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Hockey’s Future has been putting out top 20 prospects lists since the beginning of the decade. A few good men took a lash at it before Guy Flaming turned the HF Top 20 into something rock solid maybe 6 years ago. Guy split for the coast awhile back and the new fellow is Andrew SR Cowie. His new top 20 is out today (last night) and frankly he’s done a solid job. I don’t really have any objection with a specific ranking and his writing style is to the point and not terribly wordy (which is something I respect but am unable to actually do).

His top 20 rankings are here and mine are here.

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25 Responses to "HF’s New Top 20"

  1. blah says:

    i am sort of unhappy with his slotting of Chorney and Petry. Last season, both had started the season at 7.5B. IMO Petry had a far worse year than Chorney. Further I dont like the Chorney skill rating of 6.5. I think he should have been 7D at worst.

  2. raventalon40 says:

    I think Vandevelde, Peckham should be higher, and Nash a bit lower. But otherwise, I agree with everything there as well.

  3. Gerta Rauss says:

    Off topic
    a nice article about Bill Lee in the Georgia Straight this week


  4. doritogrande says:

    That Slava Trukhno has been left off the list is a bit wrong in my eyes, especially when The Hockey Jesus still holds down a spot.

    Other than that he's got too many of the new 2009 guys on the list at the expense of established AHLers like Trukhno and MacDonald, it's a decent list.

  5. Sean says:

    I find the 8.0C of MPS a bit concerning. Seems like the risk/reward isn't high enough to justify the 10th overall pick especially when the Oilers seemed thrilled with the it. The last 2 10th overall picks received much better rankings Perron 7.5A and Hodgson 8.5B (although Hodgson is likely a steal and probably isn't a good comparable). Many pre-draft rankings had MPS in the 5th overall range though and there must be more to the pick.

    Good list overall however.

  6. knighttown says:

    I suppose an opinion based on feel is not much but I think Alex Plante is going to have a real tough season. Way too many "negatives" (mobility, hockey sense, typically steep learing curve for d-men) to be anything but a disaster in the AHL at 19/20.

    He's got as good a shot as any at being a player when he's 25 but I think 2010 could be a rough one for young Alex.

  7. hunter1909 says:

    doritogrande: You just like typing that nickname, don't you?

  8. Mark-Ryan says:

    Sean: Cody Hodgson was NOT an 8.5B after he was drafted. These numbers change over time.

    Gagner was an 8.0C after the draft and was upgraded to an 8.5C right before he graduated. Steven Stamkos was only an 8.0B.

  9. Jonathan Willis says:

    An excellent top-twenty.

    Side points:

    1) Paajarvi-Svensson's lack of finishing ability in the SEL is an overrated concern. Heck, Peter Forsberg only scored 9 goals in 39 games the year after he was drafted. Henrik Zetterberg scored 10 goals in 48 games before coming over and scoring 22 as an NHL rookie. Paajarvi-Svensson didn't get much ice-time, and he did a fair bit with the time he had. I'm really not worried about it.

    2) Rob Schremp deserves a slot in the top-20 because despite his limitations he's an NHL-calibre player in some ways and could have a nice career as a powerplay option on lousy teams for a few years.

  10. DBO says:

    Thread jacking I know, but San Jose just cleared a bunch of cap space with this deal with vancouver just reported on TSN.ca.

    The team has acquired defencemen Christian Ehrhoff and Brad Lukowich from the San Jose Sharks in exchange for defenceman Daniel Rahimi and forward Patrick White. Alo, Vancouver announced they signed mathieu Schneider.

    Cap Space for heatley I presume.

  11. shep says:

    cap space for being able to sign 23 guys

  12. PDO says:



    SJS had -$332,497 cap space before that deal.

    To 19 players.

    Even if the remaining 6 players on that team all make $500k (=$3,000,000), they'd still only have about $1,000,000 in cap space.

    And given that Ottawa is sitting $500k over the cap…

    This is shaping up to be an interesting weekend though.

    Vancouver is now also well over the cap…

  13. striatic says:

    isn't this really more like cap room for Luongo than cap room for Heatley?

  14. DBO says:

    PDO: it does clear some spac however. you know they will send money back to ottawa, at least this allows them a lot more flexibility.

  15. striatic says:

    nevermind, i had the teams and their respective cap space switched around. i'm curious as to where vancouver is in regards to the cap, and their negotiations with luongo.

  16. Steve says:

    i'm curious as to where vancouver is in regards to the cap, and their negotiations with luongo.

    Luongo says that if he's not signed by the beginning of the season, he won't negotiate again until after the season. Those negotiations have nothing to do with their 2009-2010 cap situation, though, since he's already signed for this year (not that you said otherwise – just maximizing clarity).

  17. doritogrande says:

    I think Vancouver's okay with the cap, but it depends on what they've signed Schneider for. They had two massive contracts come off the books this offseason in Ohlund and Sundin and so far have brought in only Samuelsson, a large pay raise to Burrows, and Hodgson's ELC to my knowledge.

    They're taking on approx. 4.66 million in the Erhoff and Lukovich contracts accoding to capgeek.com

    Shit. Forgot about the Sedin extensions.

    Okay, yeah. That's cap hell. Waive bye bye to Bieksa or Salo. And I should probably pick me up a Lukovich Manitoba Moose jersey.

  18. flamingpavelbure says:

    Don't you find it a bit pathetic that, O'marra is now only… in the other notables section…?

    But yeah, i'm usually hand in hand with the HF'S ratings. So i find the list is quality, yet again.

  19. spOILer says:

    If Lukowich is "dumpable", is Staios, then?

  20. quain says:

    Nothing says good move like adding Ehrhoff and Lukowich for $4.5M after signing Mathieu Schneider. Bieksa is definitely on the block, and I have no idea how this trade makes them better now or later considering Ehrhoff and Lukowich were, at best, the worst and third worst defensemen on an extremely good team.

    Every single regular defenseman (and Strudwick!) on our team had a better ES PTS/60 than Ehrhoff. All of his points came off the powerplay where he had an unreal 6.87 PTS/60 rate, which was higher than every single SJ forward.

    I can't even figure out what that means, is he somehow one of the greatest PP facilitators of our time while being one of the worst ES facilitators you could imagine? Or did San Jose just have that unreal of a powerplay?

  21. Sean says:

    Hunter: The fall 2007 rankings where Gagner debuted at 8.5C had Cogliano and Nilsson at 8.0C. I realize its just a number and development at this point matters the most but I thought a 10th overall would have higher top-end potential – especially one projected to go in the 6-8 range.

  22. NormanMendoza says:


    That makes Ehrhoff "Phaneuf without the hitting." Funny joke because the Oilogosphere used to call Phaneuf "Andy Delmore with hitting."

    Ergo. Ehrhoff is Andy Delmore.

  23. ASRC says:

    Sean: I agree. The expectations, based on previous ratings, create a divide between what Flaming would give and what I would give.

    For many years he showed great material and really was the best writer on the site. I myself try to give a more grounded (harsh maybe?)look at prospects, especially when looking at old lists of prospects.

    Out of most top 20 lists, I bet you 5 or 6 players make it. It's really interesting in that sense.

    And anyways, it's my last work at HF. We parted ways, and I'll continue my work on a blog.

  24. Lowetide says:

    O for crying out loud. What's your blog?

  25. ASRC says:


    I tried for lowetide.blogspot.com but someone else took it.

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