Training Camp Hopeful #4: Geoff Paukovich

There are a few reasons Geoff Paukovich could be a factor in this fall’s training camp. He has size (6.04, 215) and his big league salary ($603, 333) means he can be called up at minimal cost to the cap. Paukovich is a flawed player, but the Oilers have all kinds of extra’s from Waterworld at the end of their roster.

If JF Jacques gets hurt, or Steve MacIntyre continues to act like a house on the side of the road, if Ryan Stone thinks he’s a scorer, then things open up for the other physical players on the roster. There aren’t many and Paukovich has already gained a reputation for thuggery.

  • Seriously? Yes. Paukovich turned heads when he drilled Kyle Greentree last fall and did a similar thing in college to Robbie Bina. Hockey fights tells us he had three of them last season and several scouting reports mention that he has a mean streak.
  • He’s not close to being good enough. That didn’t stop Steve MacIntyre. Paukovich was well thought of going into his draft year and the Oilers moved Jason Chimera for him. He hasn’t shown any offensive ability at all and Jonathan’s quality of competition suggests he played subpar opposition. His plus minus (-11) was 5th best among regular forwards.
  • You’re not making a very strong case for him. Clearly this would be a role player’s job, a 13F or 14F. I see no evidence that he’d be worse than MacIntyre.
  • But MacIntyre can fight! But he can’t play. Not at all. Paukovich’s career progression shows he is more hockey player than MacIntyre and he can play the agitator role. If Quinn wants physical, Paukovich is in the picture.
  • What is his outer marker as a comp? I have suggested Dan Lacouture in the past, but that seems a stretch. Lacouture scored 23 AHL goals at age 22, Paukovich scored 5 at the same age. So, less than Dan Lacouture. Do you remember Nathan Perrott? He played for Quinn, I believe.
  • This is depressing. Yes. Yes it is. The Edmonton Oilers need to trade a small skill forward for someone with Fear Factor who can play hockey.
  • Did he at least play better under Daum? Yes. At even strength under the new coach, he went 17gp, 3-1-4 -3 and he scored a shorthanded goal with Daum as coach too.

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26 Responses to "Training Camp Hopeful #4: Geoff Paukovich"

  1. flamingpavelbure says:

    This guy seems perfect for the Oilers, and he has little chance of cracking the Habs' lineup. He's at rebate, so why not?

  2. kris says:


    I am soooo disappointed. You had an opportunity to title this post "Being Geoff Paukovich."

    When else are you going to get to write about a player whose name rhymes with Malkovich.

    I suppose it's better that we have Paukovich than bringing in Boulerice again. (Oh yes, that did happen.)

  3. knighttown says:

    I love the little debate between you and the random italicized voice.

  4. Schitzo says:

    They should have cut Paukovich after that Greentree incident last year. He either has no self-control, or he knew exactly what he was doing and decided that making an impression was more important than whether Greentree would ever walk again.

    Either way, I don't want him on the team I cheer for.

  5. spOILer says:

    "A period of transition"?

    Jeez I must be sleeping at the keyboard. When did that go up?

    I was just getting over BDHS taking down the dog haiku.

  6. Coach pb9617 says:

    I love the little debate between you and the random italicized voice.

    That's Diane Lane.

  7. B.C.B. says:

    It can't be Ms. Lane it is not throaty enough.

    If Paukovich make the team for more then 5 games, I might have to turn off my stolen streams of hockey.

    PS: I was listening to horcoff on the Team today, and he referred to Tambo as "Tambi". I think I like this, I just keep imagine the Oilers GM starring up at us with Disney-drawn deer eyes.

  8. bookie says:

    Its too bad we got rid of MacT before the Disney era, he would have made a great Mad Hatter.

  9. Fake Craig McTavish says:

    Paukovich….Ann Margret.


  10. geowal says:

    But MacIntyre got an NHL goal and made it on Coach's corner…:)

    Glad I'm not reading this at work, might draw too much attention laughing aloud.

  11. Forain says:


    I know that you might have addressed this with answer #1, but seriously? :)

  12. bookie says:

    Mac got two goals, had the highest goals per 60 minutes of ice time and the highest shooting percentage. The guy is seriously a hockey god.

  13. geowal says:

    Finally an NHL manager confirms that there is "baggage" and risk associated with Heatley's past:

  14. raventalon40 says:


    I'm a big fan of Chipchura too but at the moment he has zero chance of making the Oilers as well.

    Ryan Stone

    There's a lot of young centers who can't win draws on this team. Chipchura would bring a lot of pluck but would he necessarily be better than Ryan Stone? What the Oilers need right now is to add size and to add experience.

  15. Dallas says:

    Hey schitzo you were probably upset when Torres put out Michalec in the 06 playoffs which was a huge reason why we beat the sharks in that round. I will take Geoff and his talent for running players through boards when he is ready anytime.

  16. Dallas says:

    Hey schitzo you were probably upset when Torres put out Michalec in the 06 playoffs which was a huge reason why we beat the sharks in that round. I will take Geoff and his talent for running players through boards when he is ready anytime.

  17. PunjabiOil says:

    Patrick LaForge on Prime Time Sports today (Bob McCown – Fan 590).

  18. PunjabiOil says:

    I know I'm the king of off-topic discussion, but it must be hard to envision the Columbus Blue Jackets not making the playoffs with this lineup

    Kristian Huselius – Derick
    Brassard – Rick Nash

    R.J. Umberger – Antoine Vermette – Jakub Voracek

    Jason Chimera – Samuel Pahlsson – Fredrik Modin

    Raffi Torres – Andrew Murray – Jared Boll


  19. uni says:

    PJO: That's a solid forward lineup, and I'm betting on another playoff push for them, however, the back end is a bit of a concern.

    Can magic Mason keep up his goaltending prowess and prove that he's not a one hit wonder, and is a defensive depth chart good enough:

    Jan Hejda
    Fedor Tyutin
    Mike Commodore
    Rotislav Klesla
    Christian Backman
    Marc Methot
    Mathieu Roy
    Kris Russell

  20. Jonathan Willis says:

    I like Howson and Columbus as much an anyone, but it blows my mind that he didn't add another powerplay point man.

    Heck, even Marc-Andre Bergeron would have helped.

  21. quain says:

    He's going to relive the 06-07 Oilers season in Columbus! Only, you know, without the ridiculous Chris Pronger trade or trading Rick Nash to the Islanders for Nilsson and a guy who can't play hockey.

  22. uni says:

    Tyutin is quality, and might surprise offensively given more opportunity (like he was last season) and experience.

    After that, I don't think it'd be unfair to describe their remaining d-corp as all defensive defensemen.

    Of course a lot is riding on Steve Mason being the real deal as well.

  23. ian says:

    I agree with Schitzo about Paukovitch.The guy does not get it.The NHL are getting tougher on the kind of plays that Paukovitch seems to see as the natural thing to do.
    And Dallas your comment about Raffi is not relevant because that is not what Raffi does, he is an established NHL player who has never been suspended for that type of action.

  24. quain says:

    Yeah, if Paukovich wants to be an NHLer he needs to figure out how to make his unbelievably dirty hits look like questionable hits. That's how Raffi Torres does it, and by God, he's an NHLer.

  25. Bank Shot says:

    I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if the Blue Jackets miss the playoffs.

    Guys like Voracek, Brassard, and Mason may have sophmore slumps, or they may have some injuries to topline forwards and defensemen.

    This is a team that made it into the playoffs with a negative goal differential, so luck probably had alot to do with their playoff birth last year. They are far from a lock this season.

  26. flamingpavelbure says:

    RavenTalong: Bah i think they count on moving Cogliano to wing, and Chipchura, would be your best or 2nd Faceoff Man. He could go on the wing, and chip in for important D-Zone Faceoff.

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