Some Sing, Some Dance

This is Michel Pagliaro. “Pags.” He was all over English radio 35 years ago with songs like “Some Sing, Some Dance” and “What the Hell I Got.” Although not well remembered today, most of my generation would flash a familiar smile if they heard the chorus of any number of Michel Pagliaro’s hit songs.

The Edmonton Oilers have told us that the cutdown day for 2009-10 will be tonight or tomorrow. There are no tough decisions in goal or along the blueline, but the forward group is still a muddled mess as I type this during the postgame of Sunday night’s broadcast. We can guess about the bubble names but here are the names still in play up front with the “for-sure’s” in bold:

  1. Ales Hemsky
  2. Shawn Horcoff
  3. Dustin Penner
  4. Patrick O’Sullivan
  5. Mike Comrie
  6. Sam Gagner
  7. Andrew Cogliano
  8. Ethan Moreau
  9. Fernando Pisani
  10. Zack Stortini
  11. JF Jacques
  12. Gilbert Brule
  13. Ryan Stone
  14. Steve MacIntyre
  15. Marc Pouliot (IR possible)
  16. Robert Nilsson
  17. Rob Schremp-x
  18. Liam Reddox
  19. Kip Brennan-x
  20. Jordan Eberle-x

If my bold (top 12) is correct and the Oilers don’t find a home for Robert Nilsson the club could IR someone like Fernando Pisani for a week until a deal can be made. We should also see Rob Schremp on waivers and find out if he clears in the next couple of days. There’s a chance the Oilers will claim or trade for a right-handed veteran center in the next few days.

When we started this process I felt the Oilers would end up sending out some of the smaller men. It looks like Robert Nilsson, Rob Schremp and Liam Reddox are going to be sent away to Springfield or another NHL city. Some of that surely has to be a surprise based on what we knew at the beginning of training camp.

Finally, Marc Pouliot. Even if they place him on the IR it’s clear that others have passed him on the depth chart. You need luck and timing, but also effort and a skill set that is unique enough to have terrific value. Marc Pouliot might not make the grade and for me that’s the biggest surprise.

Some Sing, Some Dance and some don’t do enough of either to make their way above the event horizon.


Five cuts tonight (Sunday): Jordan Eberle, Kip Brennan, Rob Schremp among the forwards listed above, along with goalie Devan Dubnyk and defender Taylor Chorney. Theo Peckham has been placed on injured reserve. Rob Schremp’s agent should be calling Long Island right now.

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113 Responses to "Some Sing, Some Dance"

  1. Black Dog says:

    Great stuff LT.

    I, like you, agree that Pisani is on the club. Other than Matheson nobody else has really hinted at it and even Quinn said last week that Fernando needn't lose sleep.

    I think Stone makes it.

    I think Pouliot starts on IR and that Reddox is the fourteenth man. Nilsson gets moved, the knuckle draggers get sent down and that is that.

  2. PunjabiOil says:

    It would be disappointing if they send Nilsson, given his showing thus far in the pre-season. It would be giving up on him far, far too early.

    Nilsson or Stone. One of them will have to go, as keeping Pouliot will run the Oilers ~$160,000 over the cap.

    What would be prudent is to send Strudwick down. There is little risk anyone would claim him, even on re-entry waivers.

    In other news:

    There's been some buzz that Brick Group founder Bill Comrie may step up to the plate, now that his son Mike is an Oiler again. But so far, that's just loose talk.

  3. eidy says:

    i hope it is not s-mac(k) that they keep up. reddox brings more to the team in terms of solid play if they are running 4 lines. if not we can enjoy him in games in st.louis

  4. flamingpavelbure says:


    Aparently keeping up a PPG and being +2 while getting in great shape isnt enough.

    If Robert goes down, i would say the dice were rolled even before the TC began.

  5. Lowetide says:

    fpv: The day they signed Comrie it meant that Nilsson was in trouble and Schremp was DOA.

  6. flamingpavelbure says:


    Dead or Alive?
    Doom of Astronaut?
    Destruction of America?

  7. Deans says:

    Dead on Arrival

    The Shremp saga is finally over. I really feel that Nilsson could be this years Wellwood. He will make a splash for 10-20 games and then dissapear. I think he will be shipped out soon.

  8. flamingpavelbure says:

    If Macintyre is the reason for Nilsson not staying… it's ludacris.

    Macintyre is probably the worst NHL'er to ever skate.

    Look at his damn stats! He didn't even put up more than 4 points in the Juniors!

  9. Hugh says:

    "pouliot has that pubis….."

  10. Lowetide says:

    MacIntyre can't play, and that may mean he's not going to make the team. But his defined role makes MacIntyre a more likely roster player.

  11. flamingpavelbure says:

    What the Hell is Zorg for then?

    You don't need 2 tough guy!

    You don't even need 1 90% of the time!

  12. Lowetide says:

    Pubis? Is it, um, well, a problem?

  13. Black Dog says:

    I hope he didn't have the pubis I once had.

    LT – how do you like Quinn's pressers? I liked MacT's but the old guy isn't a step down.

    So, sounds like they want to suss out if Pisani and Moreau will go on IR as well before they make their final decisions.

  14. Lowetide says:

    BDHS: I love Quinn's pressers. He has references I have to look up.

  15. Black Dog says:

    BTW is there a mute button on this interwebby? I keep getting all of this static from just east of here.

  16. Black Dog says:

    The Dman looked like Barbara Ann Scott.

    Good stuff.

    Its been a good camp. I think we're going to have a lot of 5-4 last shot wins type games. Fun to watch.

    I guess.

  17. Lowetide says:

    "With Rob, it's a matter of numbers." Too many guys with the same skil set.

  18. LaBellePoque says:

    honestly, Quinn saying "he has pubis or whatever" is about 10x as awesome as anything MacTavish ever said.

  19. Bling says:

    Quinn said during the presser that Stone made the team along with Jacques.

    Pisani's back troubles have been going for "3, 4, 5 days" according to Quinn, so he's a solid candidate for the IR.

    Pouliot is my candidate for getting shipped out. He got flat out passed by Brule, Stone, and Jacques. Can't see management being too pleased about his camp this year. Or last year, or the year before…

  20. bookie says:

    Quinn said Nilsson looks bad away from the puck and has given the puck away more often than he has done nice stuff with it (a couple of days ago).

  21. eidy says:

    do you think hfboards will crash with the shremp announcement?

  22. bookie says:

    As I just said on your other Post…

    The more I see of Grampa Simpson's Pressers, the more I am starting to really like the guy.

  23. bookie says:

    Barbara Ann Scott, was the 1948 Figure Skating Olympic Champion.

    How old is this guy?

  24. Lowetide says:

    I bet you money Quinn wouldn't know where the pubis was if it bit him in the ass, but he's a beauty press conference.

    eidy: I actually feel bad for Bryan. The reasons we cheer for specific players are many but it's disappointing when they don't make it. I cheered for Tim Raines' kid for crying out loud.

  25. Lowetide says:

    Schremp: "I want to play in the NHL and if that doesn't happen here I'll take my chances anywhere."

    Good for him, hope it happens.

  26. Ender says:

    Just throwing it out there, but I think "pubis whatever" is a sports hernia.

  27. Gerta Rauss says:

    BTW is there a mute button on this interwebby? I keep getting all of this static from just east of here.

    I thank god my mouse has a scroll wheel.

  28. Jonathan Willis says:

    LT, you've got MacIntyre way too high. Quinn has said repeatedly – both before and during camp – that he has no use for guys who can't skate a regular shift.

    MacIntyre can't skate a regular shift.

  29. eidy says:

    definitely, that is what being a fan is all about. sometimes though you fall in love with the shiny exterior and find out that its built on coffee beans for an engine.

    truth is, what shremp does well he does very well, he just doesn't do enough well in my opinion. hopefully we see a more complete game from our other youtube sensation playing in the KHL

  30. Lowetide says:

    Jonathan: Well, he's still here. We'll see.

  31. eidy says:

    btw, the pubis symphysis is the area they are likely describing is the front part of the pelvis where there is a ligament joining the two hip bones together and like anywhere can get inflamed. of course the pubis whatever could refer to anything including a sports hernia. like saying the lower body in playoffs or something

  32. Jonathan Willis says:

    LT: True enough.

    But I think Quinn's been pretty clear.

  33. Ribs says:

    I'm just remembering the Pubic bone injury Tjarnqvist had…that was a killer.

    I think I might be the only one in the world that doesn't mind MacIntyre's game. He's barely on the ice and when he is he's a wrecking ball aiming for it's nearest target. He never touches the puck so he rarely does anything dumb with it. I think you can shelter a guy like that and have him obliterate people at random.

    Schremp, the poor bum. Are we taking bets on the waivers situation? I think he clears.

  34. Lowetide says:

    Jonathan: I'd be thrilled if they sent him down.

  35. Bling says:

    SMac is being spared right now because of the uncertain status of Moreau, Pisani, and Pouliot.

    No sense in cutting him, IRing the aforementioned three, and then starting the season with less than a full 23 man roster.

    I think we can also pencil in one of Pouliot or Reddox, as it makes sense to have a C/LW/RW as a 13th forward.

  36. Bling says:

    Quinn said Nilsson looks bad away from the puck and has given the puck away more often than he has done nice stuff with it (a couple of days ago).


    If he did say that, Nilsson's as good as cut.

  37. bookie says:


    But I think Quinn's been pretty clear.

    My Take – Quinn wants him gone, but Lowe and Tambi remember life before Smac with the forwards getting pushed around, etc.

    The solution. Play for 2-3 weeks without him and if things feel good with him not in the game, then let him go. If all of the sudden, Vancouver, Calgary, Minni and San Jose are using guys like Comrie as target practice, then Smac stays.

    This takes up a roster spot, but I think the fear that Tambi and Lowe have makes them willing.

  38. Doogie2K says:

    I love Quinn's pressers. He has references I have to look up.

    I figured you'd be in love once he mentioned his former teammate, Dave Keon.

    No surprises in any of tonight's cuts. I didn't see the game — Hitmen home opener, followed by three hours of waiting for some twat with a truck to show up with boxes so my mom could come home from the Roundup Centre (sorry, BMO Centre — WTF?), but we've known the D and G situations from the word go, and none of the three forwards cut seemed like real threats to make the big club. For the healthy 14-man group, I'd think Stone will be one of the spares, but the other's a bit of a question. MacIntyre's probably out, and so is Nilsson, based on coach's comments combined with salary. IR Poolio and keep Red Ox?

  39. Racki says:

    My bets are Nilsson, Reddox and Pouliot (once off the IR, assuming he goes on there) are the final cuts. The Oilers will be really tight to the cap if they keep Nilsson around. I've always been impressed with Reddox's work ethic, but his pre-season display was less than impressive. And well, what does Pouliot bring that Brule can't? Nada. I'm not a big fan of Brule at this point yet (although nice fight tonight, even though I give him the loss there), but I'd take him over Pouliot any day. Would like to see him develop in Springfield some more, but he won't make it that far if we try to send him down.

  40. dstaples says:

    With what Quinn said about d-men skating back and hammering it around the boards out of panic, I wonder what he would have thought of the infamous Strudiwck-Staios pairing of last season.

    I find it heartening that we're very unlikely to see that pairing this year.

  41. Gord says:

    I have been saying since the beginning of summer that Smac is the 14th forward.

    Nothing I have seen so far changes that…

  42. Woodguy says:

    And well, what does Pouliot bring that Brule can't?

    1) Good defensive positioning, he was the best defensive forward on the Oilers this pre-season

    2) Size

    3) Durability……oh, hold on….

  43. Peter says:

    If we are shopping Nilsson, I hope we get decent value out of him. We could use a big body who can play now, or maybe a second year AHL guy to make the farm stronger, with a little NHL upside as well. I don't really want a 3rd round pick, as we might just waste it on Cameron Abney.

    I think Pouliot deserves better. I'm happy Brule has made it, but I think Pouliot could still be useful to us. Hopefully he starts the year on IR. Reddox will be a nice call-up in case of injury, and MacIntyre will punish some AHLers this year.

  44. Fake Craig McTavish says:


    Veteran right handed centre?

    The cavalry is NOT coming.

  45. James L. says:

    It is sort of amazing that Pouliot, who had 20 points in 63 NHL games last year, is being eclipsed a dude (Jacques), who's had one lone NHL point over the course of 60 at-bats in the big show. I think it'd be a shame for him to flake away, but I guess choices aren't easy when you're dealing with this many bubble boys.

  46. Asiaoil says:

    Pouliot for Chipchura? Big homecoming all around and we get a guy who can win a few faceoffs and actually wants to be a bottom 6 center

  47. dwillms says:

    Based on previous seasons yes, but look at their play this preseason:

    Pouliot: 3 GP, 0-0-0
    Jacques: 5 GP, 3-1-4

    But I don't see them fighting for the same spot. It's really Brule & Stone that Pouliot is up against in my mind.

    Next couple days will be interesting, that's for sure!

  48. Yeti says:

    What a cutie! (Pagliaro, not Pouliot).

  49. NBOilerFan says:

    The hard part here is that we don't know what conversations Tambellini has had with teams such as Nashville or what offers might be on the table or discussed.

    I agree with your thought, LT, on them putting both Pisani and Pouliot on IR which allows them to showcase and audition Nilsson for a game or three which buys them some additional time to make a deal for him or see if he can step it up in real game play.

    It then becomes a coin-flip between Reddox and MacIntyre, but I suspect BigMac stays. My good, I just had a vision of MacIntyre being waived and claimed by Calgary and seeing BigMac thrashing Stortini while Regehr runs Hemsky and Phaneuf runs Gagner in the season opener.

    I’d like to see the following 14;
    1 – Hemsky
    2 – Horcoff
    3 – Penner
    4 – O’Sullivan
    5 – Comrie
    6 – Gagner
    7 – Cogliano
    8 – Moreau
    9 – Pisani
    10 – Stortini
    11 – Jacques
    12 – Stone
    13 – Brule
    14 – Pouliot

    With Nilsson, Reddox, MacIntyre dealt or waived. I like SMac on this team, but I think the presence of Jacques, Stortini, Moreau, Souray, Strudwick and Smid make up for the toughness lost.

  50. Rod says:

    Maybe I'm missing something, but the IR counts against the cap. Even Long Term IR counts (it just gives a team an exception to exceed the cap by the LTIR player's amount, and only as long as the LTIR player(s) are unable to play).

    Point is, with Pisani and Pouliot potentially on the IR to start, it's clear that Nilsson is gone. Nothing really earth shattering in that statement as there's already indicators in that direction anyway. Just bringing up the IR / cap relationship as it hasn't really entered the discussion thus far.

  51. NBOilerFan says:

    And what a pleasent surprise this has been, Mike Comrie leading the preseason in points;

    Comrie, Mike, 5 3 7 10

  52. NBOilerFan says:

    Rod said…
    Maybe I'm missing something, but the IR counts against the cap. Even Long Term IR counts (it just gives a team an exception to exceed the cap by the LTIR player's amount, and only as long as the LTIR player(s) are unable to play).

    Whoops, count me as one of the guilty as charged, for some reason I thought that was not the case.

    Well, if Stone is on as Quinn has eluded to, then I have to believe we've seen the last of Nilsson. Hmmmm.

  53. kris says:

    I hope Stone and Brule have magically turned a corner, because they damn sure weren't NHL ready last year.

    Brule was -12 with only 24 points in 39 games. You can give excuses about a crap team, nagging injuries, etc., but things only get tougher at the NHL level. Moreover, I guarantee you Pouliot would've destroyed those numbers if he were in the AHL.

    Stone was better last year, but pretty pedestrian. And we all saw that the guy can't skate.

    Say what you want about Pouliot. He can play against NHL'ers without getting killed. He's okay at faceoffs. Great passer, too.

    BTW, Jacques is a different story than Brule and Stone. He's shown he can destroy AHL comp., and although he couldn't get a point to save his life his first time in the NHL, he had a decent GAON/60 against reasonably difficult competition. That is, with Jacques there's some reason for optimism, though it's by no means certain.

  54. NBOilerFan says:

    OT – According to, the Bruins have signed Guillaume Lefebvre to a 1 yr, $500,000 deal.

  55. doritogrande says:

    I'll admit I'm no good at researching advanced stats like Qualcomp or faceoff percentages, so can someone provide statistics on John Mitchell?

    Seems to me he'd be a good bottom-6er with size. Toronto's likely still looking for offensive help and I think a swap of Nilsson for Mitchell would be good for both teams.

  56. NBOilerFan says:

    For what its worth, Dustin Nielson of TheTeam1260 who broke the rumour of the Oilers and Preds trade talking last Thursday, also stated at that time;

    "From what I'm hearing…Oilers possibly looking at tape on Hamhuis and Tootoo…Predators Pisani? Nilsson?"

  57. Dennis says:

    I saw Lefevbre the other night in a clip scrapping with Cuntreal's Stewart.

    So, yeah, that guy's got a new home.

    I am not optimistic about the year but it's a neat start to see 22 getting a nice little push and a lot of buzz and his comment about blacking out when he made the PP pass to 10 gave me a new nice little smile.

    As for the rest? This is what your god Kevin Lowe has brought you!!!


  58. Woodguy says:

    As for the rest? This is what your god Kevin Lowe has brought you!!!

    The only time I use the words "God" and "Lowe" in the same sentence, when I say something like: "Look at the freaking cap problems that Goddam Lowe has this team in"

  59. bookie says:

    Hey Guys, I went back and grabbed one of my predictions from April 09. Here it is.

    "I suspect that JFJ is going to have a breakout preseason under the new coach, who will probably be Pat Quinn (with Tom Renney as an Associate Coach), and that he will find himself on the first line in Penner's position. Penner won't be too concerned because he will likley be lining up with Mike Comrie – yep, that Mike Comrie. Comrie has no where to sign and his dad and Katz are friend, so the writing is pretty much on the wall there. Lastly, I predict that LT will be complaining about the lack of balance on this team come the start of the season."

    Pretty impressive hey!

    For a summer that not much happened in, there are sure some big surpises.

  60. NBOilerFan says:

    I am still quite surprised that Dominic Moore has not yet been signed.

    Was also surprised that he didn't get a tryout anywhere, which I am assuming is due to turning down offers received and awaiting the injury bug to hit some teams for them and the higher dollars to reapprear, no?

  61. quain says:

    so can someone provide statistics on John Mitchell?

    Min GP of 20, min TOI of 10. Nine qualifying forwards.

    Mitchell ranks worst on Toronto in QualComp, QualTeam, EVP/60, and GFON/60. Second worst in Corsi. Fourth worst in GAON/60. He was sheltered on the draw, taking 28 more offensive than defensive draws.

  62. quain says:

    Actually, my apologies, Toronto had 119 more offensive than defensive draws, so 28 is probably closer than average than sheltered. Still, not a ton of arrows that scream hidden gem.

  63. Yeti says:

    From Gregor at ON:

    That leaves Steve MacIntyre, Liam Reddox, Nilsson, Pisani, and Pouliot to battle for the final two spots. Steve Tambellini will be working the phones in the next 48 hours to try to get something for one, or possibly two of these four players. If he finds a taker, he’ll jump at it. The Oilers love Reddox’s versatility and his compete level, and while he is a long shot, if they can get a deal for Pouliot, Nilsson or Pisani they’d keep Reddox. Some in the organization think he is a cheaper version of Pisani.

    Ouch. Sure, Reddox may be a cheaper version of Pisani. He's also a far worse version of Pisani, at least for the next three years.

  64. NBOilerFan says:

    OT – but can anyone give me the skinny on Peter Schaefer? and what happened with him while in Boston?

    I always thought it was a decent player in Ottawa from what little i seen of him. He's a plus 63 player as an NHLer.

    Was it simply a case of a player with zero effort? I guess a similar ilk to someone like Zherdev, no?

  65. spOILer says:

    From Tychkowski:

    As much as Quinn would like to believe his eyes and not his ears, his hands might be tied.

    "The selection does involve management, they have the last call all the time," he said, admitting "there's not a solid agreement on the 14 forwards."

    …Does this not sound similar to the relationship between the present regime and the past Head Coach?

    I wish Tamblowe would stop shillyshallying around and bring this team some semblance of balance for the first time since Deadline Day 2006.

    Three friggin years of riding a tricycle that's missing a wheel only looks good if you're wearing a clown costume. And we definitely are.

    Hopefully now that we have MacT's opinion on the weaknesses inherent in the roster personnel confirmed by Quinn, this will elicit some movement from our Sloth Speed Management Team… finally. Or will management choose to disagree with the coach yet again?

  66. spOILer says:

    Pagliaro, huh? I suppose I should be glad it wasn't Rene Simard.

  67. Black Dog says:

    NBO – I think he ended up getting squeezed by a few things

    He was a pretty good tough minutes guy and he'd chip in 15 a year with Ottawa I believe and got a decent contract for it but the offence wasn't there with Boston and they just shipped him to the minors and ate the contract.

    Frigging Reddox, you know if it weren't for MacT he wouldn't be in camp even.

    Oh wait …

  68. Black Dog says:

    Ideally they'd keep Reddox and Pisani I think. I get the impression Quinn likes Liam and rumour is that the Blues like him so he might not get through waivers.

    What would happen if Schremp passed through waivers but Reddox got claimed.

    I can hear heads exploding everywhere.

    SpOILer – I wonder if that reference is to MacIntyre, Quinn has said he has no use for that type of player.

  69. NBOilerFan says:

    @Black Dog – Thanks, I thought it was something like that. Seems funny that he is also not yet signed, could end up being another Comrie type for a team willing to take a chance and offer a low contract, no? Perhaps he outplays it and chips in to actually help a team win games as a 3rd or 4th liner winger?

    Could be another potential

  70. Black Dog says:

    NB – I'm not sure where he is now, I read a very funny and scathing take on his time in the minors somewhere last year, I believe it was. I think it was 'A Day in the Life' or some such thing.

    Anyways I don't know if he's in the minors still or in Europe or just retired.

  71. Rod says:

    So some in the Oiler organization see Reddox as a cheaper version of Pisani? That's like saying Strudwick is a cheaper version of Staios. How a blindingly obvious statement like that equates to trading Pisani is beyond me. Guess is makes sense to Gregor. Oh wait…we're talking Oiler mgmt., so he could be right. Still, if anyone in the org. thinks Reddox is good enough reason to trade Pisani, that "group" likely includes a guy named Kelly and another named Buchberger.

    Trading Pisani away to free up some cap space has some appeal (given Pisani's contract). However, if the main goal is to free up cap space, they should be looking at captainGlass or Staios before jettisoning Pisani.

    If Pouliot and Pisani start out on the IR, there's enough roster and cap room for Stone, Reddox, and MacIntyre. Not enough cap room for Nilsson, and given the duplication of his skill set (not to mention his inconsistency), I think Nilsson is gone. Not Pisani.

  72. NBOilerFan says:

    Blackdog – Not sure either, just know that he was bought out by the Bruins earlier this summer. Assumed he is just sitting home while his agent calls around to teams. Maybe he went to europe? Not sure. I just remembered him as a player with some decent tools and curious if that is how his story ends, or if another chapter gets written.

  73. NBOilerFan says:

    Why don't we do what Philly just did to Randy Jones? Why don't we waive Staios?

    Would this be so wrong or bad? Is it because we owe more to Staios than that? Does it seem right to put personal decision ahead of business here? Or is Katz not willing to shell out the money?

    Or is the thought process that this just further hurts the Oilers reputation? I would think that a move like this that could help the club improve its on ice product would do more to help the reputation of the club, not hinder it.

    I like Staios a lot and recognize what he has contributed to this club (he is also my wife's fav player), but we would have his $2.7mil off the cap (for next 2 years) and could either sign one of the remaining UFA d-men for a 1 year at under half of this cap hit, or even try to run with Chorney/Peckham.

    Does this not seem like a good business decision, taking away the personal side of things? Does Staios contribute enough to warrant taking his cap hit for the next 2 years?

    It would free up some valuable cap space, along with a Nilsson being dealt/waived to try to sign another decent centerman/pk’er. Just like Philly appears to be doing by reportedly signing Betts. Doesn’t that make us a better club and isn’t that what this is all about?

  74. dubya says:

    Why don't we do what Philly just did to Randy Jones? Why don't we waive Staios?

    Well, according to Gregor (I think), Staois will likely start the year paired with Souray.


    Apparently Quinn plans to roll 6D and 4 Lines.

    So, yeah, I don't think he's getting waived.

  75. bookie says:

    I wonder if that reference is to MacIntyre, Quinn has said he has no use for that type of player.

    I think that is probably one of the key differences of opinion. Management remembers what life was like with a deterent and if there are injuries, we can keep him in the back room in case we get the crap kicked out of us by Calgary in game 1 (and then we can bring him out later). Once you let him go, you lose that option.

  76. spOILer says:

    I'd think with the plethora of forwards, Moreau would get waived long before Staios, and I'd have to agree with that choice if it did come to that.


    As BDHS is wont to point out, the Oil could match their previous record for futility this year — 4 straight seasons without playoff hockey.

    It's been so long that the Oiler are actually trying for a playoff "birth" this year.


    C'mon people… am I the only one old enough to remember the Rene Simard show?

    Remember? Guest appearances by Mick Jagger and The Bay City Rollers, among many many famous others? Bigger than Rick Mercer in his day? A Tommy Hunter for the rock and roll kids?

    No, huh. I think I may have to find a quiet corner of the office and cry (if anyone finds me I'll just tell them it's the onion belt bringing tears to my eyes)

  77. Bruce says:

    Ideally they'd keep Reddox and Pisani I think. I get the impression Quinn likes Liam and rumour is that the Blues like him so he might not get through waivers.

    Everybody likes Liam. 'cept 'round here I guess.

    So some in the Oiler organization see Reddox as a cheaper version of Pisani?

    An imperfect comparison. Liam's certainly a younger version of Pisani, in fact he's younger than Pisani ever was in an NHL sense. Around the All-Star break of the 2011-12 season, Reddox will be the same age Pisani was when Fernando played his first NHL game. So to say he's way ahead of the curve would be an understatement. Would be a shame to give up on a guy like that now, after stealing him in the draft and developing him to this point.

    Still, if anyone in the org. thinks Reddox is good enough reason to trade Pisani, that "group" likely includes a guy named Kelly and another named Buchberger.

    Maybe I'm reading that wrong, Rod, but it comes across as a cheap shot at Buchberger. Whazzup with that? Is it because he represents the OBC? How about giving the guy the benefit of the doubt? As a severely undertalented player — he was about as good as Glen Sather — Bucky willed himself into the NHL where he won 2 Stanley Cups and captained 2 teams. He has undergone a similarly steep learning curve as a coach, going from AHL asst. to development coach to AHL head coach to NHL asst. His one year "on the record" in the AHL was Springfield's only .500 season this millennium, and saw the development of guys like Reddox not to mention Rob Schremp's only good year as a pro. He's still just 43, no doubt has lots to learn, and no doubt will learn lots from the likes of Quinn, Renney and Fleming. Yet it's fashionable in these parts to dump on the guy for no apparent reason.

    My strong guess is that Bucky "likes" both Reddox and Pisani and wouldn't be keen to see the last of either of them.

  78. Black Dog says:

    I'm so old I remember the Bay City Rollers show. I know who Rene Simard is but I don't remember his show.

    NB – well if they bought him out he's a FA but maybe he has no interest in signing a deal that might land him back in the minors, maybe he's done

  79. flamingpavelbure says:

    Three friggin years of riding a tricycle that's missing a wheel only looks good if you're wearing a clown costume. And we definitely are.

    That made me lol.

    But seriously… what the fuck is it with Macintyre? That guy is duplicated all around the NHL! Why do you even bother being scared of maybe loosing him?

    There is like 1094020 Macintyres in the minors waiting for a job like this.

    And a bunch of them can actually skate.

  80. Jonathan Willis says:

    Management remembers what life was like with a deterent and if there are injuries, we can keep him in the back room in case we get the crap kicked out of us by Calgary in game 1 (and then we can bring him out later). Once you let him go, you lose that option.

    I would wager serious money that the Oilers lost as many man-games with MacIntyre as they did without him (on average).

    Especially including the 20-or so that MacIntyre missed after Eric Godard broke his orbital bone.

  81. Jonathan Willis says:

    Speaking of which, if MacIntyre does go, this team can always bring up Kip Brennan, or Riley Emmerson, or Matt Nickerson, or Bobby Davey, or Jordan Bendfeld.

    That's without looking at the laundry list of a dime-a-dozen bruisers available from other teams.

  82. flamingpavelbure says:

    I like how Moreau, Smac, and Zorg are still looking like locks, while they had a terrible TC in the first case, and average at best for the 2 others.

    Boy, sending out Nilsson to bet on a guy who got 1 NHL point in 65 games.

    Buckle your seatbelts, cause this is a recipe for a bomb.

  83. Rod says:

    To be clear, I think Reddox has his place on the team…it's just not at the expense of Pisani. As a 13th or 14th forward, or 4th line and penalty kill suit 85 just fine. The way the lines are shaping up, it looks like Pisani could slot beside Gagner and Cogliano. I don't see Reddox as a fit there (to borrow a word from Lowetide, too minute to form an effective line).

    Nor do I think Reddox should be on the team in place of Pouliot. 78 is versatile as well. More versatile than Reddox in my book (can take a face off, wouldn't be out of place with Gagner and Cogliano, bigger than 85, etc.).

    With both of them on the IR, there's definitely room for 85 in the lineup (and roster room for SMac).

    As for the cheap shot, it was mostly directed at Gregor. Gregor took a huge leap, and speculated that Pisani is about to be traded simply because the organization loves Reddox work ethic and that some view Reddox as a cheaper Pisani. Um, yeah, and a less effective, less complete, smaller player. Great.

    My shot was also directed a bit at Buchberger, though it wasn't about Bucky's playing career, determination, or anything like that. "Do the move" brings back memories. :-) The shot came from the combination of a couple/few things:
    - his coaching path has been severely fast tracked (one year head coach, and boom, he's an NHL assistant…and then somehow he's the only one retained when the coaching staff is cleaned out…something there doesn't smell right).
    - it's not exactly a secret that Buchberger is a huge Reddox booster
    - Gregor's quotes about the organization viewing Reddox as a cheaper version of Pisani

    Maybe it was too obvious a shot to take, but I cannot see Reddox as a replacement for Pisani. Yes, Reddox was in the NHL at a younger age than Fernando. That doesn't change the fact Reddox doesn't have the size Pisani does. On a team that's trying to get grit and be more difficult to play against, I have a difficult time with a checker being yet another on the undersized side of the ledger.

    So again, it was mostly directed at Gregor. He took 1 and 1 and somehow came up with -34. The organization beyond Bucky may well believe Reddox is a cheaper Pisani. That does not mean Reddox can take his place anytime soon, or that Pisani is on the trading block. That's a Gregor invention. Brownlee has been around the team as much as Gregor, and he has Pisani as a lock. In my opinion, Gregor took a ludicrous, illogical leap suggesting otherwise.

  84. Rod says:

    My guess is that MacIntyre starts the year in the PB, which gives coaches/mgmt a chance to gauge the toughness balance of the team. Also gives valuable time to see whether the new make up of the team actually translates to wins. Most against MacIntyre's inclusion on the roster point to his inability to play. Well, a 4th liner doesn't necessarily play much (particularly if his linemates serve on the PK), and most games would see 33 in the press box anyway. Now, that's not to say I think he should be on the roster ahead of Pouliot. Just saying that with 34 and 78 likely headed to IR, mgmt/coaches get a longer look at how MacIntyre fits. Maybe they'll get to a consensus. Or not. :-)

  85. Rod says:

    Nilsson won't fit under the cap. Period. Or do you have another player move in mind?

  86. Ribs says:

    Tick Tock, Robbie.

  87. FlamingPavelBure says:

    Rod: Ethan Moreau.

    Huge contract, bad captain, stupid penalties.

    Can be replaced by Stone easily.

  88. Jonathan Willis says:


    Even with Nilsson, the Oilers are under the salary cap.

  89. Bruce says:

    So again, it was mostly directed at Gregor. He took 1 and 1 and somehow came up with -34.

    Thanks Rod. I pretty much agree with all of that, 'cept the part about Bucky being fast tracked. After winding up his 18-year professional career, he started coaching as an assistant with the Edmonton Road Runners, who weren't exactly last week. He has been climbing the ranks for five long years since, as detailed in my prior defence.

    Of course he's a Reddox booster, he boosted Reddox's career quite a lot that one year in SF, and (I would be willing to wager) last year here in Edmonton. Buchberger probably sees a lot of himself in Reddox. Frankly, so do I. Limited tools, unlimited passion for the game (or so it appears from this distance). Coaches tend to love guys like that; as Slats and Muckler and Green once loved Bucky, nowadays Bucky and Quinn and MacT and very probably Andy Murray love what Reddox brings to the table. He's a fairly ideal 14th forward in my view.

    As for Gregor, have at 'im. He never won any Stanley Cups in this town. :)

  90. Jonathan Willis says:

    I don't like Ethan Moreau.

    That said, I think this particular corner of the blogosphere (including a lot of people I really like and respect) would do well to look at:

    a) who he was playing against and
    b) who he was playing with

    last season.

    He's a better player than he gets credit for.

  91. flamingpavelbure says:

    Maybe, but in this case, Nilsson has everything he doesn't.

    and a standout TC.

  92. PDO says:


    He also had insane percentages driving that bus…

  93. Jonathan Willis says:


    It's true, but insane percentages aside, what has been the difference between him and Pisani, these last few years?

    He's doing heavy lifting. He got bloody lucky last year, but he's still doing heavy lifting.

  94. Jonathan Willis says:

    FPB – for the record, my Oilers forwards:


    With the caveat that if I could, I'd trade Nilsson because between the guys currently on the team (Cogliano, Gagner, Comrie) and the guys due to arrive any day (Eberle, MPS, Omark) Nilsson has no long-term future with the team.

    If I managed to trade Nilsson, I'd probably keep Stone.

  95. Rod says:

    Many posters/bloggers are counting on the IR to give a longer look at certain players and/or decisions. Well, the IR counts against the cap. So, with 34 and 78 on the IR, there isn't room for Nilsson under the cap unless the Oilers go with only 12 forwards…which means waiving a few more guys. Arrived at that conclusion from capgeek (and ironically enough, Gregor's post about cap implications).

    From capgeek, Oilers are currently under the cap by a measley $441,667 (including bonuses), and that's without Stone, Reddox, or MacIntyre. Any one of them puts the Oilers over the cap (again, the IR counts).

    OK, LTIR doesn't, but using that space means operating with zero cap space…which drastically limits flexibility later in the season. Also, LTIR means a minimum absence of 10 games and 24 calendar days. Pouliot on LTIR wouldn't give enough space for Nilsson (unless they go with a short roster). Pisani on LTIR would provide enough space, but that means forcing Pisani to sit until Oct.25th (11th game). He'd miss the first 3 against the Flames. And then you'd still have to deal with the cap problem.

    The decision isn't necessarily delayed until the 25th. Any further injuries would require another call up…and the cap would be squeezed again.

    Better deal with it now, IMO. And that means Nilsson is gone, one way or another (I agree with you that he's the best option to move out).

  96. flamingpavelbure says:

    Just tought about that…

    Chip ''it'' Chura


    Robert Nilsson?

  97. Jonathan Willis says:


    IR without LTIR doesn't really exist; it still counts as a roster spot.

    If you add Stone, Reddox and MacIntyre, the team must either:

    a) demote someone else (only 23 roster spots) or
    b) put someone on LTIR (in which case they're allowed to exceed the cap by that amount)

    Given that trio is the lowest paid group out there, that only increases the team's overall cap space.

    As long as the team uses LTIR (and why wouldn't they) they gain, not lose cap room.

    Say Pisani and Pouliot start on LTIR, and Stone and Reddox fill in. That means the first two both miss 10 games, meaning the Oilers are allowed to go over the cap by 405,000 dollars. Stone and Reddox cost 135,919 dollars over that span, so the team has just gained just under 270K in wiggle room.

    That's assuming they don't use any of the bonus cushion (Gagner + Cogliano have 1MM in bonuses), which they very well could do.

  98. Jonathan Willis says:

    And as for cap breathing room, assuming nobody gets injured (not a chance), can't a Nilsson or a Staios be waived at any point?

  99. Rod says:

    @Jonathan said:
    IR without LTIR doesn't really exist; it still counts as a roster spot.

    Wrong. IR does not count as a roster spot. It does count against the cap though…and that's my point.

  100. Rod says:

    Look at capgeek again. Bonus cushion room is how there's $441,667 room as it is. There's not another million in space. If Nilsson is here, it's already used.

  101. Rod says:

    @Jonathan said:
    Say Pisani and Pouliot start on LTIR, and Stone and Reddox fill in. That means the first two both miss 10 games, meaning the Oilers are allowed to go over the cap by 405,000 dollars. Stone and Reddox cost 135,919 dollars over that span, so the team has just gained just under 270K in wiggle room.
    No, that's not how LTIR works. The extra space only kicks in once you've exhausted the cap. In terms of cap sapce, there's nothing to "gain" by putting someone on LTIR. Check the FAQ at capgeek.

  102. Rod says:

    For Jonathan, I'll amend my earlier statement:

    Nilsson won't fit under the cap unless the Oilers are injury free* and require no call-ups. The longer the Oilers go without an injury, the more room they'll gain for call-ups etc. under the cap, so they'll eventually have enough room, even with Nilsson.

    (long-term injury is a complicated exception of course, and it requires going completely to the cap in the first place)

    I'd argue that it would be bad management to stay so close to the cap this early, and that dealing Nilsson now is a better option.

  103. kris says:

    Re The Need For S-Mac:

    Why do we have Strudwick at the 7D position, if we're so in need of a damn goon? Strudwick can't play and he can't fight. He's the double non-threat.

    Indeed, why do we have Strudwick, Macintyre, and Stortini for toughness when we don't have a PK specialist?

    Balance grasshopper, you must learn balance.

    I was actually agreeing with FPB.

    The he went and dropped the biggest mixed mteaphor I ever done saw:

    "Buckle your seatbelts…

    …cause this is a recipe for a bomb."

    Just so people don't get confused, buckling your seatbelt will not save you in the event a bomb explodes near you. Just being clear.

  104. Rod says:

    Oops, I pointed Jonathan to the FAQ at capgeek…turns out the FAQ is at nhlscap

    Here's the relevant point:
    Relief toward the salary cap only comes if replacing an injured player's salary would push the team over the cap, and the amount of relief is limited to the amount the team would go over the cap – not the entire amount of the injured player's salary.

    No extra cap space accrues, contrary to Jonathan's example.

  105. flamingpavelbure says:

    Kris: Hey sorry, but yeah, if a bomb launches your car away, Seatbelt might save you.

    Like we say in Quebec

    Attache ta tuque avec de la broche!

    All that to say, it could either work, or fuck up BIG time.

  106. Ribs says:

    *Buckles seatbelt*

  107. quain says:

    He also had insane percentages driving that bus…

    Insane percentages? His percentages were below team average.

  108. spOILer says:

    Considering it took Lowe nearly a year to recover from pubitis, and Tjarnquist about as long, injury reserve might be Pouliot's whole year.

  109. NBOilerFan says:

    @dubya – ummm…. I didn't ask "if" he was getting waived, I said why don't we, like other teams do, to be more competitive. All Philly does is try to make themselves better, they don't sit around hoping and praying.

    @spOILer – Well, I'm not sure why you would waive Moreau over Nilsson when we already have a plethora of small vanilla forwards with average playmaking ability. I'd prefer keeping Moreau and replacing Nilsson with Reddox at this point.

  110. Boondock says:

    Does anyone else shiver everytime they read the word 'pubitis'?

    Please friends, lower body injury……..

  111. Jonathan Willis says:


    My mistake on LTIR and cap space. Sorry.

  112. flamingpavelbure says:

    NB: Now with Stone and Jacques, you can sure drop Moreau. Don't bitch over too many vanilla playmakers, when you are planning to get too many big guys with low skills.

  113. Bruce says:

    Strudwick can't play and he can't fight.


    Having Strudwick available as a 15th F as well as a 7th D makes MacIntyre and Brennan redundant. I'd rathing hang on to a Nilsson or a Reddox, thank you very much. Struds, Storts, Stone, Staios (OK I carried the alliteration a little too far on that last one, but Steady Steve does know when the time is right), JFJ, Souray … maybe no SMac in there, but at least the committee has a quorum. Chances of at least one of the above being on the ice at a given time are pretty decent. I for one would rather have one Carcillo-type scrap than ten Big Georges-style "by invitation only" tilts.

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