Investigating Abney

On draft day there wasn’t much on the Oilers pick at #82 and searching the Al Gore for more is just no fun at all. Assuming you’ve read the tome I posted on draft day, here are a few other items on him: he’s one of the better fighters in the WHL, no one on the planet thought he’d be drafted where the Oilers selected him.

Here’s what Abney says about his playing style: “being a bigger player, I’ve gotten into a grinder type of role. Stumping in the corner, going to hit guys, get the team going with big hits and fights.”

Here’s what he says about adjusting to the WHL: “The biggest challenge is the speed. I’ve got to keep up with the guys. And the strength of the players.”

His nickname is “Abs” and he’s a Canuck fan. He’s 6.04, 192.

Stu MacGregor: “(Scout) Bob Brown had an extreme passion for him. He’s a big kid who had a huge growth spurt in the last couple of years. A kid that has to improve skating, obviously, when you grow that much you’re going to have to improve your skating. We needed to try and get some physicality and he’s a young guy who we think is going to be a huge advantage for us.”

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27 Responses to "Investigating Abney"

  1. Downright Fierce says:

    LT, with all due respect, I think you may mean 'tome' rather than 'tomb'. It will be a black day in the Oilogosphere when I read anything off of Lowetide's tomb.

    In regards to Abney, his youtube fights get me excited until I start digging past the first few. While a few are one punch KOs, there's plenty of flailing and failing with the gloves off. If that's his major contribution on the ice, methinks we may have burned a pick on this one, boyos.

  2. Lowetide says:

    DF: I giggled like an idiot when reading your post. D'oh! Of course you're right and it has been fixed thanks to you.

    Drafting fighters in the top 100 is insane unless they have something else. Laraque had some things (giant, et) as an example.

    This was a poor value pick.

  3. Yeti says:

    I guess the hope is that, in five years time, he'll be the new Stortini. That's not too bad a thing. But the trouble is that such an outcome is a stretch. The guy doesn't seem to have the hands or legs to play even to the level of a Storts. Lets just cross our fingers and hope that scouting really saw something that no-one else has, and in five years we'll be championing the pick as evidence of the Oiler's uncovering hidden gems.

    And I too was somewhat saddened to read of LT's tomb. Nevertheless, it's never too early to invest in such things. Who knows what the price of burial plots will be in the years ahead?

  4. Oilmaniac says:

    Ummm… just wanted to pass along this thrashing the oil recieved from THN… I guess it doesnt hurt that its thrown in an Abney thread…

  5. Sign Johnny Bower says:

    Cam Abney
    The first volley in what's turned out to be a truly wonderful summer for Oiler fans.

    I was glad to read in the Journal today
    That it was all part of a clever plan.

  6. Oilmaniac says:

    Hey LT,

    A quote from that journal article you may appreciate..

    "I've been historically a four-line guy," he said(Quinn). "You're looking for balance. But we may not have that kind of roster. We may need to have a checking line, a slug line and two scoring lines. I am not pre-judging any of that.

  7. hunter1909 says:

    What's the difference between a useless 2nd round pick (JF Jacques), and Abney?

  8. Downright Fierce says:

    What's the difference between a useless 2nd round pick (JF Jacques), and Abney?

    About 25 pounds and $500k.

  9. Mr. Bugg says:

    That 'extreme passion' comment still gets me. I have an extreme passion for Anne Hathaway. That doesn't mean I'm going to go and stalk the woman!

    Really, there were many enforcers available. We didn't need- and NO team- needs to spend a 3rd rounder on one. You sign those after inviting them to camp to smash each other's faces in.

  10. Smarmy Boss says:

    Best fight I saw in the Dub this year was 16 year old Charles Inglis one punched some scrub on Red Deer. That game was actually televised on Shaw so there could be youtube footage.

    As far as Abney goes. Look on the bright side, the Jays didn't even bother signing most of their top picks.

  11. Jonathan Willis says:

    What's the difference between a useless 2nd round pick (JF Jacques), and Abney?

    Fun comparison (I'm going to toss Stortini in too) – total offense in their draft years:

    Jacques: .493 points per game
    Stortini:.468 points per game
    Abney: .021 points per game

    In other words, Zack Stortini, on his draft day, had 22X the total offense of Cameron Abney.

    That's the difference between "might some day be a useful 4th liner" and "LNAH".

    On another note, a prospect talking about how difficult it is to keep up to the speed of the WHL may be on of the most frightening things I've ever heard.

  12. Smarmy Boss says:

    Ah I found the Inglis fight although they didn't show the replay where the punched landed flush or the guys teammates carrying him off the ice.

  13. kris says:

    Bob Brown had an extreme passion for him.

    So Bob Brown is extorting MacGregor to make terrible picks? (Does he have embarrassing photos of MacGregor, nude at the acquarium… again?)

    Bob Brown better get fired unless Abney shows that there was something there for Brown to see underneath the terrible boxcar numbers. If Abney is worth using up a pick -never mind the 82nd overall pick- he should, at the absolute bare minimum, have a somewhat decent season in junior this year: at least 0.45 ppg while fighting alot.

    Otherwise Brown has shown that his most strongly held opinions are totally unreliable and worthless.

    Abney's season and Brown's employment will tell us something about management, IMO.

  14. Bank Shot says:

    Downright Fierce is right. Abney's fighting skills look pretty rough around the edges on Youtube.

    What happened to the scout that found Laraque, and why can't the Oilers scouts ever find anyone that can fight anymore?

  15. Downright Fierce says:

    Stortini:.468 points per game
    Abney: .021 points per game

    In other words, Zack Stortini, on his draft day, had 22X the total offense of Cameron Abney.

    Huggy Bear learned to fight, so Abney will learn to score, right?


  16. Bar Qu says:

    I don't think he was the answer, but it is interesting to see a good f/o, leadership vet sign for 5ook. Yelle is nothing special, but will be a good player for the Hurricanes with little downside defensively.


  17. Bill Needle says:

    Just saw those Youtube Abney fights. Do all Dub fights now have these long compulsory figures skating sessions before the two guys finally decide to tangle? Is this the only way for junior goons to show scouts that they can skate backwards?
    When Abney finally gets into a clinch, he can barely stand on his skates.
    The (quasi) good news for the Oilers is that it's a virtual certainty that he'll improve as a hockey player.

  18. Art Vandelay says:

    Sounds like his nickname should be "Frigidaire" or "Inglis."

  19. spOILer says:

    I think I've provided this note before:

    According to Mark Seidel, the North American Central Scouting Service's chief scout:

    "(They) seem to have good players fall to them and that trend started with Magnus Svennson-Paajarvi at No. 10. Anton Lander, Cameron Abney and Tony Rajala were all rated higher than their selection spots."

    …For what it is worth. That was from the Edmonton Sun.

    I think the Oil must have felt fairly certain some team was going to take him earlier rather than later.

  20. Lord Bob says:

    God, I wish some team had.

    I think they just drafted him for the nickname. "Abs". He'll look good with Hemmer, Horc, Poo, Storts, and the gang.

  21. Lowetide says:

    spOILer: I can't find any draft ranking that had Abney rated higher. Which one was he talking about do you know?

  22. Sign Johnny Bower says:

    "Which one was he talking about do you know?"

    Maclean-Neely Scouting Services
    "Your Good NHL Scouters!"

  23. spOILer says:

    LT, I have no idea, and I found the comment kind of strange myself. I mean was Lander really ranked that much lower than where he was taken?

    Seidel works for the CSS, so the article implies that's the ranking he is talking about, but I don't think the CSS list confirms his comment, so I wonder if he was talking about individual team lists? Or whether he was mis-quoted? Was he thinking of the goalie pick? Or just making shit up?

    Let me track down the link, it should still be up on Canoe.

  24. spOILer says:

    Sorry, Lander ranked higher (lower number).

  25. spOILer says:

    It's a strange article all around. And it first calls Seidel chief scout of CSS and then an independent scout (independent from the teams, maybe?).

    Here's the link:

    Sorry, I can never remember the URL tag for Blogger.

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