RE 09-10: Ryan Potulny

I don’t know that a minor league player can do more to get noticed than Ryan Potulny did a year ago. His 38 goals lapped the field in Springfield, with the second place finisher (Gilbert Brule) a full 25 goals behind him. Aside from that, there was only one other Falcon in double digits (Colin McDonald, 10) and there were really only 4 forwards who helped at all offensively (Brule, Ryan Stone, Schremp, Linglet after he arrived) aside from #17.

In order for Potulny to make the opening night roster some things will have to break for him. He’ll need to count on Pat Quinn to decide Steve MacIntyre can’t help, that it is worth risking waivers for Rob Schremp, that Liam Reddox doesn’t bring enough and that Jason Strudwick is still a better option for 7D than Theo Peckham.

Those are all considerations. However, Potulny gives the coach all kinds of options up front and has played center in the NHL (he was 43.5% in 278 sorties as a Flyer a few years ago). I think he’s the 14F.

  • Boxcars: 8gp, 0-3-3 0pims
  • Shots: 9
  • Plus Minus: +2
  • Corsi: -0.7
  • GF/GA ON: 4-2
  • 5×5/60: 2.15
  • 5×4/60: 0.00
  • Quality of Competition: dregs
  • Quality of Teammates: 2nd level
  • FO %: 10% on 10 sorties
  • 09-10 Cap Hit: $.595k (capgeek)
  1. What do these numbers tell us? Not much, there’s not enough weight behind the numbers. He didn’t shoot a lot but we know that’s a strength, and the numbers are good so we need to give some credit despite the fact it’s only 8 games. It’s also interesting that Potulny got better linemates than all of the other callups a year ago.
  2. How Could these numbers be better? Potulny did well with his at-bats, after that we’re just guessing.
  3. What about Schremp? What about Schremp? Look he’s talented but betting on him to beat out even one other option is a poor plan. I’m suggesting Potulny will outlast a half dozen guys in order to to win the final roster spot. What about Rob Schremp’s career would suggest that he’s the man?
  4. What about a 4th “energy” line? I’ve mentioned this before, but should a “Falcon” line of say Potulny-Stone-Reddox perform well in camp there’s a chance they’ll hire the whole bunch of them. A new coach might be looking for some early chemistry or to shuffle the deck and this might be an option.
  5. How Important is Potulny to this team? No importance beyond having some skills that are in short supply (shooter) and he’s terribly inexpensive.

Prediction for 2009-10: 66gp, 9-12-21 (.318)

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9 Responses to "RE 09-10: Ryan Potulny"

  1. Hockey Noob says:

    One question about Polulny… What has he done on youtube…lol?

  2. HBomb says:

    Potulny is the guy I am rooting for at camp this year. Simply put, he's better than Reddox and there's one spot up for grabs between the two of them, Schremp, and Stone (one other spot goes to one of Stortini or MacIntyre, and this team has decided on a "hell or high water" approach with regards to JF Jacques and MA Pouliot).

  3. Don in real life says:

    I'd love to see Potulny get a shot at the start of the year, at least 10-12 games. He's paid his dues and earned it last season, putting him well above several other "notable" Oiler forward prospects.

  4. Peter says:

    You keep saying there might be a Falcon line, but lets see some trades first. Currently, I think the chances of a Falcon line are approximately ZERO.


    These players have a spot locked up. You know Stortini can't move any further up the depth chart, and the next guys in line are Nilsson, Pouliot, Jacques, Brule, Potulny, Stone, Reddox, in approximately that order. (MacIntyre is an ECHL player so I didn't include him.)Barring a trade, I'll be surprised if more than one of Nilsson, Pouliot, Jacques and Brule lose a spot. Injuries could happen too, but that would be more of a temporary thing.

  5. godot10 says:


    O'Sullivan and Penner are the two best cyclers on the Oilers. They should be on the same line to support each others strength. Having only one guy on a line whose strength is working the cycle is not very wise,

  6. Master Lok says:

    I liked what I saw from Potulny during his short stint up with the Oilers last season. I hope he cracks the lineup this winter and puts pressure on players like Nilsson, Pouliot, Brule, Jacques…

  7. geowal says:

    You keep saying there might be a Falcon line, but lets see some trades first. Currently, I think the chances of a Falcon line are approximately ZERO.

    When all these players are dressed I'd say you might be right, but we've seen Stortini get the occasional pressbox. Tentatively put Pouliot at 3C. You then have #11-14 where the only 'non-falcon' options are Nilsson, Reddox, and our ECHLer. I'd consider Jacques a falcon even though he's pretty much a sure thing to make it (exactly when did he graduate to being an NHLer).

    If any of Stortini, Pouliot, or Nilsson get a 'rest' in the pressbox, or with just one injury, there's a very real possibility that our 4th line will be all falcons on a given night.

  8. kris says:

    Nice point geowal. If you count Jacques as an AHL'er, which seems pretty fair, then I could see the Oil icing an AHL line like:


    or something similar. The line will probably fall on its face, but it could fair better than, say:




    Potulny and Jacques have shown they can dominate the A. That makes minimal success at the NHL level at least somewhat plausible.

    A rookie center, or even Pouliot, having to drag around Strudwick-Stortini is a disaster in waiting, IMO. (Bruce, wherever he is, will disagree, I imagine.)

  9. kris says:

    Of course, 4th lines are only worth a few goals for or against 5 on 5, so maybe it doesn't matter either way,

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