Oilers at Bruins, G14, 09-10

In this photo, Dave Schultz is saying hello to Wayne Cashman and Bobby Orr will get the puck. I think this is a SCF photo which makes it 1974. We could use a Cashman. He was rugged, skilled, a master corner man, had an ability to take and make a pass and he was durable. A nice modern comparable would be Ryan Smyth.

Dustin Penner was already the best left winger on the club before he decided to go supernova. This season Penner’s fine play has dwarfed the other LW’s (mostly Comrie, Jacques and Moreau). As much as this team could use a quality, veteran center they could also use a solid left winger. There are some candidates in Springfield, and I wonder if the team may drop off someone while in Massachusetts. Chris Minard? He’s having a very nice start. How long can Steve MacIntyre not play?

The Oilers took a 4-pak of hurt guys (Lubo, Staios, Comrie and Pisani) with them but early word has Comrie and Visnovsky as “possibles” for today and the other two on the trip for the air miles. The Bruins have struggled this season, but I never trust that kind of thing. The Oilers have a way of ending slumps and Boston is a fine hockey club even with all the injuries. Both teams could use Cashman.

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