I Hear the Guns, Fernando….

We’re hearing now that Fernando Pisani could play sometime this week and there are whispers about his playing on Saturday afternoon in Boston. The one thing we don’t need to worry about is the coaching staff finding someone to take out of the lineup. There are a few men who are ill, and a few more who are ineffective.

I think it is very important to talk about what we can expect from Fernando. As Oiler fans know, Pisani is pretty much an icon (photo) and we’ll cheer him when he’s in the beer leagues.

However, it’s not certain how much Pisani will be able to contribute. He had an ineffective training camp and last season’s numbers (although he was playing in difficult circumstances) were off by a little. Fernando is a free agent after this season, and should he return to health and effective play–and the club takes a dive–there’s a chance he’ll be dealt at the deadline.

His value to the Oilers (and to another team) is uncertain because of lost injury time over the last couple of seasons. Can the Oilers count on Fernando Pisani to mentor another generation of Stoll’s and Torres’? Can he be part of a ‘Horcoff shutdown line’?

We don’t know that. We’ll be cheering though, Fernando has long since earned that from all of us.

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