"Some Guys Are Separating Themselves"

I suggest hanging around the Oilers website at least once a day for the next 7 days. Pat Quinn is leaving some “copper and blue clues” all over the place and really gave us some good information today.

I’m not certain what he means with regard to “veterans” but whoever they are they’re in a bit of trouble. He could be talking about Fernando Pisani and Ethan Moreau, but he could also be talking about Marc Pouliot and Robert Nilsson.

When he uses the word “veterans” I’d really like to know specifically the group he is identifying. It’s important.

Quinn said today that “some guys are separating themselves” and we can probably make a list of forwards who are doing just that (O’Sullivan, Comrie, Stone, Horcoff) in a good way. We can also make a list of men who are not impressing by estimates from certain quarters (Pouliot, Nilsson, Hemsky, Moreau).

The key comes in the dividing line between “tolerable slow starts” and the point at which it is an issue. We’ll find out this week, but it looks to me like the names Marc Pouliot, Robert Nilsson and Fernando Pisani (apparently he tweaked a groin today) are about to test the exact meaning of the word “tolerable” with Pat Quinn and the coaching staff.

The money quote from the head coach today was this one:

  • “We have contract issues, a lot of things come into play when it comes to decision time and obviously I think there will be a point as we thin down that the veterans will have to be confronted with their performance. Some of them are way off.”

I would give money to know the names of the veterans in the “way off” category and am more convinced than ever that some of those waiver eligible forwards are about to find out if another NHL team wants them.

The next logical question becomes: are there any waiver-wire forwards in other towns who can address need in Edmonton?

Curiouser and curiouser.

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