Oilers at Hawks, G6, 09-10

There is absolutely nothing to complain about with regard to the Edmonton Oilers. Sure they lost to the Flames early but they played well in both games and have performed admirably through the season’s first 5 contests. They have question marks on pretty much every line, they have too many small players and they lack strength up the middle.

Shut up, brain.

They’re kicking ass. We’re at the point in the party when the booze has given us a nice buzz and women are smiling at us and then laughing at our jokes (even the stupid ones).

Drink deeply, keep the buzz (and for the plus 40 group drink 1 water per drink of alcohol and take two Advil before sleeping). History tells us we’re going to feel awful in the morning.

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  1. jdrevenge says:

    Should we be worried about the shot count? Or the fact that we get outplayed as soon as the clock hits 40:01 and we're a pumpkin?

  2. jdrevenge says:

    That said. I'm just as happy as everybody that this team is looking more and more like a bunch of teen wolfs instead of a bunch of michael j fox's. Little guys are playing with some jam.

  3. Vince says:

    nice post LT sounds like a good party, how far can i push it if our boys win tonight……and what if they win 6-1?

  4. Lowetide says:

    Vince: Confidence is a weird thing. If they win tonight then the Oilers are going to have to do a lot of things well (unless the Hawks G falls apart).

    At some point, we'd need to ask ourselves how much is luck, how much is hard work and how much is actual young talent stepping forward.

  5. NBOilerFan says:

    Haha… Lowetide, you are the King of blog posts, man. It couldn't have been said any better then that… classic. I especially liked the "Shut up, brain" part.

    Agreed, this is the Oiler play that gets everyone all excited and positive and start predicting the division (and perhaps even conference) title claims. But our "brains" tell us, don't get your hopes up to high yet, just enjoy the ride while we can. The holes will start to show bigger over the next 10 games, unless they are either filled or these players start too really "get" the game plan the coaching continue to stress.

    I certainly don’t want to see another 6-1 blowout… that is when the bad habits and work ethic starts to drop off as players think they have this thing all figured out and it is going to come easy. Chicago shows up just in time to put everything back in perspective.

  6. Kristopher Milligan says:

    I think beating nashville is like beating toronto at this stage of the game (im sure a good AHL team could beat the laffs).

    The hawks will provide a good opportunity to see what this team really has. Lets hope their (the oilers) not too cocky after their last win.

  7. eggie says:

    I'm calling it.
    Khabibulin with the shutout.
    He'll make them sorry (sorrier?) for signing Huet.

  8. quain says:

    Just to help identify the luck portion: for Edmonton to get to the PDO# they finished last year with (~102%, which was fairly above average already) they would need to take ~67 ES shots without scoring a goal, while stopping shots against at a .928% pace.

    And, for special teams, they're currently ranked 10th in PK+PP (104.5%). I find it questionable that they'll stay that good, but regardless, at best you're not going to improve there.

  9. quain says:

    All of that's not to say we can't continue the run, blow Chicago out of the water 7-1 on 14 shots and 3 PPGs, but at some point we're going to have to pay our debt.

  10. danny says:

    Ahh romance. Euphoric beginnings. Our sweetheart has shown us the goods, and I'll be damned if im going to search for any flaws in this. I mean THIS could be THE ONE. Right?

    Should I turn a blind eye to those midnight phonecalls? Will they prove to be signs of a much larger infidelity happening beneath the surface?

    Scoring Chances according to Dennis doesn't quite jive with the perfect beauty we see, but I'll be damned if the curves on that 3-1-1 record aren't enough to say screw it. I'm a goddamn Oilers fan.

    Tonight is like that cocktail party though, where you just know that all of the past indescretions will inevitably blow up in your face.

  11. NBOilerFan says:

    @quain – The Oilers have increased their PK% from 55.6% going into Game #3 to 81% into Game #6 which is very critical for this team. The PP% has dropped though just slightly from 25% to 23.5%.

    The key to the game is have a strong PK, they need to continue to be strong here (and I think Renney is gonna be the key here… he has traditionaly had a good PK team).

  12. pboy says:

    I'm going to play devil's advocate to LT's devil's advocate…..

    I think that a sense of personal responsibility has been added this season that hasn't been seen in these parts for awhile and that's going to keep these guys on the script. Whether or not it was an air of entitlement or there was a rift between the vets and the young kids (I wasn't in the room so all I can do is speculate) this was not a cohesive team last year. It's early but it appears that Quinn/Renney have these guys pulling in the same direction.

    Most everyone on this blog would agree that theCaptainethanmoreau had shifted into the "4th line winger, PK'er, bring energy and protect his teammates" phase of his career last season and we all lamented that the coach seemed unwilling to use him as such. Quinn didn't waste any time in putting Moreau in his place this season and he's already called him out after his gaffe in the 2nd Flames game. Gagner has been a slow starter his first 2 seasons but he was made to earn his icetime this year and I think he has stepped up to the challenge nicely. The additions of Stone and Jacques have added a dimension of grit this team was without but sorely lacked.

    IMO when Pisani comes back and Souray is healthy, we will see what these guys are really about. Any line with Pisani on it becomes a smarter, more defensively responsible and basically a harder line to play against. Souray is a difference maker on the PP and he should help improve a PP that I think is still struggling.

    Still a bubble team but I think the Oil will be on the inside looking at this season for the first time in 4 years.

  13. djhender says:

    I'd have to say that an OT/SO win tonight would be perfect. Close, but still a win.

  14. Woodguy says:

    This ought to be good.

    Watching the Oilers not give up against Dallas and continue to come back from a deficit gives me more hope for this team than the Nashville game.

    The Oilers will trail at some point in this game. How they respond will be the most interesting part of this game.

    How they whether the initial Home Team assault will be interesting too.

    How will the Hawks respond to OTC's Jam on Crust Brigade?

    Will Seabrook and Keith respond to 22/32/43 pounding them like "THE BEST DEFENSE IN THE LEAGUE CALGARY FLAMES", and start backing off dump ins?

    Will Seabrook and Barker do a Regher impression and shy away from big guys, but act like King Kong against 91,89,19?

    Can OTC's scheme of the defence standing up the forwards at the blue with Oiler forwards busting ass to cover behind work against a speed and talented team like the Hawks? (I'm of the opinion that its the best scheme for that type of team if the defence commits to it at the blue line and doesn't give a half effort and get burned)

    So much to see here.

    GO OILERS!!!

  15. NBOilerFan says:

    And the Avalanche are leading the conference while Vancouver and the Wings are celler dwellers… ahhh, nothing to worry about… time to switch to tequila shots.

  16. DBO says:

    glass half full:
    - this team competes hard every night.
    - they probably have more hits in 5 games this year then the first 20 last year.
    - This is more an Oilers style I like watching.
    - players seem to understand that they are all playing for a job. no more entitlement.
    - we have more balanced scoring then then lst 4 years

    glass half empty:
    - our special teams still need work.
    - our top line line still needs to pick it up if we are to sustain this.
    - we are tight to the cap and have no real room to make moes
    - we are still giving up late goals
    - we have come out flat the last few games to start, and our goalies standing on their heads are the only reason we weren't down 2 to both Montreal and nashville
    - we still have too many smurfs

    All that being said i'm enjoying this little run. And what makes me think it can be sustained, or at least not swung the other way (macT 20 game struggle stretch that usually comes in january) is that Quinn is not content and some of our "best" players still haven't hit their stride. If Horcoff and hemsky pick it up, and Souray and Pisani come back then this is a solid team.

  17. doritogrande says:

    College hockey's back on and Jeff Petry is attempting to make up for last year's dysmal season. 0-3-3 in his first two games last weeekend. Note that two of the assists were on the PP.

    Chris VandeVelde went 1-1-2 in his two games. Goal was Saturday's game winner and the asssist came Sunday on the PP.

    I forget, other than Nash, is there anyone else worth following for NCAA programs this year? Where did Bigos go?

  18. LMHF#1 says:

    Does anyone have a handle on whether we're out-quality-chance'ing (or something to that effect) our opposition?

    How many of the goals that have been scored against us have actually been because a quality chance has been given up? Doesn't seem like that many so far.

  19. Alice says:

    At the 5-game interval why are we looking at the stats? Until we're at a stage where 1 game doesn't move the PK% by 30 points, maybe we should take a bit of a moratorium. 25 games in we might be able to learn some things, but in the meantime it looks a lot like 'chasing around in our own zone' does on the ice.

    Tonight is going to be a good tilt, Khabi has something to prove, Chicago is a good noisy crowd, both teams have shown well out of the gate. Should be a dandy.

  20. doritogrande says:

    I answered my own question. He's plyaing (or..PBing it appears) for Merrimack. The team that Petry lit up to the scores of 7-1 and 4-3

  21. oilerdago says:

    I think any chance of success tonite will also coincide with how they can protect Chorney against the 'Hawks young guns (Toews & Kane). While I like his puck moving ability, his defensive zone coverage still leaves something to be desired.

    Your analogy this morning is perfect LT. From all the predicted doom & gloom this summer, this has been a very pleasant surprise. While it has to end sooner or later, here's to hoping it's not in Game 6 (especially since I'm finally going to be home to watch a full game instead of arriving for the 3rd period).

  22. Smarmy Boss says:

    The Oilers have been entertaining this year and that's all I really care about. It's much more fun to troll Leaf fans after they drank all the TSN/Burke koolaid this offseason.

  23. NBOilerFan says:

    FYI – Robbie Schremp hockey is catching on….


  24. Bookie says:

    It may be the alchohol speaking, but perhaps we should tell our brain that this team is actually a 6th to 9th place team.

    My secret to eliminating hangovers (and I used to get them) is taking a couple of multivitamins the day that I am going to be drinking (early enough for them to work through the system before drinking). Works for me!

  25. Mr DeBakey says:

    our top line line still needs to pick it up if we are to sustain this.

    In the last three games each guy from that line has scored – taken a turn.

    how they can protect Chorney against the 'Hawks young guns

    Christian Backman, PTO Contract candidate?

    Tonight's starting line-up is worth $45,475,000.
    And not a penny more.
    About 80% of Cap.
    That didn't take long.

  26. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Sami Salo out for 6 weeks – MCL. D. Sedin out, Demitra recovery taking longer than expented.

    Detroit looks like they lost 40 % of their offense last year.

    Calgary isn't as good as they think they are.

    Nashville is a shadow of it's former self.

    Annahiem lost Pronger

    Chicago has cap issues and Hossa won't be back for a while.

    Dallas lacks NHL d-men

    Minny lost Lemaire

    Time to make hay!

    Wouldn't it be nice to have a nice cushion on a playoff spot by Christmas for a change!

    Great post LT! It's party time!

  27. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Oh, and the Toronto Burkes are still terrible and gave away their winning lotery ticket.

    Just caught that brunette looking at me. Or was she lauging and pointing at me? Beer me!

  28. ian says:

    As long as the Oilers do not go up 5-0 early…..the most dangerous lead in hockey

  29. doritogrande says:

    FYI – Robbie Schremp hockey is catching on….


    Couldn't be more right. The former Oiler made both the #6 and #2 spot on TSN's weekly NHL plays.

    …I don't know how to link to the video. Go find it yourselves on TSN's main page.

  30. Showerhead says:

    Game's on TSN and probably worth watching for MacT alone.

    BTW for you gentlemen out there (and LT delete if slightly NSFW) the ultimate in hangover curing:

    1) Sleep in.
    2) Eat greasy.
    3) Rub one out in the shower.
    4) Nap.

    Repeat as necessary!

  31. Alice says:

    And they called him… Showerhead. Thanks for the heads-up.

  32. doritogrande says:


    Written as if BDHS was hovering over you, baggie in hand.


  33. Black Dog says:

    Um, yeah I ain't going to be hovering anyone whilst that goes on. I'm a perv (actually just a man with a healthy libido) but that's just creepy.

    True though.

    Water and tylenol/advil etc before bed

    sleep in if you can (I cannot)


    big dump

    repeat step four

    nap if you can (once again, I cannot)

    As for 'rubbing one out' I recommend that for any day. Not sure how it helps a hangover but its a recommended part of any day's activities

  34. LittleFury says:

    BTW for you gentlemen out there (and LT delete if slightly NSFW) the ultimate in hangover curing:

    1) Sleep in.
    2) Eat greasy.
    3) Rub one out in the shower.
    4) Nap.

    Repeat as necessary!

    Hangover? That's just a good day.

  35. Phil says:

    Couldn't be more right. The former Oiler made both the #6 and #2 spot on TSN's weekly NHL plays.

    More like TSN's weekly Eastern Conference plays. I hate Toronto driven sports media.

    Pboy and others have touched on this both in this comment section, and elsewhere, but there is simply more to like about this team at 3-1-1 than last year's team at 4-0. Not that they don't have as many personnel problems, but the effort level is entirely better so far.

    I still don't know if they're a playoff team, but I've been thoroughly entertained to this point by the on-ice product, and really, that's all that matters to me.

    This is a Stan Weir type team. That is a good thing.

  36. quain says:

    Last year's 4-1 team got 0.825 shots per shot against.

    This year's 3-1-1 team gets 0.786 shots per shot against.

    It's more entertaining to watch Ryan Stone hit people, I'll agree to that, but I don't think it's going to translate to wins.

    (Although, I think the gulf between the two teams is different than shown due to a couple of early leads and going into prevent… but I don't think it's much better.)

  37. T. says:

    Totally off topic but I was wondering (and figured here was a good place to ask)…

    A few folks have referred to Staios and Moreau "getting the Gator treatment" as in being told they either retire or they'll sit in the minors.

    But I didn't hear anywhere that this was actually what happened with Gator. Was there a story there somewhere that I missed? Is it just an assumption? Not saying it couldn't happen that way – it just makes me sad and a little angry on his behalf. Wouldn't have minded seeing him retire as an Oiler.

  38. Black Dog says:

    T. – I've said that a few times.

    I don't know if Gator was told to retire, a lot of people have said that he walked away when he saw the writing on the wall and I would believe that.

    I think that with Staios and Moreau it could be a similar situation. A gentle push, lets say, management telling them that they are not really in the plans and then hoping that they take the hint.

    Can't see them finding takers for either.

  39. William says:

    To add to SK's list, CBJ have Commodore hurt and just lost Hejda for 4-6 weeks. There must be some kind of cosmic joke there since it was a knee-on-knee with Glencross that hurt Hejda.

    At any rate, if the Oil are going to get anywhere this season, they better make hay right now with all their rivals looking vulnerable.

  40. Steve says:

    Can't see them finding takers for either.

    Well, Staios has a reputation as a good mentor. If you've got a young team that needs to reach the cap floor, it might make more sense to spend the cap space on mentor-types, who will help you win down the road, than on good players, who will help you do so now. I'm not sure if such a team exists, mind you, because I'm completely oblivious to the NHL outside of Edmonton.

  41. rickibear says:

    Should we be worried about the shot count?

    Are they 5-7% shots or 20-25% shots?

    That is what matters.

  42. Black Dog says:

    That's always the argument Steve and I guess the fact that both contracts are expiring after next season might make them attractive.

    There are an awful lot of teams in cap trouble and an awful lot of players who can be gotten for cheap though. Lets say you're Nashville and you need to spend three million to hit the cap floor – do you get Staios or do you buy two or maybe even three guys who are looking for jobs like the guys thrashing about for work this year in August and September

  43. Steve says:

    At any rate, if the Oil are going to get anywhere this season, they better make hay right now with all their rivals looking vulnerable.

    October wins aren't as valuable as February wins.

  44. Bruce says:

    I think there is a market for Moreau. Much less sure the Oilers are anxious to move him.

  45. Phil says:

    Last year's 4-1 team got 0.825 shots per shot against.

    This year's 3-1-1 team gets 0.786 shots per shot against.

    I'm heading down a road here that will get me in trouble, as I'm not a 'numbers guy', but I agree with Alice that using stats to prove/disprove anything at the 5 game mark is really meaningless. My following statement will prove this point.

    Let's take out last game where the shots were 41-20 against (I would argue that it was so lopsided because the game was over very early, and there was some turtling going on; just my opinion). Last year's 4-0 team had a 'spsa' of .838, this year's 2-1-1 team was .890.

    So, according to this metric, this year's team was doing much better than last year's, until the game where they blew out a team 6-1 screwed everything up.

  46. NBOilerFan says:

    This is off topic as well and might be old news but I didn't see this so here it is…

    A couple weeks ago when news broke that Shanahan left the Devils following TC as he decided not to play for them this season, someone on here asked how Lou was going to get out of that $1mil cap hit"

    Well according to capgeek, Lou appears that he was able to. Capgeek says that the contract was "terminated" on Oct 10th and is showing on the NJ salary breakdown that Shanahan is "no longer on active roster". It shows that he was on the roster for 9 days (Oct 1st – 10th) at a daily cap hit of $5,181 for a projected final cap hit of $46,632.

    Shanahan and NJ signed a 1yr – $1mil deal on August 5th (an over 35 yr old contract). Sure he never played a single game for NJ, but interesting that a contract could be "terminated" and taken off teh books. I didn't think this was possible.

    Its no big deal either way, but seems wrong in principal to me because even if he was suspended for not showing up, wouldn't his cap hit still count?

  47. Black Dog says:

    NB – check out Gospel of Hockey, Scott did a nice little writeup on this a few days ago

  48. Woodguy says:

    Can't see them finding takers for either.

    Calgary unloaded Jim Vandermeer at 2.3M/year with 2 years left.

    If that's possible, anything is possible.

    I agree that it would be best if Staios and Moreau just hit the dusty trail.

    Who is to say they don't get their paycheck in another form through some subsidiary of Rexall? They both have 1 year left after this one.

    Its the NHL, no one will care or even try to find out if these guys are getting a soft landing in behind the scenes.

    Pulling 4.7M off the cap with those two guys is so important to getting Grebs, Gags and Cogs signed. Not to mention the other RFA's with Poo, JFJ, Brule, Stone, and JDD.

    Nilsson is another 2M they need to dump, Pisani coming off is another 2.5M (although if healthy I'd resign him for 1M)

    So if Katz/Lowe/Tambo are serious about helping this team, and $$$ is no object there is 9.2M available to come off the 45M (!!) already commited for next year.

    Wow, 45M committed next with 8 RFA's that are in the current line up.


    "Is it me?"

    Yes its you.

  49. Black Dog says:

    Woodguy – yes Vandermeer is the beacon of hope that we hold onto.

    And you are dead on – this club either has to move or bury some salary or they are going to lose a quality youngster.

    And if they do so because they are unable/unwilling to eat Staios/Moreau's contracts then they have nobody to blame.

    Well, Lowe for starters.

  50. Mr DeBakey says:

    Vandermeer to Phoenix was the last chapter in the Jokinen trade.

    All pre-arranged

  51. NBOilerFan says:

    @Alice – by Game 25 it will be too late man… 5 games tell us all we need to know.

    Seriously though, sure they don't mean as much right now but they are at least some kind of trend (even at such a small sample size). And what it says right now is that the PK is trending the right way, and we know the PP is likely to trend downward a touch which is expected.

    Such small sample sizes are certainly nothing to get to concerned about regardless, but its something. Just like some on here are comparing the Oilers at the 5 game mark this year to last year.

    As LT likes to say, it's using some form of a marker, you just can't put to much stock into it at this point.

  52. DBO says:

    as for staios and Moreau, I would think that there are some teams that could use veterans with good reputations. Remember that a lot of the league think moreau is a great gritty leader and that Staios is a solid 5-6 dman with experience. There are a few young teams that would look at both. however, it then puts us in a quandry as we would get younger and less experienced. Say what you will about them, but they do bring some things to the table. i too would be happy to get their cap hits off the books, but it really depends on what we replace them with.

  53. quain says:

    So, according to this metric, this year's team was doing much better than last year's, until the game where they blew out a team 6-1 screwed everything up.

    I agree with you, but my point is to temper optimism. People who say,'Wow, it's fun watching this team because we beat up Robyn Regehr' I agree with… but people who take it that extra step and act like hits are making us a better team I don't agree with.

    I'm not using five games of numbers to make a definitive point. I'm using five games of numbers to show the continuation of a trend… and that trend is that we get outshot even if you adjust for lead influences… exactly like last year.

    There's certainly the possibility that the top line turns it around and starts crushing people while dragging JFJ around, and that changes the equation. There's the possibility we trade Moreau and Staios for guys who are better at hockey and that changes the equation. But right now, at this point in time, we're not a 7/10 point team and I'm just pointing that out. My eyes tell me that much, but the numbers agree.

  54. quain says:

    And what can I say: Vic isn't around to call us a bunch of idiots often enough, Tyler is busy these days, Dennis doesn't show up as often, hell Traktor hasn't even been in to remind us of Horcoff's ES point toals today… someone has to be the pain in the ass.

  55. Dennis says:

    To get to the point about size, and I do realize it's based on if's, but IF 27 stays interested and IF 22 keeps his confidence at a decent level, then we're not gonna get leaned on like we used to. Sure, it would help if some of our more counted-upon guys had more size but at least we've got some ancillary characters to bring a bit of muscle.

    In terms of predicting a result for tonight, I could go either way. I'm disappointed that the team was outchanced at home by both mtl-dal but I was buoyed by the dual performances vs Cgy.

  56. NBOilerFan says:

    I don't think there is a market for Moreau or Staios, not with two years left on contracts and so many teams in cap trouble and the potential for the cap to start dropping each year for the next couple years.

    Especially with the trend that we are seeing with so many UFA's and not enough roster spots to accomodate. There are still players out there that don't have contracts such as Satan, Bonk, Malik, Peca, and Fernandez that would come cheaper.

    We're sttuck with Moreau and Staios, like it or not.

  57. Woodguy says:

    but it really depends on what we replace them with.

    Moreau's replacement is already on the roster in the form of 22,32, or even 43. He won't be missed.

    Staios is replaced by Peckham.

    If the Oilers do not move 44,71,37,77 or 5, there is no worries about replacing 24 with a vetern, that top 5 is plenty good, and Peckham brings the physical play that you lose (kinda) in 24.

  58. quain says:

    In terms of predicting a result for tonight, I could go either way.

    See! Even Dennis is reasonably optimistic! You're all blinded by your love for the Oilers! Youse all got jungle fever!

  59. kinger says:

    Bruce said…
    I think there is a market for Moreau. Much less sure the Oilers are anxious to move him.

    I agree Bruce.

  60. Bruce says:

    I'm using five games of numbers to show the continuation of a trend…

    The Oilers' trend dating back many years is that they are more likely to win when they get outshot than when they do the outshooting. I'm fairly certain that some of this is scoreboard effects, but the basic fact has held true for a very long time. Here's what available from NHL.com since 2000:

    Season: Outshooting / Outshot

    2000-01: .564 / .563
    2001-02: .554 / .563
    2002-03: .550 / .564
    2003-04: .512 / .583
    2005-06: .589 / .563
    2006-07: .404 / .460
    2007-08: .460 / .580
    2008-09: .460 / .536
    Mean***: .512 / .552

    (*** Raw average of seasonal percentages)

    So where are we (very!) early in the new season? Check this out:

    2009-10: .000 / 1.000

    That's right, Oilers lost the only game they outshot the opposition (Calgary in G1), and won all three games in which they got outshot! (The shootout loss happened to be dead even in shots).

    So go figure. What I figure is I'm not going to worry too much whether we're getting outshot or not.

    I do, however, notice another trend that the Oilers record when outshooting is particularly poor in years they miss the playoffs, while in those same years they do just fine when outshot. Not quite sure what to make of that other than to point it out.

  61. striatic says:

    Moreau will have more value around the trade deadline, to a team looking to toughen up and add some veteran, playoff experience.

    Staios would be easier to trade earlier, to a team with an inexperienced, flailing defense. Maybe Nashville.

    Moreau's style of play is fine for the playoffs, where you can get away with some additional chippiness, but is exceedingly awkward to watch in the regular season where it does little more than generate dumb penalties.

  62. Showerhead says:

    Alice, Doritogrande, Black Dog, and Little Fury: Glove taps all round, you guys all made me laugh and reading everything in succession was the icing on the cake. Icing. Gross.

    By the way, I just don't want to believe the Gator theory. If Jason Smith did retire for that particular reason, it will have left an awful taste in my mouth.

    And regarding getting value from Moreau or Staios, I just wish they were more offensive style players so that we might get a little out of them from a pump-and-dump.

    OK I'm done now. You adults can go back to your intelligent conversation.

  63. The Elephant Man says:

    Maybe leave the party early and get a good nights sleep. In the morning read about it on Facebook leaving comments like "I TOLD YOU SO". That way, you always come out on top.

    Or you could get off your high horse, sit down with someone you don't know, and buy them a drink and see what happens.

    At least that way you did something that you be proud of.

  64. Doogie2K says:

    I do, however, notice another trend that the Oilers record when outshooting is particularly poor in years they miss the playoffs, while in those same years they do just fine when outshot. Not quite sure what to make of that other than to point it out.

    Maybe there is a lead effect. Bad Oilers teams get down early, pour it on, outshoot opponent, but because they're bad Oilers teams, they still lose. Other than the utter stretch of failure that was 2006-07, their record when outshot is fairly consistent (and fairly good), so…win the games where you outshoot and you're fine?

  65. Boondock says:

    I just wish they were more offensive style players so that we might get a little out of them from a pump-and-dump.

    You should name your hangover cure the pump-and-dump.

  66. Steve says:

    Season: Outshooting / Outshot

    2000-01: .564 / .563
    2001-02: .554 / .563
    2002-03: .550 / .564
    2003-04: .512 / .583
    2005-06: .589 / .563
    2006-07: .404 / .460
    2007-08: .460 / .580
    2008-09: .460 / .536
    Mean***: .512 / .552

    Any idea of the Oilers are anomalous in this? If they're not, doesn't that undermine Corsi?

  67. Gerta Rauss says:

    If Jason Smith did retire for that particular reason, it will have left an awful taste in my mouth.

    I find this whole theory hard to swallow.

  68. Gerta Rauss says:

    I'll go stand in the corner now.

  69. quain says:

    Bruce, you're prefacing your numbers incorrectly. When you say win what you really mean is 'get a point.' It's fairly consistent that the Oilers WIN more when they outshoot, but that they get a higher percentage of points when they're outshot. Which smells, to me, like a poor team going to OT a lot rather than outright winning their games.

    And, I wouldn't really trumpet that trend as something not to worry about. In the (2) seasons where the Oilers have a higher percentage of points from outshooting games, they made the playoffs in both. In the (6) seasons where the Oilers have a higher percentage of points from being outshot they made the playoffs once. Frankly, if it's me, I'm going to aim to replicate the strategy that got us to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, not the strategy that got us early tee times.

  70. Alice says:

    /OK I'm done now./

    I'm pretty sure I didn't need to know that ~

  71. kris says:


    I agree that hitting doesn't lead to winning.

    Nonetheless, hitting often (not always, just usually) goes hand in hand with forechecking, winning puck battles, and making the play uptempo and chaotic. And those things, which reflect an aggressive style of play, may lead to more wins for our lineup. In a chaotic game, a few mistakes by our young guys are less noticeable, they still occur, but they make less of an impact, and we force other teams into situations where they make mistakes. Moreover, even with Jacques and Stone in, we still have a pretty speedy lineup; so, if we have guys whose role is just to disrupt the other teams play and puck control, it creates opportunity that our younger, fast smurfs can capitalize on.

    So more hits -as it's a symptom of of a more agressive and effective style of play- may very well explain why we're looking better, even if the hitting is not the direct cause as such.

    That's my opinion anyway. Nothing to back it up.

  72. Alice says:

    Like Kris said: you're more likely hitting people when you're skating forward, and quickly. Than backward and slowly. And 'forward and quickly' brings some other benefits.

  73. Griffy aka J says:

    The motto is: Get after the fucking disk whilst on ice surface, or you won't play because there are so many other similar players to give ice time to, and other similar skilled forwards in the press box and in springfield are clawing to even get a shot, so every shift you don't take the body, skate hard and get after the puck, there will be someone waiting hopefully figuratively behind you waiting to get some ice. Long motto but it breeds success, very similar to the post lockout Sabres in skill and speed, we also have grinders and a superpest esa clone in ryan stone. Not to mention the continued emergence of Grebs, now a smooth skating, completely heads up and reliable defender, a shadow of the "Garbagekov" scorn of many a few years ago. Gagner has had an unbelievable start, shown up and performed as a complete pro, undoubtedly in part helped by his bloodlines. The Comrie comeback is the story, maybe he can just play hockey now and not worry about money or gettin pussy seeing as his old lady is an incredibly hot lass with oodles money generated from the piggy banks of pre pubes. Gilbert has not impressed and I think this staff has seen through the second assists he gets and sees him for what he is, an overpaid defensive liability and pretty much a very poor mans grebs. Can't have Nilsson in the box either, and him and Gilbert should be dangled for something defensively responsible. This is the year the OIL return tp the NW crown. This team will be the one to watch this year. This is the team of the future, of the past and of the present. GO OILERS GO

  74. T. says:

    BD – thanks for the feedback/answers. It seems possible but either way:

    If Jason Smith did retire for that particular reason, it will have left an awful taste in my mouth.

    agreed. :-(

  75. quain says:

    Like Kris said: you're more likely hitting people when you're skating forward, and quickly. Than backward and slowly. And 'forward and quickly' brings some other benefits.

    Having the puck and putting it towards the net more than the other guys has some benefits too.

    Last year, hits had a correlation with points of (0.07) which means that a) there was very little relationship and b) what little relationship was negative (more hits, less points). SF-SA and points had a correlation of 0.629, which is quite a bit more related.

    Now, that's not to say that hitting more is a bad thing. I could absolutely see a world where Quinn's system is better than MacT's system and has more hits. I just don't think hits mean anything in and of themselves.

  76. CrazyCoach says:

    Gilbert has not impressed and I think this staff has seen through the second assists he gets and sees him for what he is, an overpaid defensive liability and pretty much a very poor mans grebs.

    You are joking right? Either that or you are Grebs agent or advisor (see-KGB goons for more info).

  77. the 0 in 0rca is for 0 cups says:

    quinn has a system that the players are buying into (see chubs). it also seems like a system that they know they have to buy into (see nilsson not playing, see forwards playing better together). we also have a very different goalie(see khabi). and a top d core(see peckham for staios hopefully soon). add mike duff for hilarious measure.

    party oilers.

    guinness and kidney washes(vodka, soda, cran)

  78. Stormwatch says:

    Gilbert has not impressed and I think this staff has seen through the second assists he gets

    O-I-L-E-R-S [SPACE] N-A-T-I-O-N

  79. Promethian says:

    Going to weigh in on a couple issues here:

    1. Recent Oiler Captains – I have to admit that seeing J Smith traded made me happy. Same will go with Ethan Moreau when and if he gets shipped out. IMO, you just have to trust your captain completely, by being able to make a breakout pass (Smith) or not take unnecessary penalties (you know who). So if trustworthy a captain makes, then it should be Horcoff, but I would also like to see it be Souray or the much less popular choice, Ales Hemsky.

    2. My never-fail hangover cure (usually too hurtin' for an effective rub-out) is called the 2 by 4:

    1 – 2 glasses water (rehydration)
    2 – 2 bananas (potassium)
    3 – 2 Advil (obvious)
    4 – 2 hours more sleep

    The last of the 4 is the hardest for me to get these days, but the 2 by 3 is almost as good.

  80. CrazyCoach says:

    Gilbert has not impressed and I think this staff has seen through the second assists he gets

    I knew I heard this somewhere before. IN the old Soviet system, only the referee was allowed the authority to grant a second assist so thus many players were not granted second assists automatically like the NHL. Many of those commie pinko bastards used this as an argument to try and prove Soviet hockey's superiority to the NHL.

    All I can say is "Nyet Nyet Soviet. Da Da Canada!"

    LT you remember the good old cold war days.

  81. Racki says:

    Last year when we came out of the gate 4-0, I was cautioning people to stop getting excited and that it was complete smoke and mirrors. Hindsight now tells me that this was exactly what it was.

    This year, I see something different though. I see a team that is 3-1-1 that easily could have been 5-0. They look like much more of a team. Yes, there are question marks on every line, as LT mentioned, but Quinn is making the most of everyone (although maybe Hemsky and Moreau would be two question marks for me though).

    Bottom line is I like what I see. I feel much more confident in this team. This team is a team that can make the playoffs.

  82. dstaples says:

    Why would anyone be down on second assists?

    Very often they are crucial to a goal being scored. Even third and fourth assists are often crucial.

    Sure, some percentage of goals is scored off a brilliant feed, a brilliant first assist, as in Gagner's pass to Comrie the other night. And some second assists come on rote passes, not really crucial to the goal going in.

    But I wonder what percenage of second assists really are so much worse than first assists?

  83. devin says:

    Gilbert has not impressed and I think this staff has seen through the second assists he gets and sees him for what he is, an overpaid defensive liability and pretty much a very poor mans grebs.

    Weird because he's playing as many minutes as Grebs and that means as much or more than anyone else. Gilbert is a sublime defender – he's had a slow start but his body of work is hard to refute.

  84. Rick says:

    On my way to the game now. I'll be the idiot in the Miro Satan Oilers jersey in the 200 level.

    We need to hit Huet early with everything we got tonight as he's been beyond shaky.

    I hope Khaby does well for two reasons: to have a good chance to win and give me comeuppances to my Hawk fan friends from that 9-1 game last year.

  85. LittleFury says:

    i feel good about this one and I'll be home to watch it on the TV (versus the computer). The g/f has even agreed to sit down and watch with me. So I feel pretty confident that the bastards are gonna let me down again tonight.

    One last word on the hangover thing: don't underestimate the power of the wacky tobacky to aid your recovery. Helps with nausea and promotes napping.

  86. pboy says:

    They mentioned on The Score that Chicago would be playing their backup goalie Antti Niemi.

  87. docweb says:

    Thank God the Hawks came back from that 5-0 score or I think we all could agree that this would be ugly.

    Having said that, it may have given us a better idea of where we are at. Last year the Hawks pretty much owned us so this is a reasonable early measuring stick.

    I am quite intrigued as to our Dustin measures up to the Hawk's Dustin.

  88. Cory Klein says:

    What a jovial atmosphere in here!

    It seems like a Frat house with the recommendations of both self fornicating and medicating going on.

    I have a fear that with this upward spiral of optimism we will have another injury ala Moreau dislocated shoulder, Souray wrist, Hemmer, etc etc. Hopefully by stating this aloud I will have jinxed it and the hockey gods finally drop some sand on our end of the balance scale.


  89. Phil says:

    Surreal to hear MacT talk about the Oilers in the third person

  90. kris says:

    To be fair, Showerhead wasn't recommending self-fornicating and self-medicating, but rather self-fornicating for medicinal purposes. Big difference.

    The Oil can afford to lose this one -the last time the Oil could afford to lose a game was 1989- I just hope they show well. Hawks are stacked and we're above 500.

    I see this game and the next 2-3 games as big test to see if Jacques, Stone, and Brule can hang. The Hawks in particular have lots of tough lines to go around and the "actual players" around the league have all shaken off the rust of the first few games.

  91. Lowetide says:

    Nice shot, Dustin.

  92. Phil says:

    Dustin with a bit of a zinger there :)

  93. andy grabia says:

    Good to see Penner continue to throw his old coach under the bus. Too bad they didn't cut back to MacT for a retort. I have a feeling the coach would have won that battle. Just like he'll win the war.

  94. Steve says:

    Nice shot, Dustin.

    What'd he say?

  95. Phil says:

    He basically said that a lot of players on the team benefited from the coaching change.

  96. Bookie says:

    Well, it seems like pretty much all of the players have said that.

    In fact the lack of pretty much a single supporting comment from the players since the firing tells you how bad of shape that room was in…

  97. Lowetide says:

    Steve: Something like "I think a lot of players have benefited from the coaching change."

    Ordinarily I'd be all over him for that, but MacT was very public about Penner a year ago so it's all good imo.

  98. Phil says:

    Regarding the whole Theo Fleury thing this fall – the thing you never hear the media talk about is how a player who retires under suspension doesn't collect an NHL pension. Couple that with a new book coming out, and Theo's comeback was just as much or more a financial victory as it was a moral one for him.

  99. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Penner throws a grenade Mac T's way.
    Penner Quote:
    "I think the coaching change has helped alot of the guys."

    This is the first difinitive, public comment that confirms Mac-T was not in favor with alot of the guys.

    He also mentioned something about a more uptempo game with more offensive leway this year.

  100. Bookie says:

    Ryan Smyth 5 goals now…

    That guy would look good in an Oiler uniform.

  101. jon k says:


    Game should be playing there tonight.

  102. Bookie says:

    10 Chant "Lets Go Oilers, Let's go"
    20 Goto 10
    30 End

  103. SK Oiler Fan says:

    He's making his early pitch for the Olympic team. Hopefully he's not forgoten way out in LA. Although, I'm sure Stevie Y is well aware of the game he brings.

  104. FlamingPavelBure says:

    Link for the game :P?

  105. Bookie says:

    Think its strange for us, imagine how it is for MacT.

  106. danny says:

    Bookie: shouldnt it be:

    30: RUN


  107. jon k says:

    Bure: See my post above.

  108. Bookie says:

    30: RUN

    I couldn't remember. It will never get to 30 as it loops. I think Run goes at the beginning or is it the thing you type to start it going??

    Anyone here with BASIC skills or Fortran77 or something?

  109. Woodguy says:

    It looks like Pat Quinn cuts his own hair with rusty shovel.

  110. danny says:

    I think Run means its then end of the compiling, and time to execute?

    Cant quite remember either. just remember being gravely disapointed when my Tandy TRS-80 couldnt respond to "Hello" on christmas morning, and christmas day was spend typing 20 pages of code to create a basic DOS cardgame lol

  111. Bookie says:

    It looks like Pat Quinn cuts his own hair with rusty shovel.

    Are you kidding me, man in his day, men just took their skates off and trimmed themselves up with it. That's also how they shaved, cut their meat, and hunted moose.

  112. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Get to watch another of my favorite skaters: Duncan Kieth. It's fun to just watch some of these guys skate for a shift.

  113. Bookie says:

    LT-is this the hangover now?

  114. SK Oiler Fan says:

    And Hemsky's gone fishing. Worst effort I've seen along the boards all year.

  115. Bookie says:

    There goes the shutout.

  116. Woodguy says:

    It looks like Pat Quinn cuts his own hair with rusty shovel.

  117. andy grabia says:

    That's some terrible hockey, there.

  118. SK Oiler Fan says:

    disgusting replay. Hemsky sat at the red line waiting to see if the puck would magically bounce back to him.

  119. PDO says:

    #1) Was only a matter of time until a Hemsky turnover killed us.
    #2) Jacques has to make a better play there.
    #3) How is that not a penalty?

  120. docweb says:

    All started with JFJ not skating another 2 feet to get it over the red line.

    Little things.

  121. Bruce says:

    That's what people are referring to when they talk about the 1Line needing to get going. Hemsky asleep on the boards, JFJ asleep on the backcheck, and now they have to score one just to break even.

  122. PDO says:

    … Moreau just made a nice play in the offensive zone.

    And what a finish by Cogs.

  123. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Beauty finish by Cogs

  124. Bruce says:

    4Line to the rescue. Wow.

  125. jon k says:

    Tim Peel is one of the officials. Has had a hate on for Edmonton since forever. Prepare to see some shoddy officiating go against us all game.

  126. Bookie says:

    You know, I think with Quinn, the concept of 'fourth' line and 'third' line is less meaningful than on some other teams.

  127. Bruce says:

    Sweet play by Moreau there. Oilers have now been outshot 31-10 with thecaptain on the ice at evens. Cumulative score: Oilers 5, Bad Guys 1.


  128. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Nice job by Stone taking it to the net

  129. PDO says:

    Maguire: "Stone showing some of that great speed."

    Wait, what?

  130. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Moreau letting up on a hit. He could have blew up Campbell there.

  131. andy grabia says:

    Both these teams look brutal right now.

  132. Lowetide says:

    Chorney has made some nice plays in the first period. Rookie, not ready, but showing some things.

    Penner hurt. Damn.

  133. Ian says:

    This is a fantastic game so far – definitely worth staying up late to watch. (I'm overseas, so it's tough to watch a game.)

  134. jon k says:

    Chorney's strength along the boards definitely looks better this year.

  135. danny says:

    Our gameplan is working perfectly. Chicago should know better than to out-shoot us.

  136. Bruce says:

    Tremendous pace to this game.

  137. kris says:

    Hawks are dangerous man. They're a bit all over the place, but they'll get that under control.

  138. andy grabia says:

    I noticed this when I was at the Habs game, and I'm seeing it again tonight: Khabibulin has terrible rebound control.

  139. danny says:

    This is kinda like watching the world juniors. Canada versus Slovakia.

    Anything can happen, but its clear which team has a shot at winning it all.

  140. Bruce says:

    Dustin Buffalo crunches Hemsky again. He really nailed Ales last season too. Somebody on the ice (that would be you JFJ) needs to be ready to respond. Pretty hard for Stortini to do it from the bench, try as he might. Maybe later.

  141. PDO says:

    Outside is Byufeglin, is there a player on Chicago who isn't at least an average skater?

    My god they're fast.

  142. Lowetide says:

    I think all the lines not containing Horcoff and Hemsky are doing okay. Quinn needs to save that line.

  143. djhender says:

    after quinn was saying how he has been great defensively so far, comrie fails not once, not twice, but thrice to clear the zone.

  144. PDO says:


    It's been a problem since Game 1.

    The good news is he's admitted as much.

    The bad news?

    He's 36, so unless it just became a new problem and he's a bit rusty, I kinda doubt it is going to improve all that much.

  145. RiversQ says:

    Maguire is just crazy.

    The breakout pass to Moreau was in the Chi dman's skates and yet that was "tape to tape." then he's got Stone as a fast skater and lauding Penner for a block that he didn't lay out for and was responsible for the turnover creating the whole mess in the first place.

  146. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Struds jock strap ended up in the 3rd level there.

  147. kris says:


  148. Phil says:

    Wow. Brouwer who?

    Only a matter of time with that one. It's been all Chicago for the last 10 minutes.

  149. jon k says:

    Another big shot, another rebound. Chicago's plan seems to be trying hard to get the big shots from the point and then hanging around the edges of the net.

    Wonder if they've got the word on Khabi being his rebound control?

  150. PDO says:


    Defensive zone coverage.


    Khabibulin rebound control.

    Defensemen's ability to clear said rebounds.


  151. andy grabia says:

    And there's that poor rebound control leading to a goal.

  152. jon k says:

    I wish Hemsky would look for the cross-ice feed from the redline. Just once.

  153. Lowetide says:

    Goalie has the yips, no doubt but the Oilers didn't play that well on the goal down low or up high.

    Horcoff hurt. Damn.

  154. SK Oiler Fan says:

    call a timeout. They're drowning!

  155. Steve says:

    I think Run means its then end of the compiling, and time to execute?

    What is this compiling of which you speak? BASIC didn't compile, it interpreted.

    "Run" was generally used right at the command prompt, and was used to start executing a given program. It could also be used in programs, though, in which case the effect would be to launch another program while the first program was running. This was the case until QBASIC, which had a more Windows-like layout, in which programs were generally run from a menu at the top of the screen (shortcuts: F5 to run from where the program last broke, Shift+F5 to run from the beginning). Line numbers were made largely obsolete in QBASIC too, to the point that it came included with a program to remove superfluous line numbers from programs written in older forms of BASIC.

    I mean…um…Goilers?

  156. Lowetide says:

    Where's the Advil?

  157. kris says:

    On the wall and around their own net, the Oil need help.

  158. Bruce says:

    On the wall and around their own net, the Oil need help.

    Namely, Sheldon Souray. He is sorely missed out there.

  159. the 0 in 0rca is for 0 cups says:

    i love when the oilers play possum.

  160. jon k says:

    Hemsky look like he's picking up right where he left off from last season. Hasn't shown a whole lot in the last 20 games.

  161. kris says:

    No Staios and Souray on a team that isn't exactly full of sound defensive d-men, against a great offensive team…

    This is expected, but ugly.

  162. PDO says:

    This looks like a team right now that could really use a few veterans to settle everyone down, clear the front of the net and get the puck out along the boards.

    But who could have possibly known that :-)

  163. docweb says:

    JFJ looking like he was trying to engage their Dustin… almost there.

    Comrie just brutal so far. The curse of TSN.

  164. Bruce says:

    I was just saying "we need a big save sometime soon" and Khabibulin made a big save. No rebound either, for a pleasant change.

  165. Bruce says:

    Kris: Right you are, and my mistake to omit Staios. Steady Steve has his warts, but he will battle you 100% of the way. Could use a bit more of that out of Gilbert especially just now. Grebs no hell either this period.

  166. sean says:

    I think the rebound control's got more to do with 3 Hawks standing in front of the net and their D taking wide open point shots than Khabi being soft. 15 shots against so far?

  167. SK Oiler Fan says:

    I think we have our answer as to how the Oilers compare to the contenders.

    This period is a victory at 2-1.

  168. Smarmy Boss says:

    Total credit to the Hawks. This fore check is relentless.

  169. PDO says:

    I think we spent more time in the offensive zone when we were celebrating the Cogliano goal than when we were actually playing…

  170. Bruce says:

    That training on LW served Smid well on that rush.

  171. kris says:


    Absolutely, our D can't cover the forwards or break their cycle, so our forwards are coming down to held, leaving their D wide open on the point to take big shots and look for rebounds.

    It's textbook stuff, and if Gilbert, Grebs, and the D can't stop it, this game is gonna be like 8-2.

  172. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Refs letting everything go here. Kind of nice.

  173. Bookie says:

    I think we have our answer as to how the Oilers compare to the contenders.

    You could say that about the Hawks relative to the Flames last game at this point.

    Small sample size!!

  174. Bookie says:

    Oilers win this game!

    Quinn is in there cutting the nutsack off of one of the players right now (like they used to do in the old days) and the rest of the team is going to come out killer.

  175. Hockey Noob says:

    The only question left to answer in this particular game is how ugly this is going to get.

    Bigger, faster, more talented= Chicago obviously…

  176. Bruce says:

    The 2-1 goal was scored off a line change, Stone went off and Moreau came on. The temporary line of 18-89-19 did such an absolutely brutal job of covering the point that Visnovsky wound out vacating the front of the net to get out there. Bad idea.

  177. kinger says:

    Tough start, not much to say except that Chicago is a good team.

  178. spOILer says:

    I actually laughed during that intermission segment and it wasn't at Scott Oake for a change.

    Absolutely classic line from MacT on no better footage for supporting a ban on fighting.

  179. docweb says:

    MacT priceless on the panel. I can see him following Craig Simpson's footsteps if he doesn't get a coaching gig (unlikely I know).

    Witty, insightful,funny,says what he wants.

  180. Dennis says:

    Lots to hate in that period, for sure:)

    - 91 showed himself to be soft – who know, right;) – on a couple of occasions when he had the puck behind his own blue.

    - 22 pulls an old Gator icing – get within two feet of the red and then inexplicably dump the puck – and then 83 compounds the matter by being lazy and that's a paddlin'

    - HORRIFIC rebound control by Khabby.

    I'm not really sure if we're this bad or the Hawks are this good but it reminded me of when the '97 or '98 Oilers would play the Avs or when the Oil of the last couple of years would play Det:D

    Finally, I had the chances as 3-8.

  181. Traktor says:

    Comrie and O'Sullivan both look afraid to take a hit.

    Studwick has been horrible.

    Cogs with 2 goals on 5 shots this year.

  182. PDO says:


    Cogliano, Stone and Gagner shortly after?

    Just guessing.

  183. spOILer says:

    Traktor said…
    Comrie and O'Sullivan both look afraid to take a hit.

    I've noticed the same.

  184. Bruce says:

    Have a seat, Mikey.

  185. jon k says:

    Cogliano has been great at taking advantage of opponent line changes on the transition.

  186. PDO says:

    Cogliano should have 3 on 6 now. Damn.

    I'd call Comrie horrible, but horrible would find me and kick me in the nuts.

  187. sean says:

    "both teams are lubed up and ready to rock tonight"

    Oh Pierre.

  188. Bruce says:

    Gord: "The Oilers win in Nashville was just the second time in the last four years a team has won by 5 and been outshot 2 to 1"

    Bruce: "Edmonton at Columbus, last year."

    Gord: "The other time was also the Oilers, in Columbus."

    Ha. I remember the game well (EDM 7 @CBJ 2), didn't realize the accomplishment was quite so rare though.

  189. spOILer says:

    Strudwick with 2nd most D minutes thus far.

  190. Bruce says:

    Pierre loves Zorg too. I don't know how I feel about that … except I agree with everything he just said.

  191. Bruce says:

    Another Hemsky rush, another offside. These guys need to work on their timing.

  192. Bruce says:

    Vis was a pylon on that rush.

  193. jon k says:

    Does anyone remember why Strudwick is at best a 7th defender yet?

    Totally backed off on the guy driving the net. Just minor league stuff there.

  194. Traktor says:

    Lazy slash and then a blown assignment by Gagner.

    Time to promote Cogliano.

  195. PDO says:


    He forced the play wide and out of any danger area.

    Strudwick meanwhile watched his man slide the puck in instead of lifting his stick or knocking him on his ass.

  196. Bruce says:

    That's twice in a row Oilers have lost a race to an icing. Hawks are flying.

  197. kris says:

    The forwards should've broken up the rush before it started, but the D was terrible on that goal. No Hawk was covered.

  198. quain says:

    Yeah, Visnovsky needs to stop pushing the puck carrier wide and join the three Oilers sitting in the crease not covering Versteeg. What a lazy punk.

  199. Addie says:

    What happened there with Strudwick? Big hit by Hemsky there at center ice!

  200. docweb says:

    Time for 22 to be back on the first line and initiate something, anything.

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