Panthers at Oilers, PS G3/09-10

The Oilers and the rabid fanbase gets a chance to see the brand new goalie tonight. Former Winnipeg Jet Nikolai Khabibulin will be in goal tonight (or at least that’s the plan) and there’s also news Lubomir Visnovsky will play sometime this weekend. The Oilers have been spending to the cap for awhile now but lots of their good players are hurt so bloody often that we don’t see them on the ice together often.

The Oilers are spending a stunning amount of money on D & G and if they’re to make the second season these highly paid men need to stand and deliver.

The lineups (courtesy hfboards and poster “Rin”) are:

  • Jacques(22)-Horcoff(10)-Schremp(88)
  • O’Sullivan(19)-Comrie(91)-Stone(32)
  • Linglet(36)-Brule(67)-Lazo (90)
  • Brennan(26)-O’Marra(42)-Stortini (46)
  • O’Marra(42)-Stortini(46)
  • Chorney(41)-Gilbert(77)
  • Strudwick(43)-Plante(48)
  • Arsene(8)-Staios(24)
  • Khabibulin(35)Dubnyk(40)

A few notes on this:

  • Schremp gets another night in a feature role
  • Jacques does too, he mentioned he was healthy and he looks good
  • Stone also gets another feature shot, meaning he must be in the mix
  • The 3line features Linglet and Lazo, two players we don’t know
  • The 4line features Brennan and O”Marra along with Stortini. Interesting group
  • Chorney, Plante and Arsene are getting second looks and we should probably look at that list (along with the injured Peckham) as a possible callup group.

If we know (and we kind of do) that the Oilers will cut down on Monday then it’s probably a good guess that the AHLers on the 3 and 4 line are getting their shot before heading down and that Jacques, Schremp and Stone will be around awhile next week. Among the blue, I’d guess all of Arsene, Chorney and Plante are sent out on Monday.

NOTE: Pat Quinn’s comments on the Oilers site are really good from last night. He mentioned being impressed with Motin and Plante. He also says “I don’t know who our top 6 is yet” and talks at length about playing a “complete game”. It’s worth viewing and sounds very similar to what MacT had been saying since 2006 summer.

He mentions that they’re going to look at Eberle at least 2 more games (maybe) and that he’s doing some good things. Deja Vu all over again?

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