As the summer wore on there was some concern that the story of the Oilers 2009 draft would be “injury.” Toni Rajala was injured in a pre-season tournament and will miss training camp and the start of the season. First rounder Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson was also injured in an off-ice incident a few weaks ago (playing squash) but has recovered and is back on ice and scoring goals in pre-season.

His first pre-season game was earlier today and saw him cash twice versus SEL rival Brynas. The arrows remain at 12 o’clock for this player.

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  1. Copper Toxicity says:

    This kid gets my heart racing.. I don't think we've had a prospect of this caliber in 15 years.

  2. Icecastles says:

    How would you guys rate MPS at the draft compared to Gagner on his draft day?

  3. Lowetide says:

    Icecastles: MPS has a wider range of skills (from what we read) and is a somewhat safer pick in that with his size and speed there are probably going to be more possible roles for him.

    Gagner is an impact prospect, but in a more narrow view. Now, he's delivered to the point that this will be year 3 of his NHL career but the basic premise is the same imo.

    MPS's question marks have to do with scoring, which is the hardest thing to do in hockey so of course has exceptional value.

    I do believe there is a chance MPS will be a better NHL player than Sam Gagner. But it's early and Gagner has already made tremendous progress at a young age so I'd put the chances of him being better at less than 30%.

  4. Coach pb9617 says:

    Not to derail the thread any more than any other thread has been derailed in the last month, but Bruce does some beauty work here on Jason Smith.

  5. Coach pb9617 says:

    Uh, also, Pocklington was a facist, not a Nazi.

  6. hunter1909 says:

    Does this guy compare to say, an Eric Cole type player/

  7. PDO says:

    Eric Cole before he broke his neck is probably not a bad comparison for style at least.

  8. Lowetide says:

    Cole's PIM were higher and I disagreed last time it was mentioned but could certainly get on board.

  9. PDO says:


    Have anyone stylistically? Blazing speed, big body, not overly physical though…

    Radek Dvorak pre-injuries? He had a couple 20 goal seasons before a… knee? blew out, didn't he?

    And I'm still sticking with Gagner = Weight ;).

  10. Coach pb9617 says:

    I read a pre-draft comparison of Mark Recchi.

  11. Lowetide says:

    Someone mentioned Dvorak before and then someone mentioned Anders Hedberg and both are extremely interesting. Hedberg was not a wimp, man he got beat up in the WHA (Bruce or Coach can confirm) along with Ulf Nilsson.

    We'll know a year from now I'd expect but he has to score. 7-10-17 isn't at all bad a 17-year old but if he can add some offense this season well it'll be giddy times here.

  12. Mr DeBakey says:

    Have anyone stylistically? Blazing speed, big body, not overly physical though…

    Glenn Anderson

  13. Smytty777 says:

    LT, What are your reasonable expectations for MPS in the SEL this year?

  14. Lowetide says:

    Haven't a clue. Markus Naslund scored 22 goals at age 18, that would be nice. :-)

  15. Smytty777 says:

    I think he will have a bigger year goal scoring wise from increased shooting percentage alone. It's likely he gets a few more minutes this year as well.

    Not sure what his box scores should look like though.

  16. Lowetide says:

    I did a comparable post that listed a bunch of Swedes and their 17-year old seasons after the draft. If you click on Paajarvi-Svensson under "labels" it'll take you to it. It's not much, but it's a start.

  17. geowal says:

    Have anyone stylistically? Blazing speed, big body, not overly physical though...

    A gentler, less crazy Todd Bertuzzi…?

  18. flamingpavelbure says:

    I personally ranked Paajarvi third. His speed, is a rarity for players of his size. Fun fact is, you drafted another similar sized swede, with the exact same stats (In the Swede League) in Anton Lander. Could be a potential 1-2 Punch. Btw, another notice, it's that on Hockey DB, there's two Magnus, (even if it's still the same guy) His 07-08 is registered as MSP and his 08-09 as MPS.

    I think it's the best pick regarding position

    Ryan Ellis: 5''9, do i need to continue? (Ya i know size doesn't make talent, but you always brag about having a little team)

    Calvin De Haan: Supposed to go 2nd round

    Zack Kassian: Go see his interviews, he looks a little deficient up there.

    Kulikov: Only player potentially better than Magnus, Very big and mobile defenseman. Adapted at a very fast pace to NA game.

    Holland: 1 PPG in OHL.

    I have difficulty figuring out why Kane wasn't picked over Duchene, as Kane had more points, participated to WJC, and had arguably lesser linemates.

    But yeah MSP, is the way to go! Good Pick Oilers!

  19. danny says:

    PDO: youre younger than me, so I remember the days weight were bubbling under the surface a little better maybe. I sincerely mean maybe. memories of impressions are as fallable as it gets…

    But I was a big Weight follower. Every hockey magazine i could get my hands one, believe it or not the interweb was in its infancy back then, Weight was a guy with a world of talent but lacked in confidence and that was a major hurdle for him. He knew he was annointed the Oilers successor, which was a major thing at the time. Gretzky. Messier. Especially in those dark dark times.

    Gagner kinda knows hes a stud. Dont get me wrong I think thats great. Really. BUT, I think the biggest difefrence in Gags and Weight is that Weight was a skating block of cement. The guy had a stance wider than a mac truck and was 200+ for a 5'11 guy.

    Gagner I think, may not exceed Weight because hes a little more feint. Yet hes the superior skilled and talented player than 39.

    I still say Gags is a Marc Savard+… same ceiling but reaches it a little earlier and a little more consistently.

    Footnote: Most of my usernames, still today, dating back to my early internet days is 'weighter'.

    Myself and guys like Dennis grew on teh web by following the Oilers on… those were the days for ppl like us… amazing new access, filled with compliments from Ken Hitchcock telling Ron low how promising his kids were.

  20. Derek says:

    You can view some highlites from the Timra vs Brynas game here:

  21. bookie says:

    Robbie Schremp signed a one year deal – 2 way deal $715,000 in the show and $75,000 in the Gongshow.

    Thank God, I was wondering what we were going to talk about all year!!

  22. uni says:

    Danny, I would be thrilled if Gagner turned out like the Marc Savard we know today, albeit hopefully faster. The only thing is I think Savard has a lot more zip in his step, not that Gagner is a slug but he's not fleet of foot.

  23. danny says:

    Uni: its possible. We are playing craps afterall… but consider the fact that Gags is an uber-intelligent guy.

    Savard took a long time to carve out what would eventually (currently!) make him successful, and gags is a gym-rat that has an unbelievably vested coach (daddy dave) and hes 19 years old.

    Gags had an interview last season, where he talked about his sick sick sick goal against the habs. He said he watched Toews break down defenses and studied what he did… he thought he could do it, and tried it.

    He was, and will be very successful IMO.

    Youre exactly right in that his physcial limitations will limit his success, but I dont see much difference between Savard/Gags imo. Not enough that his extra gifts cant compensate.

    Brains and hands. Formidable force no matter the package.

  24. FlamingPavelBure says:

    Yes, Sam Gagner has evolved tremendously fast, compared to other players in the draft. I think he's well on his way to be the 2nd best player of that draft, while being selected 6th, as Turris Ryemsdyk and Hickey, already looks like blows (Regarding the rank theyr were drafted). Alzner is the only player i would regard as evolving slightly superior than expected (Aside from Kane, Gagner and Sergei Kostitsyn)

  25. bookie says:

    Seriously Guys, Schremp signed – Robbie Schremp, as in Mr Youtube.

    Why are there not 400 comments?

    Com'n everyone, the party's not over. Anyone?

  26. flamingpavelbure says:

    Idk, would you have expected the Oilers to BBQ him?

  27. Derek says:

    Sergei Kostitsyn was drafted 2 years before the other players you listed.

  28. oil dude says:

    Gags had an interview last season, where he talked about his sick sick sick goal against the habs.

    I remember him talking about imitating a Toews move as well, I'm pretty sure it was this goal against the nucks though.

  29. Hockey Noob says:

    @bookie, I can't resist the pun, but I would take the Schremp bait, except that I am already known to be be guilty of derailing LT's comments.

    Back to MPS…

    When MPS dropped down in the draft, I started to wonder if we missed something that the teams with earlier picks had noticed. Now, I don't really think that this is the case. It will be exciting to track MPS' season this year.

  30. doritogrande says:

    It's nice for him to get two goals in pre-season and all, I'm happy for him.

    But check out that video. Second goal was an absolute gift. John Tavares on the goalmouth kind of gift. Powerplay for Timra and buddy passes it to MPS through his legs for a wide open 6×4.

    First goal was a little better, but looks like a lucky shot. Driving wide and letting a snapper go that looks to beat the goalie shortside.

  31. Bill Needle says:

    He could be the next Rob Schremp.

  32. PDO says:


    Weight certainly was a truck on skates… I'm still only 21, but I can tell you right now the moment I "knew" I was an Oiler fan was when Weight came in skating backwards after splitting the D and then went roof daddy on a neat little backhand to forehand deke against Calgary… believe it was even in the 10-1 game, though that may have been my memory that cemented those 2 games into the same one ;).

    That said.. Sammy is still only 19, and is a by all accounts a warrior in the gym. I've seen him personally… you can see he's already starting to hold some muscle, and I have a feeling he's going to be weighing up near the 200 mark in a few years with all kinds of explosive power.

    All we need now is for Phaneuf to go after his knee and Sammy to jump up and beat the ever living hell out of Frankenstein…

  33. geowal says:


    I made the same post earlier, then deleted it cause it was just so much more interesting reading about MPS then starting another polarized shremp debate.
    Plus I saw it mentioned on an earlier thread.

  34. Peter says:

    He took the hit that lead to the 2nd goal. Well, suffered the hit, really.

    He also hit the post twice later in the game.

    Incidentally, Kirill Starkov looks headed for a big season; at least in a Schrempian way. He'll score quite a bit this season for Timrå, I think. Not bad for a guy that started the 07/08 season in the AHL only to end up (eventually) in the CHL.

  35. Mark-Ryan says:

    PDO: Not that it's important or anything, but Sam's been 20 for almost a month now.

    They just grow up so fast…

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