Devan Dubnyk- The Quotes

A recent interview with Guy Flaming on the Team’s Pipeline show gave us an indication about just how much confidence Devan Dubnyk has in his ability. He basically said he’s coming to camp this fall with the idea that he’s staying with the big club until someone tells him he doesn’t belong. Dubnyk feels he has progressed at the minor league level and is ready to make the next step.

The numbers suggest Dubnyk is not an elite level AHL goalie (the Canucks have a guy named Schneider who is by the way–rich getting richer although Manitoba’s SP’s look ridiculous) based on the math but the “saw him good” bunch are getting a little giddy.

  • NHL Scout: “He’s the best goaltender in the league, and he’s got the worst record.” After watching the Falcons lose a Jan. 30 game at Worcester.
  • Rob Daum: “In Devan’s case, losing is part of the challenge. He has to concentrate on his performance, not on the outcome. That’s the way to evaluate him. And the mental toughness has to be there for the next game. He did a very good job in that game.”
  • Jeff Truitt: “Devan’s a workhorse. He was a workhorse then, and he is now. Back in junior, the more he would play, the better he would get, and here he’s getting better and better.”
  • Lowell Devils coach Kurt Kleinendorst: “He’s big in the net. He’s got a nice presence about him, very calming. You can see the potential in him.”
  • Craig MacTavish, September 2006: “(Dubnyk ) was unreal. He played exceptionally well.”
  • Goalie Coach Pete Peeters: “You see how many shots that guy faced (1,910 in 62 games)? And his save percentage (.906)? I thought he played really well, considering the team he played on. You have to be tough mentally when you’re not winning that many games and putting in those kind of performances.”

If we’re making a list of players who might shoot up the depth chart in the next 12 months Devan Dubnyk would be at the top of my list.

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47 Responses to "Devan Dubnyk- The Quotes"

  1. Showerhead says:

    What's the line in the sand for DD this season? A very quick look at his Sv% at hockeydb says he's tracking barely ahead of JDD at the same age. Are we looking at another marginal backup? I'll admit I had higher hopes.

  2. Lowetide says:

    It's tough to compare imo. The Falcons ran in place in terms of GA season over season but there was such a power outage the the 08-09 team I'd like to know things like own-zone faceoffs compared to offensive-zone.

    This team looked like a punch and judy group.

  3. Oilman says:

    Yeah, not only did DD face 30+ shots per game, with the D in front of him you'd have to think he was facing an inordinate number of high quality chances. .906 is a respectable number – not all .906 SP's are created equal.

  4. Scott says:

    I seem to remember somebody (LT, was it you?) having 'inside' information that MacT was a huge Dubnyk fan.

    If the fans can stay calm, maybe the kid will get to grow slowly like a prospect (especially a goaltender) should.

    I've never been a big fan of JDD, but I haven't seen enough Dubnyk to know what he's like. Hopefully they will broadcast a couple of pre-season games on TSN or Sportsnet again this season and I can see the kid play.

  5. Black Dog says:

    Luckily for him there's not much of a depth chart to shoot up. He's #3 now, maybe 2B. He only has to leapfrog JDD.

    I'm not too worried about last season. What I know about goalies you could put on the head of a pin with room to spare and I wouldn't know Dubnyk if I came downstairs and he was sitting on my couch but the farmclub was fucking terrible last season. One has to look at the numbers in that context, imo. Writing him off because his save% was meh when he was playing for the equivalent of the expansion Capitals doesn't make too much sense I think.

  6. SK Oiler Fan says:

    JDD would have to kick Quinn in the nuts to lose the 2 spot at this point when you factor in contracts status.

    DD's opportunity will come by way of injury. Which is a near certainty when you have a 36 year old starter signed for 4 years.

  7. oil dude says:

    When you barely see these prospects play the smallest things about them seem to stand out.

    I remember the first time I really saw him was at the pre-season game against the leafs in 2007. Mact had Garon play the first half and DD was supposed to come in halfway through, but at the 10 minute mark of the second the Oilers took a penalty (it was a tied game i think) and I was nervous for him that he would have to face a leafs PP with in seconds of skating to the crease. Anyway I looked at him sitting on the bench and he already had his mask and gloves on and was trying to flag down Mact (every whistle) for permission to go in. Obviously Mact let Garon kill the penalty and then let DD takeover. Kid oozes confidence.

  8. Lowetide says:

    SK Oiler Fan: The organization will have to make a decision on one of them next year because they'll both be waiver eligible. One or both might clear waivers but that's open to discussion.

    Either way, I think there's a very good chance both play some in the show this season.

  9. Smarmy Boss says:

    Always liked Dubnyk in the dub. Don't think he'll get with the big club this year and that's not a bad thing for him either.

    (Delauriers is gonna have to be really awful for the Oilers to want to start Devan's clock)

  10. Promethian says:

    I say we run a tandem of JDD and DD and let 'em sink or swim.

    We should also trade Lubo at the draft for Atlanta's 4th overall. Send Moreau and Staios away for picks and officially start the rebuild.

    Shit. Too late.

    Seriously, I don't think there's a need to worry about whether or not we have a blue-chipper tender in the system or not. My bets are that JDD will be a quality backup for his career and that Dubnyk will pass as a decent starter.

    That's more than a lot of teams can boast for their between the pipes pipeline.

  11. jdrevenge says:

    LT you're saying that both might play. Can JDD be sent down without waivers?

  12. Lowetide says:

    jd: Yes. He was sent down last season on a "conditioning stint" after being inactive for a long stretch.

  13. doritogrande says:

    Saw DD play a full exhibition game a couple years back when the Oilers played the Coyotes in Winnipeg and have to say the big kid absolutely stole the show. Not sure if he was just "on" that night, but he looked like an NHL prospect that night, and I've had the luxury of seeing Schneider play for two years. Both have starter capability IMO.

  14. Gord says:

    If Oiler management had any faith whatsoever in our 25 & 23 year old goalies, they would not have signed an old goalie to a 4 year contract at $3.75 million per year.

    That signing told me they are taking our drafted goalies behind the barn then putting a bullet in their skull…

  15. the 0 in 0rca is for 0 cups says:

    they'll play khabi til he dies…well, mact would. i'd take jdd over the dub though.

    prospal for 1.1m? damn.

  16. Fake Craig McTavish says:

    Ann Margret gets more hits than goalies LT.

    More please, sir.

  17. Asiaoil says:

    Hoping for the best with DD as usual – but sooner or later you have to put up results or the potential label falls off and you are what you are. DD either shows he was worth the investment this season or he likely never will be. It's been interesting to see DD develop against his peers – I pegged DD as better than Pogge both in a seen him good sense and by the numbers in junior – and nothing I've seen since has made me change my mind. Schneider's clearly the pick of the litter at this point – but Dubnyk is probably 2nd best at this point from the 04 draft.

    I do think it's "game on" at TC for the backup slot and JDD's contract is easily buried in the AHL if DD is clearly better. The Oil did it with Roy and they can do it with JDD as well if Dubnyk is clearly better. Another year in the AHL would not do Dubnyk any harm – especially since some actual coaching might happen now that the clown prince Peeters is gone. A decent team might help as well – it's all excuses and the SP doesn't lie – but the only time the kid has had a decent team in front of him since bantam was his year in Stockton and he did well.

  18. Matt N says:

    DD is a lock to play minimum 5 games with the big club this year. Bulin is going to be injured for a stretch at some point this year (based on recent history) and DD is the logical back up to JDD.

  19. B.C.B. says:

    Since Pete Peeters was hired by the Ducks, I would think a big part of DD development, this year, will be based on who is the Oilers new goalie coach. Does anyone know who it is?

  20. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Or they'll just keep 3 goalies on the roster next year as they did before trading Garon. Crazy organization.

    I remember reading something about the Oilers not being confident that JDD would clear waivers last year, thus the 3 goalie circus.

    Forgot about the "conditioning stint" clause.

    I'm surprised this loophole isn't used more often for waiver elidgable players. Maybe the league slaps wrists if teams abuse it.

  21. Oilman says:

    it's all excuses and the SP doesn't lie

    It can fib a little

  22. Ribs says:

    B.C.B – Frederic Chabot is the new goalie coach. He's from the Hockey Canada tree.

  23. Steve says:

    I thought conditioning stints were waiver-exempt, or something? I dimly remember hearing that JDD would have to clear waivers, which is part of why he had a spot guaranteed with the big club last year, but it is of course possible that I AM WRONG.

    Anyway, JDD's the Sarah Palin of this team – a heartbeat away.

  24. Steve says:

    In addition to being wrong, I'm also illiterate. Oops.

  25. Smytty777 says:

    I think looking only at save percentage without any context gives you about as much information as looking at a player's total points and not factoring in anything else.

    There is a heck of a lot that does not get accounted for in raw save percentage (Number of rebound shots, PP chances vs. EV chances, etc.). The "seen him" good crowd are possibly factoring some of this in as they can see the quality of chances against DD.

  26. ian says:

    My take on the goalies is that we have no idea what we have yet.
    JDD should have seen more games last year but MacT was jammed by the way the rest of the team was playing.
    DD has been playing on a very poor Falcons team which makes it very difficult to know where he is at.
    I watched Friday night fights last week and Teddy Atlas was going on about how in two of the fights the "stars" were padding their records and had not been tested against meaningful opposition ..and in this corner JDD and DD

  27. Smarmy Boss says:

    Kind of disagree with you Asia. I think Dubnyk is showing good things to those that saw him play. Goaltenders don't trend like forwards. They're fickle creatures. Look at Roloson for instance.

  28. Bruce says:

    I think looking only at save percentage without any context gives you about as much information as looking at a player's total points and not factoring in anything else.

    Smytty777: I agree with this. There's far too much reliance on Sv% as the "magic bullet" of goalie stats. It's the best we've got, but it doesn't tell the whole story at the NHL level, let alone lower leagues. Maybe it tells you all you need to know if it's .880 or something, but .906 is certainly within the range of being acceptable when we don't know other factors like effect of team, special teams shots, shot prevention capability of the goalie himself, etc.

    Without those shades of context, there's little choice but to rely a little more heavily on "seen him good" (or "bad" as the case may be).

  29. quain says:

    I think it's safe to say that every team he has ever been on has been so bad that Dubnyk is 50% likely to be as good as Khabibulin and 50% like to be better than Hasek.

    It's settled! Bring on the Vezinas!

  30. geowal says:

    I just hope DD doesn't spend any more time up here than a short injury cup of coffee and maybe a JDD conditioner.
    One decent/good AHL season does not cut it when developing young goalies.

    Steve: Conditioning stints are waiver exempt but I believe they are 2 weeks max, not sure how long the inactivity has to be beforehand. If you choose to exceed the 2 weeks in the AHL the player then has to go through waivers. I don't think they're that unusual either, the oilers also used one on J-F Jacques last year for example.

  31. Oilmaniac says:

    This would be a nice position (goal) for some unexpected good news.. DD should get lots of games in the A again this year, which an upgraded roster in front of him.. hopefully the positives are cumulative and this turns into a personal break out season as well as a break out year for springfield, whom seem to have suffered over the last number of years…

  32. Oilmaniac says:

    Any word on how the canuck org is feeling with Schneider?.. irc he had a tough stint in the bigs last year and quickly got demoted.. is his stock still on the rise and this is just a case of a kid testing the waters before being thrown in!?!

  33. Oilmaniac says:

    conditioning stints? its the offseason! shouldnt he be conditioning like every other player, waviers be damned?! where is this need to retread last years scripts coming from..?

    3-headed goalie? just cus DD says he is going to stay in the bigs.. HA!

  34. Showerhead says:

    UFA Blair Betts, considered by some an answer as the checking centre the Oilers need, didn’t skate today but is registered at the camp . . .

    From Robin Brownlee at OilersNation.

    Is this news new or did I just miss it somehow? Good to see they're giving the guy a look.

  35. Steve says:

    Don't the numbers hate Betts at ES? A penalty killer who can win faceoffs would be nice, I guess, but our biggest problem at centre is still that we have only one of them who doesn't get massacred against quality at evens.

  36. digger says:

    Is this news new or did I just miss it somehow? Good to see they're giving the guy a look.

    Just to confirm, Brownlee was talking about the Perry Pearn 3 on 3 camp, right? I don't think the Oilers have an official hand in that one, do they?

  37. Ribs says:


  38. Showerhead says:

    Just to confirm, Brownlee was talking about the Perry Pearn 3 on 3 camp, right? I don't think the Oilers have an official hand in that one, do they?


    Thanks for clarifying though – for whatever reason I assumed NHL camp even though the main article was 3 on 3. My mistake!

  39. godot10 says:

    Isn't the way this works is that JDD has the backup job to start the season unless he is absolutely horrible in camp. DD starts in Springfield to get lots of playing time. Then, if JDD isn't an adequate NHL backup goaltender, Dubnyk will get his shot at the backup job in January (and since JDD would have been deemed a bust, whether he clears waivers or not will be irrelevant).

  40. Smarmy Boss says:

    I hear Bertuzzi signed with Detroit. Nice.

  41. Bruce says:

    Excellent. Both Bert and the Wings crashed and burned the last time he went there. I'm frankly shocked they have any interest. Must have been on the cheeeeep?

  42. kris says:

    Wow. Per TSN, McLellan has stripped Mareau of his captaincy and has done the same for the assistant captains.

    1. I think this makes a trade more likely. This maybe pisses Marleau off, maybe he's more willing to waive his NTC. It's all 'maybe,' but it's interesting.

    2. Hey, Ethan Moreau and Steve Staios, listen up: Even the leadership roles assigned to star players on winning teams can change. Don't let anybody take your jersey to the laundry, it might come back without that fancy letter on it.

  43. Bendelson says:

    I think its a safe bet to assume DD's numbers will be there in Springfield this year. He has never played on a winning team and the new additions and supposed commitment to the AHL team should have a significant impact on things such as GAA and SP.

    I'm a believer in DD, and expect this season will be his 'yes, I will be a starter in the NHL' season.

  44. gogliano says:

    Just a question: at about what age do legitimate (but not "elite" like Luongo, etc) NHL goaltending prospects begin to take on backup jobs in the NHL?

    I realize there are a lot of exceptions here, but I'm wondering about a generally safe age to give a kid a shot at the back up role based on historical evidence. I really don't have a clue.

  45. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Nice to see Detroit getting desperate for once:


    Replaced by:

    And they're 1M over the cap.

    They'll still finish top 4 in the West though.

  46. Bruce says:

    Just a question: at about what age do legitimate (but not "elite" like Luongo, etc) NHL goaltending prospects begin to take on backup jobs in the NHL?

    Gogliano: I did a fairly in-depth post on Projected Goalie Performance a few months ago which is now archived at The Copper & Blue which among other considerations examines the age of incoming goalies.

  47. gogliano says:

    Thanks for that Bruce, exactly what I was looking for and missed it the first time through.

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