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At one point today I hit the washroom and the topic of conversation was Dustin Penner. We like the guy, with his “wheat based” talk and self-effacing manner. I think we saw a hint today of what is to come: a trim, more business-like #27 who seemed to be involved every shift. Hey, it’s early but there were some spazz moments from others but Penner stayed the course.

I should also mention that Quinn gave the fans a sense of what he’s like during a mid-practice scrum at center where the F-bomb flew and he was heard to say “stupid people repeat mistakes, so let’s not repeat mistakes” (source: Dan Tencer, I thought he said something slightly different).

  • Dustin Penner: What’s that old song about the “Long Tall Texan?” Slim and fit enough to turn Jim Matheson’s head, Penner battled hard in the corners and ripped one shelf to boot. A nice day, have a near-beer.
  • Sam Gagner: He looked good with Penner, I’ll say that. Gagner got caught once or twice (I think it was Kytnar once and O’Marra another time) trying to do a solo coming out of his own end which will certainly get the coaching staff’s attention. Beauty player, looks stronger this season.
  • Jordan Eberle: He looks small, smaller than Nilsson. Was the third wheel on the top line but battled hard along the wall and (as Louise mentioned) his footspeed has improved.
  • Marc Pouliot: Played a good game but didn’t do much offensively until he scored his patented “Leaf penalty-shot” backhand goal in the shootout. Looked just okay on the dot iirc but that line (JFJ-Poo-Stortini) looked good to me.
  • Zack Stortini: Played like he belonged in the NHL today, determined and more than anyone I saw drove to the net with authority (the topic of at least one Quinn monologue on the day). Can he move up the depth chart? Anyone? Anyone aside from Bruce? :-)
  • Gilbert Brule: Made a nice pass to Alex Plante for a sweet goal and certainly looked like he belonged in the big league group today.
  • Robert Nilsson: Had two “Gilbert Perreault” rushes in which he tried to do it all himself, with predictable results. The gentleman in front of me laughed out loud at one sortie into the offensive zone. Nilsson made his way into the zone, went deep, skated back to the blueline and then lost the puck. It was pretty funny, but not effective.
  • Ryan O’Marra: Looked like a different player. Scored a goal, moved his feet everytime he was on the ice and checked hard all through the scrimmage. I don’t know what to say, except maybe he’s healthy for the first time as an Oiler. Big surprise.
  • Colin McDonald: Scored on one penalty shot and looked funny on the other when he lost control of the puck, tripped over the goalie’s stick and landed ass over tea kettle. Plenty of try today but he ended up on the wrong side of three big hits.
  • Slava Trukhno: Much faster this season, and they had him at center which seemed to fit his style better. He showed the usual quick hands but is a more mature player now.
  • Chris Minard: Good hands, he didn’t show a lot today and I don’t really know the difference between this guy and Potulny but he looked fine to me.
  • Philippe Cornet: Man he’s got game. He looked very good out there, made plays happen on a line that didn’t feature NHL players. He won’t make the roster this season but did get noticed.
  • Milan Kytnar: Looked very good today, I don’t know if they should send him back to junior. Not a lot of scoring opportunity, but forechecked well causing at least one turnover (Gagner) and generally became a pain in the ass for the more skilled men.
  • Steve MacIntyre: Big, big man who can’t really show his stuff in this forum unless someone agrees to risk injury during the 2nd day of camp. Looked just okay.
  • Riley Emmerson: Big fellow, looks like he could give MacIntyre a run in the reach department. Strong on the wall, that’s about all I can tell you.
  • Bryan Lerg: Looked small, couldn’t get much done during the few puck possessions he had today. Showed more last fall.
  • Kelly Czuy: Looked faster than I thought he’d be and that’s all I can remember.

Team B blue and G in awhile.

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14 Responses to "TC Comments: Team B Forwards"

  1. speeds says:

    If Trukhno has picked up a step, it bodes well for him, IMO. It has appeared to me, in limited past viewings, that he thinks the game well enough to play in the NHL.

    Could have seen him above average though, given his past results in the AHL don't seem to mesh with what I thought I saw.

  2. Schitzo says:

    Glad you saw the same O'Marra I did, LT. I commented in the Quinn thread that he's my darkhorse right now for 4C

  3. James L. says:

    O'Marra at 4C is a little more than vaguely terrifying. C'mon, was he that good today to wash out the taste of the last, uh, two years?

  4. Schitzo says:

    James – I'd say he did as much today as Pouliot or Brule, and with crappier linemates.

    Well, Cornet is really something, but he had MacIntyre playing RW on his line, for heaven's sake.

  5. RiversQ says:

    Oh, so they all looked good?

    Are you looking for Prendergast's job here, LT?

    On a scale of 9 to 10, how did the Oilers rank today, Kevin?

  6. flamingpavelbure says:

    Nah, don't forget, he bitches Nilsson.

    Wasn't Nilsson like… having a good TC so far? like it's what people said so far, exept for you

  7. Lowetide says:

    RQ: You have a way of making things better. Can I send you money?

  8. RiversQ says:

    Well, of course I'm being a dick but it is funny what happens in Edmonton every September. (and sure enough I did it too, at least when I lived there) The first day of TC tends to wipe the memory banks clean.

    Can the Vaunt be far behind? Or should I have forgotten that too?

  9. Lowetide says:

    RQ: Yeah, I can see that. I can also see zero merit in me looking too deeply into a TC scrimmage and pulling out negatives.

    I did mention that Khabibulin looked rusty, that Hemsky appears to be a little lost on the breakouts and that Souray looked bored.

    After that, it's basically impressions and yes there were lots of positives and maybe there should be a more critical eye on these men reporting to you.

  10. flamingpavelbure says:

    Well, it's not like anyone here's meaning it, it's the internet, and we're talking about training camp, were a good part of the players just scratch theyr asses, because theyr insured of a spot.

  11. B.C.B. says:

    I think Zorg can play more on this Oiler unit. Maybe not 3rd line this season, but at minimum an elevated 4th line role (10 EV minutes instead of 7). Also, maybe a small amount of PK time (say around an average of 30 seconds per game) and a promotion to the 3rd when injuries happen (say around 15 games, tops if we want to make the playoffs).

  12. Oilmaniac says:

    Interesting tho that 'zorg' is giving enough that the question comes up.. can he give more…

    (I for one had been a nay sayer of his for a while, but respect is one of those things that can come with time and perserverance)

  13. Master Lok says:

    Question LT, what position did Trukhno play last year? You said that he looks good playing centre, I'm wondering if he was playing out of position…

  14. Lowetide says:

    Master Lok: He's always been listed as a LW, at least as I recall. Right back to draft day.

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