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In the thread below, Dennis made some outstanding observations about last night’s game and the team in general. He also did tremendous work on scoring chances (posted on MC’s site) and between the post here (which I’m using without permission but am posting without editing the swearing, so he will probably agree to it) and those scoring chances there’s a very interesting insight from Dennis.

If you’re trying to get a handle on the 2009-10 Oilers, this is a fine place to start. Thanks to Dennis (in advance) for using his post in this way.

  • We can guess that what’s going on with the D right now is the org isn’t totally comfortable with 71′s (Visnovsky’s) in-game fitness and thus they are trying to let him find his game before they send him to tough-min duty.
  • OF course, the other thing is, other than 5 (Smid), every one of the current top six D have taken a crack at tough min so perhaps this group’s just fucking around and trying to find who they can or can’t trust.
  • Anyway, Neal was on 24′s (Staios’) ass all last night and monkeyed him constantly as the game went on and it could be a case of 24 having a bad night, Neal starting to show his oates, 24 showing that he’s on a pronounced downswing or some combination of the four.
  • The forwards are another kettle of fish because I really don’t have a handle on another line other than 27-10-83 (Penner-Horcoff-Hemsky) and most likely keeping 91-19 (Comrie, O’Sullivan) together. The return of 34 (Pisani) would help but he just seems to be in that stage where you should never count on him.
  • One last note on Khabby and please understand this is more of an observation than a guess at things to come. He’s already made five or six outstanding saves from in close – in particular in the third period vs Cgy and in the last 30 min vs dal – but yet he’s got the shit luck with own goals and deflections off his own guys. The good news, at least from my end, is the guy is fucking super-calm and I can see how that leads to streaks either way.

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