    This isn't high school, nobody's going to be your friend because you picked on someone else.

  86. kris says:

    I wouldn't say HBomb was bragging, he even explained that he was sort of lucky to be able to save the money for nice stuff by living rent free for awhile. That's self-effacing, not bragging.

    I have to defend HBomb dammit! His yen for alcohol is one of the things that makes the comments section here so much fun.

  87. Lowetide says:

    Jayman: We're guys for crying out loud, we brag about stuff. No harm done, although if my wife ever punts me I'm knocking on HBomb's door.


  88. Lord Bob says:

    That's assuming HBomb isn't the reason your wife punts you, LT. I mean, he has got a pretty sweet bachelor pad…

  89. Lowetide says:

    She's had plenty of opportunities and passed on all of them. A good woman, that one.

    Understanding too, because Diane Lane drops by often and it's not for tea if you know what I mean.

  90. Black Dog says:

    You guys realize that LT has slept with all of these women whose pics he keeps posting, right?

    He is a real life Forrest Hump, an accidental sexual adventurer wandering through history.

  91. Smarmy Boss says:

    Comrie is back? Sweet. We can call the new barn "The Brick" that's a pretty cool name.

  92. ian says:

    You guys are starting to sound like a bunch of women!
    "Sweetheart look what I bought!"
    "But Darling we don't need it"
    "I know but look what I paid for it"

    What is his faceoff percentage?

  93. Bruce says:

    What is his faceoff percentage?

    41% on 417 sorties.


  94. Art Vandelay says:

    I'd have gone with "Watching the Clothes Go 'Round."

    Too obscure?

  95. NBOilerFan says:

    Mike Comrie…. an Edmonton Oiler again? Wow, this truly does fall within Lowe's trusty saying… "Expect the unexpected".

    I have no ill will toward Comrie so that isn't the issue for me, it's what LT and others have already said, he is not really what this teams needs most, but at that term and price he can certainly be a useful complemtary player.

    And as long as this means another trade follows to actually fill one of those needs, most notably the 3line C spot of course.

    Also have to give Comrie props for landing such a beautiful woman, she's about as beautiful as they come….

    Black Dog said…
    You guys realize that LT has slept with all of these women whose pics he keeps posting, right?

    Fine by me, because he hasn't yet posted any of my girl, Michelle Pfeiffer. Stay away from here, LT.


  96. Oilmaniac says:

    O'Sullivan-Brule-St. Louis

    Hahahaha,… nice…

    Trade for that schroeder kid from the draft too.. fill the cupboard as they say.. hehe

  97. Oilmaniac says:

    "Jayman: We're guys for crying out loud, we brag about stuff. No harm done, although if my wife ever punts me I'm knocking on HBomb's door."

    Hahaha.. you guys got each others back eh.. too funny.. making some friendships slugging it through the era's of oiler-dom… great blog LT!

    My problem w the comrie rumour is that he was in the paper (last week?) talking about getting a contract in place with ottawa.. obviously he hasnt yet, but wouldnt a heatley trade signify a comrie contract in ott, not edmonton?!?

    Anyways.. can someone spell this one out for me.. "I'm thinking Steve Tambellini is the Golden Man."

    Golden man?!

  98. Oilmaniac says:

    golden man = mutant that can see into the future; hence the tie in with the trade-talk prospecting?

  99. bookie says:

    I understood it to mean that he was the golden man for resisting making more crazy changes as dictated by the owner, but I was not too sure.

  100. Oilmaniac says:

    Nice.. skrew science fiction.. sign me up for some 'fantastic fiction'..


  101. NBOilerFan says:

    Lowetide said…

    From the looks of it, Steve Tambellini isn't the Golden Man…

    … Clint Eastwood is.

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