Trade Watch Day 18

The trade winds (and the other type) are full throttle in Edmonton today. Bob Stauffer reported on his show today “expect the unexpected” and Jason Gregor chimed in with “Steve Tambellini will be on the phones in the next 48 hours trying to get something for one, possibly two of (those) four players.”

The players in question are Steve MacIntyre, Liam Reddox, Robert Nilsson, Marc Pouliot and Fernando Pisani. Fernando Pisani!! He goes on to say the club likes Liam Reddox and his compete level and that some in the organization believe he’s a cheaper version of Pisani.

Alright, let’s take these things one at a time. The 5 players have varying degrees of skill and are paid various salaries so picking one over another as a favorite to leave is an impossible task. As Gregor mentioned above, Tambellini is probably just calling numbers and asking about interest.

MacIntyre is a one-trick pony, a player whose value comes as an enforcer. Reddox is a good young player (I’ve always liked him) but miles and years from ‘Nando country. Nilsson is a gifted offensive player with an indifference for the finer points of the game that rivals any on this roster. Pouliot is a young man in the middle of grinding himself into a 2-way regular and appears to be on a good path (save injury). Fernando Pisani is the most valuable chip in this conversation.

Which brings the question: why would the Oilers, who are without veterans as it is, consider dealing Pisani? Two reasons: first, he is entering that period of his career where injuries and games missed becomes more of a factor, and second he’s making a lot of money (2.5M in this, his walk year). I can understand the team’s desire to deal him, with injury and dollars the main difficulty.

In the “reasonable expectations” post in the summer, I made two main points:

  • What do these numbers tell us? The Corsi number is poor but we need to put it into context. Gabriel Desjardins tells us he was facing tough opposition with secondary help and that is a recipe for disaster. His 5×5 scoring rates are surprisingly good compared to the rest of the team and the boxcars are fine although sliced in half due to injury.
  • How Important is Pisani to this team? He’s extremely important but due to health concerns the Oilers are probably thinking about life after Fernando. He’s a UFA after this season and might be dealt at the deadline or earlier if the team fails. He’s a born Red Wing, if it comes to that.

I hope they don’t deal Pisani, but he’s a veteran player with value whose contract expires at the end of the coming season. There’s value here.

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159 Responses to "Trade Watch Day 18"

  1. Smytty777 says:

    Isn't Nilsson a player in question?

    I would think he would be one of the chips the Oilers are looking to move as his skillset and size are duplicated up and down the roster.

    Odd that they would be thinking about moving Pisani. Moreau or Staios makes more sense.

  2. Grog says:

    Is there a place where we can find who other teams have placed on waivers so far?

  3. Lowetide says:

    Smytty777: He is, but I think Pisani has more value (if healthy) to a team either now or the deadline.

    Nilsson is a player looking for another (third) chance, Pisani is a player you can plug and play.

  4. SK Oiler Fan says:

    There's value in cap space.

    If Tambo's plan is to try to hang around until the trade deadline dumping salary makes sense.

    Of course this is a flawed plan as demonstrated by the last 3 seasons.

    A win on Oct 3rd vs the Flames = a win on March 5th vs Minnesota.

  5. Dennis says:

    If it doesn't turn your stomach to read the phrase, "expect the unexpected", well, then, I really don't know what to say to you.

    That phrase should evoke memories of what has been a dark phase in Oilers history.

  6. DBO says:

    I think Pisani bringd a few things not many players on this roster bring, one of them being a clutch player in big games. he is also our best PK player, and actually knows what his own zone looks like. I hope we keep 'Nando, and if possible sign him to a $1 mill (at most)extension for 2 years after the season. I'd sooner move Staios and sign a cheap dman for $1 mill, and free up the money for the next 2 years.

  7. Oilman says:

    If it doesn't turn your stomach to read the phrase, "expect the unexpected"

    It's right up there with "magic beans":)

  8. DBO says:

    And "White Whale". like the magical beast we've been chasing the last 3 years.

  9. Boondock says:

    If it doesn't turn your stomach to read the phrase, "expect the unexpected", well, then, I really don't know what to say to you.

    Based on what we have come to expect from this management group the past few years, maybe the unexpected is a small, practical move to plug one of the glaring holes on this roster? Right? Right? Please?

  10. loudog says:

    So, who does Nilsson and Pisani get us then?

    Any useful player that the oilers could use?

  11. Lowetide says:

    Likely picks, I'd imagine. If they could deal Nilsson and Pisani for an actual veteran RH C then maybe this team can start moving forward.

    But I still think Pisani can help them more than a bunch of other guys on the Oilers.

  12. bookie says:

    LT – here it comes, the trade after the oppertunity to evaluate. I am not suggesting it's optimal (summer moves may have been better), but it has been a clear trajectory to this since the MacT firing Presser. I think that soon, much of your suffering may end…

    I read expect the unexpected as a willingness to move a real asset (such as a D-man) if the assets offered are good and fill the need.

  13. Bling says:


    Rumblings from a few different posters on HF that there will be a deal to solve PK/faceoff issues, and that the guy headed out the door is a vet.

    One of Nilsson, Moreau, Pisani, or Pouliot then. Maybe even two, and of course there's the issue of what defines a veteran.

    Nothing against Pouliot, but I wouldn't consider him a member of that club.

  14. Rick says:

    Man, I miss the days of the preseason Waiver Draft. We'd have no problem ditching some of these salaries and also pick up someone else's 13th forward or two.

  15. Rube Foster says:

    Me and My Arrow part IV.

    At risk of adding fuel to flamingpavel’s fire…

    The collective LT-ites have dissected and analyzed Nilsson’s game to degrees previously reserved for scientific means for enlarging a women’s breast size. I believe it is fair to say that this analysis reveals two sides to the coin that is Row-Bear.

    Nilsson the Good – World class skill and speed with the puck, Offensive creativity worthy of a Swedish National Teamer. A guy who the numbers reveal to be an out scorer. A young, gifted player capable of covering his 2 million dollar price tag and possibly even a fine cap deal who could improve with time. The true progeny of the Magic Man.

    Nilsson the Indifferent – Inconsistent at best, disinterested at the worst. Small and too easily pushed off the puck, a guy who does too much while accomplishing very little. A bad investment and a cap hit we can’t afford. A byproduct of a nepotistic administration. A mere shadow of Kenta the Magician.

    I believe that sending out Nilsson now is NOT a wonderful idea. The sole reason being the overwhelming influence that Nilsson the Good has on wunderkind Sam Gagner.

    Watching the exhibition game against Tampa Bay reminded me of the profound impact that I believe Nilsson has on Sam Gagner’s game. To my eye the reunited Kid Line was the best line on both sides of the ice and looked dangerous for the last two periods once the Oilers recognized they were still playing an NHL game even though they were in Winnipeg. The game was easily Gagner’s strongest of the preseason after some middling results playing along Hemsky in earlier exhibitions.

    It may be worth the number guys doing a bit of investigative work to see if the facts support my observations that the periods of time when Sam Gagner is playing his best most productive hockey has been whilst Nilsson has also been at his best and most productive.

    Sam Gagner's strong finishes the past two years have coincided with the two extended durations of Nilsson strongest play in Oiler silks. The first being the emergence of the Kid Line in spring 2008 and the second being the Kotalik and Gagner goal scoring spurts at the finale of the 2009 season, if my memory does not fail me I believe it was Nilsson who was setting the table for Kotalik’s and Gagner’s wining and dining.

    LT talks a lot about the characteristics of strong management. One aspect of strong management is finding players who can compliment one another and bring out the best aspects of their respective skill sets –let’s call it chemistry for the hell of it. If we’re being sold that the future of this team is Sam Gagner, would it not make sense to retain the one player who has enabled him to play his best hockey?

    Nilsson appears to be the guy who has genuine chemistry with Gagner when given the opportunity.
    If we can all agree that Penner gets a mulligan under the new boss, how do we not want to see what Nilsson can do out from under the MacT bubble? Can we live with another 20 games of the Kid Line playing the soft minutes to see if the fall of 2008 was a mirage or an oasis? With Magnus PI in the pipeline is it too much of a stretch to project a line of Nilsson – Gags – MPS?

    I get that Nilsson’s size and skill set may be redundant on this team but I’ve yet to see anyone big, small, slow or fast that gels with Gagner the way that Nilsson the Good does.

    In LT parlance, I’d hate to ship John Mayberry off to Kansas City before we really find out how well Cedeno hits in front of him…I think it’s worth at bats in April and May.

  16. flamingpavelbure says:


    Please make it happen!

    (No, it's not supposed to make any kind of sens at that point in time, Nilsson is just my favorite NHL'er)

  17. Yeti says:

    Dear me. Poor Rob Schremp is sitting there with his career hanging by a thread, desperately waiting for his phone to ring and his call display to indicate a Long Island number, and all you people want to do is talk about trades and Abba's greatest hits. Have you not a shred of empathy?

  18. bookie says:

    If it doesn't turn your stomach to read the phrase, "expect the unexpected", well, then, I really don't know what to say to you.

    That phrase should evoke memories of what has been a dark phase in Oilers history.

    Winner of the 'overly melodramatic depresional statement of the day' award.

  19. Bling says:

    "Expect the unexpected" doesn't seem to fit Pouliot and Nilsson either, and we know that Stauffer is plugged in.

    Quinn's been lambasting the veteran leadership for pretty much all of TC, and he's been surprisingly candid regarding his displeasure with Gagner's game as well.

    He actually used the words "below expectations."

    He made mention of "morning glory" players in the papers today, alluding to guys who show off their skill in practice and do nothing in games.

    I don't think he's too enamoured with any of the smurfs, to be honest.

    Any chance Tambo goes big game hunting again?

  20. PDO says:

    Is it so much to ask for one player of consequence to spend his career here?

  21. flamingpavelbure says:

    Question for everyone:

    Actually i don't think someone answered this question, related to the Dark Ages.

    What the hell happened to Zdeno Ciger?

    Why he went out after a 80 points season?

  22. Rod says:

    If that's the direction you want Rube, what player moves are you suggesting to free up cap space to keep Nilsson? Or are you assuming no one goes on the IR to start the season? Here's the gist. To keep Nilsson means moving someone else…

    To my eye, moving Nilsson is the best option, especially when one looks at the skilled prospects scheduled to land in a year or two. Dealing Pisani creates a far bigger hole in the lineup, negating any supposed increase in value headed back to the Oil.

  23. flamingpavelbure says:

    Ethan Moreau.

    Pure and simple.

    Old, getting older, taking bad penalties. Big Salary.

    Pisani is way better, even as a 4th liner.

    If Jacques fails, he goes down to the 4th and everyone gets a bump up.

  24. bookie says:

    Brule totally broke that guys hand with his face!

    Nice fighting boy!

  25. Black Dog says:

    If the idea is to bring in someone who can help on the PK then moving Pisani doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

    If he gets moved I will have to say that I never ever would have seen that coming and I don't think I'd agree with the move. An expiring contract has value but on a club with too many longterm deals moving the one guy whose deal is expiring doesn't make a whole lot of sense either.

  26. Asiaoil says:

    Moving Pisani takes this team further away from where it needs to be rather than closer. Frankly I'm hoping that he stays and takes a significant paycut on a final contract to thank the Oilers for keeping him throughout this deal instead of buying him out after he got sick. The team could have done it but didn't.

    Moreau, Staios and Nilsson are the ones that need to go by the end of the year. I was hoping at least one went over the summer, another right now, and the final one at the trade deadline – but so far they are are still here eating capspace like Penner punds back cheeseburgers.

  27. gogliano says:

    A Staois + Brule move and I'll cream my pants.

  28. Bar Qu says:

    I'm with Black Dog here.

    Pisani makes no sense as a move for a club that is defensively challenged. At the very least he is the model for other younger players to build on – especially for Reddox who is my second choice for not moving.

    Nilsson has been overthought several times, but if he has value (2nd rounder?) then take it and run. He underperforms his contract everytime. Ditto SMac, though he is one of my favourites.

    Pou would be a shame to lose but so was Brodziak and few tears were shed for him.

  29. Lowetide says:

    I find it somewhat frustrating to see the same response to any post that involves discussions about sending out Robert Nilsson.

    I didn't sign Mike Comrie and I didn't trade for Patrick O'Sullivan either. The Edmonton Oilers have too many players of the same player type and they need to offload one of them.

    To put it into John Mayberry themes, trading one Mayberry would have been fine if the team got a good return and then kept around Cliff Johnson and the rest of those 1b's with power and patience.

  30. Oilman says:

    Any chance that Pisani's game really doesn't impress anyone anymore? He has gone though a lot in the past few years….and expiring contract or not – he's still a $2.5m cap hit for a player whose peers are sitting at home or signing for < $1m per. Maybe a deadline trade possibility – I can't see anything other than that.

  31. flamingpavelbure says:

    LT: Yeah i know that.

    I just got that kick for Skilled Europeans.

    And obviously, you got that kick for grinders (De facto NA since most European grinders just stay in the European leagues)

    And have that thing against veterans.

    Mostly because of Craig Rivet.

    He can go to hell.


    If one scenario i didn't expect was Pisani out.

    It was pretty much the only guy i conceded in every of my scenarios (Because i'm pretty much a black sheep here). Sometimes i wonder if NHL team management are just planning things way ahead of us, or just plain crazy.

  32. Black Dog says:

    I think that Oilman makes a great point. We, or most of us, love Pisani and he has a lot of value to this club.

    But the last two years have seen illness and injury and he is hurt again. Unless a team is just trying to hit that minimum salary floor why would they shell the money out for him? They could pick up Moore and someone else likely for less than 2.5.

    I'm sentimental too. If this is the end for Fernando I want him to finish up as an Oiler. If he rebounds to be the Fernando of old I'd like to see him signed for another year or two at a reduced rate. I'm with PDO, it owuld be nice to finally have someone play their entire career as an Oiler.

    As for Nilsson well he is redundant. They aren't moving COgs or Gagner and O'Sullivan is further along as a player. And Eberle and Omark and Rajala, Jesus do we have enough small fry on the way?

    Comrie's signing spelled the end for RObert.

  33. Lowetide says:

    fpv: That's just crazy. I love skilled Euro's, Jari Kurri was poetry in motion and your man Bure was a bullet.

    But you need players with various skills.

  34. flamingpavelbure says:

    LT: Wasn't Bure with the panthers, the closest to lazy ass bastard that made up with his immense talent as you could get lol? XD

    I just love him because he followed pretty much the same curve in attitude in his game as i did in the Minor Hockey. Anyways.

    Fact is, i think the Oil's can still get away with being little, compensating with a fast paced game.

    Habs did that in 07-08. And finished 1st in the East.

    Because the team was too fast and playing it's run and gun style to perfection. Still think we can mimimc that.

  35. jon k says:

    Sounds like Cogliano might be in the mix. Seems like Tambellini is not sold on that pick, he keeps trying to trade the guy.

  36. Lowetide says:

    jon k: Where are you reading about Cogliano being involved?

  37. bookie says:

    I find it somewhat frustrating to see the same response to any post that involves discussions about sending out Robert Nilsson.

    There can be some nuance in the arguement at times. I am all for trading anyone, including Hemsky if the return is right.

    I think how you get rid of Nilsson is important. Some people have suggested waiving him or just sending him to the minors. I think the guy is a better player than that, but his value suffered tremendously last year (as did every player). That is not to say that he is a top tier player, but he does have some value.

    With that said, it is somewhat difficult (and unwise) to use the beginning of the season as a trade showcase just because your team drove its value down down with substandard play last year.

  38. mc79hockey says:

    Why, exactly, do people think that other teams will be lining up to trade for the players that the Oilers don't want anymore? Particularly when they can count and see that some of these fellows will be on waivers in short order?

    Doesn't make any sense to me.

  39. flamingpavelbure says:

    Can't we just run around and panik?

  40. Schitzo says:

    The thing that would kill me if they trade Pisani right now is that they lose the chance of signing him to 4th-liner money for the future.

    I've been saying for a couple of years now that he'd likely take the Maltby/Draper type of contract. Under a million, 4th line minutes, huge value as a mentor and a role player.

    Or, fuck it, trade him now when he's not the problem next year when the cap goes down. Either way.

  41. oil dude says:

    jon k: Where are you reading about Cogliano being involved?

    Don't know where jon k read it, but there was someone at HF who said a team was trying to trade for cogs but the oilers were asking a lot to get him.

  42. bookie says:

    Why, exactly, do people think that other teams will be lining up to trade for the players that the Oilers don't want anymore? Particularly when they can count and see that some of these fellows will be on waivers in short order?

    For the same reason people thought the Oilers should want Betts.

    Nobody is suggesting a high value return for some of our leftovers, but teams who are a little heavy on 3rd line centers might prefer to change one of them up for an erratic offensive smurf.

  43. godot10 says:

    Pisani is a victim of the declining cap next year. They are NOT planning to re-sign him. So it makes sense to trade Pisani now, keep Reddox (and don't risk losing him), and move on. That is the reasoning.

    Nilsson was in competition for four jobs with O'Sullivan, Gagner, Cogliano, and Comrie. He is also a victim of the declining cap next year. The Oilers need to get him off the books for next year. He is also a victim of the fact that MPS, Omark, Eberle, Vande Velde, and maybe Nash will be at camp next year.

    With MacIntyre, you want to trade him, even for next to nothing, to an Eastern Conference team, to keep him out of the West.

    Moreau and Staios are clearly candidates for trade also because of the declining cap. They face being given the Jason Smith treatment next fall. Retire or ride the AHL bus to collect on the final year of your contract.

    Draft picks in return is mostly fine if you can't fill a need, because one can then go out and sign a UFA like Domenic Moore.

  44. Schitzo says:

    Particularly when they can count and see that some of these fellows will be on waivers in short order?

    Well, I guess it depends on how confident you are that Nilsson would make it past Tampa, Toronto, Colorado…

  45. Schitzo says:

    Pisani is a victim of the declining cap next year. They are NOT planning to re-sign him.

    But why not? I don't think Pisani is crazy enough to expect the same money on his next contract. He knows damn well this organization has been good to him despite his health problems, so why wouldn't he sign one last deal for cheap?

  46. digger says:

    They aren't moving COgs or Gagner

    Considering that one of them was, for all intents and purposes, traded over the summer, and the other hasn't exactly made a great first impression with the new head coach in town…and with both guys due for fairly substantial raises a year from now (and in a year where the cap is expected to drop), should we be betting any bottom dollars that EITHER guy will be Oilers come the 10/11 season?

    I'm not saying I want it to happen, but I can see it being a possibility, albeit slim.

  47. Lowetide says:

    Tyler: You're saying Pisani has little value? Or am I mis-reading your post?

  48. flamingpavelbure says:

    LT: Hmm outside of Edmonton… (Well More in the East) Pisani is considered a luxury 4th liner, that'S about it.

  49. godot10 says:

    //But why not? I don't think Pisani is crazy enough to expect the same money on his next contract//

    Why they don't intend to re-sign Pisani?

    Reddox, MPS, Omark, Eberle, Vande Velde, Nash

    Third injury in three years does NOT help, even if the first two were not age-related.

  50. PDO says:

    The same people awarded Blake the Masterton and nearly gave Phaneuf the Norris…

    … in other words, they have no clue what's going on out here.

  51. Doogie2K says:

    Habs did that in 07-08. And finished 1st in the East.

    Habs had no injuries and unsustainable shooting percentages from the entire Kovalev line in 07-08. The luck snapped back the other way and they barely made the playoffs in 08-09. That's not the sort of model I'd like to emulate.

  52. pboy says:

    I don't think I will be doing to much more defending of Tambo if it's Pisani on his way out of town. Now if it was Moreau, I could understand it a little better. Sense of entitlement, stupid penalties, overpaid, Moreau has been a pretty good soldier but I wouldn't mind seeing him take his act to a different city.

  53. Peter says:

    I'd get rid of Moreau faster than a hummingbird flaps its wings. If not Moreau, then Pouliot. Then Pisani. Then Nilsson.

    Would it be so bad to teach Cogs, Brule, Gagner, etc to kill penalties? This team isn't competing for the cup this year. Have a little patience, let the kids learn, and supplement them with vets when they're ready to compete.

  54. Schitzo says:

    godot10: If you want to break in a couple of kids, who's a better mentor than Fernie?

    And if you're breaking in so many kids that there's no room for Pisani… well… that's not good.

  55. Schitzo says:

    Bwahahaa. Bless you, LT.

  56. Black Dog says:

    These damn veterans keep getting in the way of my video game? We'd ahve four lines of fifty goal scorers if they'd just get rid of all of these useless guys who do nothing but backcheck and kill penalties and win faceoffs and hold the lead and dig out the puck for the other guys and hit and forecheck.

    Jason Allison, Mark Parrish



    We won't even need any other D because we will score fifty goals a game with our twelve fifty goal scorers.

    Way under the cap too – these guys are cheap!

  57. Rob Gilgan says:

    I'm betting the unexpected is Ethan off to Toronto, Nillson to Nashville.

  58. PDO says:

    Who needs 3 scoring lines when you can have 4?!

  59. flamingpavelbure says:

    BlackDog: Yeah there's that, but you a bit extreme too.

    Stone Jacques… over Pouliot and Nilsson?

    Jacques got 1 point.
    1 in 65 games.

    I mean theyr's getting grittier and that.

  60. RiversQ says:

    When the Oilers say "expect the unexpected" do they mean?

    A) Cover your junk.


    B) Don't drop the soap.

    Anyways, are there any decent players rumoured to be available?

  61. flamingpavelbure says:

    Marleau, Frolov, Sergei Kostitsyn, Kovalchuk (If he doesn't resign), Slava Kozlov (Same). Anything that needs a new contract in Buffalo. Philly's overpaid Briere. And others.

  62. Black Dog says:

    Rivers – trying to track down some sort of site that has everyone on waivers but no luck so far.

    Philly is dumping Randy Jones, one year left on his contract. He's the biggest name so far.

    And Jason Allison got cut. But I think we have him wrapped up for the dream team, no worries.

    So nobody yet, in other words.

  63. PDO says:


    Nathan Horton, and SJS looks like they still need a 2 or 3 for one deal cap wise.

    Though I'm not a fan of Marleau in the least bit.

  64. PunjabiOil says:

    What I can see is the Oilers taking a unwanted contract in a deal and sending that said player to the minors.

    But we're Edmonton. We're less walk, more talk.

  65. Black Dog says:

    PJO – don't we already have a few of those ;)

    Who knows what's going to happen? But with Tambo burning up the wireless and Lowe lurking behind the potted plants in the lobby I'm sure it'll be a barnburner, a blockbuster, a humdinger of a deal!

  66. Baroque says:

    Even with the injuries, I think the Oilers should really look into keeping Pisani. He is a very well-spoken player and has a lot of determination, and seems very personable. He has to be a good teammate with those characteristics.

    I remember reading an interview with Ken Holland once where he was talking about how there are some things that players really only learn from other veteran players. He was talking about bringing Henrik Zetterberg and Nick Kronwall from Sweden during the 2002 playoff run in preparation to them playing in North America the next season, and Zetterberg said that one of his favorite players on the Wings was Igor Larionov. Holland said that was a factor in keeping Larionov on the team for one more year, so he could serve as a mentor for Zetterberg.

    I could see the Oilers keeping Pisani a little bit longer as an elder on the team to help the youngsters adjust to the NHL, and I think he wouldn't regard that as an unwelcome burden. He seems that he would be okay with helping to teach younger players what it means to be a professional hockey player in the Edmonton organization. That might be worth enough to let him finish his career with the Oilers, maybe?

  67. godot10 says:

    //If you want to break in a couple of kids, who's a better mentor than Fernie?//

    Next year will be the 4th year for Cogliano, Gagner, Stortini, and O'Sullivan, and the third year for Reddox and Pouliot and Brule. Who are you calling a ked?

    The declining cap is going to force hard decisions everywhere.

    Pisani is better than Reddox today. By next year, the value proposition probably shifts to Reddox.
    An aging player vs. an emerging player. Are the Oilers going to win the Cup this year? Likely not. Why risk losing the emerging player?

    Plus, there are going to be all sorts of good players available in trades next summer as teams struggle to meet the cap who will be in the prime of their careers.

  68. mjsh says:

    Sure wish there was some news instead of all this wishful talking

  69. RiversQ says:

    It would be great to make Marleau or Horton happen. I'm not a fan of Marleau either, but he would make hay on the wing or behind Horcoff on this club.

    The shine is probably off Horton at this point, but he has the size and tools. I'd be worried about him going all Isbister on us though.

  70. Rick says:

    I'm sick of this imminent trade warning garbage that has never turned out to be true.

    So, what are the chances that 48 hours later, that Tambo hasn't made a deal?

    I don't see other teams considering dealing any player that can make an impact on the Oiler roster. The other GMs are trying to get their 22 man rosters set too.

    I'd be willing to bet the Oilers have to IR or waive to AHL all of those players.

  71. spOILer says:

    LT, you quoted "expect the unexpected", and then you named the expected.


    And can Pisani be traded with a chronic back injury AND colitis?

    Sorry if this has already been mentioned in the 60 odd posts above, but that was my first reaction to to your blog entry…

    "Expect the unexpected" and then trade away the expected.

    I'm still gonna hope for Marleau.

  72. blackadder says:

    I think it's simplistic to talk about the Oilers needing "toughness" or "sandpaper" or whatever other synonym for size people are using these days. Easily the best team since the lockout, Detroit could never be described as a tough team. What separates them from the pack is intensity and desire. Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Fillipula, Rafaski – none of these players are physically imposing specimen. But their level of compete and puck pursuit is exceptional. You put them against a team full of Thorntons, Heatleys, Penners, and, even if they give up five inches and thirty pounds they'll win every time.

    Quinn's been calling these players out for their compete levels since camp broke. And, judging from the games and from what appears to be poor work habits in practice, the message isn't getting through. Maybe the comment about "expect the unexpected" means that one of the core vets is on the trade block, not just the usual suspects.

  73. bookie says:

    I'm sick of this imminent trade warning garbage that has never turned out to be true.

    Tambi made it pretty clear at the fire MacT press conference that there were not going to be a lot of trades until after they had a chance to see what they could get from the guys they had. Just because you interpreted the misdirected rumblings about trades all summer (minus Heatley stuff which was a whole different thing) should not mean that you mistrust this.

    About now is exactly when Tambi indicated that he would be making a trade during that spring presser (so it is far more likely to be valid). Either now or after the start of the season. Everybody who was on 'tradewatch' all summer just was not listening to the actual words coming from the GM (they were listening to the little voices in their own heads instead).

  74. Dennis says:

    I saw Larry Walker and Vladimir Guerrero walk from the Expos so it's not like the Oil dealing off 34 is gonna turn me off the org.

    That being said, he's not one of the biggest problems – even with a pricey pact – and he's just got one year left on his deal and he's one of the few guys with a PK-ing clue.

    Now, if there was a team out there that had way too many RH pivots who could win faceoffs and they needed a tough min/PK-ing RW and we could make an honest-to-goodness linear trade, then fucking have at it by all means.

    But that's now how the Oilers do things so forgive me – or not:) – for being worried.

  75. spOILer says:

    And not because I'm a big Marleau lover, but I can't see any other available forward having the impact to our team than Marleau.

    Blackadder, I agree. I suspect it's a big name vet other than Pisani (who can't be traded while on the IR) who is on the block.

    My hope is Moreau + Nilsson, or Vishnovsky.

  76. bookie says:

    I don't think I will be doing to much more defending of Tambo if it's Pisani on his way out of town.

    Strange, how can you judge a trade when you only consider half of it?
    Don't you need the return before you evaluate it?

  77. RiversQ says:

    Bookie: You could just as easily argue they wouldn't trade for another 3-4 months based on those comments. Actually you could probably interpret them any number of ways.

    Anyway, this is kind of a dumb time of year to make trades, isn't it? Hard to get any value now.

  78. PDO says:

    Since when do the Oilers do things the smart way?

  79. spOILer says:

    Bookie, if you could link a source or two to your understood timeline, that would be nice and greatly appreciated. Otherwise it's just your usual blather.

  80. Lowetide says:

    spOILer: I mentioned the expected because guessing what Kevin Lowe is going to do is not much fun.

  81. oil dude says:

    Stauffer is on with Tencer right now, keeps throwing out Pisani… "Somethings gotta give" etc. Sounds like their hypthetical "should the oilers sign Comrie?" talk from last month.

  82. bookie says:

    I wonder what teams out there would give up for Gilbert, Souray, Visnovky, Grebs, or Smid.

    Could go a long way to addressing a need or two, particularly if you packaged a Nilsson and Schremp or something going the other way.

  83. spOILer says:

    LT, I'm sorry, but I thought you mentioned it because Stauffer said it.

  84. speeds says:

    The problem with dealing Pisani, relative to Moreau, is that the cap doesn't really pinch you this year but it might well next year.

    I guess you have to see what Pisani is willing to explore /sign, but to me it make more sense to deal Moreau and sign Pisani at a reduced rate than it does to deal Pisani now and retain Moreau for both seasons.

    That said, that could well be a false choice…

  85. spOILer says:

    bookie> a defenceman would have to be coming back.

  86. HBomb says:

    spOILer: You hope they trade Visnovsky?

    That strikes me as odd. Personally, other than Gilbert, he'd be the last guy I'd deal. But then again, I'm a bit backwards that way (relative to "conventional wisdom", at least).

  87. bookie says:

    Bookie, if you could link a source or two to your understood timeline, that would be nice and greatly appreciated. Otherwise it's just your usual blather.

    Well, for one you could go back and listen to the press conference again and listen carefully for how many times Tambellini indicates that he wants to see what he can get out of the players before he goes the trade route.

    Anyone know how to search out old comments so that I can respond to spOILer's inane request. I think I have been pretty clear in my arguement throughout the summer.

  88. Lowetide says:

    spOIler: I did. But after that it was a matter of using common sense over what Lowe/Tambellini might blue sky.

    Pisani being traded doesn't make a lot of sense but we've read enough to know Quinn isn't happy with some of the veterans.

  89. spOILer says:

    Hbomb, it's because of Gilbert that I could/would do it, and I wouldn't do it unless a strong stay at home type came back. I would trade Lubo for a top level Volchenkov type, and I think that such a trade is one of the more do-able moves right now.

    I would not trade Lubo for a 1LW, unless it's an outstanding player.

  90. spOILer says:

    LT, yeah sorry, I got that after I read your reply a few times.

    Stauffer's comment is unusual, but his "understandings" haven't always come to fruition either.

  91. blackadder says:

    Tambellini the day MacT was fired:

    “The job now is to think about how much of that can we get from what we have. We’ll make that assessment and if we don’t have internally, how do we acquire it? We have some good pieces in place here … But I can tell you things are going to change as far as expectations and preparation from the players' standpoint.”

    I'm speculating that Tambellini wanted to let Quinn make his own determination about the Oilers personnel before making any moves. And from the comments Quinn has made to the media virtually from the outset of camp, I'm thinking that some signficant moves are being considered. Whether or not there are any willing trading partners out there for what the Oilers have to offer is the question.

  92. Lowetide says:

    I think the Oilers may well have felt Quinn/Renney needed to see the group before deciding, and promise not to mention the word balance too much from here on.

    But would it have killed them to find a center? I don't think it would have.

  93. HBomb says:

    spOILer: I guess I'd have a similar approach, but it wouldn't be Visnovsky I'd move.

    Translation: if I could move Grebeshkov and get Hamhuis on an extension in return for roughly the same dollars, I'd gladly do that.

  94. spOILer says:

    HBomb, would you really deal Souray before Vishnovsky?

    I mean, I agree Vishnovsky can do things on the ice that Grebs and Gilbert might ever only dream about, but it's a matter of degree. The difference between what Souray can do and what Vishnovsky does is not just a matter of degree.

    I think they're equally as likely to have injury issues at this point in their careers…

    For me, Lubo goes first.

  95. bookie says:

    SpOILer – To be clear, my logic comes largely from the Press Conference where MacT was fired and additional little comments over the summer all from Tambellini.

    What is strange to me is that I thought Tambellini made it clear not to expect trades over the summer, but somehow the blogosphere went down this track of 'Tambellini promised to make trades to get bigger and tougher' when he did not. He promised to see what he could get out of this team and then make trades if need be.

    Here is my post press conference quote from April.

    Uhm, maybe you need to listen again. He said about 3-4 times that we need to see what we have here and if we can more out of these guys. "I think we can get more out of some of these guys", etc. The message was clear – MacT thought he could not do better with THIS team, but Lowballini feels that THIS team can do better. There will be some tinkering, but don't expect a wholesale change.

    I have a better post where I transcribe parts of the press conference to try and debunk the 'summer trade' expectations of everyone. I am trying to find it. I think I posted it in July somewhere.

    The reason I rant on this, is that it annoys the hell out of me when a mental mob accepts some incorrect interpretation of things and then runs with it and it then becomes common knowledge such as 'Tambellini said he was going to trade to get bigger guys'.

    I will find the other post because i don't want to go through transcribing it all again.

  96. bookie says:

    I think the Oilers may well have felt Quinn/Renney needed to see the group before deciding, and promise not to mention the word balance too much from here on.

    But would it have killed them to find a center? I don't think it would have.

    For the record, I totally agree on both counts!!

    They could have easily dealt with a couple of minor issues prior to training camp! I mean, they found room for Comrie (though I wonder if that came with a Katz offer to bury another salary which was not the case if they signed Betts)

  97. spOILer says:

    Sorry, hadn't seen the Hamhuis proposal, when I replied last.

    I like Hamhuis more than Grebs too, but we'd be in tough–getting only one year of Hamhuis, and Nashville already has a Suter.

    Wha they don't do is play 3 Suters.

    Trade the biggest oldest least time with the team cap hit. We ain't winnin this year anyway.

  98. bookie says:

    spOILer – I agree any trade of a D-man away would need a d-man coming back, but I am thinking that it could be a utility d-man coming back.

  99. Traktor says:

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say Edmonton trades for the rights to Radulov.

  100. RiversQ says:

    The message was clear – MacT thought he could not do better with THIS team, but Lowballini feels that THIS team can do better. There will be some tinkering, but don't expect a wholesale change.

    and then they proceeded to offer Cogs, Penner and Smid for Heatley.

    So basically you're talking out of your ass here.

  101. PDO says:


    Wouldn't surprise me in the least, except I don't think he can come over until at least next season…

  102. Schitzo says:

    Next year will be the 4th year for Cogliano, Gagner, Stortini, and O'Sullivan, and the third year for Reddox and Pouliot and Brule. Who are you calling a ked?

    When not 10 posts before my comment you said:

    Why they don't intend to re-sign Pisani?

    Reddox, MPS, Omark, Eberle, Vande Velde, Nash


  103. Traktor says:

    I don't think it would bother Edmonton if he has to stay a year.

    Something like Nilsson + a conditional pick (2nd?) depending on if Radulov agreed to come back to the NHL or not.

  104. bookie says:

    and then they proceeded to offer Cogs, Penner and Smid for Heatley.

    So basically you're talking out of your ass here.

    I don't think that the Heatley trade was precipitated by the notion that they thought the team had to be rebuilt, but rather by a longstanding desire for a superstar player.

  105. kinger says:

    With all the system talk lately (Quinn vs MacT) I thought this little nugget was an interesting read.

    I do think it was time for MacT to move on but I also think he's a damn fine coach.

  106. blackadder says:

    Radulov makes sense in some ways, although I wonder if the Oilers could afford to sign him with Grebeshkov, Gagner, Cogliano et al all needing contracts next year. Plus, I'm not sure that another enigmatic offensive talent is what the Oilers should be looking for.

    If Nashville is looking for a top six upgrade, I'd love to see a Nilsson for Ryan Jones trade. Jones doesn't have Nilsson's high end offensive talent, but he's a decent skater with some heart.

  107. bookie says:

    Ok, here is the post from Aug 14th where I transcribe a bunch of lines from the press conference.

    Sorry for the post, but spOILer kind of indicated that my comments are 'usual blather'. I wrote it because I thought that there was a widespread mis-interpretation of the Press conference. I think that it was a worthwhile effort.

    In hindsight, I think that the interpretation is valid. LT just agreed with me, so I think that must count for something :)

    I agree that one more trade/signing could well take place (Dman for forward), BUT I take issue with the constant repetition that Tambilini said he was going to trade for grittiness and toughness (lots of people keep saying this). Here are some direct quotes from the Press conference.

    "The job now is to think about how much of that can we get from what we have now, make that assessment, and then go on to, if we don't have that internally, how do we aquire it. We have some good pieces in place here…"

    -I see this as the GM having to assess how much of the lack of compete was the coach and how much of it was the players.

    Then a bit later from the presser

    "Things are going to change as far as expectations and preparation".

    "I still look at this group and see an incredible amount of potential"

    "We need more strength, we need more grit. I've seen compete at times when its shown me that were ready to play, but I've also seen the other side at times…"

    "Do we have it [energy /emotion] inside, can we get more from people? If not, we have to aquire some people"

    "I have in my mind the type of coach that I am looking for…somebody that matches up with the type of play I think that we want to see here. We want an agressive type of play. We want an emotional team. We want a team that is not standing on their heels. We want at team that is proactive. I mean, We have people here with skill and I want to see it"

    "I am confident of most of the people that we have in here, that we have something that should be very very competitive"

    "Are there things that are going to change in there? Yes, Yes, Obviously, we need to change some things. And whether its people that we have to be more clear of what we expect from them and if they can't do it, then its our job over time to change"

    All of these comments suggest that there was a need to assess how much of the problem was MacT and how much was the players themselves. The only way to do this is to see the players play under a new coach. I think the Oilers want to see what they have (under a more agressive but less complex coaching system) before they go making huge changes.

  108. spOILer says:

    bookie> From JWillis' live blog of the press conference (just 3 minutes in):

    There will be personnel changes; he is not letting the players off of the hook.

    He agrees that grit and size were issues this season, and says that the team will be identifying players who can add that internally and then acquiring what they need from outside the team.

    (and then later…)

    He says the team needs more strength, energy, and grit, and again hints that trades will be made to acquire those qualities.

    I realize this isn't a transcript, but sheesh, I saw that press conference too, and while he said some good things about the "core" they had, and developing from within, he also talked about trade too, with no mention of a training camp, pre-December timeline, or really, any timeline at all.

  109. RiversQ says:

    And then they did make a deal. Talk is cheap from any and all GMs.

  110. spOILer says:

    But go ahead and quote a presser 6 weeks after the FA deadline and long after the embarrassing end of white whale season, if you wish.

    Since your thoughts come largely from the MacT Firing PC.


  111. DeeDee says:

    "expect the unexpected"

    Biggest unexpected I can think of is trading Hemsky.

    What I find a little funny (and I hate to say it) is that this team sucks, and it has sucked for 3 years.

    And yet every time a player is mentioned in a trade someone around here defends that player, its strange.

    They bring in an old castoff troublemaker on a cheap contract and he's the 16th highest paid player on the team.

    And the leading scorer after pre-season?

    What I would like to see is some sort of work ethic return to this team. I'm tired of hearing the same old excuses.

    What I really want is a cloning machine, and the ability to turn Penner into 3.4 Comries and Nillson into 1.6 Comries. Make the new unit of comparison a Comrie (and his 1.25 Million salary).

    I want the Oilers to put some fear into the overpaid fatcats on this team that have been lounging around enjoying life the past three seasons.

    Pick a veteran that hasn't been playing hard, pin him to the wall and send him packing. Bring in another Comrie that is looking for a job, there's lots out there and willing to work cheap.

    I don't care if we are not the most skilled team. I don't care if we don't have the biggest stars on our team.

    I want to watch a team that comes out to play every night, and gives an honest effort. I want Quinn to put the fear of god into the players.

    Right now we have three types of players on the team. Players that suck with untradeable contracts, players that suck with tradeable contracts, and players that don't suck.

    The first group will only be reduced through the passage of time and the second group through trades.

    Theres a chance to shake the tree and motivate this group and shipping out a player or two is an excellent way of doing that.

  112. bookie says:

    with no mention of a training camp, pre-December timeline, or really, any timeline at all.

    Fair enough, I was too strong on the 'timeline' in the earlier post today. I perceived that having to see what they could get from the guys in the room (paraphrase) pretty much meant that you had to see them on the ice under a different coach. To me, that is tough to do pre-Sept.

    Anyway, my key goal was to try to counter the STRONG emphasis that so many people put forth that Tambellini PROMISED trades when it kept coming up throughout the summer. That's all.

    It would not have surprised me if a few trades were made.

  113. Lowetide says:

    Dee Dee: Excellent post.

  114. bookie says:

    spOILer, I posted that link because LT had a blog titled "10 Reasons Why the Oilers will Make a Move before October 2" and referred back to the press conference as evidence that Trades were coming.

    So, it was relevant. Anyway, I have wasted far to much time trying to make a simple point, but clearly, even simple points are hard for some people to grasp.

    If you really care enough to make a point, you should take the time to go back and listen to the press conference.

    I'm done with it, so lets move on to the next topic of discussion.

  115. bookie says:

    Dee Dee – I am pretty sure that you are Pat Quinn posting under a Ramones related pseudonym.

  116. Coach pb9617 says:

    and then they proceeded to offer Cogs, Penner and Smid for Heatley.

    So basically you're talking out of your ass here.

    There are at least 10 guys in this thread that need to do less typing and more listening to the RiversQ.

  117. spOILer says:


    I know, and too bad about that whole film stuff, and then there's the fact that it's the same management team who watched the squad last season that's making the personnel decisions. There's no way the relevant players could've been identified and handled before now.

    DeeDee> there's not as many of those guys left now, and even so, is a guy like Moore going to be better than Comrie at 2nd PvP?

    He'd certainly work for 4th C though, and depth too, but then we gotta drop yet another player over the one we already have to drop, don't we?

  118. RiversQ says:

    I get where DeeDee is coming from, but who are the "overpaid fatcats" that are dragging it?

    I don't think there really are any on the club. I suppose Penner and Nilsson could get dinged for that, but you could argue the other way for Penner at least.

    I see a bunch of kids over their heads and a group of vets doing their best under duress. There just aren't enough good players on the team. You can try to motivate that as much as you want, but if they aren't good enough, then there's nowhere to go.

  119. Bill Needle says:

    Reddox may not be anywhere near "'Nando country," but 'Nando country hasn't been anywhere near 'Nando country since June 2006. If all Pisani can do is reproduce his eminently forgettable 08-09 campaign, then Reddox will do a fine job replacing him. Shouldn't be difficult to replace a washed-up winger.

  120. kris says:

    I get where DeeDee is coming from, but who are the "overpaid fatcats" that are dragging it?

    Staios?… ???

    Also, compare the contributions of Pisani and Moreau to other well payed career 3rd liners. Pisani and Moreau shoudl be able to carry 1 inexperienced linemate, but they can't, or at least they haven't. They cost 4.5MM. Compare Pahlson at 2.65 to Pisani at 2.5 and you see the problem.


    There just aren't enough good players on the team.

    I know this is picky, but we actually have lots of really good players. I mean guys who can outcompete serious NHL'ers: Horcoff, Hemsky, Visnovsky, Penner, Gilbert, Grebs, Souray. That's 7. Compare Calgary: They've got three good defenseman, Iginla, Langkow, and the Finn. That's 6. (I'm probably missing someone, but Calgary is pretty solid. Compare other teams if yu want.)

    Remember, this team was actually in the + at evens last year.

    Now, we don't have a single, truly dominant player. And we do have too many smaller, younger players who give a bit too much away. All of this is a problem.

    But there are a lot of good players on the team. Indeed, we could afford a two for one trade. if such a thing were possible.

  121. RiversQ says:

    Kris: I don't disagree with anything you said there except you didn't really answer the question.

    Where are the underachievers that need to be motivated? You can tell me that the three oldtimers aren't good enough anymore, but are you implying that Steve Staios is lazy? Or Pisani? Or Moreau? Frankly, that's not very believable.

    Actually I wonder if it's the young players to some degree. Some of these guys got handed PT for reasons other than merit. Maybe they could use an attitude adjustment, but I don't think that was what DeeDee was getting at.

  122. RiversQ says:

    Oh, and Calgary has four very good dmen and Bourque, Conroy and Glencross are pretty darn good players too. I don't think it's hard to argue that's a better team this year.

    Furthermore, the only Oiler dman I'm totally sold on is Visnovsky. The others are good players for sure but I don't think they're locks to outperform top players.

  123. kris says:


    Sorry, I did sort of miss your point.

    For the record, I don't think anybody who sticks on the NHL these days is ever really 'lazy.' not even a guy lik Schremp is lazy: they work out and practice constantly, all of them.

    But Staios is overpaid, and some of the vets don't hussle like they used to. It's old legs not apathy. Nonetheless, there may very well be vets who aren't doing what they're told, in terms of positioning, team play, etc. Some athletes are arrogant; and the Oilers have become arrogance without success. Remember the CBC zamboni deal?

    So a shakeup may help this teams attitude.

  124. Ribs says:

    Man, trading away Pisani would make me ill. There's no way you bring back what you lose with him considering his inflated pricetag right now. If you wanted to entertain this option you should have done it last season or the off season so that you could grab some free agent help to sway the beam back in the right direction.

    You can trade away Hemsky but I don't know who's left to be motivated by the dealing. I'm with Rivers here. There just isn't that many good players on the team right now. The kids should be stepping up this year but it has yet to be seen so it's hard to say they are wonderful right now.

    You need Pisani and Moreau for their skill sets. Motivated or not, the roster requires them to be there. There's no way I can imagine getting back equal value for them on the trading block and that just creates yet another patched over leaky hole in the ship.

    So in short… The vets on board are few and needed. Trading them would just create more problems.

  125. NBOilerFan says:

    If they trade Pisani, they better replace him with an NHLer of the same ilk. And by NHLer, I don't mean Reddox.

    I think this team needs to start shaking things up and losing Staios, Moreau and Pisani are starting points. But they are also a big part of the core vets in this dressing room, and you can't continue to move out leadership without replacing it.

    It’s been stated a hundred times this summer (likely more), that we simply have way too many small similar type players. A good GM would recognize that; assess those players and target one or two to be moved out to make room/cap space to fill other needs on this club.

    DeeDee (I think it was) pointed out that the best player in the preseason was a castoff that was just signed a couple weeks ago. And I agree with him that I would rather watch a team that shows up and plays 110% each and every game, then a team full of "morning-glories" who can ohh and ahh once and a while. Which is why, I'm almost sad to say that I'm more excited to watch the Leafs this season because I think (as much as I dislike Burke) that Burke has assembled a team full of compete.

  126. NBOilerFan says:

    mc79hockey said…
    Why, exactly, do people think that other teams will be lining up to trade for the players that the Oilers don't want anymore? Particularly when they can count and see that some of these fellows will be on waivers in short

    Not to mention, other teams are in the same predicament that we are in…. here is a recent Bryan Murray quote…

    “I made a number of calls (Wednesday) and what’s happening is a lot of teams feel they have a fairly set lineup or they have extra players that they may be inclined to do something with,” Murray said yesterday. “We have to let it sort itself out here a little longer and maybe there will be some need (elsewhere) as we go forward.”

  127. quain says:

    Here's what I think, if we were talking about a team with competent management:

    Fernando is a good player, but unless you sit him down right now and say 'Look, sign this extension: two years, mid-$2MM's total or we're trading you' and he does it, I wouldn't be aghast at trading him, if you replace him with someone who can do his job at a reasonable level. That person doesn't exist in the organization, so you need to sign or trade for someone. The ultimate goal is to have his (or similar) abilities this year and then keep those abilities for a more in-line cost in the out years.

    But, since we're not operating under a competent management team, I fully expect to see us trade Fernando and a fourth round pick for Chris Neil. Cause he's tough, dawg.

  128. NBOilerFan says:

    And here is an interesting article by Lyle Richardson pertaining to the PReds (whom we are rumoured to be talking with)…

    Lack of scoring depth at forward remains a concern for the Predators, something GM David Poile is keenly aware of.

    Having lost out to the Maple Leafs in the bidding war for Phil Kessel, Poile recently told The Tennessean his “Plan B” was to evaluate his current roster, but will also keep an eye on the league’s waiver wire.

    He also suggested struggling teams often look to make trades at the 10-game mark.

    Poile needs to bolster the Predators offense if they’re to make the playoffs, but the best he’s likely to find on the waiver wire or via early trades are overpriced under-achievers, which won’t address his problem.

    The Predators GM will have to shop around some draft picks, prospects and perhaps a defenseman to find what he wants. He was willing to offer up picks and prospects for Kessel, so don’t rule out a similar offer if another scorer becomes available, provided their salary fits under the Predators’ self-imposed cap."

  129. hunter1909 says:

    What happens to curse the Oilers even more now that Schremp's been destroyed?

  130. uni says:

    I'm with mc79hockey, and the quotes from other GMs seem to support the fact that other teams have their own bubble players to worry about.

    Every time I see a cluster of comments about swapping out players that have very low perceived value on the Oil, and an expected return of more useful players (instead of low draft picks which is more likely if anything even happened) I start hearing the refrain "Money for nothing, and chicks for free…" in my head.

  131. Gnash says:

    It looks like patience could pay off for the Oilers management. On Oct 2, the Caps sign Forsberg and the Oilers are finally able to acquire.. wait for it.. Michael Nylander! Possibly not his wife, but we'll deal with that in the off season…

    So, the only real mystery is who else the Oilers have to move in order to create $4.875 in cap space.

  132. HBomb says:

    If they want to rock the boat and wake guys up, what better way than a change in leadership right at the top, i.e. "the captain"?

    I hope it's Moreau they send out (and that they do the same with Staios while they're at it). Right there is 4.7 million in cap space (if they can move both for picks), and the opportunity to hand over leadership of the team to Souray, Horcoff and Hemsky (either of the first two as captain would be just fine in my books). It would represent the final transition from out of the previous regime.

  133. Lowetide says:

    uni: I asked this question of Tyler last night and since you agree with him I'll ask you: do you believe Fernando Pisani is a "bubble player?"

    I don't, far from it.

  134. Doogie2K says:

    and then they proceeded to offer Cogs, Penner and Smid for Heatley.

    So basically you're talking out of your ass here.

    Because Heatley's trade request went public back in April, amirite?

    Circumstances changed, a unique opportunity to get a white whale was presented to Captain Ahab, so they moved on it. Otherwise, I see nothing in this summer that contradicts Bookie's interpretation of Tambellini's presser.

  135. HBomb says:

    PS to my post above – I trade Moreau instead of Pisani for a couple other reasons too:

    1) Ditch an extra year of contract committment.

    2) Straight up, I think Pisani's a better hockey player than Moreau, and the injury risk is basically a wash between the two.

  136. Rod says:

    @uni: Who's assuming we're getting good return? Seems to me a lot of the angst–at least from me–over the thought of Pisani being moved is recognition that the Oil would essentially be getting cents on the dollar. In-house, there isn't someone ready and able to replace Pisani right now. Combine those factors, and moving Pisani out leaves a hole in the lineup. Reddox is willing, but he's not Pisani. Won't be next year either. Picks are nice and all, but that doesn't help replace Pisani right now.

    If the idea is to get cap relief, there's better options than Pisani. At least if they move any of Nilsson, Moreau, Staios, there's cap relief this year *and* next.

    If Pisani is on the block because of durability issues, Moreau should again be ahead of Pisani in that line.

    I fail to see how Pisani is at the top of the list to be moved. Course, there's the factor quain brought up–meaning common sense is not involved in the decision.

  137. hunter1909 says:

    You will all be sorry when Schremp scores a lot of goals in Long island as he competes for the cup on the Tavare's line.

    "new islander fan"

  138. hunter1909 says:

    Without Schremp to look forward to, who exactly do the incredibly dross Oilers even have?

    Eberle – runty little player type that often ends up not making it due to lack of size

    That new Swede – Seen the highlight reels, kid's got hands of stone

    Gagner – Looks like a junior player for the past 2 seasons, no where near the level of the stars of the game so woo hoo so fucking what

    No offence, but it's going to be hard for me to post in here for awhile, since the only players left on the Oilers are more like talking about what filthy clothes to stick into the machine down the laundromat, than anything resembling something of interest, other than to a fanatic.

  139. hunter1909 says:

    Talking about the 2009 Oilers

    - often injured players and how much they cost the team with massive cap hits, that handcuff the team like a 30 million budget before the salary cap

    - the declining value of "the veterans" who were nothing more ever than half assed stars to start with, no real stars since Pronger lol.

    - How crap all of the young players are, instead of looking forward to any of them

    - mentioning anything but the Flames, with their team canada opening night defence pairing, and all of their other stars, none of whom even want to play for the Oilers, in a million years

    Beam me up Scotty

  140. rickibear says:

    Oh, and Calgary has four very good dmen and Bourque, Conroy and Glencross are pretty darn good players too.

    3 of the 4 calgary forwards (Langkow)who are in the

    30-50 club: Above average comp/Outscore/+ve Corsi.

    What is sick when you compare salaries all are underpaid by 2M or more.

  141. uni says:

    LT: Pisani isn't a bubble player by any means, and I wouldn't want to trade him since the ROI on such a transaction won't be good from what I can see.

    I do think, however, that Pisani's trade value is at an all time low, seeing as his last 3 seasons have been injury plagued, his current contract of 2.5 million isn't cheap, and he hasn't been the same player for some time.

    Not a bubble player, but his trade return isn't going to be anywhere near good enough to justify trading him. If the Oilers want something of value, however, the bubble players and Pisani aren't going to be what swings it.

  142. Art Vandelay says:

    Stauffer says to "expect the unexpected"?

    Jeanne Dixon also says to "expect big changes today," while Kresgin thinks somebody in a blue and orange sweater is "about to move."

  143. NBOilerFan says:

    Matheson indicates that they can't waive Pisani because he's likely going on IR along with Pouliot.

    He also indicated that Reddox may get picked off waivers due to past interest from St. Louis.

    He points, as most of us do, at Nilsson.

    Guess we'll soon find out.

  144. Undisclosed Personal Reasons says:

    We can't rebuild and at the same time hang on to guys like Pisani, Moreau, Staios, Nilsson etc. Although, it's been said over the past few years that we're in a rebuilding process I've never felt that we've committed to it. I've felt like we're in some kind of limbo between acquiring youth and trying to make the playoffs. it's not working.

    Bringing in a new vision and new coaches are steps one and two. Changing personnel that will cause short-term pain for long-term gain is the next step. We'll always be in rebuilding-contention (read 7-12 place) if we don't bite the bullet.

  145. Ribs says:

    You will all be sorry when Schremp scores a lot of goals in Long island as he competes for the cup on the Tavare's line.

    "new islander fan"

    Day Two…

  146. kris says:

    Ditto to what UPR says.

    Moreau, Staios, and even Pisani (who seems to be slowing) aren't going to put us over the top, and by the time this young team is ready to be good -if it ever is- those guys are likely be broken down. (Pisani might not, but he does look like he's slowing.)

    I'd say the same about Souray and Vis, though the latter seems like a guy who can play well into old age.

  147. Jonathan Willis says:

    I assume most of us agree that this team needs a tough-minutes guy like Pisani?

    And that it would be better if he were big and tough, too?

    And if he were super-cheap, that would be great?

    Ladies and gentlemen (I'm just kidding – genltemen…) I give you: Colin Stuart, Calgary Flame.

  148. SkinnyD says:

    So if we have too many of the same thing, and Tambo's willing to trade one of the kids (ie Cogliano), why not trade Gagner – maybe that could get Nillson off our hands too as the throw-in. Eberle has more to offer than Gagner, and will be entry-level next year. MPS is coming down the pipe. Gagner has been sputtering with no guarantee that he'll be dominating – perhaps his value is highest now and it would be the right time?

    That would be unexpected..

  149. Ribs says:

    Looks like you get your wish, hunter. – Link

  150. Jonathan Willis says:

    Eberle has more to offer than Gagner...

    One day, five years from now (quite possibly sooner), you'll realize how crazy that statement is.

  151. NBOilerFan says:

    I believe the Schremp camp has known all along that teh Islanders would claim him if Edmonton waived him.

    Which is why he has been so calm and casual throughout this ordeal.

  152. HBomb says:

    JW: I've got a very knowledgeable friend who believes that Gagner is the most expendable of he, Cogliano and Eberle and that players like Samwise are "easiest to find", that he can't finish like either of the other two.

    I think he's full of shit.

  153. NBOilerFan says:

    PS – Good for Robbie Schremp… and good for the Oilers. I say that Scremp doesn't become an NHLer, unless he can somehow parlar this into a PP specialtist type carreer. But I'd take Nilsson over Schremp every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

    Wishful thinking this that the Oilers fans and blogs can move on from Schremp…. but unfortunately, that is just as stated, wishful thinking.

  154. NBOilerFan says:

    Jonathan Willis said…
    Ladies and gentlemen (I'm just kidding – genltemen…) I give you: Colin Stuart,

    This is where I think the stats seperate from the organizations. Obviously the stats you present are enough to great some very positive train of thought on a Colin Stuart type pick-up, but do organizations pick up on that. Do they have anyone within the organization that looks at this. Or do they just reliy all this info from scouts and game-tape?

    What I'm basically asking is, would organizations seee this player teh same way you do from these stats?

  155. SkinnyD says:

    Eberle has more to offer than Gagner…

    One day, five years from now (quite possibly sooner), you'll realize how crazy that statement is.

    Meh, easy for me to be anonymous and make bold predictions like that, Jon. ;)

    With the bits of time I've seen Eberle play in person (once at rookie camp, once at main camp) he was making his peers (Gagner, Cogliano, Nilsson) look ordinary by both dictating and anticipating the play. Yes, it's training camp. It'll take years to see what he can really do – but so far I'm more impressed by what he seems to bring than Gagner ('seems' being the operative word). Were it not for a goal post and some timing adjustments, he'd have been that much more impressive in pre-season.

  156. Traktor says:

    Rumor had it Tambellini offered Schremp to the Islanders at the draft for a 2nd but they declined.

    Is there a reason that we couldn't have settled for a 4th? 5th? 6th? 7th?

    Poor asset management for something that was already written is stone.

  157. HBomb says:

    Traktor: They probably didn't offer anything because they (the Isles) knew this day was coming and they could have him for the $50K claim fee, or whatever it is.

  158. Oilman says:

    that's $50k towards the new downtown arena!

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