Training Camp

I’ll have a post up later today when the Oilers finally get around to releasing the final roster, but wanted to say something about what a wonderful day this must be for young men like Johan Motin. Most of us know the pure joy of making a team at some level, but I’ve never seen a good description of what it must be like to attend an NHL training camp. Baseball’s poets have long since given us the imagery and excitement of spring and their game, but hockey’s training camp remains a less told story (poets are allergic to the cold).

Johan Motin will skate on the same ice as Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier did years ago, and test his skills against the very best players in the world. He is unlikely to make the big club, but he’ll get a taste and at some level begin the process that may allow him to close that gap and eventually make the show.

I can’t imagine the feeling (first training camp) but can say there’s a bunch of us with feet of clay who still daydream about what an incredible time it must be to lace them up at an NHL training camp.

Fall is here and with it comes this splendid game. I can hardly wait.

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