Okay Brule?

Gilbert Brule’s numbers so far this season (and I know it’s early) are pretty damn good. His boxcars (6gp, 3-2-5 +2) are rock solid, although he may owe some (or more) to his linemates. According to Gabriel Desjardins, Brule is in the best possible spot for a forward (soft parade, quality linemates). His faceoff percentage (46.9) isn’t terrible and he’s playing a physical game.

On the other hand, Brule (to the naked eye) has made some errors both in positioning and execution. With the injury to Marc Pouliot looking long term and only Fernando Pisani (a winger) looking for a roster spot anytime soon it looks like Brule will get another 100 at-bats to prove himself to Quinn and the Oilers.

Assuming he’ll get 20 full games before the Oilers pull the trigger (and they have other issues up front so the gp total may be longer), has Brule shown enough in the first 6 games of the season that we can safely say he’s here to stay?

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