What EXACTLY did the guy say?

This is Mike Comrie with Souray and Chara. It’s one of maybe 10 actual hockey photos of Bill Comrie’s kid on the internet. The others are of Hilary Duff and Comrie is “also in photo.”

Steve Tambellini plays his cards a little closer to the vest than did Kevin Lowe, so we’re still not certain of the Oilers interest in MC hammer tonight. However, there are signs and I think we’re smart enough to read between the lines of what was said by Tambi this afternoon. My wife calls this game “what exactly did the guy say” because I apparently embellish, overuse hyperbole and am paranoid.

Whatever. Here’s the game. I post a Tambellini quote from today and decipher it in my way. Then you get to give it a thumbs up or down based on the BS factor. Good? Here goes.

  1. “I think it’s pretty normal for agents and teams to talk about some of the free agents that are out there.” Which means: We’ve talked to Mike and Ritch Winter but can’t decide if they’re setting us up or interested. And my hockey people can’t make up their damn minds and Kevin Lowe is running all over the office saying “you’ll be sorry!” and frankly I can’t hear myself think. I’m leaning towards letting Pat Quinn decide, he’s the only sane one in the office this week.
  2. “Mike’s a good player but no decision has been made to add any player on our roster at this time.” Which means: If we bring him in and he doesn’t play as well as Cogliano, etc then he’s a 4th line guy who can’t do much for us. He was hurt last season but he was also awful last season. Plus we really don’t have enough cap room to make a mistake here.
  3. “We’ve got a long ways to go as far as looking at our team through training camp. If we feel like we need to add, we will.” Which means: Borrowing from Kevin Lowe, I woke up one day and said ‘wow, we have a lot of holes!’ What if Pisani comes to camp and we find an injury, or Moreau has lost a step? Man we could use a warrior or two, in fact I told Sillinger today he better rest that hip because we might need him. So, I don’t know. Do we add an offensive piece when we might need a checker or faceoff specialist? I’m going to ask Pat again after his nap.
  4. “We’ve got a full roster and we’ve got salary cap issues.” I have said this out loud in front of the media all summer and no one has called me on it so let’s keep on trucking. Although there is room because the bonuses don’t count toward the cap this year, I figure it’ll make us look extra smart when we “find room” at the last minute.

So? Close? Far?

Bottom line: I think something’s up, but I’ve expected them to do something for ages. Not this something, but one expects a signed Comrie means a traded Cogliano and then we’ll see from there.

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