Hey Steve: Bust A Move!

A credible item in a Montreal newspaper today suggesting Kevin Prendergast has been spending all week at a Motel 6 in that city (well not really).

The link is here. Which Hab is he looking at? Hell if I know. However, the Oilers could use Glen Metropolit (seriously) and maybe Georges Laraque wants to come home. There’s also the Kostitsyn mess.

Either way, the activity is encouraging.

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119 Responses to "Hey Steve: Bust A Move!"

  1. Dave says:

    C'mon Tambo! Grebeshkov for Lapierre and Gorges

  2. Jeff J says:

    After losing Lang, Metro has been a surprisingly important player.

    I'd bet it's Kostitsyn, and I'm relieved that he's been in a slump. He's one of very few Habs who have a shot at outperforming his contract.

  3. Smytty777 says:

    Do we need to move Nilsson, or other salary, before activating Pisani to get under the cap? This team could use a healthy Pisani (and healthy Souray), in a big way.

    Metropolit would be very interesting.

  4. Mr DeBakey says:

    Do Montreal have any defenders who don't play like
    Barbara Ann Scott?

    Other than that
    Tomas Plekanic please

  5. Dennis says:

    89 was talking about how he can't believe what's gone wrong with the Kostitsyn who's down making trouble in Hamilton but KP wouldn't be watching him as he's in the A.

    So, maybe, he's there looking at one of their bigtime players and he's talking a bigger deal with Cuntreal.

    Without looking at their salary structure, at first blush, I can't see how these teams would link up.

    Anyway, the biggest positive from last night was the play of JDD; his rebound control was the next thing to excellent.

    Also, 22 destroyed both Erhoff and Glass with hits and he rocked Bieksa as well. That's the kind of thing you want from a 4th liner.

  6. pboy says:

    Jacques played exactly like you would like a 4th liner to play. He reminds me of what Moreau used to do for the team 5 years ago but theCaptainethanmoreau is a superior skater.

  7. doritogrande says:

    I'd do a Nilsson for S. Kostitsyn swap in a heartbeat.

    Failing that, I'd love Giaumme (sp?) Latendresse for another banger. Still has 20-goal potential, unlike Jacques.

  8. Bruce says:

    Surely we're looking for a Gorges/Georges package?

    (Ancient wrestling fans will know what I'm talking about.)

  9. hunter1909 says:

    LaPierre? So long as it's Jacques LaPierre.

  10. Black Gold says:

    Out of all the teams in the league why are we looking at the only team smaller than us…

    As long as it's not PK Subban coming back I'll be happy.

  11. Ed says:

    Chipchura looked good the other night, Latendresse as well. One of the PMD going the other way?

    btw LT, thanks for finally throwing out a musical reference that I'm old enough to have heard when it was a new release. ;)

    Is there more of story behind how you came across young MC or when you listened to it, or was it just a fitting title?

  12. mjsh says:

    Yes, a move would be good. I am sure that Big Mac is done, so having george back might be ok. Maybe both Kostitsyn's and big George for Nillson and Grebs? I am thinking Montreal wants D-men.

  13. Woodguy says:

    Please don't bring Laraque back.

    I have watch 3 Habs games this year and have yet to see him finish a check.

    We don't need a superheavy weight and Zorg is a better hockey player.

  14. CrazyCoach says:


    As long as the Habs throw in Jefferies and some Chanel #10.

  15. jeremy says:

    Montreal definitely wants a scoring forward. Martin recently said that Camalleri-Gomez-Gionta is a temporary solution, implying that they are looking to bring in a forward to play with Gomez and Gionta, and move Cammalleri to the second line. I think they are realizing that Pacioretty was rushed to the big leagues.

  16. Dennis says:

    I really don't see a fit here; not in the least.

  17. raventalon40 says:

    Well I highly doubt they exchange smurfs. Must be a lot more in play than just a K brother or two.

  18. Bar Qu says:

    Bruce, did you mean George the Animal Steele? Hairiest man who has ever lived.

    I agree with the above statements. Who does Montreal have that can address faceoffs, defensive play and be a little Shawn Horcoff?

  19. raventalon40 says:

    Also, I will take the liberty of starting my own trade proposal:



    3rd round pick

    I'm higher on Jacques than I am on either Kostitsyn or Plekanec, but I think it's about time the Oilers brought in some help for Horcoff.

  20. Black Gold says:

    Whenever it's montreal involved, I always assume french canadians are being moved.
    Sledgehammer and JFJ should get something good back..
    Maybe there's a third party involved.

  21. PDO says:

    I'm with Dennis… I don't see a fit.

    Montreal needs a good D, and we have plenty, but anyone on their roster is either too new to move, or not nearly enough coming back.

  22. PDO says:

    In other news, Stephane Yelle is on waivers.

  23. Ribs says:

    To note, the last three Habs games were vs. the Rangers, Islanders, and Thrashers. Also to note; Prendergast is a native of Verdun (merged with Montreal 2002), QC.

  24. loudog says:

    PDO and Dennis:

    Maybe its a three-team situation?

    Cause I agree, there aren't many (or any) MTL players the Oilers need.

  25. PDO says:

    Just throwing it out there:

    KP is checking out how bad/good the team is, and Montreal is offering up their 1st round pick in a deal?

  26. Black Dog says:

    Maybe KP just likes strippers.

    I can't see anyone on Montreal who fits.

    Which means there will probably be a ten player deal tomorrow.

  27. Woodguy says:

    To note, the last three Habs games were vs. the Rangers, Islanders, and Thrashers. Also to note; Prendergast is a native of Verdun (merged with Montreal 2002), QC.

    Visiting family, taking in some games so he can fly for free.

    Making sure Reasoner, Schremp, and Redden are who we think they are before we trade for them.

  28. kris says:


    Well, Gomez would make us smaller and make our cap situation even worse.

    So yeah, somehow we'll trade for Gomez.

    I don't know the Habs lineup very well, but I don't see anyone we could get that we would want.

  29. FlamingPavelBure says:

    ''Also, I will take the liberty of starting my own trade proposal:



    3rd round pick''

    Most ridiculous proposal ever.

    Plekanec got a 70 points season under his belt, a low contract and averaging a PPG this season. He's arguably a better center then Horcoff. + Pouliot and Jacques are rendered useless, as we already have tons of fill ins. Only part of this trade that makes sense is Kostitsyn vs Nilsson (It it's Sergei).

    Metropolit turns out to be an awesome player compared to what we expected, don't think he will be traded.

    Kris: We just traded for him not a chance.

    Ed: Take them with you and be gone, it was theyr only good game this year.

    Chipchura: No points -6 in 8 games. AWFUL.

    Latendresse: 2 Points in 10 games for someone that was suppose to breakout. On a 1 year contract.

    Sergei: Requested trade/callup and has a warranty it will happen.

    Something i do see as a fan of both team is:`

    Latendresse/Pacioretty/Andrei K
    S. Kostitsyn
    Random Defenseman


    Robert Nilsson/O's/Cogliano

    That or Montreal goes big time for Ales Hemsky. I'm dead serious.

    Then that would involve that Andrei is gone. Chipchura is already gone i think.

    No reason for letting a guy with such a poor game play, other than to sell him.

  30. Lowetide says:

    I think there's several possible matches, depending on how big this thing gets (cue Pat).

    The Habs need size up front and Horcoff is struggling. His cap hit (5.5M) is talked about a lot but isn't so far off the mark that the Oil would get 50 cents on the dollar.

    The Habs need a puck mover and the Oilers have a ton of them. Let's use Gilbert and his 4M as an example since he's the D I'm most afraid they'll trade.

    Habs aren't playing Laraque, so MacIntyre would be an inexpensive option.

    They could use more size on the back 6F so Jacques might have some appeal.

    So, that's Horcoff, Gilbert, Jacques and MacIntyre who might be of interest to Montreal.

    The Oilers have been looking for an upgrade at LW for some time and the Habs have a couple of interest. Andrei Kostitsyn might fit the bill.

    The Oilers have some PK issues and Metroplit could certainly help.

    The Oilers need some size and know what BG is about.

    Plekanec would be the #1 option for me but he's UFA in the summer.

    So, is there a deal there?

  31. kris says:

    FPB might have a point on one thing:

    I could see the Oilers aiming for Latendresse (big, low salary, young, 2LW) and S. Kostitsyn (low salary, young.) Obviously both are struggling right now in Montreal and might be for sale, although I'm not so sure Latendresse is for sale.

    There are two problems with any deal for either player:

    1.) To get young guys we'd presumably have to give up some youth, and apart from Nilsson -who has 2MM hit makes him have neg. value, IMO- I don't see us giving up on our young guys -e.g. Cogs, O'Sullivan- to get either of those two.

    2.) If we give up Grebs or Gilbert, which would suit Montreal's needs now that Markov is down, we're giving up too much. And Montreal doesn't have the cap space to be giving up cheaper players to bring in a 3MM or 4MM defenseman. Or do they?

    Jacques and picks for Latendresse?
    Pouliot and Jacques for Latendresse
    Pouliot, Jacques, and some poutine, for Latendresse and Kostisyn?

    I don't know.

  32. kris says:

    Can we fool Montreal into thinking Moreau is French?

    We could have him change his name to Guy.

    "Bonjourno mes amigos. Je m'appella Guy Moreau, le captain of Oilers. J'aime the poutine et les Quebecois. Go Habs and what not."

    If so, would they take him?

    Maybe they'll take Marc-Andre Staios…

  33. Lowetide says:

    Ed: My daughter's favorite tv show is called "Glee" and I watch it with her. There was a reference in last week's show to it and I was reminded of the song (catchy tune, cute girl in the video) but haven't thought about it in years.

    I've worked in radio all down the line so have pretty much kept up with the music (although my kids have really improved my modern musical vocab).

    So, I knew the song but it's not my style or era. Great lyric, though.

  34. FlamingPavelBure says:

    LT: You have to understand a thing here. In Montreal we HATE fighters and the general feel in the fans is that they are USELESS. + We already have Gregory Stewart.

    Really no one is fighting over to have Mr. My best junior season is 2 points, Macintyre.

    We also don't need another center, so Horcoff is out of the option. We don't need grit anywhere as Gionta Gomez and Cammalerie play like they'r 6 footers, same for Plekanec, and Andrei and Max actually are so no nneed to pretend. It renders Jacques and his 5 points for a career useless again.

    Montreal doesn't need EDM's trash. We already have guys like Sergei, Tom Pyatt and Brock Trotter pushing it in Hamilton.

    As for Moreau, Koivu was blamed publicily for stupid penatlies, even if he did 65 points, imagine thecaptainethanmoreau.

    Really the need here for Montreal:

    Puck Moving defenseman
    2nd Liner.

    Puck moving dman at a low price since Markov will be back someday, it points toward Grebs who's a UFA next year.

    2nd Liner… EDM'S full of them.

  35. JB-"jiggyman" says:

    If something did happen I see it most likely being either Plekanec and/or Kostitsyn's

    Probably based around A puck moving D, and some of our francophone garbage aka Jacques/Pouliot, maybe nilsson.

  36. Olivier says:

    Well, sitting in Montreal… Let's say teh new guys (all 11 of them) are untouchable for now. I can say I don't see Latendresse (still young, still getting chances, still progressing, still french), Plekanec (not as good as Horc, but still pretty darn good) or Gorges (absurdly cheap for the kind of workload he shoulders) going anywhere, that's for sure.

    Lapierre either, he's cheap and useful. As is Metro, but he or Chipchura are expandable. Pacioretty is very young, so I guess they could use him as a chip and hope he flames out, and I guess D'Agostini is fungible too, but altough he'll be a solid nhler, he's at best a 2nd line RW. There is no great trading chip there. And, the only margin they got is if they send Markov (5.75 cap hit) on the LTIR. But then again, when he comes back you gotta send some salary away.

    So I concur. No fit. Most probably your guy was looking at Atlanta, NYI and NYR while hanging with family.

    Unless Markov is gone for the year, then Bob might be tempted to try and get that Visnovsky guy (means he gotta get rid of the Hammer in the summer tough). But again, no chips on his side of the table. I sincerely doubt they are punting the K brothers. They aren't very costly and they have upside.

  37. Woodguy says:

    Habs aren't playing Laraque, so MacIntyre would be an inexpensive option.

    He's played in 8 of their 10 games.

    Did he get HS in the last two?

  38. Lowetide says:

    FPV: Grebeshkov is an rfa this year. I do appreciate your post but would respectfully disagree with regard to grit, as the men you've mentioned won't play like 6-footers all year long.

    There's every chance no trade will occur between the two teams, but I think there's quite a bit of opportunity between the two teams.

    PS, Horcoff isn't trash.

  39. Lowetide says:

    BG's in the Habs last 5:

    Oct 15-7:01 time-on-ice
    Oct 17-7:12 time-on-ice
    Oct 20-3:00 time-on-ice
    Oct 22-Did not play
    Oct 24-Did not play

    I believe he's a HS, as I've read nothing about injury (since early TC).

  40. FlamingPavelBure says:

    That and BG's popularity decreased since the first game he played.

    On a 2nd note, (RDS made me notice)

    3 games the scout is there (There tonight also?)

    3 games Halak's playing (And playing tonight while most suggest if Price was still Number 1 he would jump in)

    Oilers any interest in Halak/Price?

    I would trade Price, if in the package deal comes a solid forward.

    I think Halak can handle the thing. Sanford's rocking Hamilton.

  41. Doogie2K says:

    Just Say No to Georges Laraque. Since he left, I've come to the conclusion that we didn't actually need or want him anyway. Stortini isn't a nuclear deterrent, but then nuclear deterrents tend not to be built for playing ice hockey, as such, from a physiological perspective or a talent perspective. Furthermore, a nuclear deterrent is only useful if he actually fights, and I haven't been convinced in several years that Laraque is interested in punching below his weight class, even when the little fuck richly deserves it, or fighting in general unless it's pre-arranged with another heavy. I remember a line brawl between Phoenix and Nashville shortly after he signed with the Coyotes where he was the only guy on the ice, other than the goalies, without a dance partner: he just stood there and watched while everyone else went at it. I couldn't believe it.

  42. Asiaoil says:

    Halak played the last 3 games – not saying a goalie trade makes any sense – but it is a coincidence. However I could get interested in buying Price at a low point and putting him in the AHL where he belonged in the first place for the next 2 years.

  43. Bar Qu says:

    Oilers any interest in Halak/Price?

    That would make total sense since goal is the only position of stability right now.

    Why not trade a couple of our defensemen and acquire Price, so we can have a totally mismanaged team (cap and positionally)?

    (The preceeding message is total nonsense and should immediately be disregarded)

  44. grease trap says:

    Gorgeous George.


  45. Garth says:

    So the Oilers are going to claim Yelle and his $550,000 cap hit and waive Smac and his $537,000 csp hit right? RIGHT?

  46. Black Dog says:

    LT – I think, all things considered, that this could get huge.

    I mean really really big.

    Naw, I'll defer to Olivier and Jeff J (if only he would ever restart sisu again, come on Jeff!). I think that the rosters have a lot of similar pieces and the pieces that might interest (Plekanec or Horcoff for example) have contract issues – UFA or big money.

    I would guess that a guy like Grebs might really interest Montreal with Markov being out and Kostitsyn, being a LW, might interest the Oilers I guess but I don't know.

    Colour me skeptical. Lapierre is a guy I like but based on the few games I saw he'd be one of the last guys the Habs would want to give up. Lattendresse maybe if they give up on him but I don't see that either.

  47. Lowetide says:

    I don't know, Pat. The Habs need to do something soon-no one respects them.

    The Islanders didn't even bother to dress Schremp tonight, they're so confident.

    Not good. at all.

  48. raventalon40 says:


    I don't think Plekanec is quite as valuable as you think, he only had 39 points last season and he's a pending UFA.

    With Stephane Yelle being on waivers actually makes this a bad deal for the Oilers, now.

    As for the younger K brother, he's considering jumping ship to the KHL, so Pouliot and a 3rd round pick is a lot more than they would get for him if he left for the motherland.

    Chipchura is an ALTA native. You know how the Oilers collect those.


  49. FlamingPavelBure says:

    Black Dog: Numbers from last year inflated by huge playing time, under Crazy Guy. I guess if we get a guy who can play center in the deal it would be fine.

  50. kris says:

    So the Oilers are going to claim Yelle and his $550,000 cap hit and waive Smac and his $537,000 csp hit right? RIGHT?

    Oh Garth.

    I read this and laughed for half a second.

    Then I stopped laughing and felt like rooting for the Oilers was stupid. Just for a second. Just for a second, mind you.

    Wait till Boulerice is available and then we'll sign him again.

  51. Black Dog says:

    fpb – as usual, pal, I can't make heads or tails of who you are referring to? Whose point totals? Which crazy guy?

    LT – problem is Montreal's issues are kind of the same as ours, up front anyways

    Small, although their smurfs are experienced hands, inexperienced, soft, inconsistent.

    LaPierre has an edge. Latendresse has size.

    They can have MacIntyre but why take him when they have LeGG? And I'll pass on his return thanks.

    The Oilers have so little size that can play even a little I cannot see them moving JFJ.

    Too me Grebs is a fit to go, I guess.

  52. kris says:

    I suppose Yelle isn't even that great an option.

    Why didn't we sign Betts again? Cause we need SMac?

    It's okay, it's not like we'll have a bunch of injuries and have to play SMac and a bunch of kids and goons against division rivals and lose 4 points.

    Ugh. Somebody talk me down.

  53. Lowetide says:

    kris: Okay. Here's the deal: the Oilers aren't stupid enough to believe that things will remain the same (fanbase) if they miss the playoffs again.

    That's insane.

    So, while I can agree that Tambellini would wait to see what Quinn looked at the roster, the time is coming soon.


  54. kris says:

    I wonder if Tambellini and Quinn have ever even talked about SMac.

    If they have, Quinn would've said I won't play him.

    So, if they've talked, Tamb. should've waived him or traded him for a washing machine to free up a spot to sign any half-ways decent 4th liner who can, maybe, get the puck out of his own zone.

    It's a good idea to talk these things through, you know. Have a meeting. Order a pizza. Christ.

  55. raventalon40 says:

    I don't even know if someone will claim him, if placed on waivers. SMac is most likely headed for Springfield.

  56. FlamingPavelBure says:

    Black Dog: Lapierre.

    Even tough i would prefer to trade Latendresse.

    Big Guillaume never seems to understand that he has to put his ass in FRONT of the net, not 5 feet away from it.

    If you give us Nilsson you can have him.

  57. kris says:

    Oh LT,

    Thanks for trying.

    I had this sudden image in my head that you're like Lucy and I'm Charlie Brown in those old Peanuts cartoons.

    You set up the football, and once again promise me that you won't pull it away. Why would you, that would be cruel and insane. So I have faith and I go to kick the ball. And yet again you pull it away.

    "Good grief." as Charlie says.

    Or maybe you're Charlie Brown and the Oilers are Lucy.

    This is a low for me as an Oilers fan. I know we're winning, but still.

    Still great to read your posts though.

  58. raventalon40 says:



  59. Lowetide says:

    kris: lol. There's a little of that to be sure. But for heaven's sake, this Oiler team has been running without fenders for three years now. Surely they can add a couple of fenders, a splash of paint and maybe a car wash?

  60. FlamingPavelBure says:

    Raven: Sergei has received warranty he's being called up or traded in 2-3 weeks, he's actually playing very well in Hamilton, so he's not going anywhere. And we need Pouliot as much as you do so thanks but no thanks.

    Plekanec got 9 points in 10 games so far, and he plays like the 70 points Tomas. Last year was a debacle to forget.

  61. kris says:

    I suppose change has to happen eventually.

    The funny thing is, our roster has been getting more and more talented ever since CFP and the other vet FA's bailed that nightmarish summer. Drafting is good, and we're not Toronto'ing away our young players.

    But we need to make a couple of smart moves to convert the talent into results, without dumping too much of the future.

    I just don't see it happening now.

    I've always said this team has a plan, but they seem unable to execute the plan so far.

  62. Lowetide says:

    kris: The Oilers problem is that they couldn't cut bait until Tambellini came along. He flushed a lot of minor leaguers this summer and by next summmer a few of these kids will be gone too.

    Schremp is already gone and more will be sent out. What I'm impatient for is those glue players who help you win in all kinds of smaller ways.

    Rem Murray types.

  63. RiversQ says:

    I really don't see a fit at all.

    LT, why would the Oilers deal Horcoff right now? That would be lunacy with this lineup. Oh maybe that's where you're going…

    We don't need a superheavy weight and Zorg is a better hockey player.

    I'd love to see if there's anything to back this up. I kind of doubt it.

  64. raventalon40 says:


    Fair enough, so Plekanec has picked up his game so far this season. I still don't think he's as valuable as Horcoff though (though Horcoff is much more expensive for what he does…).

    As for Pouliot, I can't say I disagree.

    I know Montreal likes Jacques though.


    Rem Murray types… Todd Harvey types… Blair Betts types…

    I think Pisani is the best example of this type of player on the team, though he's more reliable in both zones when healthy.

    Pisses me off that Fernando is always hurt though, and it's not his fault. When guys out there are plying their trade for 500 k and we have thecaptainethanmoreau turning over pucks in the defensive zone… makes me wonder.

  65. Lowetide says:

    RQ: I wouldn't trade Horcoff anyway, but certainly not on this team. However, he is a player I can see Montreal being interested in.

    raven: One of the major turning points for this team imo will be Pisani's return. If he's Fernando then a lot of things clear up, but he looked off the pace at training camp and pre-season this fall.

  66. Black Dog says:

    Good old Floppy Neck, he's still playing in Finland I think.

    If Brule comes back and picks up where he left off I would have to say that's it for Cogliano, there's a guy who's going to score fifty points plus somewhere for sure.

    He's getting squeezed out and I can't say I agree with it.

    But with Eberle coming and maybe Omark as well they have to move some of the shrimps and Cogs will likely be the guy to go. Poor frigger stuck with Moreau on his wing two years in a row and not getting time on the PP. So him and Nilsson gone.

    And I think this will be it for Moreau too, this season I mean.

  67. Lowetide says:

    BDHS: Amen. Jarret Stoll and Raffi Torres are gifted with a healthy and effective Fernando and their games elevate. Hell, even Marty Reasoner was a wonderful mentor to some young forwards.

    And now Cogliano, who might have more natural talent than the bunch of them (well, Raffi aside) gets good old brainless on the portside.

    Life stinks sometimes.

  68. FlamingPavelBure says:

    Even tough plekanec doesn't seem that valuable, he does the little thing that make him valuable to me.

    Plays on the PK (Good at it)
    Fast and often gets breakaways
    (Also on the PK).
    Can be inserted with pretty much any one on the 1st to 3rd line and have good resuslts.
    That and he's a workhorse. Never gives up works hard, and is a charm with the media, never blames teamates or do negative comments (Outside of himself).

    Can't say that much for…


  69. spOILer says:

    I'm still waitin for MC Tambo to respond "You want it, you got it, you want it baby, you got it."

    I see nothing on Montreal of interest. I'd have mild interest in Gill, we can use his size, PK, and have enough guys to protect him from the power skaters at EVs, but I'd have to be enticed.

    Halak/Price maybe, but I'm pretty happy with JDD so far and want to see where the year takes him.

    I'm not convinced Metropolit is the answer to any question except RHS.

  70. doritogrande says:

    So hey. Just saying, but the NHL is now the proud owner of a hockey franchise.

    Cool eh?

  71. Lowetide says:

    MLB cost the Expos a pennant when they owned them. Fuckers.

  72. FlamingPavelBure says:

    LT: And then Washington fucked all the farm system and this little team's charm, the one of a team who can always almost do it.

    Love going to the Stadium in my youth, saddened to see it go, but it was indeed empty, but did provide more than on occasion magic moments.

    Especially one game vs the Padres.

    Some slugging fest where it finished something like

    21-16. Even if they lost, the slugfest made up for it.

  73. Black Dog says:

    Metropolit always gets good ink but I don't know how much of that is due to his story, which is terrific btw.

    LT – well its like Cole getting the gears for not scoring last year when he was playing with Brodziak and Moreau

    Doesn't make much sense.

    Cogs is still a kid and its hard to say what his future holds. A lot of folks say that he will never do this or that but I have always been firmly against this whole notion of guys entering the league as fully formed professionals. It doesn't happen, maybe the odd time with a college kid (Gilbert was pretty well quality when guys when down in fall 07 but he was older than most) but it takes time.

    The fact that he is being used on the PK is at least a start but I'd really like to see him get some reasonable wingers. Of course there is only one decent LW on the club so things are tough all over.

  74. Black Dog says:

    FPB – in your youth? I thought you were under 18.

    I'm just getting out of my youth and I'm probably older than ton pere.

  75. spOILer says:

    Doesn't it seem strange that on a puck-moving defense stocked team like the Oil that breakouts and clearing the zone are the problems?

  76. FlamingPavelBure says:

    Black Dog: Well, in this case my youth (Relatively to my age) is when i was a little boy. 10 something years old. Even tough it's a rarity in Quebec, i really enjoyed watching baseball as a little guy.

  77. Lowetide says:

    Best day for the Expos: a tie between Wallace Johnson's triple down the line and El Presidente's el perfecto.

    Worst day: a tie between blue Monday and the day Steinbrenner and Selig shut down the 1994 season. I told my boy the day he was born that 1994 would be the year the Expos won the WS and he could always remember it came the year he was born (the nurses thought I was crazy but what the hell do they know).

    Anyway I hate baseball.

  78. Eskimo44 says:

    This is totally irrelevant but did anyone know that the brandon wheat kings have a player named wheaton king who's from brandon, manitoba. weird.lol

  79. FlamingPavelBure says:

    LT: How did you get to be an Expos fan?

  80. Black Dog says:

    fpb – long before the Jays it was the Expos

    everybody I knew growing up was an Expos fan

    this was back in the 70s, back when the Habs were good, so long ago it was actually before the Oilers were good

    Pat Quinn played for a team called the Atlanta Flames. I had his hockey card. True story.

  81. raventalon40 says:

    Cogliano is a poor chip to trade, and not because he's hasn't got trade value. Consider that his point totals will be lower after this season since he will be playing with brainless which might make him easier to re-sign than previously thought.

    That being said, he doesn't fit into the future plans of the team that well right now, and it's probably a situation where he gets traded not because he isn't a good player but because he is.

    Which means he deserves to play somewhere he can contribute and the Oilers know he is a valuable chip to trade.

    Before Penner's scoring tirade of this season, some had argued he was the more valuable chip in the Heatley trade fiasco. He hasn't diminished in worth, just in youth.

    A team that could use a talent like Cogliano right now is Florida thought I'm not big on Nathan Horton – the rumour is he's available.

  82. Lowetide says:

    FPB: They arrived when I was a kid. They had Rusty Staub, le Grande Orange and he had a commercial for CIBC encouraging kids to open savings accounts. It was my first and I stayed at that bank until buying my first house (got a silly rate and they wouldn't match).

    Staub was my favourite, but they also had Mack Jones, Ron Fairly, Bill Stoneman, Bob Bailey and Claude Raymond.

    Later they traded Rusty and I was real mad until realizing that the Expos got three quality talents (Ken Singleton, Tim Foli and Mike Jorgenson).

    Expos used to be on tv all the time, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Dave Van Horne and Duke Snider.

    1981 damn neared killed me. I met my wife a month after that game and didn't watch baseball again until 1986–when I did, we'd been married three years and she was shocked about how much I knew (her Dad being a big baseball fan).

    Baseball is actually my favourite sport.

  83. Lowetide says:

    Oh oh. I think Steve Tambellini's kid is eating Rob Schremp's lunch. Dammit!!

  84. Black Dog says:

    Chicago beating Minnesota – Bolland and Brouwer with the goals.

    We need a couple of kids like that. Maybe Nash and Jean Van De Velde will fit the bill.

    And Minnesota hasn't one plus player. Where have you gone Jack Lemaire? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

    Whoo woo woo.

  85. spOILer says:

    Brownlee on Cogs & Brule this morning:

    Gilbert Brule, when he isn't puking his guts out with the flu, is a keeper. If Andrew Cogliano gets moved at some point, Brule will more likely be the reason why than Gagner will be.

    SS Tim Foli… geez had totally forgot that name. Crazy Horse. He could frustrate you as a fan and make you love him, especially at the plate. Once hit for the cycle in a game played over 2 days.

  86. Black Dog says:

    Whoo woo woo.

    Whoo woo woo.

    Put it in pantry with your cupcakes.

  87. Black Dog says:

    And by pantry I mean the pantry.

    Whoo woo woo.

    Yeah Brule's emergence, if its the real deal and he can stay healthy, is Cogliano's death knell.

    Whoo woo woo.

  88. hunter1909 says:

    Islanders fans already hate Roloson, for whining.

  89. FlamingPavelBure says:



    Most hilarious forum ever, especially if you read the rules.

  90. pboy says:

    When looking to make a trade, a GM has to find a willing partner on the other side. I guess what I am trying to say is, that It takes two to make a thing go right. Also, It takes two to make it outta sight

    Hit it!!!

  91. uni says:

    I'll second FPB's take on Plekanec, from everything I've seen the man is quality and last season was an aberration. That said, I don't know if Plekanec alone is worth any of the Oiler's top 4 D.

    Unless the Oilers are thinking of dumping Moreau to Montreal and trading a few prospects like Wild for picks, I don't see anything terribly useful from a trade with Montreal.

    An, Chopper traded and signing an old hand like Peca provided he can still handle 3rd line minutes and tough opposition with Cogs and a healthy Pisani on the wings would solve a lot of what ails the Oil.

  92. Jon says:

    would this make sense?

    Nillson, JFJ, Poo


    Chipchura Laraque

  93. FlamingPavelBure says:

    Jon: If i'm Montreal, gimme the paper, let's sign right fucking now'

  94. FlamingPavelBure says:

    5 of the 6 Montreal wins came in Overtime.

    Damn! (Only 1 went to shootouts)

  95. grease trap says:

    Well, then you're left with just two options: joy. And pain.

    Talkin' bout sunshine. And rain.

  96. RiversQ says:

    Pump pump it up.

  97. RiversQ says:

    Yeah Brule's emergence, if its the real deal and he can stay healthy, is Cogliano's death knell.

    I'm not sure I've seen much from Brule to say this is the case. He's had some puck but hasn't been outplaying the opposition a whole lot to my eye.

  98. Jon says:

    FPB: Really? It might be overkill but not by that much

    Nillson has negative value to a lot of teams…serious. He is due to get paid 4.5 million dollars over this year and next.

    JFJ: has value but a limited amount…(think brad winchester type value)

    Poo: has been injured and has never really shown anything.


    Chipchura: he is the target I believe. A big C who can play PK, fight, and win faceoffs and is on a cheap contract.

    Laraque: didn't Katz try to sign this guy…just saying.

    To me, this is rearranging the deck chairs but, I cannot see MTL giving up anything we really need.

  99. knighttown says:

    It's taken 10 games but I've gotten to the point that I grind my teeth every time I see thecaptainethanmoreau's name. He is a stupid, stupid man.

    Speaking of stupid men, did anyone catch Kypreos and Doug MacLean's battle of the brains in the intermission the other night? They were debating the Mike Richards non-suspension and I honestly can't tell you who was arguing what side. A 30 second spot quickly devolved into a shouting match and MacLean was screaming something about Kipper not being "able to have it both ways" in relation to the knee hits and the head hits.

    The Captain would make a great addition to the panel…with maybe Nick, the SlapChop guy to see if I could kill myself in one intermission.

  100. Dennis says:

    On Brule:

    I'm not really sure what Brownlee's talking about here with 67 greasing the skids for a 13 departure. I know there was one game where 67 had two goals and two other great chances but though he was off to a fast start, I don't think anyone can say that he was a Penner-like presence in the games this year.

    To the point, I'm not ready to say he can produce at the rate of 13 and if 13 goes out the door, I'll bet it's because they get a winger in return to play with 10 if the brass decides to keep the 10-83 combo apart.

    LT: finally, the only way 10 goes to the Habs is if we swing another move the same day that brings back someone of his ilk.

  101. rickibear says:

    Chipchura: No points -6 in 8 games. AWFUL.

    Has the 8th toughest True comp value of +1.093
    .221 Qualcomp
    -.971 Qual Team

    60th best penalty killer
    50% faceoff guy.

    Jon: you are correct sir. A boy 60 clicks north of edmonton for a Quebec boy. MAP.

  102. rickibear says:

    jon:but no more!

  103. shepso says:

    @LT… did I offend you? I had posted a rather lengthy comment about 25 minutes ago that somehow got erased, not by my own doing. I came back to follow up (as I often do, at least just to keep reading) and saw that it had disappeared. I refreshed the page a couple times but it seems to have gone into the void.
    I didn't think I had said anything awful but if I did, I do humbly apologize. Hopefully it was a system glitch or something other than being censored…

  104. Lowetide says:

    shepso: Can you re-post? We have that from time to time.

  105. Olivier says:

    rickibear: re: Chipchura being average or worse… I guess. But the thing is, 3 games ago (against the Isles last friday), Metropolit got back from the IR. So Martin did the smart thing:

    - Sent Laraque in the attic
    - Gave Chipchura's spot (4th line C) to Metro between Moen and Pacioretty
    - Gave Lapierre's spot (3rd line C) to CHip, playing with Latendresse and D'Agostini
    - Gave Moen's spot (now on the 4th line) to Lapierre.

    Chipchura over the last 3 games at ES (34min ice time)?

    Scoring Chances: +13/-4 (thanks to that +8/-0 game against the Rangers 3rd defensive pairing), with a Corsi of +28.

    It's just 3 games, but the current lines configuration allows Martin to massively overload his first two lines whenever necessary. As a soft minute 3rd line C playing with ok linemates, Chip's looking awfully good all of a sudden. I think Bob will be patient.

  106. shepso says:

    @LT…ok, here's the repost, by which I mean my attempt at cobbling together what I had originally written. I am glad that it was a techno-fail though. I was worried for a sec there but comfortable enough in our online pseudo-friendship that you'd call me out if I was actually being out of line…


    I think it's time that we all collectively step back from the problem of group think that seems to be taking over the sphere. When times are good, they're amazing, bad, the worst. The roller-coaster of fandom is enough to drive me to madness.

    First and foremost, the presence of KP in Montreal is not enough to assume that a big trade or even a small trade with the Habs is in the works, especially for Metropolit, whose value on a small team like the Habs is just as high as it would be here. Furthermore, to use Maclingo, there are too many square peg Habs to fit in the Oilers round holes. There just doesn't seem to be a real commodity from that team to come over here. The fact that he was there is not a bad thing either; KP can chat with not just Montreal brass, but execs from the east that don't get out this way much and he gets to see what is available on that side of the Hockey market. Plus, as was stated earlier, he probably took it as an extended opportunity to visit the fam. No sense in pushing the panic button or even speculate about a horc/hemsky potential trade. These ideas are about as far fetched as the idea that Jimmy Page really is God; it's within the realm of possibility, but that's about it.

    On to the idea the 67 is the new 13. If that is the case, especially in light of the 10/83 split, why not see about 13 playing port side for 10 and figure out whether or not he does have all this offensive upside we keep discussing while having 10 act as a defensive shield for the weaknesses in 13's game. I really like the idea of a 13-10-19 line.

    The group-think panic button is a really attractive option, but lets not forget the amount of players in sickbay right now. Hard to say if we lose the last couple games with healthy 67, 91, 34, 24, 44 and even 32(maybe) on the ice. Until the Oilers ice the full roster of NHL players (ie. no Smac, no 12, no 49 yet) it is really hard to say what we have here. No need to panic yet. No need to jump off a collective cliff into catatonic despair, or off the deep end into speculation of crazy trades that won't work and won't happen. I say patience is necessary here-not wait till the deadline patience, but the collective reactions of the 'sphere don't need to ebb and flow like the moods of a manic depressive. I don't trust K-Lowe, but I do trust Quinn and Renney to make some good decisions in conjunction with Tambi. They're all too smart to rush into anything just because KP is in Montreal right now.

    I liked my original better, but you get the gist of it…It's been a really long day. Trying to lead a PhD level seminar and then immediately turn around to TA a bunch of kids and then jump back on the Oilercoaster of emotions is a lot to handle in a single day.

  107. Woodguy says:


    Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home.

    We don't need a superheavy weight and Zorg is a better hockey player.

    I'd love to see if there's anything to back this up. I kind of doubt it.

    Zorg is better than George at hockey.

    Some stats from this season (smallish sample size, last season is under them)


    Zorg has played 11 games averaging 10.26m/g

    George has played 8 games averaging 7:38m/g

    5v5 Stats





    GF/GA per 60 Diff


    Z QualComp = -0.104
    G QualComp = 0.136

    Z QualTeam = 0.198
    G QualTeam = -0.155

    Z RelativeCorsi -2.6
    G RelativeCorsi -10.5

    Z 4 Major Penalties =0.363/g
    G 1 Major Penalty =0.125/g

    Z 24 hits = 2.18/game
    G 12 hits = 1.5/game
    **I know the hitting stat is very subjective, if you throw it out, its understandable

    So far this year Zorg is much better than George across the board.

    The GF/A ON per 60 is a particularly damning stat for George, as is Relative Corsi.

    George is playing with better team mates against tougher comps, but that # can get skewed with small sample sizes. Even if you give the QualTeam/Comp straight up to George it doesn't make up for serious deficiencies everywhere else.

    Zorg is also hitting and fighting more than George, which are both important qualities when discussing the relative merits of them as 4RW hockey players.

    Its Zorg in a landslide so far this year.

    2008-2009 Stats

    George played 33 games and averaged 7.34m/g

    Zorg played 52 games and averaged 7.23m/g

    5v5 stats







    Z QualComp -.133
    G QualComp -.110

    Z QualTeam -0.117
    G QualTeam -.056

    Z Relative Corsi -16.8
    G Relative Corsi -12.0

    Z Major Penalties 25 = 0.480/g
    G Major Penalties 9 = 0.273/g

    Z Hits 95 = 1.83/g
    G Hits 42 = 1.273/g

    I give Zorg the nod here too, but its much closer.

    Zorg's GF/A ON per 60 is superior with similar Qualcomp and worse teammates.

    George does beat him in relative Corsi, but neither number is anything to write home about.

    In the "physical" department Zorg again is ahead, and this department is important if your role on the team is 4RW.

    The 08/09 numbers are closer than this year, that may be due to a larger sample, or George in the doghouse and not giving a shit while Zorg is playing hard for his new coach.

    Age could be catching up to him too, he'll turn 33 in December and that's getting up there if your game relies solely on your physical play.

  108. RiversQ says:

    Good stuff Woodguy. It looks like the wheels may finally be coming off Big Georges, although Zorg has had back to back weird PDO number years for opposite reasons, which tends to skew things a little. Still, those aren't the kind of numbers BG posted when he was an Oiler playing soft opposition so it's safe to say he's getting old at this point.

  109. Gord says:


    I wouldn't worry too much about LT's censorship…

    So long as one brings facts into the discussion (utilizing family friendly words) when justifying their point of view – I have never seen Big Brother step in… ;-)

  110. Gord says:

    What I should add is that LT accepts questioning of his position so long as it is done respectfully….

    Speaking from experience…. ;-)

  111. Olivier says:

    George's back has been cranky all of last year. Also, he didn't attend the gameday practice. I also beleive his body is finally giving up.

    He certainly is a liability on the ice now. Still can do his unicycle from time to time and draw a penalty, but he is absolutely statuesque in the defensive and neutral zone. It's sad, really.

  112. raventalon40 says:

    I'm a big fan of Chipchura.

    I think he just needs a change of scenery.

    Actually, speaking of players who need a change of scenery, I think it's time the Oilers found a new home for Ryan O'Marra.

  113. spOILer says:

    What is up with Anaheim? Lost to the friggin Laffs. At home.

    Can losing Chris Pronger really do that to a team?

  114. YKOil says:

    Kovalchuk with the broken foot.

    Nilsson is a guy who might draw a pretty good draft pick from them right about now. Reasoner down to 12 mins a night there.

    I would still bring him back. So:

    Reasoner and a 4th?

    As well… I don't see much in Montreal that works. What we want they shouldn't trade and what we have they shouldn't want. Agree w/all regarding Gorges – would be a guy to target… never happen.

  115. YKOil says:

    Lost Pronger and Beauchemin.

    Stupid to lose both in a single year. Subtract Lupul and Boynton and add Beauchemin and a guy who can actually play and Voila!

    A better team.

    I say that despite knowing Lupul is having a decent year (by the numbers).

  116. Black Dog says:

    RQ/Dennis – note my comment re: Brule replacing Cogliano

    "If" Brule is the real deal, I said.

    I'm skeptical about Brule still and it would take far more than seven games for me to say he has outstripped Cogs in any way.

    We'll see how it goes. I'm not sold on him yet.

  117. Master Lok says:

    I think it's premature to say an established player like Cogliano is trade bait based on a 10 game run with Brule.

    I think there could be something with Montreal.

    From Oilers:
    available: Nilsson, possibly Moreau. one of the puck moving defensemen.

    looking at the Montreal lineup, I agree with fpb that their needs are secondary scoring and a puckmoving defender now that Markov is out. It doesn't make sense that S. Kostityn is the Oiler's target considering he's in Hamilton and Prendergast is scouting in Montreal.

    Small trade:
    To Montreal: R. Nilsson.
    To Edmonton: K. Chipchura or G. Latendresse.

    Rationale: Nilsson is clearly on the outs here and is skill set is duplicated. If Cogliano is rumored then Nilsson is in an even worse position with a higher salary and less effort. But a new home in Montreal could provide him with the motivation and he could be the secondary scoring that Montreal needs.

    As for Chipchura (defensive centre) – but then didn't we just trade away Brodziak? And Latendresse would be size and a project, not established NHL player, but then it's a case of two teams trading for each other's projects.

  118. FlamingPavelBure says:

    As much as sometimes Latendresse lacks things.

    He's an NHL player for sure.

    3 seasons under his belt at age 22.

    All around 15 goals, improving each year in PPG.

    Latendresse has some good skills, he can play his way on the PP.

    The only thing he can't do is enter the zone with the puck without dumping it, you simply have to put him with someone who will carry the puck.

    I see him long term with Hemsky.

    Seems like Penzoil is improving any line he's playing with.

    I think Latendresse would be a perfect fit for Hemsky.

    Latendresse has an above average pass, and is a Power Forward, but he can't carry the puck. Hemsky loves entering the zone doing doopsy doodles.

    I think Hemsky's biggest need in a line, is for him to be the center of attention in that line, the player on whom the play is focused.

    I think Hemsky can look up to Latendresse in matter of finishing his passes, and Latendresse will adapt himself to Hemsky.

    He's a do this do that player. Not much on instinct.

    But you can always run away with Chipchura, who (Props to him for the last 2 games i must add) is terrible for the most part.

  119. logical thinking says:

    Oilers should not make a move with so many sick players!

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