Flames at Oilers, G1, 09-10

He was born in Big Beaver by the borderline
He started playing hockey by the time he was nine
His Dad took the hose and froze the backyard
And Little Buddy dreamed he was Rocket Richard
He grew up big and he grew up tough
He saw himself scoring for the (Oilers) Wings or Canucks
But he wasn’t that good with the puck.

Buddy’s real talent was beating people up
His heart wasn’t in it but the crowd ate it up
Through pee-wee’s and juniors, midgets and mites
He must have racked up more than 300 fights
A scout from the Flames came down from Saskatoon
Said “there’s always room on our team for a goon,
Son we’ve always got room for a goon.”

-Warren Zevon

I love the fall. When I was a kid, on a morning like this one, my Dad would tell us early on that it would be a day for raking leaves in the backyard. Back then (this is in small places in western Canada like Whonnock, Burns Lake, 100 Mile House and Maidstone) you could rake the leaves and then burn them in your backyard same day. It’s one of my favorite memories, a fall day raking leaves and then burning them and my Mom making something really good for supper.

Back then the Bugs Bunny Road Runner show came on one hour before Hockey Night In Canada, so my brother and I would watch it while eating and then we’d settle in for the game. We loved Bobby Orr, he was our hero and we got to see the Bruins quite a bit as kids because they were so damn good. But it didn’t matter who was playing (I always loved the 6 new teams, their uniforms were colorful and I had all the hockey cards so got to see the Bobby Sheehan’s and Bill Goldsworthy’s once in awhile) and between periods the two boys would run downstairs and play floor hockey. My brother was older, so he got to be Bobby Orr (life sucks, sometimes) and I’d always pick Yvan Cournoyer because my family couldn’t cheer for the Leafs “on account of they traded Frank Mahovlich” (you think I’m making this up, but it’s true).

I’m happy to see fall arrive and look forward to the winter time. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the things that tied us together in childhood and maybe why we hold on to them later in life.

It’s time to welcome back this beautiful game. It’s Hockey Night in Canada.

UPDATE: Lines and NEW pairings.
  • Horcoff-Jacques-Hemsky
  • Comrie-O’Sullivan-Stone
  • Brule-Penner-Cogliano
  • Gagner-Moreau-Stortini
  • Souray-Visnovsky
  • Grebeshkov-Gilbert
  • Smid-Staios
  • Khabibulin

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  1. Scott Reynolds says:

    Honestly, if I couldn't get Anderson for 2.25M (which is where I would stop bidding for his services since I still need to pay a backup) I would probably have decided to try to lure Harding with an offer sheet at around the same figure for, again, about three years. If he didn't want to go that route then I'd simply wait and see what developed given the goalie market this summer. There really isn't any reason to spend any more than my (self-imposed so that I can improve the club elsewhere) 2.75M budget and end up with a reasonable tandem.

  2. Bruce says:

    You know Bruce, it's a lot easier to win the series when you're on the better team. He himself didn't beat anybody.

    I'd argue he beat Kipper and Luongo, and was the better goalie in both series. Chicago was the better team, true, but in part that was due to having the better goalie.

    Fwiw, in the elimination games against Calgary and Vancouver, Chicago was outshot by an aggregate of 82-46, yet the Hawks won both games by an aggregate of 11-6, suggesting that goaltending had a big role to play in the outcome.

    Moreover, last time I checked both Luongo and Kiprusoff have a much larger cap hit than Khabibulin, and for a longer term in each instance. Kipper, 5 more years @ $5.83 MM; BobbiLu 12 more years @ $5.33, with both contracts carrying into the guy's late 30s or beyond. Khabibulin was last seen outplaying these big-money, big-rep goalies — divisional and geographic rivals, btw — in the clutch. (Yeah, I know about "clutch", but if clutch isn't not the playoffs, then when is?)

    In this light, 4 years at $3.75 MM doesn't seem quite so ridiculous.

    I know you're not a fan of "save percentage only" analysis but I think we can agree that (1) anything below .900 in the last ten years means you've done poorly

    Hawks were pretty porous, they really played wide-open. I remember them blowing that one game in Vancouver by giving up a friggin' 4-on-1 with about 2 minutes left in a tie game. Yeah, I know, anecdotes, but I don't consider the Hawks a defensive powerhouse, let's put it that way. W.r.t. Khabibulin himself, I thought he had a couple of tough games, but played pretty well overall.

    and (2) Khabibulin's non-save skills aren't elite.

    A-fucking-men to that.

  3. Ribs says:

    Man, missed the third altogether (Industrial game. Who the hell plays hockey at 10:45 at night anyway).

    Some notes from the two periods I did see….

    O'Sullivan still burying shots into goalies chests. I was hoping this was an anomoly from last year. Ugh.

    Gagner. 4th line? I think not. Noticed one time when he got the puck he tried to carry it all the way in and almost got there. Nilsson is half the player he is. I like that he figured..Stortini? Moreau?…Fuck it… I'm going all the way. The fight with Conroy…man.. how old is that guy? What a tool. Awesome on Gagner's part.

    Stone – that first hit where the guy tried to hit him and just ran into a brick wall…greatness. The rest..meh. He's tough but doesn't bring much else. Unless the energy from this game can be maintained ( I highly doubt this), I don't see him adding much to the roster.

    Penner – Good in the first…slowed down in the second. How'd he fare in the third?

    Comrie – I remember why I liked this guy. That first goal was completely his doing and it was awesome.

    Cogliano – Not as noticeable as I had hoped.

    Grebeshkov – Huffing the glue I think. Some brutal plays early on. I imagine he settled down as the game went on.

    Quinn – I'm interested to see how this works out against different teams. Had the Oil looking a lot like Chicago from last year….Which is good.

    In other news, I had a pretty sweet goal tonight. A deflected puck came to me just behind the front of the net. I batted it down to my stick and banked it off the motionless goalie's skate and in. Beautiful.

    Soldiers are down all over the place. Pardon the mess.

  4. hunter1909 says:

    I'd rather have a goalie that once in a while blows the winning goal with seconds left in the game, than a Roloson who lets in loads of easy first period goals, punctuated by ridiculously outstanding performances.

    it makes me laugh the way some of you are harping on our cup winning goalie, after the team played better than the Flames, only losing due to the laws of chance.

    I'll personally be giving Quinn and company 20 games, just to let the dust settle in on the new era :)

  5. flamingpavelbure says:

    Now that the dust is settled.

    Freaking Calm Down.

    4M$ for a goalie like Khabibulin isn't that bad. Especially that he was the bigger fish in between the pipes that day. Sure Craig Anderson looked like the better man, but Anderson's stats come from one shared season with Vokoun, on a team that plays a shutdown game.

    That last goal had a taste of ''Oh my god what the fuck?'' but hey, i tought that before that, Khabi made some pretty clutch saves.

    After things wrap up, i thing Khabi will win more game on it's own than loose on it's own like he just did.

    But oh well, we will see.

    Fact is.

    Oilers ES goals 3
    Flames ES goals 2.

    If PK didn't blow a pipe, the giveaway is the tieing goal.

    Anyways, just get Stone the fuck out and get Bobby in.

    Go Oilers!

  6. Doogie2K says:

    Also, well, post lockout:
    Giguere: 55GP 0.913
    Khabi: 50GP 0.903

    You'd have to show me the trade, and I have a lot of options I'd rather pursue first, but I can't say that I'd rather have Khabi over Giguere.

    You're comparing save percentages for a guy on a lottery team to a guy on a Stanley Cup champion? Come on, that's fucking ridiculous. Even if you don't believe that individuals have a real impact on save percentage, surely it's obvious that poor defensive structure and overall lack of capable personnel will submarine a goalie's SV% just as surely as playing shorthanded does. I'm no more thrilled with last night's effort by Sweaty Gonzalez than anyone else, but that's just cheap.

    As for the CBC commentary…let's just say there's a reason I watch most games on a 1-2 hour PVR delay. Though I still need to track down the 10s skip button on my new Shaw PVR remote, having switched from Bell's broken-ass service over the summer.

  7. bookie says:

    I'll personally be giving Quinn and company 20 games, just to let the dust settle in on the new era :)

    That is just too logical and no fun at all!

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