Canucks at Oilers PS G8/09-10

Cut-down day for the Edmonton Oilers is apparently tomorrow (they have until Wednesday). A bunch of young men will be driving to the airport in the next few days and the waiver wire may mean a couple don’t return to good old our town as Oilers.

The drama has probably been mitigated (at least somewhat) because of injuries to forwards Marc Pouliot, Ethan Moreau and Fernando Pisani (Pisani was the only one who was at practice yesterday).

Jason Gregor has been reporting lately that the Predators may have interest in one of Edmonton’s veteran forwards and that may happen as well. Would the organization feel that getting a second round pick for Nilsson (and keeping someone like Ryan Stone) is better than risking waivers? Seems reasonable, as does placing Pouliot on IR to begin the season.

There are no lineups so far but I’ll post them when they appear. The Oilers get one last look at the bubble boys and someone may step up and grab a job even this late. I’d say both Jacques and Stone are on the team and that Schremp and Reddox are not but those are just guesses on my part.

And since this season is once again about watching the youngsters develop and waiting another day to fight, here’s a couple of encouraging updates:

  • Slava Trukhno scored twice in a pre-season win for Springfield.
  • MPS played significant (14) minutes and scored for Timra in the first SEL regular season game for his team.

UPDATE: The lines.

  • Horcoff-Jacques-Hemsky: Looks like this line has some traction and coach Quinn will run with the big Q kid. Can he pot 20 on Hemmer’s wing?
  • O’Sullivan-Penner-Comrie: O’Sullivan and the little Brick man have real chemistry and Penner should help out this line in the offensive zone. The questions revolve around bleeding the other way and we shall see. Penner’s in the Stone spot here.
  • Gagner-Cogliano-Stortini: Interesting line, Stortini gets a push and if he could ever score 15 goals on a line with two munchkins the Oilers would solve some problems.
  • (possibly Brule-Reddox-MacIntyre): No confirmation I can find currently but if the veterans are injured this might be the 4line. Brule certainly has gotten the push (this will be his 5th game) and is the only one of the three certain to be part of the opening night lineup.
  • Souray-Staios: Two veterans who should be able to handle things down low.
  • Grebeshkov-Gilbert: I see a bunch of “Gilbert sucks” comments all over the internet, I wonder if people know his pre-season stats are 4gp, 2-4-6 +5. I suspect Grebs wears the urban sombrero tonight and plays well.
  • Visnovsky-Smid: This is an interesting combination. I think we might see it from time to time this winter.
  • Khabibulin-Deslauriers: Habby gets the start, hopefully doesn’t over handle the puck.

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