What about Satan?

While we’re on the subject of Mike Comrie and bringing back former Oilers, what about Satan?

He’s clearly not the player he used to be and the Oilers paid in full for sending him away (319 goals and counting since March 18, 1997) but is this a player who could help?

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56 Responses to "What about Satan?"

  1. Travis Dakin says:

    I know that Comrie's skills are duplicated but the man is about to turn 29 and just in what should be the prime of his career. Minus playing in a couple of unjury plagued seasons and on a couple of crappy teams. I think he has the ability to be the player he once was, especially with a Hemsky type. He scored 30 goals in the the dead puck era. Satan is 35.

  2. Baroque says:

    The recent progression of "Comrie – Shremp – Satan" for some reason strikes me as extremely funny. :)

  3. DBO says:

    Comrie said all the right things yesterday if anyone saw some of his interviews.

    "I was young"
    "People can have second chances"
    "i've grown up a lot and matured"
    "the fans pay money and they can boo or cheer, they have that right"

    Sounds very much like setting the stage for his "grown up" return to edmonton. Let's hope that his signing doesn't mean Cogs is gone. i'd sooner send robert down then deal Cogs.

    As for Satan. At this point i'd sooner have Comrie or Cogs on the top line then Satan.

  4. Mr DeBakey says:

    In 08/09:
    Dominic Moore 44 pts
    Miro Satan 36 pts

    Plus Moore wins face-offs

  5. hunter1909 says:

    Great idea, now that the Oilers seem serious about returning to those heady wacky days of the early 90's.

    I'll never forget my adolescent mind chuckling to itself at the idea of replacing Mark Messier et al, with a player named SATAN.

    That seemed to explain everything to me.

  6. Gandhi says:

    i love your blog LT (and most of your fine commenters!), been following for a couple years, but have never posted.

    is it just me, or shouldn't our most pressing need be a back-up goalie? everybody keep whining about khabibulin, but we are now stuck with him and must start moving on.

    sure, a defensive center would be great (and clearly my #2 need), but what is a bigger problem: risking pouliot as 3rd line center (a risk, but at least he's a relatively proven NHL'er with fairly clear upside) or JDD (who has proven nothing aside from teh fact that he is an average AHLer) playing 30 or more games as back-up?!

    neither is a great option, but given the importance of goaltending and the absolute unprovenness of JDD, it seems like a no-brainer. especially when decent goalies (who could very well usurp khabibulin as #1 as early as this season) are still available for cheap.

    what about fernandez for 1M or so (after all biron signed for 1.3)? what a relief that would be for me…wouldn't it be for any of you too?

    of course my preference would be to still try for halak or harding, but beggars can't be choosers, and it would be nice to still have some cash left for that 3rd line center spot!

  7. oilersinsider says:

    I can think of a number of former Oilers still out there that make more sense that Satan.

    Mike Peca and Petr Sykora for two. That said, there are a number of good UFA's still available if Edmonton can figure a way to dump load off of the ship.

    I'd take Skyora over Nilsson or Malhotra over Pouliot. By the time your done the math, they'd come in around the same price if the lastest 2nd and 3rd tier signings tell us anything.

  8. Lowetide says:

    Gandhi: Thanks, and welcome. Post more. Yes, I think the Oilers need a stronger backup goalie for sure. It's one of four things they need imo:

    a top 6F with scoring skills/size
    backup goalie
    veteran right handed center
    veteran Pisani insurance

    I think Satan makes more sense than Comrie and Malhotra makes a ton of sense but that's not going to happen. The Oilers pride themselves on having one of their wings clip the earth on takeoff. Balance is a mystery.

  9. Gandhi says:

    ok, so then if you could choose between the following, all available for 1M or so:

    top 6F: sykora/comrie/satan/etc (Lang?)
    backup G: fernandez/legacy/etc
    def C: malhotra/betts/etc (Lang?)
    def F: hilbert/dvorak/etc

    goalie hands down for me, although malhotra would be tempting (but would probably cost more too), so apples to apples its probably more the betts tree as comparables…

  10. flamingpavelbure says:

    Seing you guys talk, it looks like you don't really believe in Brulé's chances of becoming a legitimate 3rd/4th center. As for Malhotra, he gets a lot of time with Nash, so his stats are juiced up.

  11. Schitzo says:

    bure: I can see how playing with Nash would make you one of the top-10 faceoff men in the league.

    Wait… what?

  12. flamingpavelbure says:

    Shitzo: Did i ever mentionned his faceoffs percentage.

    I meant the GOals assists and Points not much else.

  13. Lowetide says:

    Brule's underlying numbers aren't promising overall, although I'll be cheering like hell for him.

    Gandhi: I'd take the goalie and you make a great point. I should have posted "Markkanen?" :-)

  14. flamingpavelbure says:

    Don't you think JDD deserves a chance? Not like he's been terrible last season. 90,4%. Don't think the Oilers will get a backup guy, don't trade Mathieu Garon to get another.

  15. Lowetide says:

    Khabibulin's history tells us the Oilers need a veteran backup they can count on. He's not going to play 65 games.

  16. flamingpavelbure says:

    Veteran goaltender… even if JDD does bad, there's Dubby. Then Dany Sabourin. I can hardly think that one of those three wouldn't post the usual 90% save that the free agents with mask get.

  17. Schitzo says:

    Bure: Has anyone, at any point this summer, said that our problem is we need more goals from our third line centre?

    Reasoner, Pouliot, Maholtra, whatever, you'll get your 10 goals.

  18. flamingpavelbure says:

    shitzo: No, i was just saying. But even if it's not the issue. Having 15-20 wouldn't be a damnation

  19. Fake Craig McTavish says:

    Sykora is close to signing in Minnesota according to Russo and is apparently tight with Havlat.

    Going into the season with JDD as backup likely ends any slim chance the Oilers make the playoffs.

  20. Jfry says:


    can you please explain why you think satan would be better than comrie? i would have agreed with the statement 2 or 3 years ago, but he didn't look new and shiny last year, that's for sure. comrie hasn't looked better, so i'm just curious why the devil over the fallen angel?

    i'm curious about brule…i got to see betts and maholtra in Calgary and neither looked like much and now hearing people ask for them to sign in edmonton, leads me to understand why you're pulling for pouliot, who has looked much better than those two early in his career. i'd say brule has as well. if we're not winning this year, which i believe we've all conceded, why not develop our future maholtra, if we believe one of brule or pouliot can take on that role?

  21. Lowetide says:

    Jfry: Satan wasn't horrible last season(he had a better year than Comrie) and he would seem to be available. I think we're at a point now where these UFA's would be willing to go anywhere (in the NHL) if they got a guaranteed contract.

    So, if we're looking around for someone, why pick Comrie? He's duplicated all over the roster and he's a big question mark moving forward despite his age. Satan's numbers weren't horrible a year ago.

  22. grant says:

    I can't see the Oilers bringing in anyone else before training camp. I think they'd invite a C like Comrie before they look at another soft, small skill winger.

  23. Lowetide says:

    Satan isn't small. 6.03, 195.

  24. flamingpavelbure says:

    Satan is still soft like a Pillow.

  25. grant says:

    Satan isn't small. 6.03, 195.

    But at 195, he isn't exactly big. Incidentally, hockeydb has him listed at 6'1" 195.

    I understand the logic; LW, shooter with some size. I just don't think management is after that type of player not named Dany Heatley. They seem quite prepared to go into the season as is.

  26. Mr DeBakey says:

    Satan is still soft like a schremp.

  27. Lowetide says:

    We're arguing Satan versus Comrie and pointing out Satan's soft? Just checking.

  28. flamingpavelbure says:

    LT: Yes because we cant point out Satan's Size as a + Since he's so soft anyways.

  29. SkinnyD says:

    Hey LT – short time reader, first time poster.

    Why are we even worried about goaltending? I think part of the draw with Khabi was that he IS only going to play 65 games – leaving a fair shot for JDD to start wiggling his way into some proper amounts of game action. Can't develop your prospects unless you…develop them. If he crumbles, Dubnyk gets his shot.

    He had a couple of golden games last year…the shootout vs NYR…the Calgary game…

  30. PDO says:

    The Oilers have this disturbing habit of giving prospects playing time instead of waiting for them to force the issue…

  31. Gandhi says:

    skinny D: i am all for developing prospects, of course. but JDD is 25 and never even really distinguished himself in the AHL. I'm hoping like crazy that the oilers know something i don't and that he has somehow progressed since then (while playing very few games last year), but why take the gamble? in a league where 1 or 2 pts is often the difference between making the playoffs or not, can the oilers really afford to develop JDD in the big leagues?

    isn't that what the AHL is for?!

    he wasn't around last year because he had won an NHL job and accomplished all there was to accomplish in the AHL; rather, he was here only because they had screwed up his development so badly by not having their own farm team for so many years, that they didn't want to lose him on waivers without being absolutely sure what they have.

    i say send him down and see if he dominates. if his previous record is any indication of his future record, then he probably won't, but at least we'll see how he compares with dubnyk, and get a better idea of how good he really is.

    given all the goalies out there at the moment and how cheap they are available for, it seems surprising that we will lose him on waivers, but that seems like a much lower-cost gamble than the alternative.

  32. Jfry says:

    FPB, please slow down on the number of posts…it bogs down reading the comments. you're often just repeating the same thing we got in your first post.

    also, most of us will enjoy them more if you post some stats to support your point of you. otherwise it becomes a big he said / she said with endless boring circles.

    For instance, i had issue with satan over comrie because when they were on the same team in 07/08, comrie had 21 goals and 49 points in 76 games. satan had 15 goals and 41 points in 80 games. it appears that comrie was playing with inferior players against harder competition as per behind the net


    comrie was 3.56/60 on the pp and satan was 1.92

    i agree that satan addresses a need on the wing, but if we're keeping cogs and he's already speaking positively about moving to the LW, then we have plenty in the LW.

    i don't get bringing comrie to camp, because we have plenty of his body type, but we don't have plenty of goals, which he brings when healthy. more than most on our team, at any rate.

    i really have mixed emotions about comrie and am against satan. i think there's better options than both.

  33. PunjabiOil says:

    The Oilers should have acquired Satan on waivers at the trade deadline. Instead, they gave up a 2nd round pick for a guy they never intended to sign (Kotalik).

    There is negligible difference between Satan and Kotalik for the Oilers to give up a 2nd round pick.

    Inefficient asset management.

    But now? There's no purpose in signing Satan.

    Signing Comrie, despite size limitations and all, would still be prudent given his 1.3M contract would be subject to over-performance. The guy has proven to be a goal scorer. Sykora would also not be a bad option.

  34. Peter says:

    Satan – no.
    Comrie – maybe, but at the cost of letting Nilsson go – no.

    I'm not a Schremp fan, but I'd rather give him a shot than sign either of those 2.

  35. Mr DeBakey says:

    "I'm not a Schremp fan, but I'd rather give him a shot than sign either of those 2."

    Or, even 38 goal scorer Potulny,
    a much better player than Schremp

  36. SkinnyD says:

    Ghandi – totally agree that JDD's development was stunted. But if we ship him back to the AHL, we'd be stunting Dubnyk wouldn't we? Neither of them needs a step back – time to fish or cut bait with JDD and keep developing Dubnyk. Not an ideal situation, but I think at this point it's the best way to manage our assets (even though mistakes have clearly been made).

    I still think JDD can be a starter, but alas he's being forced to get into the lineup at a bit of a disadvantage.

  37. SkinnyD says:

    As far as the actual thread of Satan vs Comrie…

    I'm guessing something else must be in the works for them to be considering signing Comrie – otherwise it doesn't make a ton of sense.

    I like O'Sullivan getting a look on the top line at LW – he's a shooter…takes a lot of shots…

    'Here's Hemsky…to O'Sullivan…rebound, Horcoff scooooooores!!!!'

  38. Chris says:

    Dominic Moore and Manny Maholtra – either one of them would make 10 times more sense than the return of Comrie. I even like Comrie as a player but this team doesn't need another undersized forward unless Katz has declared he's renaming the team the Edmonton Hobbits.

  39. SkinnyD says:

    I agree Chris – there has to be something else in the works, otherwise it doesn't make much sense signing Comrie (and I think O'Sullivan would do a better job as a 1st line LW than Satan).

    Let's not forget though…Hobbits saved the world! ;)

  40. Sean says:

    Dibs out on Satan. He faded big time last year after getting the prime minutes with Crosby. I would say no to Sykora too. Nilsson is probably a better player than both at this point in time.

  41. Alice says:


    That's what, 10 posts in this thread? We know you can use a keyboard; how about using the mouse for a while? It's a shared space here, not your echo chamber. Show a little consideration for your fellow travellers.

  42. kinger says:


    LT is all about inclusion so I hesitate to comment at all but I just can't help myself. Do you fellows mind keeping the discussion constructive? e.g. supporting your arguments with convincing evidence and refraining from needless hyperbole.


  43. Doogie2K says:

    This picture reminds me how much I don't miss the shitty lighting at Maple Leaf Gardens every Saturday night.

  44. Gord says:

    I am positive FPB is the same troll I have on ignore on hfboards – ruins every thread they post in…

  45. Schitzo says:

    There is negligible difference between Satan and Kotalik for the Oilers to give up a 2nd round pick.

    Inefficient asset management.

    Hemsky doesn't ask for a trade? Efficient asset management.

    Granted, we have no idea if that's actually what happened. But if Hemsky is getting restless, a 2nd is a cheap way to show him that the org. is still listening.

  46. FlamingPavelBure says:

    Kotalik seemed to fit well, i don't know if he publicly declared or showed that he didn't want to stay long term. He has an over average shot, and tendency to go with it. Seemed like a good match for Hemmers.

    Gord: I don't have an HFBoards account.

  47. Racki says:

    I wouldn't mind Sykora back (over Nilsson, and at the right price). But not so sure on Satan.

  48. Jonathan Willis says:

    FlamingPavelBure: Let's go over some of the points you've tossed out there.

    As for Malhotra, he gets a lot of time with Nash, so his stats are juiced up.

    Nobody wants Malhotra here to score points. The notion is to give Moreau and Pisani a reliable veteran so that Quinn can run a checking line. Plus, add a guy who can fix the PK. None of which has anything to do with point totals or Nash.

    Don't you think JDD deserves a chance?

    Based on his AHL numbers, no.

    Veteran goaltender… even if JDD does bad, there's Dubby. Then Dany Sabourin. I can hardly think that one of those three wouldn't post the usual 90% save that the free agents with mask get.

    For starters, Dany Sabourin has signed elsewhere. He is no longer a part of the Edmonton Oilers organization.

    Other than that, given that Dubnyk's AHL sv% the last two years has been .906 and .904, why should anyone believe he'll be a .900 goalie in the NHL?

    Finally, looking at the free agents out there – what about Manny Fernandez, who has posted .910, .911 and .928 since the lockout? Why should we think a guy like that would be down around the .900 mark?

    All the best.

  49. Vince says:

    No thanks, played in any veteran wingers dream scenario last year and scored like what, 16(?) goals?

    If you're a 35 year old veteran goal scorer who can't succeed on the Pittsburgh Penguins of all friggin teams….you're done.

  50. hunter1909 says:

    The Devil incarnate, Comrie, Sykora – all third rate retreads at this point.

    I'd infinitely rather see Schremp out there for 40 – 50 games on the second line, just for the comedy/drama he would provide to this Pat Quinn led team.

    That's asset management.

  51. Mark-Ryan says:

    Delaurier's stats the last two years in the AHL are actually .908 and .912, not .906 and .904. His play in the NHL was fine, and his stats were too – considering the sample and the fact that he was thrown into hell twice (relieved Roloson in both the Buffalo and Detroit defeats in which the team allowed 19 goals in two games).

    Why not Manny Fernandez? The same Manny Fernandez who admitted to the media that his injury problems were persistent and that he was seriously considering early retirement?

    They're giving Delauriers a few "at-bats". They aren't 'stats-men', and when it comes to Goaltenders, I don't blame them. One of the catch-phrases on blogs like this is "development is linear", "players don't develop in a straight line".

    With Goaltenders, it barely resembles a line in most cases. The reigning Vezina winner was bouncing between the ECHL and IHL at Delaurier's age.

  52. uni says:

    The reigning Vezina winner was bouncing between the ECHL and IHL at Delaurier's age.

    I agree somewhat with your assessment of non-linear development, however, I'll make one caution.

    Tim Thomas is the definition of the colloquialism "The exception that proves the rule". Take a look and see how many goaltenders with his track record have emerged like he has, as consistently as he has. I believe if you're lucky you'll only find 1.

    Ditto Brian Rafalski, heckuva player, but with his size and track record, you don't find too many like him making it as he has the way he has.

    I think at bats to figure out what you have are fine, but banking on it is not a good idea when history says otherwise…a contingency plan would be very nice.

  53. Doogie2K says:

    Delaurier's stats the last two years in the AHL are actually .908 and .912, not .906 and .904.

    He's talking about Dubnyk, actually. On that note, I'm not convinced that the .906 is entirely indicative of Dubnyk's talent so much as the fact that the Springfield Falcons were the worst team in the AHL last year, blessed with injuries and ECHLers as they were. This year should be instructive.

  54. Mark-Ryan says:

    Tim Thomas is the definition of the colloquialism "The exception that proves the rule". Take a look and see how many goaltenders with his track record have emerged like he has, as consistently as he has. I believe if you're lucky you'll only find 1.

    I would point out that Tim Thomas' runner-up for the Vezina is 31 with exactly 3 years of NHL experience, but I don't disagree that these are exceptions to the rule.

    Though Delaurier isn't really out of the age range of "the norm", I do think his numbers and level of play in both leagues merit at least an extra look. He is, after all, a big-man with some rare athleticism – a rare combo, even for the NHL.

    I mean, Jesus, if you're going to give every single under-performing forward on this roster another look at the cost of games, might as well give a guy who actually looked pretty good some more looks.

    He's talking about Dubnyk, actually.


    Sorry JW, my mistake.

  55. uni says:

    Mark-Ryan: Backstrom had the track record and didn't exactly coming out of the blue. He was an elite goaltender in the Finnish league for years, including I believe back to back championships before he was signed as a backup.

    Tim Thomas was playing in the AHL, and was an average goaltender in that league. Never showed any sign of being what he is today.

    Like I said, you're not going to find another Tim Thomas in the NHL today.

    I agree 100% though, if you're giving the skaters chances, and you believe in Deslaurier then by all means give the kid a shot. At the same time though I'd love to have a fall back in case he doesn't pan out, as history tells us he doesn't have a high percentage to. 25-30 games is a heckuva lot to bet on a maybe.

  56. Mark-Ryan says:

    Uni: Well, yeah, my only point was that Goaltenders are far more unpredictable and develop far too differently to adhere strictly to tracked save percentages and comparables.

    Backstrom might have been an elite goaltender in Finland for years, but it still took him 9 years of pro hockey to break into the NHL.

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