Oilers sign Schremp

The Edmonton Oilers signed Rob Schremp yesterday, a two-way deal for one season. It’ll pay him $715,000 a season if he makes the show and $75,000 to ride buses.

Schremp as a player has an exceptional set of skills in a narrow view but is running in place in all kinds of important areas. For instance, I don’t know that there’s much doubt that Schremp’s strongest area would be on the powerplay.

The problem? Traditionally rookies don’t get a lot of powerplay time. Here’s a list of total powerplay minutes by Oiler rookies since 2000-01:

  1. Sam Gagner (07-08) 221:38
  2. MA Bergeron (03-04) 217:46
  3. Tom Gilbert (07-08) 185:15
  4. Andrew Cogliano (07-08) 166:42
  5. Ales Hemsky (02-03) 153:21
  6. Ladislav Smid (06-07) 92:10
  7. Mike Comrie (00-01) 84:53

And here is a list of rookies who saw significant minutes for Pat Quinn in Toronto over the last 5 seasons he was there:

  1. Kyle Wellwood (05-06) 262:49
  2. Alex Steen (05-06) 237:47

The Wellwood number is an interesting one, he ranked 5th on the Leafs among forwards that season. Wellwood played 9:28 a night at EV (4line minutes) and then looks to have played much of the season on the 2nd powerplay. That would have to be a “best case scenario” for Schremptown.

Quinn’s teams always had a couple of knuckle-draggers like Domi and Belak along with a veteran Chad Kilger-type for faceoffs and the penalty-kill. We’ll have to wait and see, and remember this is the team that kept 3 goalies for fear someone would pluck Deslauriers, but based on the sheer number of undersized forwards with proven indifference when not in possession of the puck I’d say Rob Schremp has his work cut out for him. If he makes the big club and proves useful over a long season, we’ll need to give him full credit for coming through at the last possible moment.

I think Rob Daum is the guy who said it best: “People talk about his poor skating, but he’s not a poor skater, he’s just not as aggressive as he should be when he doesn’t have the puck. He has to reinvent himself.”

Did he? Last Chance Texaco is just around the corner.

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52 Responses to "Oilers sign Schremp"

  1. flamingpavelbure says:

    Idk, when i suggested 4th line + PP and shootout, people said i was crazy. But fun to know we're on the same page for a change :P

  2. Lowetide says:

    What does ldk stand for? As for being on the same page, that's the best case scenario but most certainly wouldn't be my option.

    I would have encouraged him to go to Europe.

  3. flamingpavelbure says:

    Idk = I don't know.

    Yes, it doesn't seem like the ''A'' Plan for the Oilers, but having him pull a rabit out of his hat and go for 45-50 points wouldn't be bad. Not like Reddox couid do that (Maybe Brulé, but not Redhead Liam)

  4. Lowetide says:

    Reddox gets no respect from most quarters but he's a better player than Schremp and has been for some time. AHL too.

  5. raventalon40 says:

    His chances don't get any better with a certain Mike Comrie perhaps rejoining the team…

  6. Lowetide says:

    PLus the fact the Oilers are considering Comrie is pretty strong evidence about how they feel about him.

  7. SK Oiler Fan says:

    How has this guy not been traded to Phoenix or Atlanta for a 3rd round pick yet?

    He likely gets claimed off waivers after being one of the last cuts from camp.

  8. bookie says:

    I hope that Robbie has a near death experience and is re-born somethink akin to Jagr. That would be handy.

    I also hope that Sortini has a Gretzky type year.

  9. Bemused says:

    Would a fair comparision be Marc Savard? Skilled, a bit slow on the foot speed, took him quite some time to find his way to being an elite player…

  10. Mr DeBakey says:


    Now, that's a great name for a blog!

    As for Robbie the 4th liner & PP whizz,
    Schremp has never been the best Oiler in the system,
    not on his best day.

  11. Lowetide says:

    Marc Savard spent one season in the AHL and by the time he was 23 (Schremp's age now) Savard had already scored 20 goals and 50 points in an NHL season.

  12. Vic Ferrari says:

    Damn, Lain. When are you going to change the name of your blog to SchrempTide? :D

  13. Krankor says:

    Off topic: I won a couple of tickets to today's Oilers softball game (with a meet and greet with the team afterward), but I can't make it.

    If any of the LT crowd can take them, post a comment here. They're e-tickets, so I can forward them instantly.

    First dibs gets them…

  14. hunter1909 says:

    Oiler fans post Messier: Basically a hybrid of cynicism and virginal exactitude.

    Schremp is the perfect prospect, because he shows the correlation between those who either:

    Wish the Oilers could dump all of the dead weight from the front office, never thought anything much of MacTavish other than a third line reclamation project of Slats, and used to confuse Kevin Lowe and Bruce Smith, since both possess the same slitty eyed look popularised by John Wayne.


    Those who think "responsible hockey" is more fun to watch, because it means that all of the players are in awe of the former Oiler 'greats' behind the bench and lurking around the front office.

  15. Vic Ferrari says:

    Just checked Marc Savard's stats at hockeydb.com. As a rookie in the AHL (turned 20 in July) he scored 74 points in 58 games. That was a lower scoring era as well, and the AHL had more veteran defenders playing then. Pretty impressive.

  16. Lowetide says:

    Vic: Yeah, I think you could make a case for the NY Rangers just made a mistake with him. His first full season in the NHL wasn't terrible:

    70gp, 9-36-45 -7

    The team finished -31 when you take out the PP and PK goals and scored only 217 goals. Their top scorer was Gretzky with 62 points (he finished -23).

    I don't think Schremp is in the same district as a comp.

  17. Travis Dakin says:

    He's a comp only in that they are the same type of players. At best Schremp will could be 75% of what Savard is. If the light clicks.

  18. Black Dog says:

    I'm curious as to how many hotshot juniors have had a career path like Schremp's to date and still have made it as quality offensive NHL players. I'm not talking about guys like Moreau or Reasoner who were offensive stars as youngsters and adapted to a different game to survive in the pros. I'm talking about guys who were 23 and have one quality AHL season under their belt and who couldn't check their coat.


  19. flamingpavelbure says:

    Yep, drafting was weird in those times, i don't know how a 140 points guy at 17 years old could be drafted in the 4th round. Probably size issue, but it has to be frustrating seeing guys with 60 points less than you go before.

  20. Bar Qu says:

    Are we still talking about this guy?

    The Oil did not do their blogging fans any favours with this signing. Too much time taken away from fantasy line combos and metric comparisons of 3rd liners to talk about a guy who will never make it anywhere.

  21. flamingpavelbure says:

    Black Dog: Isn't it what Denis Grebeshkov did? He had one good season of AHL with the Monarchs and refused a 2 way contract with the Islanders, now he was traded here and we all lvoe him

  22. Bank Shot says:

    Hudler is another guy that like Wellwood broke into the NHL playing 4th line minutes and PP time. His only big AHL season came in the powerplay fest of 05-06.

  23. flamingpavelbure says:

    Yep, and Hudler has 4 other teamates with 70 points that year. Something Robbie wasn't even close to enjoy. It's tough making 50 passes when the next big scorer gets 45 points.

  24. quain says:

    It's tough to score 70 points when Rob Schremp is standing at the opposite blue line waiting for you to get the puck for him.

    Rob Schremp hockey is amazing. He doesn't have to perform unless he has all stars playing with him or play defense ever.

  25. flamingpavelbure says:

    He nevet got any good teamates since he joined the Oiler's Farm System. His best teamate was Jonathan Filewich! I could undertsand he's a bit tired of playing with no good linemates. You can blame a guy for not caring, but to a certain extent, look at the damn tools he had to play with

  26. Lowetide says:

    Well that's crazy talk. Schremp has had solid linemates all down the line, including Nilsson and Pouliot. Schremp has more excuse-makers than Bill Clinton did, and that's saying something.

  27. flamingpavelbure says:

    Nilsson played a grand total of 25 games, while Shremp was having his first two AHL seasons.

  28. Lowetide says:

    Please. He had a nice run with Nilsson in the AHL and your original statement with regard to Filewich is clearly untrue.

  29. flamingpavelbure says:

    20 games, then the next season, Nilsson had 5 games in AHL and the rest NHL. I meant, for a full season. They weren't much other guys.

    Just look at that season from Hudler, you can't tell me Robbie had the same treatment teamates wise.

  30. Lowetide says:

    I'd suggest Hudler wsa driving the bus and Robbie was supposed to but never managed it. Hudler led his team in points, no?

  31. flamingpavelbure says:

    Yes, so was Robbie. Hudler had 4 other teamates 70 points or over, to help him out. In other words, 4 Other playes ina 25 points range of him, something Robbie didn't even get, (Well 1 if you count that pouliot would have done it with a full season). And that's even badder, considering Shremp had a lower point total.

  32. Lowetide says:

    bure: Well, we can load this thread up past 100 and we're not going to convince each other. We'll see, here's hoping Schremp scores 50 in the NHL for the Oilers.

  33. flamingpavelbure says:

    No, i don't necesarily want to see him on the team if he has a bad training camp, just stop the public execution people tend to think he deserves.

    It seems it's either one extreme or the other.

    I just think that for now, we should just all consider Schremp exactly like the other guys on the bubble.


    I won't mention Macintyre, as i think it's ridiculous he's even played an NHL game.

    Robbie should battle it out with those guys, and if he does better than them, then be it. If not, give a quick call to Garth.

  34. Lowetide says:

    Again, we get into these grand statements like "public execution." I mean really.

  35. flamingpavelbure says:

    Ah come on! It for the Dramatic Effect!

  36. Black Dog says:

    Bure – putting aside the fact that Grebeshkov is nothing at all like Schremp – he's a Dman first of all, sure lets look at him.

    First year in the A at the age of 20 he scores 9 points in 43 games. As anyone who saw Chorney last year its a tough league for a young D man.

    Then at 21 in the lockout year for that matter he posts 49 points in a full season. And then follows that up with 48 games in the AHL with 27 points and 29 games in the NHL at 22.

    Then he goes back to Russia for a season and then comes to Edmonton.

    So we see a steady progression every year from the guy including a terrific year in an AHL loaded with young NHL players at the age of 21.

    Say what he's like Schremp?

    Once again I need a guy who at the age of 23 has had one minor league season who then became a offensive star in the NHL. Anyone?

    As for that list of guys, all but Potulny bring skills to the table that Schremp does not and Potulny scored a ton in the AHL last year with the same team that Schremp played for.

    I honestly wish they'd just waive the guy, LT's right, the excuses for this guy are legendary.

  37. flamingpavelbure says:

    Idk, if you could make a full list of 21 years old 1st rounder with 1 PPG in AHL that werent called up.

  38. Lowetide says:

    Plus his Dad made him eat lard sandwiches when he was a kid. Don't forget that one. Plus MacT hobbled him thus the wide body stance and he was bitten by a hockey player as a kid so can't go into corners.

  39. quain says:


  40. Black Dog says:

    Well Jesus, why do you think he wasn't called up?

    Everyone says Liam Reddox is a terrible hockey player and yet last year in the AHL Reddox outperformed Schremp by every measure while playing tougher opposition.

    So if Reddox is a sack of shit what does that make "Rob Schremp hockey" exactly?

    Schremp had 7 goals last season. Potulny had 38. Reddox had 5 in 55 fewer games.

    While playing tougher competition.

    Plus he plays in his own end of the rink.

    Plus he kills penalties.

    What is it that Charlie Brown used to say?

    I just can't stand it!

  41. Black Dog says:

    Oh hey LT, how's Diane doing? Hope I didn't wear her out the other night.

  42. Lowetide says:

    No, actually. She's never expressed disappointment when I'm with her, frankly I don't know what that would look like.

    You'll have to tell me sometime.

  43. Black Dog says:


  44. Black Dog says:

    You're no Rob Schremp though. He'd be sleeping with everyone in LA if he could only get away from this stupid hockey and get himself on a plane.

    The injustice. It makes my insides hurt.

    I can't believe I'm raising my kids in a world where ROb Schremp isn't fully appreciated. I can barely look them in the eye.

  45. Lowetide says:

    Exactly. Where IS Oskar Schindler Jr?

  46. Black Dog says:

    They don't make men like that anymore, sadly.

    Except for Rob Schremp of course.

    What really makes me sad, besides the injustice that he has suffered, is the fact that John Wayne is no longer alive to play him when they make the movie about his life.

  47. Lowetide says:

    And Walter Brennan could have played Row-bear.

  48. Black Dog says:

    And Edward G. Robinson as MacT or The Man Who Stood In His Way.

    Plus Lauren Bacall. Just because.

  49. Lowetide says:

    Oh yes, by all means Lauren Bacall. I can see the scene now:

    Bacall: "You know how to skate, don't you? You just spread your legs a little and blow."

    Schremp: "Yeah, but how wide? This wide, or THIS wide?"

    End scene.

  50. Darren says:

    I realize noone has posted here for awhile, but I wanted to throw my 2 cents on the Schremp thing. I remember going to Sarnia like 3 years ago to watch him play a game. I was super excited to see this 'wunderkid' I had heard so much about that the Oil had drafted. The Knights ended up winnig the game 7-4, Robbie had 2 goals, and 3 assists. All on the powerplay. He had a great shot, and was a great passer from the point on that powerplay, very impressive. But I also remember saying to my future wife that he looked so damn lazy if the puck was not near him. And I do not call myself a hockey guy at all, I just enjoy watching the game, but it was painfully obvious to me (helped that I was watching his every move I suppose…)
    So when I hear all this stuff about additude and laziness, from the one very limited game I saw, it makes sense. When people talk about him being only a powerplay specialist, it makes sense.
    A shame this isn't american football and we can have a special rostor spot for our Kicker, or our Schremps…

  51. raventalon40 says:

    Mind you if the Oilers could unload both Staios and Penner, they could fit a few useful UFAs onto this team.

  52. flamingpavelbure says:

    I think i found your man Black Dog:

    Daniel Briere: Had his first chance with a complete season at 23, and unloaded 60 points. Then the next year, waivered, and grabbed by the Sabres, we all know what happened after.

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