Oilers at Predators, G5, 09-10

Patrick O’Sullivan had a nice start to the season by most measuring sticks available to us: 4gp, 1-2-3 +1, 13 shots, 16-11 by Dennis’ scoring chances metric.

I mentioned in Saturday’s game day thread that at some point during the season’s first 10 games we should get an idea about the men who’ll do the offensive work for the Oilers in 09-10. We know Ales Hemsky will create and that Mike Comrie has a history of being able to score goals. We know Dustin Penner has scored 29 goals in a season, Shawn Horcoff has had a couple of 20 goal seasons, that Sam Gagner and Andrew Cogliano have some nice offensive skills.

O’Sullivan is kind of a key because if the Oilers can wrap a second scoring line around him (using some or all of Mike Comrie, Sam Gagner, Andrew Cogliano and the rest) then Pat Quinn might be able to roll Horcoff-Penner-Hemsky for the last 72 games of the season. If he can create with someone like Ryan Stone on a consistent basis then this team has something to talk about moving forward.

A player who can score 3 goals in the first 10 games of a season is on his way to a solid year (barring injury and some kind of “we’re taking Warren Young off the line” kind of thing). In the season’s first 4 games, the Oilers have goals from 8 different forwards and have scored 3 goals in three games and 4 in the other.

Is there a 30-goal man on this roster? Are there 5 men who can top the 20-goal mark? The first 10 games should tell us more, but at least there are more than a couple of candidates this season.

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  1. speeds says:

    The game was on, but I didn't get a chance to watch it all that carefully.

    Scoring chances seem to suggest that Chorney didn't look all that great, is that fair to say or were they misleading?

  2. Gerta Rauss says:

    If they can actually get a point in Chicago then that will be a more positive sign than anything we've seen to this point.

    And a win in Chicago would be huge.

    I think Tambo and Quinn agreed to a 10 game audition for everyone,and we're now heading into that window
    where a trade could happen for real now.

    Having the team playing well and a few players with nice boxcars is well…nice.

  3. spOILer says:

    Geez, it's tough not to have a glow on right now. The GF/GA, PP/PK numbers actually look okay, especially since we have about 5 man games lost to D injury. We just played a helluva game, considering half the top 4 was out.

    The Flames GA looks concerning given what they're spending on D.

    Danielle Sedin is out for a good chunk, while the Nucks have a horrific schedule this year.

    Can this division be had?

    This week we face the Hawks, who just gave us good warning of what kinds of squeals can be heard from their barn.

    We visit a struggling Wild team on Friday, and then the Dys come to town a week from today, their third game in 4 nights.

    Gawd I hope they can keep this up.

  4. Gerta Rauss says:

    My glow is from the 5th Keith's I just opened.

  5. Lowetide says:

    speeds: He looked mobile, jumped into the play a couple of times without getting much done. He didn't have a lot of work to do defensively (by that I mean the sorties played out without him impacting them iirc) but he wasn't terrible.

    One thing I believe that helped him immensely is the forwards seem to have adopted the Quinn breakout plan (short, short pass to the center who is moving through the middle but not far from the passer or a pause before dumping it up the boards to the W) and so the D knows where the F is.

    So, I'd say it was a neutral evening, which is different than helping but for a player like Chorney (new, rookie) it was about as good as we can expect.

  6. SK Oiler Fan says:

    The breakouts were definately noticeable in a good way. Made them look easy. The C was coming down quite low for the short first pass. Easy to make it tape to tape and he doesn't run the risk of getting trolleyed up high by the D.

    This is how Detroit often breaks out with ease. It helps when you have great skaters at C that can travel the length of the ice and back in one shift without collapsing.

  7. shanetrain says:

    Hawks come back to win.

    Oil put one on a team.

    Pit and TB win.

    My Phins win a thriller to cap off a 280 $ proline baby!

    Helluva day to be a sports fan in my house today!

  8. dwillms says:

    For those of you who hate Khabibulin's contract, I just thought of this today:

    Who would you rather have?

    N. Khabibulin
    Age: 36
    Cap Hit: $3.75 mil
    Yrs Left: 4
    08/09 Sv%: .919
    09/10 Sv%: .890

    C. Huet
    Age: 34
    Cap Hit: $5.625 mil
    Yrs Left: 3
    08/09 Sv%: .909
    09/10 Sv%: .831

  9. Bank Shot says:

    Somewhat related to the topic of Chorney:

    Cogliano won an own zone battle against a much larger Colin Wilson. Nice to see the Oilers young guy's start to victimize other team's rookies like they themselves were victimized for the better part of the last two seasons.

    Nashville had 8 players in the lineup with less then 100 NHL games. Edmonton 3.

  10. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Thanks Bankshot. That sure sums up this game without looking at the stats.

    Nash gets better with Dumont and Tootoo in the lineup, but any long term injuries to any key guys and they could be a lottery team.

  11. HBomb says:

    Ok, so tonight's events (Oil win, Calgary falls victim to the biggest comeback in NHL history according to the Elias Sports Bureau, and Team Burkie loses again), helps compensate somewhat for a crappy rest of the weekend (Esks lose again, Red Sox swept, 49ers thumped at home). C'est la vie.

    Man, Taylor Hall playing for Boston is going to look SO good on Burke. Kessel's a good player, but from all accounts, Hall could be something else altogether.

    3-1-1 through five games. Not bad, not bad….room for improvement, but not bad.

  12. jon k says:

    Andrei Markov's development path looks remarkably similar to Grebeshkov's. Their playing style is also remarkably alike. Good to excellent passers with only average shooting skills. Decent defensively but liable to make a poor play every once in a while.

    It's a shame we didn't opt to lock him up long term. He could be asking for 5+ this offseason. I think we see him walking away…

  13. Phil says:

    For those of you who hate Khabibulin's contract, I just thought of this today:

    Who would you rather have?

    N. Khabibulin
    Age: 36
    Cap Hit: $3.75 mil
    Yrs Left: 4
    08/09 Sv%: .919
    09/10 Sv%: .890

    C. Huet
    Age: 34
    Cap Hit: $5.625 mil
    Yrs Left: 3
    08/09 Sv%: .909
    09/10 Sv%: .831

    How about:

    M. Kiprusoff
    Age: 32
    Cap Hit: $5.833 mil
    Yrs Left: 6
    08/09 Sv%: .903
    09/10 Sv%: .896

    I know that cherry-picking stats to prove a point, especially with a small sample size, is meaningless, BUT… it can still be fun :)

  14. Bookie says:

    Hmmm, is this the same Calgary Flames that everyone was using as a touchstone to call the Oilers a pathetic team?

  15. Bookie says:

    JDD is getting the start as per Tencer. I don't see the need for this – in fact, the only time I would consider playing JDD would be back-to-back games.

    JDD just doesn't inspire a lot of conifidence in me. You would hate to lose points because your back-up didn't make the saves your starter otherwise would. This is a winnable game gentlemen.

    PJ – Well, at least you were correct that this game was winnable!

  16. Bruce says:

    Hi from Victoria. Just got in. Did anything happen?


  17. Ribs says:

    Oilers win, Bruce! Stortini with tow goals and a fight! I'm not even kidddin!

    The hockey gods must have felt your pain.


  18. Ribs says:

    sppppppppelllll cjhekkk……

  19. quain says:

    Couple of things:

    This team only has five players below a 103% PDO. Eventually we're going to see a return to normal percentages and it's going to suck.

    Our Corsi doesn't look too good (-23), but some of that can be attributed to having a couple of big leads.

    Gagner leads the team with a +16 (!) Corsi. Penner and Stone are close behind with +11 and +9 respectively.

    Stone hasn't gotten any bounces, but looks pretty damn good by Corsi.

    The top line of JFJ-Horcoff-Hemsky is currently -21 / -8 / -4 in terms of Corsi. I don't recall a substantial amount of time without JFJ (4 on 4, mostly), but it sure seems like the other two make more hay without him.

    Hemsky has been on the ice for 0 powerplay goals. Zack Stortini has been on for two.

    I think the over-arching theme of most of these notes is that five games of data probably isn't enough to draw any reasonable conclusions.

  20. doritogrande says:

    Caught the game at a friend's house last night with another Oiier fan in the room.

    It's great to have a game where you don't have to worry about blowing late-goal leads. I was able to sit back, relax, massage a couple ladies and shoot the shit about Oilers draft picks passed.

    And to be able to go "what the fuck? was that Stortini AGAIN?" truly made me thankful. Loved the dish 13 made for Stortini's second goal, and he got re-gifted by Lanterns in the second.

    Deslauriers was rock-solid when he was called upon, which was often. Great debut for the big man, but he'll still have to prove that this type of play is sustainable or else we're going to break our #1 by mid-March.

    Only problem with this team is going to be injuries up front. Seriously, with the team playing the way they are, who comes out for Pouliot and Pisani?

    Congrats to Taylor Chorney for his first NHL point, and for staying on the black side of the +/- ledger.

  21. uni says:

    WTF. The first game I miss all season and it's the only one that wasn't likely to raise my blood pressure or give me a heart attack?

    Stortini with 2 goals? JDD with a 40+ save performance?

    I think I'm going to force myself to miss the next game just to see what happens.

  22. Bruce says:

    Just saw the highlight reel and am pretty impressed by the Oilers' offensive game. Beauty first assists on all 6 goals — Hemsky, Penner, Comrie, Cogliano, O'Sullivan, Penner again — with each guy feeding it to a teammate in great position to do something with it. Obviously said teammates did do something with it, driving to the net and finding a way to finish the plays.

    Have much less of a feel for the Oilers' play on the defensive side of the puck. Don't like to see 40 shots, but between running with a big lead and taking a few penalties, esp. in the other guys' building, stuff happens. The summary and shot clock reminds me of that game we whomped CBJ 7-2 last year, where we didn't have the puck very much but when we did the execution was first-rate.

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