Get Yer Shinebox, Robbie!!!!

I’ve been watching a lot of US Open tennis in the past week or so (it’s wonderful theatre) and John McEnroe is such a big part of it. Do you remember the events that lead up to his famous “you can not be serious!!”? I imagine poor Robbie Schremp must have had that reaction today, and to a lesser extent people like Robert Nilsson, Andrew Cogliano and even Patrick O’Sullivan must have done a double-take.

Because whatever else this move does, it impacts the smurfs on this roster. Here are some other things it likely does:

  1. Ends Rob Schremp’s Oiler career
  2. Makes it very likely a major contract is sent to Springfield
  3. Makes that damn trade we’ve been calling for an absolute must.
  4. Means someone is going to have to be responsible among the minute men. My guess would be Patrick O’Sullivan.

I think the signing is fine and the contract number (capgeek says $1,125,000) means the Oilers just signed an actual NHL player who has a very good chance of overshooting his contract. I think there will be two trades. Rob Schremp for whatever draft pick is out there (if that deal is available) and Robert Nilsson for a pick. Either that or Springfield is going to have a stunning 1line.

Not everyone can play. This isn’t communism.

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