Trade Watch Day 14 (Or So)

The Edmonton Oilers have too many forwards for two few roster spots and crunch time is coming. The truth is that’s not the real problem. The real problem is that the Oilers have procured more minute (read: mine-yute) men than they can use, and players of that type are often waiver material or available for much less than 100 cents on the dollar.

The Oilers need a veteran right-handed center to form the nucleus of a responsible 2-way line, they need to offload contract dollars before next summer and they need some Fernando Pisani insurance. Pat Quinn has evaluated the roster and based on public comments agrees with those who watched this team a year ago: the holes are real and they are spectacular.

So, if Steve Tambellini really is a better General Manager than Kevin Lowe, wouldn’t now be a good time to prove it?

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  1. flamingpavelbure says:

    Same guys who put Tavares at Left wing, and forgot to mention Bryan Little in theyr report on the Trashers

  2. Ribs says:

    Groin pull,
    Pouliot with the Lower Body

    Quinn also mentioned something about "veteran status" when informing us of the Pisani and "Poolio" injuries.

  3. doritogrande says:

    Same guys who put Tavares at Left wing, and forgot to mention Bryan Little in theyr report on the Trashers

    Truthfully, I believe he should be on the wing. At least for this season. If you look at his placement during the U20's as an example, he certainly wasn't supplanting Cody Hodgson as the 1-line C there. He moved to the left wing and did a good job.

    Given that he's brand new to the NHL, the Islanders would do well to keep the kid gloves on when handling him. They've got other players with more NHL experience to run his spot at C this year. Doug Weight for example would be a great player to take the draws and defensive responsibilities away from Tavares this year. It's been well quoted that the former Oiler has really taken the youngster under his wing and they've developed bonds both on and off the ice. may be on to something there when listing him at LW.

    I have no support for or against this Brian Little character.

  4. Bar Qu says:

    Brule’s hands of stone
    Will he waive goodbye?

    Schremp star falls in the east
    Belgium weeps great
    Beer Tears

    When Mac falls,
    Ground shakes
    Stone rises

  5. Ribs says:

    The Waffle King cometh?

    The Midget Army grows stronger with each minute.

  6. anonymous says:

    Speaking of prediction in rhyme… YOU ARE WRONG.
    Clearly Nostradamus predicted the Calder for young Robbie:

    With great fury the Roman Belgian King
    Will want to vex the barbarian with his phalanx:
    Fury gnashing, he will chase the African people
    From the Pannonias to the pillars of Hercules.


  7. Perry K says:





    Waive and send down Moreau and Staios.

  8. till_horcoff_is_coach says:

    When Mac falls,
    Ground shakes
    Stone rises

    Very nice.

    Peter: I think Pouliot not playing is more of a sign that he is in rather than out. The people still playing are being given their last chance to show their spot in the line-up… except for Shremp, he's just here till the load of cuts comes to limit the number of players snapped up. Judging by Shremp's uninspired play I'd say he realizes this as well.

  9. anonymous says:

    Parts of Nostradamus are a bit hard to follow (not that there's anything wrong with that) but an expert on Nostradamus and 9/11 is fairly certain Belgium will be the shutdown center against Jerome this year.

    I hear Katz gave Tambellini the collected works so we have great things to look forward to:

  10. Nennog says:

    Speaking of predictions, what does anyone think of David Legwand for Staios and Nilsson?

  11. Woodguy says:

    Speaking of predictions, what does anyone think of David Legwand for Staios and Nilsson?

    You'd have to pay way more than that for Legwand.

  12. Bar Qu says:

    You'd have to pay way more than that for Legwand.

    But you are dropping two guys to have one at the same price.


  13. spOILer says:

    Sounds like the Flames have "released" Fleury. Fans down here are a little upset, but really this parting of ways was one of the worst kept secrets around town.

    Little Theo still has it from the blueline in, but cannot compete any more from the blue line back.

  14. the 0 in 0rca is for 0 cups says:


    penner is a nice naked broad in your bed with two jugs of beers smoking a cone surprise. i'm just surprised he ACTUALLY came to camp in shape. that move off the boards was sick last night. my hopes are up. 31 goals this year.

    black dog:

    agreed. kevin lowe is not a good gm. the pronger deal has been beat to death but a good gm would have took his time making a deal. two prospects for a hart trophy winner, not good. if you sign a player for 5+ years, you tell him what's going to or might happen. i kinda think lowe was actually scared of pronger now. seems possible that the penner offer sheet was to get back at burke for lowballing him on the pronger trade.

  15. Ribs says:

    kevin lowe is not a good gm

    Well good thing he isn't one of those anymore.

  16. the 0 in 0rca is for 0 cups says:

    the smyth non-signing as well.

    smyth had an all-star year, we let him go for a small dollar difference. and everybody knows how we've played since that trade. that messier retirement game with the retro jerseys…

    horcoff has an all-star year, we throw him more money than any other team would have. too much.

  17. the 0 in 0rca is for 0 cups says:

    yes, but he was the gm for those deals.

  18. Bar Qu says:

    a good gm would have took his time making a deal.

    How did that work out for Ottawa? Seems like the whole Heatley thing proved that you cannot get good value for a superstar/high end player, no matter what route you take.

  19. uni says:

    Bar Qu: I would argue that Michalek, Cheechoo, and a 2nd is a decent return for Heatley, something like 80 cents on the dollar.

    Michalek got his brains gibbled by Torres, and hasn't been the same since but if he sorts himself back out he's got a helluva upside. As it stands now he's a solid top 6 NHL option. Cheechoo has a price tag but he's off the books soon, and he's gritty and solid both ways, and will probably chip in 20 goals. 2nd is a bit weak but it's a pick.

    Lupul as an offensive NHL player whose value IMO is lower than both Cheechoo and Michalek, Smid (an unproven prospect) together with the 2x 1st and 1x 2nd was more like 50 cents on the dollar for a Hart candidate player like Pronger, signed to 4 years on an excellent contract.

  20. Showerhead says:

    Hungover. Had an AMAZING time at the game last night. Finally got my notes up here

  21. SK Oiler Fan says:

    F F Sake! Just saw the contract SJ gave Malhotra:
    1 yr, 700k!
    How do other teams accomplish this while the Oilers continue to pay market value or more?

    How could the Oilers not offer Malhotra the same contract they gave Comrie? Or even more!

    Betts looks to be signing with Philly.

  22. Dennis says:

    Would Quinn ever try 12-89-13, 27-10-83, 22-19-89?

    Then you could 18-34-46?

    I dunno, I'm sorta lost here

  23. Bruce says:

    Dennis: Maybe you're lost cuz you got Gagner on two lines?

  24. Bar Qu says:

    I see your point uni, but I actually feel picks are better value than prospects or 2nd and 3rd tier players. (And I think Cheechoo is a weeeeaaaaak return. His goal total is only headed down.)

    My point remains, you don't get equal value for a superstar in a trade, especially when it is publicly known the superstar wants out. I don't think KLowe got good value for Pronger (Perry anyone?) but neither did Murray.

  25. Showerhead says:

    I see what he did there. The 89 with Patty O is Comrie and the 89 with the kids is Gagner. Vrai?

  26. Black Dog says:

    Dennis, yeah its goofy plus you have Stone and Brule and Pouliot in the mix.

    Quinn said yesterday he thinks Jacques is a top nine player.

    If so then Moreau is on the fourth line.

    But who centres the line?

    I'm with LT – I think they move someone out – Jacques and Stone are big bodies and have shown well and God knows they need size.

    Plus Stone can PK by the looks of it.

  27. Bruce says:

    I see what he did there. The 89 with Patty O is Comrie and the 89 with the kids is Gagner. Vrai?

    Vrai certainement, Showerhead. Reading Dennis's mind — it's not that hard, really! — he was talking about two different 89s so to speak. I'm sure you're right about which 89 is which, too.

    Speaking of just 1 89 reminds me, in an off-topic lazy Friday afternoon kind of way, that that number's reciprocal 1/89 has some fascinating qualties to those who enjoy Fibonacci diversions.

    Dennis, yeah its goofy plus you have Stone and Brule and Pouliot in the mix.

    And the Red Ox. I'm not counting the ginger kid out just yet. Size or no size, he's a mighty useful end-of-roster option.

    My bet is that at least one of Poo and Pisser starts the season on IR while the brain trust continues to assess our options. Given the waiver eligibility these are mighty tough calls.

  28. speeds says:


    Very close to the lines/roster predictions I have made.

  29. Coach pb9617 says:

    Speeds – posted that before Quinn and Tambellini gushed about Jacques, eh? :)

  30. flamingpavelbure says:

    Coach and Speeds: Kickin' out Nilsson with the great numbers he had in pre-season + the last game where he was the best man on the ice? Meffff

  31. speeds says:


    How can you have read my post and come to the conclusion that I think Nilsson should get the boot?

  32. DBO says:

    gregor mentioned the lines at practice today (think i have this right)


    moreau, pouliot and Pisani hurt. the rest of the guys subbed in on a few rushes.

    i look at that lineup and I think you put pisani at 3RW, stortini down to 4RW and you put moreau in at 4LW and that is your starting lineup, with Stone and Nilsson on the bench, and subbing in based on the opponent.

  33. Bruce says:

    Did Moreau hurt his stick "blocking" that shot last night?

  34. flamingpavelbure says:

    Speeds: not the booth. simply not on the first game's starting lineup.

    DBO: Jacques on the 1st line…?

    Heh -_-'

  35. bookie says:

    You have to wonder if there is a Penner-Hemsky fued or something of the sort given last year and the lineups this year.

  36. godot10 says:


    I think I'm beginning to feel a bit of man-love towards Pat Quinn.

  37. bookie says:

    I think the Oilers should not even bother with the 9 games for Eberle.

    He totally deserves it, but the team does not need the distraction of a 9 game player.

    Also, I dont think it would do his development much good.

    Tell him he was fantastic in camp, but that a good hockey career is best served by appropriate advancement.

  38. Jonathan Willis says:


    Send Stone to the minors, and sub Pouliot in for Brule on the 4th line and I'm with you.

  39. spOILer says:

    Bookie, sorry but I disagree. I don't think he'll get the full 9, though, just a couple.

    Such a benchmark will help Eberle's development and let he himself know how he matches up against full speed real game NHL competition and what he needs to work on most (growing).

  40. spOILer says:

    I'd prefer Stone to both Pouliot and Brule.

  41. raventalon40 says:

    my bad, turns out Nichol signed in San Jose already

  42. Jonathan Willis says:


    Outside of Horcoff, who takes faceoffs?

    It has to be one of Brule/Pouliot.

    And I like Stone, but he's not even close to the same league as those guys in skating, and I think that's going to cost him an NHL job, at least for now.

  43. Oilmaniac says:

    Im joining this party late again.. anyone else hear the interview w cogs yesterday,.. talked about how he had commited himself to working on faceoffs… and his commitment to playing centre..

    I know small sample size, but he has been better… and the sting of those two gagner faceoff loses to cost the game, twice, led me to thinking cogs may yet deserve a chance to develop into the player he sees himself becoming…

    I dunno, poolio (dunno when that started but me likes) doesnt see himself as a carbaneu-type so perhaps the optics of a player should be taken with a grain of salt?!

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