Chorney Callup?

Two sources (Flaming & Tencer) suggest that the Oilers will place Sheldon Souray on the IR today and recall young Taylor Chorney. The choice of Chorney (say that fast 5 times) isn’t a shock but is worth mulling over. The obvious choice would be Theo Peckham (better overall fit for the Quinn Oilers) but his injury pre-TC set him back and he’s just seeing Triple A game action.

Also down on the farm are minor league veterans Dean Arsene and Jake Taylor, along with a plethora of youngsters that include Alex Plante and Johan Motin. Chorney is among the league leaders in scoring (4gp, 2-3-5, tied for 2nd among D, also with 2 PP goals) but is also bleeding at EVs. Here’s the Falcon blue with their GP and plus minus numbers:

  1. Johan Motin 3gp, E
  2. Jake Taylor 4gp, +1
  3. Theo Peckham, 2gp, +1
  4. Dean Arsene 4gp, -2
  5. Chris Armstrong 4gp, -3
  6. Alex Plante 3gp, -3
  7. Taylor Chorney 4gp, -4

Chorney’s -29 a year ago was a damning stat and it looks like this team is still something of a disaster at EVs. I think it’s reasonable to suggest that a healthy Peckham would have forced his way onto the big team before Chorney, and it’s also worth discussing options like Jake Taylor and Dean Arsene. I have no idea how to measure Motin’s number, he has only played 3 of the games which suggests the Falcons are bringing him along slowly.

Chorney’s numbers are impressive offensively and on the powerplay, but as with most kids getting the call he won’t see those kinds of minutes in the show. Chorney has looked good in both training camps he’s been to and clearly is one of the top rated prospects for the Edmonton Oilers organization.

The question becomes “is Taylor Chorney the best possible option at this time?”

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