Training Camp Hopeful #6: Rob Schremp

I’ve always felt Rob Schremp was in need of an expansion draft. A brand new team looking to sell the game to a fresh hockey market could devote copious even-strength and special teams minutes to him in an effort to build the game.

However, the NHL isn’t looking to Houston or Portland or even Vegas (a perfect spot for him) at this time so Robbie has only 30 possible destinations.

This fall will be a different set of circumstances for him on several levels: MacT is gone, he is healthy and fit, and the coaching staff has turned over save for one guy who liked Schremp’s game when he coached the player in Springfield.

  • So you’re saying MacT held him back? No, not at all. I think MacT would have given Schremp more games a year ago but the kid faded after a couple of acceptable games. Remember, MacTavish is the coach who always talked about the game being about what you take and what you leave. That was clearly his issue with Schremp.
  • MacT was right to rip him? I don’t think he should have been as public but don’t really disagree with what was said about Schremp. The issues for this player in 2004 fall are the same issues as we’re dealing with now, and we know that other prospects worked hard in the same areas with good results.
  • That’s not true, he progressed on all kinds of levels. Not really. Schremp’s pre-draft scouting reports mentioned things like “average skater” and “lacks defensive intensity” and here were are 5 long years later discussing the same things.
  • You’re just looking at this past season. Well, let’s look at last season. Wasn’t Schremp supposed to be the big offensive weapon for that team? Remember he had a nice start to the season but fell flat later on. Seems to me if Robbie had continued to play well last winter this would be a different conversation.
  • Well his confidence was shattered when MacT sent him down, that bastard. That’s just silly. Schremp came up, had a couple of games where he didn’t hurt the team and then he had some poor shifts and got sent down. I don’t think he earned a move up the depth chart based on those games so was sent down when the time came to make a roster move. It’s not all about Robbie. I think Schremp is such an emotional figure for some of the fanbase it has become impossible to discuss him rationally.
  • Because you hate him. You’re making my point for me.
  • I so wish he’d take Pouliot’s job, that would fix your wagon. I can’t state this strongly enough: they are never going to be in competition for the same job. Put simply, Pouliot’s offense didn’t come with him to the NHL but Schremp’s never gotten it through his head that he’s not Gretzky. He’s going to have to grab a shovel and start digging like pretty much everyone else, much like Daniel Cleary and Marty Reasoner did before him. There’s no Harlem Globetrotters hockey edition, so this is the world he lives in.
  • What about his AHL season a year ago, you said he started well. Very well, especially at even strength. In his first 18 games with the Falcons, he was 1-12-13 .722 at even strength and that’s a very nice number. But he faded after that and was a disaster under Daum, scoring only 4 EV assists in 28 games after the new coach arrived in Springfield.
  • So why is he even on this list? Schremp has skills in a narrow view and scoring goals is the hardest thing to do. He contributes to scoring and a team like Edmonton might find him useful when injuries hit.
  • He has to clear waivers, you know. At this point I don’t think that’s a huge consideration for the team. If the NY Islanders claim him on waivers then so be it, the Oilers need to move forward with their own plan. In a lot of ways the team wrote this script when elevating Gagner and Cogliano in the fall of 2007.
  • What’s this about Buchberger liking him? Bucky raved about him, saying “his vision is unbelievable at this level. He passes the puck like a pro.”
  • So how does he make this roster? A strong training camp including some wizardry on the powerplay in pre-season and then an injury to one or more of the skilled men. Schremp’s skills are duplicated all over this roster so he’s going to need some luck early. If Quinn pairs him with Robert Nilsson and they show that same magic they had in the AHL maybe that gets him noticed.

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