Falcons Sign Fretter

The Springfield Falcons signed AHL forward Colton Fretter today. He’s coming off a 24-goal season for Portland (AHL) and would have to be considered a strong candidate for the top 6F with the Falcons. He’s 5.10, 187 pounds and 27 years old, shoots right. He was originally drafted by Atlanta deep in the 2002 Entry Draft. He was taken 230th overall, 14 slots before Edmonton chose Dwight Helminen. Brock Radunske would have been a teammate during his college career (Michigan State) as would David Booth, John-Michael Liles and Duncan Keith.

No terms on the deal are available.

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19 Responses to "Falcons Sign Fretter"

  1. kris says:

    Looks like good news for the Falcons.

    I wonder who is not coming back or who isn't making the top 9, out of Schremp, Lerg, and Linglet.

    Could be all of them gone. Maybe Lerg on the 4th line.

    As near as I can tell, all of the following are guaranteed top 9 guys:

    Potulny, Minard, Reddox, Stone, Fretter, McDonald, Trukhno.

    That only leaves two spots in the top 9.

  2. Lowetide says:

    kris: There was a rumor Trukhno was heading home, this could be a result.

  3. James L. says:

    He's 27 years old and was drafted in 1982?

    Sounds like he was considered one hell of a prodigy at birth.

  4. Jfry says:

    this might have been more appropriate in the horcoff post but i didn't want that to go sideways, but here's an interesting quote from Japer's Rink re: Nylander

    Any club that is high on your wish list?

    "Uh … hmmm .. I can't say that I have a dream team like that and it will be difficult to get into most of them now, given the salary cap. But it would have been fun to try Edmonton. Now, of course, I said no to them before. Instead I chose Washington because we had more friends and knew more people there. And it was perhaps a little better socially. But I would have liked to try Edmonton. I think that it would be fun now. I would like to try that now but it will probably be difficult for them to get me under the salary cap" concluded Michael Nylander.

  5. Lowetide says:

    No way. He isn't any good.

  6. kris says:

    Nylander is too cold most of the year and he has no good restaurants and nightclubs. Pass.

  7. PDO says:

    I wouldn't want to bring in Nylander (unless it was something like… Staios and Nilsson for Nylander and a 1st. Then sign me up.), but I do enjoy that he is quoted as straight up saying he wishes he would've come here.

    That's a good thing for the Oilers, even though it won't get the kind of air the bad news would on TSN.

  8. Jfry says:

    I would expect that as an organization we would have drawn a line in the sand after the last nylander incident, regardless of his current level play, right? just on principle?

  9. PDO says:

    I may as well grab some popcorn, wait for Gregor to say that Nylander and a 1st to Edmonton for Nilsson and Staios is a done deal, and then for Bobby Mac to come on and call it Amateur Hour again….

  10. Jfry says:

    more on topic…how do "properly run" organizations handle signings like this?

    It seems like we're creating a AAA and AA system (but i know nothing about baseball), where we're just trying to give the most select prospects a chance to prosper in a winning environment (AAA, AHL). It seems like half the team is being brought in to guarantee more team success.

    Are we concerned at all that some of our more offensive minded prospects won't get to develop in their proper positions or roles (sorta like cogs at the NHL level?)?

    I think a competitive winning environment is the best place to learn, but it also means that we're going to be putting more of our prospects in the ECHL. Based on following this blog, not a lot of players ever make it to the show from the ECHL.

    how does detroit (since we all want to emulate them, it seems) handle their minor system in this capacity. Aside from prolonged minor league careers for many of their prospects, how do they handle stocking their minor clubs?

    sorry, i'm more of a golf reference guy.

  11. kris says:

    Are we concerned at all that some of our more offensive minded prospects won't get to develop in their proper positions or roles

    Which players do you have in mind?

    We've got lots of european players, lots of college guys, and lots of guys who are young enough that they have to play in the NHL or go back to junior.

  12. kris says:

    And I think Fretter could be easily dumped or moved if there was some young prospect who looked like he could really play at the AHL level.

  13. Lowetide says:

    Our Triple A hitters shit the bed. Schremp, Trukhno, the whole damn bunch and Prendergast/Truitt decided to run Dubnyk into the ground and play baby D against AHL veterans.

    The AHL is a tough freaking league, they show games now and then and it's a brutal, physical game fought among men whose paycheck is in doubt and matters. It's a giant melting pot, and the Oilers prospects curled up and died last winter.

  14. blackadder says:

    When you're in the AHL – you not only need to improve your play, you have to learn how to be a pro (preparation, mental aspect of the game) that is best learned from more experienced players. The Falcons didn't really have this kind of player on the farm last year and most of the prospects suffered because of it. I like what they've done at the AHL level and who they've brought in. I think we'll see stronger years from players like Chorney, Macdonald, and even Schremp as a result.

    And, no to Nylander (too many playmakers already on the club's top two lines)

  15. doritogrande says:

    In terms of developing talent in the AHL, I like to use my hometown Manitoba Moose as an example. For shits and giggles, let's compare Moose forwards last year with projected Falcons forwards this year shall we?


    Moose: Grabner-Krog-Jaffray
    Flcns: Potulny-Minard-Reddox

    There are similarities here. The Moose have one NHL prospect in Grabner with two old hands who are more than capable of handling the AHL vaunt in Krog and Jaffray. The Falcons have their NHL prospect scorer in Potulny, a veteran AHLer in Minard who knows how to produce points, and Reddox who like Jaffray can play it any way you want. The Falcons have built what appears to me to be a successful AHL first line here.

    Moose: Desbiens-Cullen-Sawada
    Flcns: Linglet-Stone-Fretter

    Not a lot of similarities here. The Moose have a veteran center to hold down the fort and young wingers who play crash and bang hockey and provide the occasional offensive spurt. The Falcons on the other hand have a banger for a centerman, a scoring winger in Linglet and a small unproven Fretter coming off his first full AHL season. I don't like the look of our 2-line when compared to my Moose. If Trukhno stays, he's on the two line in place of Fretter for some marginal improvement here.

    Moose: Keane-Bolduc-Labrie
    Flcns: McDonald-Paukovich-O'Marra

    To be honest, this is the line that makes the Moose go. 3-time Stanley winner Mike Keane and his boys do the dirty work needed to win games. They constantly shut down the opponent's top line and are capable of scoring to boot. The Falcons? Well it can be noted that McDonald and Paukovich played better under Daum, and Ryan O'Marra's specialty is defense, but these guys have to have career years to be able to handle the AHL's big guns.

    Moose: Rallo-Bliznak-Collins
    Flcns: Schremp-Kytnar-Lerg

    If Schremp can provide anything for the Falcons this year, this is where he does it from. Different styles here in that the Moose forwards will hit anything in sight (again) while the Falcons 4th line will be more finesse.

    What's the point in all this comparison? Well if you look through Manitoba's lineup, you'd see that their Vancouver prospects (Grabner, Desbiens, Bolduc) are split up, and playing to their skill sets, refining a specific game style that'll get them to the NHL. Note also that there aren't many of them. The Falcons this year have drastically improved this area, and have finally put their legit NHL prospects (Potulny, Reddox, Stone, McDonald) in positions to impress their superiors, but also ones that are suitable to their abilities.

    Great signings for the Falcons this year. I'll be watching them with interest.

  16. Bruce says:

    Good stuff, DG. Really enjoy your insights on the A.

  17. pboy says:

    It's crazy that Mike Keane is not only still playing but still effective. Not quite the Chelios story but not far from it either.

  18. Lord Bob says:

    Well, thank god for that.

    Is the offseason too early to bust out Stan Weir? I think we need him.

  19. Fake Craig McTavish says:

    "Quality of Competition: toughest available"

    You didn't specify RW but Pisani was .01 and Hemsky .00.

    That's splitting hairs.

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