Youth is Wasted on All the Wrong People

I have to hand it to Rob Schremp, he didn’t run his mouth during the first three seasons of pro hockey. Apparently he couldn’t take it any longer. I had started to question Kyle Woodlief’s written words with regard to the prospect and his sense of entitlement. For those who don’t remember, Woodlief carved Rob a new one before the draft and called him “selfish and petulant with an attitude of entitlement.” Woodlief didn’t question his hands but did comment on average size and subpar skating skills as being factors in ranking him lower than publications like ISS.

If I knew Rob Schremp my advice would be to work on that skating (even at this stage, it can’t hurt) and to arrive at camp in good shape, with a positive attitude and look to make an early impression. You know, like Geoff Paukovich did last training camp when he damn near killed Kyle Greentree in an early pre-season game a year ago. Among the things “not to do” would be to run his mouth before training camp and draw attention to himself in a negative way.

It’s too late now, of course. Schremp told the London Free Press that “you can take instructions on how to learn play-systems and traps, but I just hope my game can stay intact and I play the kind of hockey I played with the Knights.”

As a parent I can tell you there’s a lot of time spent “waiting for the light to go on” with young people. My Dad must have wanted to back over me a thousand times with the big old GMC but he never did, showing me again and again (with colorful language, to be sure) the right way to do things and thank goodness it eventually took (or at least enough of it for me to get through life to this point).

What can you say to Rob Schremp? Someone has already told him “son, you can’t play the way you did in London because you’re not going to have the puck very much” or “long before they let you run the powerplay they’re going to expect that you aren’t going to kill them in 5-on-5 situations” or “Rob, you’re just not good enough to do the things in the NHL that you could do blindfolded in junior.”

I think someone should have told him how this sort of thing plays with coaching staffs. They don’t give a rat’s ass about what you want, they care about winning. Better or worse, a lot of what involves winning in hockey is defending. You can defend with speed and aggression on the forecheck, you can defend by collapsing the defense, you can play the trap and you can punish people physically. How many of these things does Rob Schremp have in his tool-kit, and more to the point, how many things has he worked on adding to his skill set since being drafted?

The quotes in the Free Press sound a little like he’s saying the new coaching staff better smarten the fuck up before they lose a really good player. Craig MacTavish or Pat Quinn, the response is the same: if Rob Schremp could help NHL teams win hockey games he’d be in the G.D. league already.

UPDATE: Hockey’s Future offers a more in-depth look at Schremp here. Some astounding quotes in there, including some points about conditioning at last year’s camp. Lordy. Here’s an example from the HF article:

  • “I’ve gotten harder, more focused on my off-ice. You work out and everyone does the same shit. It’s not like I’m doing anything different than any other hockey player, but there’s more things you can do, like dieting and protein shakes and all that shit. Working out with Sammy Gagner has really helped me a lot. You know, last year I went out and saw Chad Morrow (sic) and I got all that weightlifting down, but I didn’t have a good diet. I came into camp–I wasn’t fat at camp–I didn’t get the best results that I could if I had been on track with everything. This time I knew I had to buckle down.”

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72 Responses to "Youth is Wasted on All the Wrong People"

  1. gogliano says:

    Yes, of course; the Schremp fans do too. I suspect his loyal followers (including message board hype) isn't helping.

  2. gogliano says:


    Plural subjects take a plural verb :)

  3. Hockey Noob says:

    Lt, I agree that Schremp did himself a disservice with that particular quote.

    For his benefit alone, we can hope that he heard his friend Sam Gagner say, "I was thrown in and you have to be good on both sides of the (ice) if you’re going to be successful. And that’s how you get ice time."

  4. Lowetide says:

    Hockey Noob: It's quite a difference, isn't it? Of course Gagner's Dad would have guided him through all that, but jeebus isn't anyone helping Schremp?

    The guy has some mean skills and maybe he catches on long enough to get dealt to another town, or maybe someone gets hurt and he jumps in and finds his way.

    But who wants this? Stupid, stupid, stupid. And now if they send him out?

    I really think they may just walk.

  5. raventalon40 says:

    I hope Pat Quinn rips him a new one and soon: despite his attitude, I think there's a really good talent worth saving here.

    You gotta admit though, he's made leaps and bounds since he got drafted and he had one bad season last year in the AHL.

  6. Hockey Noob says:

    LT, yeah the quote seems to indicate that Schremp's been sucking it up for the past three years, but that he apparently hasn't learned very much. In contrast, Sam had the benefit of his hockey-playing father to mentor him.

    Schremp's definitely taken a step back from his previous interviews where he was at least saying the right things. One might have hoped that Schremp pulled a Cheechoo (with respect to working on his skating/strength) and made a transition to the NHL.

    Who knows perhaps Schremp will find the much needed fatherly advice from Coach Quinn?

  7. Rick says:

    It's a sad day when the Oilers throw away a talented prospect due to his defensive play.

    I thought we were the freewheeling offensive team?

    And I think Quinn could work wonders with this kid if he let's him be himself. As I said before, where would Hemaky be now had he gotten the same defensive scrutiny his first year?

  8. Schitzo says:

    Sam Gagner says For me, I learned a lot from him (former coach Craig MacTavish), especially under the defensive side of my game. When I got to the NHL, it was a bit of a role reversal. I was thrown in and you have to be good on both sides of the (ice) if you’re going to be successful. And that’s how you get ice time.

    How Schremp can spend any time at all with Gagner and not put two and two together really makes me wonder how bright he is.

  9. ASRC says:


    Is it really throwing him away? They've giving him time to work on his game and it's been five years since his draft day. There's this parallel that will always link Schremp to Mac T. Just as there's two sides to the Mac T argument (was it the roster or the coach more to blame?) there's two sides to Schremp.

    Was his failure to develop as we all wanted more to his own shortcomings, or management not giving him a chance.

    I look at seven goals in the minors and I see all Schremp.

  10. Lowetide says:

    The thing I don't get is MacT coming out the bad guy. HE LOST HIS FUCKING JOB! If Schremp could have helped him there's no way on earth MacT would have kept him on the farm.

    Everyone agrees, right? Right?

  11. Schitzo says:

    LT: I think you have to acknowledge that MacT did an unusual amount of odd things last year.

    Pulling Penner off the powerplay is a good example of a move that was to the team's detriment.

  12. oilerdago says:

    If Schremp really were a superior offensive talent, someone would long ago have given him a chance, or sent us back a draft pick for him.

    That has not happened. Everyone else can't be wrong and Schremp is right.

    MacT had his weaknesses, but one thing he stressed with young players was the need to play a two way game and if Schremp could have helped more than the other kids, he would have been here/he would have stayed with the team longer.

    The best thing for this organization and for Schremp is for him to go somewhere else. Once and for all.

  13. Schitzo says:

    And that last comment of mine should not be construed as supporting Schremp in any way. I just don't think that "MacT would never do something that would hurt the team" is a very strong argument.

  14. Lowetide says:

    Schitzo: Part of a coach's job is to get maximum performance out of a player and in his estimation Penner wasn't there. i don't see how that can be used as an example of hurting the team.

    And the HF article is fascinating in regard to Schremp and conditioning too, because if I'm reading it right Schremp didn't arrive at camp last fall in 100% tip top shape. Which would mean there was probably a rift between coach and player from day 1 last fall.

  15. Black Dog says:

    The fact that he admits that he came to camp out of shape tells you all you need to know about this kid. He must like riding the bus if he is that stupid to come into camp in poor condition when he has been a bust so far.

    'Rob Schremp hockey'?

    He's really something alright.

  16. Schitzo says:

    Lowetide: The guy was 17th in the leage in 2007-2008 in powerplay goals.

    Bag skate him till he pukes, play him on the 4th line, whatever. But trying to teach him a lesson by pulling him off the powerplay is cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  17. Traktor says:

    Schremp is at it again.

    "Sometimes it's like they look and say, 'Who the fuck are you? You're an AHL hockey player,' but if you want to make it you have to be like, 'Fuck you, this is who I am.'"


  18. Hockey Noob says:

    Traktor, your link is cut off, maybe try making a tiny url?

  19. Lowetide says:

    Schitzo: Short term I have no problem with pulling him off the powerplay. What I did object to was the public display and for that (and a few other things) I believe MacT got the bullet.

    But the often used reasons (playing Reddox over Schremp) don't wash imo because coaches like people they can count on most of the time and most of the time these kids don't have the puck.

  20. Lowetide says:

    I've posted the link Traktor notes there in the original post, right at the end.

    What a crazy way to introduce yourself to the coach. It's short of making out with his granddaughter but still not a good percentage play.

  21. bookie says:

    MacT was pretty mad scientist this year trying to turn many players into things that they were not and constantly remaking the team's style of play. Some players would do better with less intervention coaching.

    Schemp feels that is the case (I also think many other players feel that way including Hemsky). He is probably wrong (Schemp) though and the NHL will never be like Juniors for him.

  22. Lowetide says:

    Well here's the thing: let's say he says nothing here. Still believes all those things but shuts up. Goes to TC and works hard, impresses the coaching staff.

    They play him a little in pre-season on the PP and he shows well. The team decides to keep Schremp and he earns playing time.

    Isn't that a better way? This sounds like sour grapes and it could impact him in a negative way with management.

    Why risk it? Seriously.

  23. Coach pb9617 says:

    Rob Schremp's Idiot-proof Crock Pot Chicken & Dumplings

    2.5 lbs of chicken, I prefer a mixture of chicken breast and thigh meat, diced
    2 medium carrots, diced
    2 stalks of celery, diced
    1/2 of a medium white onion, diced
    22 oz cream of chicken soup
    2 pats of butter
    2 cups water
    20 oz pilsbury bisuits in the tube, torn into small pieces
    kosher salt
    cracked black pepper
    ground thyme
    2 bay leaves

    Put the chicken, carrots, celery, onion, cream of chicken soup, butter, water, bay leaves and spices into the crock pot. Cook on high for six hours.

    Add the pieces of biscuit dough to the crock pot, cover and cook for another 30-45 minutes until the dough steams into dumplings.

  24. Jonathan Willis says:

    We're on the same page today, LT. Compare Rob Schremp's quote today:

    "I want a fair chance. I want to be able to play my game. You can take instruction on how to learn play-systems and traps, but I just hope that my game can stay intact . . . (and I play) the kind of hockey I played with the Knights." (italics mine)

    with his AHL coach, Todd Richards, quote from 06-07:

    "Right now, I think what he’s doing is he’s bringing his junior game. I don’t mean that in a negative way. There’s things he’s done his whole life that he’s been able to do. Now he’s playing against guys that are bigger, stronger, faster. Those plays aren’t there anymore." (italics mine)

    The kid doesn't get it. He's 23 – he probably won't get it as an Oiler.

  25. bookie says:

    LT – I agree, he was totally stupid for saying it! He may have monkeywrenched his chances by doing so!

  26. PunjabiOil says:

    He just seems to be the guy who just "doesn't get it"

    To quote Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday, "That's right kid. Go ahead, blame everyone but yourself."

    Me thinks he's overly confident this year that should he be sent down, another team will pluck him off waivers.

    I suspect this will not be the case.

  27. rickibear says:

    I hope Pat Quinn rips him a new one and soon: despite his attitude, I think there's a really good talent worth saving here.

    A power play specialist who will only be effective for 3.5 Min a night.

    MPS's SEL NHL equivalent numbers are better than Schremps numbers. one is 17 can skate the other is 22 and thinks he is tinkerbell on ice.

    Hartikainen, MPS, Nash, Omark, Ladner, Eberle, Cornet, Kytnar, Rajala, Van De Velde. All younger!

    How many contracts do we have left and If we sign Galimore, Huluk. Do we have to punt schremp to the curb. Because I have no problem.

  28. Lowetide says:

    The quote I always go back to is the one from Rob Daum: "People talk about his poor skating, but he's not a poor skater, he's just not as aggressive as he should be when he doesn't have the puck. He has to reinvent himself."

  29. oil dude says:

    Did Schremp think this interview was off the record? Thats a serious question. I can't remember seeing so much profanity in an interview before, and I think this is his last year in North America.

  30. flamingpavelbure says:

    Just do like for Stephen Strasburgh the N1 Overall pick in baseball. Push him in training until he pukes and break him, Tony Gwinn way. It sure worked, he passed from unwanted highschooler to Generational Talent.

  31. Lowetide says:

    Is that the kid the Expos signed?

  32. Racki says:

    Oil Dude: I've heard that Rob Schremp can be very candid in his interviews. Not the first time where he's laced them with some colorful choices of words.

    Anyways, I can't see how Schremp really can possibly fit in here anymore. Really, I'd love to see him come in and shock the hell out of everyone. I think he's a really smart passer and crafty on the powerplay. But does he have what it takes for even strength? That still remains to be seen. He'll get his shot this year under Quinn and Renney, I suspect. However I don't think the results will be quite what he will hope.

    I foresee him one day being claimed on waivers by a team needing some cheap offense. Unlike those that dislike Schremp, I think he's a decent player with some good assets. But unlike the average Schremp-a-holic, I also see the big flaws in his game. It's tough to say his offensive talents outweigh his lack of hunger for the puck.

    All that said though, I was pretty impressed with him in his sort stint here. I do hope he finds his way into the NHL very soon, whether it is with Edmonton or another club. He's had some pretty tough dues to pay, and while I can see MacTavish's point, I think Schremp hasn't had his fair shake. More so though because this lineup has enough of his skillset.

  33. pboy says:


  34. bookie says:

    The quote I always go back to is the one from Rob Daum: "People talk about his poor skating, but he's not a poor skater, he's just not as aggressive as he should be when he doesn't have the puck. He has to reinvent himself."

    Wasn't that MacT on Penner?

  35. pboy says:

    I think that Rob Schremp got to play in 4 games last season for the Oil and he put up 3 points. In his own mind, he's thinking that a 60 point pace Coach. You have guys on this team who can't produce like me, you must be nuts not having me play 82 games up here. Sure I don't have a clue in my own end and I'm not all that interested in the game when the puck isn't on my stick but 60 points is 60 points……

    Just another Pavel Brendl. He'll bounce around for a few seasons on a couple of different teams and then he'll just go away. I can't get over the fact that us Oiler fans waste so much time on this tit.

  36. Racki says:

    @Bookie: no that was in regards to Rob Schremp.

    And not that I know as much as a guy like Daum, but I agree. He seems like he's generally quite poised and smart with the puck. When he doesn't have the puck (i.e. when he's defending or has to go chase it down), that's when things can get a little hairy. He needs to be a bit more hungry. He needs that Gretzky attitude – "this is my puck, and you can go and get your own".

  37. spOILer says:

    So much for the clean slate. That got blowed up real good.

    Does his *wide* range of skills include something like typing, or auto mechanic or speaking Russian? Because he's getting dangerously close to hearing "Welkome to Siberia, Mister Schremp."

    Jesus man, what if the mainstream media picks up this article?

    Reminds me of Nuke LaLoosh before he learnt cliches, cleaning his shower shoes, and not to think.

    The article also seems to confirm something else some here have suspected for a while–that perhaps Pouliot hasn't attended TC in the best of shape either. Wasn't there the doubt that it was just MacT's Camp Mendelbaum bias?

  38. Gerta Rauss says:

    copy/paste from HFboards from an hour or so ago-posted by Jason Menard author of the article,in response to the profanity

    Actually, you're waaaayyy off base. I wish every interview was this open and candid. For background, after I discussed this with my editor, we decided to quote as is. It's important to the story to understand the way Rob is.

    Personally, I love the guy. He's genuine, he's honest — perhaps a bit myopic, but he's sure of himself. Watering down his quotes (and trust me.. there were a lot more curse words throughout) doesn't give an accurate reflection of who he is.

    Ask yourself. If you read these quotes without the swearing, you would say he's like most other people. Maybe a little more forthright, but no more or less passionate. By using his actual language, we hope it conveys his true personality.

    Rob's Rob. Love him or hate him. I find him engaging, entertaining, and refreshingly honest. I've done hundreds of interviews with guys that sound like they're reading from a script (or that sound like they count by using their feet…) I'll take Rob each and every day.

  39. Coach pb9617 says:

    Of course he will, he wants quotable material, not NHL players.

  40. flamingpavelbure says:

    LT: Yes Strasburgh was the guy signed by the Expos. He used to be out of shape in HS, his fastball went up from 90 to 102 under Gwiins intense training, that made him puke a lot. (Gwiin said he puked every day of the first 2 weeks i think)

    Btw Correct me on the name of Tony, im pretty positive on the fact im mispelling it.

    2nd BTW, no one still answered me, what has Mike Comrie done to upset people in Edmonton, or at least, ensue drama on his comeback?

  41. Racki says:

    Comrie basically held a gun to the Oilers heads in a contract dispute (after having already practically extorted money out of us by using a work-around to get more than an entry level deal would allow him to) and held out until he was traded away to the Flyers. There was some other mess involved in this (Lowe asking Comrie to pay back the bonus money – $2.5M – in order to be traded to Anaheim). It got a little ugly, and rumors surfaced about Comrie having slept with Tommy Salo's wife (which I'm sure are very much fabricated). I'm missing some details because my memory on all of this is a bit poor. But needless to say it was a pretty rough break up ;)

  42. Lowetide says:

    flamingpavelbure: It's a long story that involves:

    1. Tommy Salo's wife
    2. Forcing Kevin Lowe to give him a lot of money
    3. that included bonuses which
    4. he reached and then
    5. he didn't give the money back
    6. Kevin Lowe asked him to

  43. Racki says:

    Someone else can correct me / fill in other details. But I think that's the general gist of it.

  44. rickibear says:

    Racki: did you go to the oilers camp last year. Cornet and eberle were more nhl ready positionally and skating wise than Schremp. His floating skating style is just scary.

  45. bookie says:

    BTW, no one still answered me, what has Mike Comrie done to upset people in Edmonton, or at least, ensue drama on his comeback?

    To be honest, it all comes down to one thing. The hometown boy requested a trade. I get it – who would want to play in the same town as all of your relatives and high school 'friends'? Lots of people here don't get it though.

    Staples has a bunch of old quotes and articles from when he left here

  46. bookie says:

    Yes, because Edmonton fans were soooo devistated that somebody might not want to play for the revered Oilers in Edmonton, they made up all kinds of stories including that he slept with Tommy Salo's wife. We are a childish city that way.

  47. Jonathan Willis says:

    LT: Brownlee says there's no truth to the Salo story. Absolutely none.

  48. Lowetide says:

    Well if we're going to be completely honest about it, the original problem came about because the Oilers didn't see him as a #1 center and weren't willing to pay him at that level.

  49. Lowetide says:

    Jonathan: Good, it was pretty awful. Not exactly Fritz Peterson-Mike Kekich awful but pretty bad.

  50. oil dude says:

    Brownlee says there's no truth to the Salo story. Absolutely none.

    Good to know that the only player who had an affair lead to a trade demand was Pronger… :P

  51. blackadder says:

    How does a guy who tells everyone and his dog how hard he worked out over summer show up out of shape for camp. Maybe he "wasn't fat" but…I mean, he's a professional hockey player. Did he think that 70 points in the AHL made him a lock for opening night? I've always pulled for Rob Schremp, but this is clearly a guy who just doesn't get it and probably never will.

  52. PunjabiOil says:

    Apparently Tanguay has signed for 2M.

    Why were the Oilers not interested at that price? Comrie at 1.3M doesn't seem far fetched at this point.

  53. boopronger says:

    Did comrie really get 12million from the oilers in 3 years? That seems really high.

  54. Black Dog says:

    boopronger – bonuses that were relatively easy to attain

    Then the Oilers wanted to scale him back to the base contract (with a raise) but not in that range, iirc.

  55. Coach pb9617 says:

    Apparently Tanguay has signed for 2M.


  56. Jonathan Willis says:

    Tanguay actually signed for 2.5MM.

  57. linnaeus says:

    Robbie Schremp in brief:

    candid, arrogant, profane, and likeable

    above average skater with the puck

    lousy skater who doesn't give a crap when not in possession of the puck

    lives for the power play where he sometimes shows mad offensive skills

    I'd say that sums Schremp up pretty well. Not a player we want on the Oilers. Though maybe worth a limited role with some team similar to Yvan Cournoyer in his early days in Montreal.

    The thing that confuses the issue is that arguably the best year of Schremp's hockey life came when he was coached by Kelly Buchberger. Buchberger had the reputation of being a taskmaster with no time for attitude. Is the secret that he let Schremp play his own style of hockey or did Schremp get with the program? I really want to know since the Schremp that played for Buchberger would be a useful NHL player.

  58. Coach pb9617 says:

    JW – still the same reaction. For a single year, I'd have paid him $4 million unless there were medical concerns. He's small, but he's legit.




  59. Greg MC says:

    The guy is in love with himself. The best way to show you got what it takes is to show improvement in your game. He is delusional if he thinks a good training camp will have him on the Oilers. I am not so sure we would lose him on waivers if we sent him down either.

  60. 40oz says:

    Any chance schemp ends up on maury? Can we send him to bootcamp?

  61. flamingpavelbure says:

    Well i don't know for you guys, but checking stats and all, if i would be Robbie Shremp, i would be pretty fucking pissed. If i would of had, a 1 PPG season, at 21, with a team with a relatively questionable offense, then seeing Liam Reddox, M-A Pouliot, and Potulny go up before me, damn, he got reasons to be pissed off. And he's not that small also, 5''11 200. If he's small, well he is big at 200.

    Anyways, just a tought on him. Best would be to trade him away, for a veteran, to help out that black hole team of Springfield.

  62. Lowetide says:

    pavel: It's about what you leave too. Schremp is an indifferent player without the puck, we know this from all kinds of anecdotes over the years.

    Once, a year ago or so, I read a quote from a scout that basically said "there a players who win puck battles and those who lose puck battles. Rob Schremp has no interest in the battle."

  63. Dennis says:

    Pat stole my thunder with his citing of "Rob Schremp hockey" so here's what I have left.

    With a "Bad Attitude" like that, Schremp is unlikely to ever see the NHL's Honeymoon Suite.

    Happy Canada Day, everyone!

  64. mc79hockey says:

    Lord thundering Jesus I have no idea what's going on in Newfoundland this summer.

  65. Doogie2K says:

    Tanguay actually signed for 2.5MM.

    Which is half of market value. Jesus Christ.

    As for the topic, I thought Schremp might figure it out, see his opportunity, and try to impress the coaching staff at camp this year, and earn a spot, though he's in tough at his position. Saying dumb shit like this? No, no, apparently not.

  66. Bruce says:

    Schremp might be short, but he'd be a whole lot taller if he pulled his head out of his ass.

  67. PunjabiOil says:

    Any chance schemp ends up on mmaury?



  68. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Wow, Just Wow. He was drunk when he did this interview right?

    That's alot of F-bombs. I'm sure there are lots of AHL players who have the same thoughts running through their head, but you don't express them like that if you are looking for a chance. You just don't.

  69. ian says:

    There appears to be good deals out there still [i.e. good cheap pick ups]
    Schremp would appear to be a luxury player, someone that a team will sign because of their, in this case, offense and put up with their defensive liabilities.I do not think the Oilers can afford a luxury player.
    I believe that all things being equal the coaching staff will choose grit and faceoff percentage

  70. digger says:

    To me, I wonder if Rob went into this interview with the attitude that this wasn't for any major publication or local Edmonton rag, so he figured it wouldn't be on management's radar…so he let his hair down a bit, so to speak.

    Not that it excuses him, but there's no way he would've been so blunt if it had been someone from the Journal or Sun doing this piece.

    As for the content of what he said, good on him for believing in himself but this poor kid's setting himself up for a soul crushing October 3rd. He may not 'get it' now, but I'll bet if it's Quinn telling him that he's not good enough, that will make an impact.

  71. Bruce says:

    My guess is that the kid probably assumed that the profanities would be edited out just like they always are. He may well have been blindsided by Jason Menard's decision to publish it verbatim. I hope Menard had the decency to clear that with Schremp first.

  72. Dennis says:

    I actually agree with Menard's decision to include the profane language; though as Bruce said, I hope he cleared it with RS first and foremost. It's refreshing to see someone shoot from the lip.

    Even if it seems more like something that should be shot from the ass:)

    To close, I have lived in NF all my life and I have never heard that particular lard thunderin' curse uttered.

    And this is from a guy that's from the outports – which is where all the NF culture pretty much eminates from:)

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