Poo Poo Ga Joob

Marc Pouliot skated with the big club today and is apparently coming along nicely. Although we haven’t been told, it’s possible MAP (sorry, MP) will get some Springfield time in order to catch up (he’s been off awhile) and to get into game shape.

When he does get activated from the IR, it’ll be very interesting to see which Oiler gets sent out. There’s a possibility someone like Ethan Moreau will be thrown on the IR, but failing that the team will need to expose someone to waivers.

Steve MacIntyre would be the obvious waiver choice, and we might whisper Ryan Stone’s name as a possible cut too.

There’s another option: the long suggested (and hoped for) two-for-one deal that sends away a defender and a forward in return for some badly needed help up front.

The Oilers have had a big hole at center since June 29, 2008. It’s time to start fixin’ the hole where the rain comes in.

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  1. CrazyCoach says:

    Here's hoping the two leaving are the Captain and #24.

    Hopefully someone is asleep at the switch on another team.

    A 1 in 29 shot.

  2. Peter says:

    Crazy Coach: I've never agreed with anyone more in my entire life. We took 4 minor penalties on Saturday:

    1 by Stortini
    1 by Moreau
    2 by Staios

    granted one of "Steady Steve's" was a coincidental, but still. If we could deal those 2 for 1 solid defensive d-man, I would praise Tambellini without end.

  3. Bar Qu says:

    Why fix the hole in the roof? We can see the sun and the stars better that way!

    Seriously, you're long desired trade would be much appreciated right now. Especially with a couple of teams dealing with big early season injuries (hello, Montreal?).

  4. CrazyCoach says:


    Ironically after berating them both about taking stupid penalties Saturday night, I proceeded to go out last night and take 3 stupid penalties myself. I might get 4 in a season.

    Stupidity is contagious sometimes

  5. Bar Qu says:


    My students would hammer me to the wall for that one.

  6. CrazyCoach says:

    Ah the dream trade. Moreau & Staios to the Habs for Scott Gomez.

    Maybe after Yanik Weber craps the bed in this first call up, will Gainey look for a deal.

  7. Bling says:

    Why would anyone trade for Moreau?

    - His cap hit is 2 mil +
    - He can't crack the top 9 forward ranks on a mediocre team
    - He's prone to one bad penalty a game
    - His PKing ability is suspect
    - The only time in his career he's sawed off tough comp is when he's played with an elite checking center (Marchant, Peca)

    He has zero value.

    Same goes for Pouliot, Staios and MacIntyre.

    Saying that we should make a quantity for quality deal is all fine and dandy, but realize that it's akin to Toronto dumping its garbage in Michigan landfills — the only way we can get rid of our own filth is to pay someone else to take it.

    And with our salary cap situation, that just isn't gonna happen.

  8. Traktor says:

    "Why would anyone trade for Moreau?

    - His cap hit is 2 mil +
    - He can't crack the top 9 forward ranks on a mediocre team
    - He's prone to one bad penalty a game
    - His PKing ability is suspect"

    That sounds like Chris Neil. You know there was a bidding war for Chris Neil, right?

  9. Bar Qu says:

    The other thing that is appealing about a trade to Montreal is Gainey is as bad with money (or an excess of it) as KLowe. ;)

  10. budorduke says:

    yea sounds as though obyrne is out for the foreseeable future as well.. maybe some scouts will make the trip when we play Montreal, to check out our "plethora of puckmoving dmen."

  11. doritogrande says:

    This might sound crazy, but should Strudwick be scared about being waived? Could we run with 15 forwards / 6 defenders on the roster?

    I'd say it's out of the question, but we DID carry 3 goalies for about 40-some games last year.

    The question is, who is worth the least to the team at this point? Pouliot, Stone, MacIntyre, Nilsson or Strudwick?

  12. budorduke says:

    that doesn't sound crazy at all actually.

  13. Bar Qu says:


    I'm no strudwick fan, but he's an actual nhl'er, so yeah, it sounds crazy

  14. quain says:

    That sounds like Chris Neil. You know there was a bidding war for Chris Neil, right?

    Yeah, and Edmonton was involved, which leads us back to the real question: Why do we think Edmonton is going to trade Ethan Moreau?

  15. kris says:

    Strudwick is not an "actual NHL'er." He's a goon who doesn't fight.

    Also he's apparently nice, which helps the team somehow.

  16. doritogrande says:

    Also he's apparently nice, which helps the team somehow.

    And does the best Kermit the Frog impression I've personally ever seen.

  17. Mr DeBakey says:

    two-for-one deal that sends away a defender

    And the defender is replaced by whom?

    Christian Bachman?

  18. oilerdago says:

    DG: Waiving Strudwick would be a bold move that I can't see the Oiler front office make…at least not until Peckham is fully healthy should they need to bring him up.

    LT: The trade you keep calling for is obvious and your analogy about the rain/fixing the hole is perfect. But the problem here is that senior management is taking a manana mentality (…it's starting to rain, but if we wait a day or two the sun may shine…so why fix the hole on such a sunny day).

    And thanks for posting MPS running numbers. Having a lousy season might make for a brighter future if we can get another good young stud.

  19. Sean says:

    I think we're gonna have to throw in a 1st or 2nd to get anyone to take our salary on… Otherwise we cant afford another overpay or if we swap salary we'd have to take a project like a Nylander back. Nilsson, Moreau, Staois don't have a lot of value with the cap leveling off.

  20. PunjabiOil says:

    Modano likely out tommorow, as per Sportsnet.

    There are also rumours Nilsson replaces an injured Ethan Moreau.

  21. hunter1909 says:

    I love the way fans endlessly trade away all of the players, for magical deals that miraculously turn whatever is their team of choice into solid, contending teams. Draft picks? They just toss them around like fast food wrappers.

    Two things Kevin Lowe did to convince me he'd totally lost it:

    1 – Sending out a team of youngsters to get concussed in to the tune of Lowe's mantra "team toughness."

    2 – Lowe's drunken sailor style ranting about how draft picks weren't really worth anything much, around the time of the Penner offer sheet.

  22. spOILer says:


    How does trading a defender and a forward not create a hole on the back end?

  23. spOILer says:

    I mean when there's only a forward coming back.

  24. trader says:

    My questions is what has Pouliot done that makes him a lock to stay.

    What does he add..he doesn't score, he's not tough, doesn't play physical, he doesn't want to be a checker.

    Other then LT liking him I don’t get it.

  25. Lowetide says:

    spoiler: Let's say the Oilers deal Ladislav Smid and Robert Nilsson to Atlanta for Colby Armstrong (I have no idea if that's fair value but let's say that one side or another evens it up with picks).

    The Oilers will have effectively made Ryan Stone obsolete, so can send him down (or he's picked up on waivers).

    OUT: Smid, Nilsson, Stone
    IN: Arsene, Pouliot, Armstrong

    Now, the Oilers didn't acquire a center in this deal but I'm just using it as an example. If you don't like Arsene, then pick Taylor or Peckham when he's healthy. Strudwick would become the #6D in point of fact.

    That's one way, there are others. Point being the Oilers trade one of their D to a team that needs help in exchange for help up front.

    I'd do the same for Montreal but don't know who they have that the Oiles could use. Plekanic? Pacioretty?

    Anyway, idea being the Oilers acquire an actual NHL player.

  26. Lowetide says:

    trader: Pouliot has done some things during his career that suggest he can play. I understand it's been a slow and painful process but Quinn himself today told the media that the club still holds out hope for him.

    I know he's not terribly popular with the fanbase, but then again neither is Horcoff. In a way, it's kind of an endorsement.

  27. PunjabiOil says:

    I noticed the MPS watch on the main page of this blog.

    Another goal today, and he's effectively hit halfway to his goal totals from last year.

    A legit first line player that turns out could go a long way in turning this franchise respectful. Just hard not to get excited about it.

    Niklas Backstrom hit 40 points (12 goals) in 45 games as an 18 year old. He then went on to put 69 points in 82 games as a 19 year old.

    MPS may be NHL ready next year.

  28. trader says:

    But LT what does he do well?

  29. quain says:

    What does he add..he doesn't score, he's not tough, doesn't play physical, he doesn't want to be a checker.

    Let's play a game, I'm going to list five pairs of numbers, first number is ESG/60, second number is ESPTS/60.

    0.79 / 1.71
    0.54 / 1.69
    0.60 / 1.69
    0.78 / 1.69
    0.74 / 1.67

    Please identify Marc Pouliot and then explain to the class why his numbers make him expendable, but the other four vital cogs in the Oilers lineup.

  30. Lowetide says:

    We seem to be having some respect issues tonight, can we keep it on topic and avoid the personal?


  31. trader says:

    Quain…using that arguement Penner would have been our MVP last year.

    Put your emotion aside and tell us what makes MAP stand out so he's an automatic on this team.

  32. Lowetide says:

    Trader: Quain has presented a very reasonable argument there, and you seem to be glossing over it.

    Penner was not close to the MVP a year ago, but I'll tell you he's played much better this season. From the opening of TC through Saturday night, different player.

    Very, very good.

  33. trader says:

    LT I believe you missed my point

    The case presented by quain is strictly numbers based and my point was that if you only look at numbers Penner had some of the best numbers on the team last year…I don't think he was the best player on the team last year.

    Numbers don't always tell the whole story.

  34. millpoo says:

    Is Pouliot The Walrus I've been looking for this whole time?

  35. Lowetide says:

    trader: Pouliot is certainly not a high event offensive player but he's better than the boxcars imply. Why? Although it was his first full (mostly) NHL season he was neither getting a lot of TOI nor a featured player. He actually delivered pretty well offensively in a support role.

    As well, Pouliot has shown some ability (and this is somewhat open to debate, there's not a row of seasons to look at) as a guy who doesn't bleed the other way.

    I'm not saying he's Gretzky, but he does have talent and the organization appears to be willing to give him another season's worth of at-bats.

    As for your "he doesn't have any one outstanding skill" point, I would suggest he's an outstanding passer when given linemates who can play.

  36. quain says:

    Put your emotion aside and tell us what makes MAP stand out so he's an automatic on this team.

    The case presented by quain is strictly numbers based

    Okay… so basically you want me to tell you something secret about Marc Pouliot that makes him worthy of your adulation, preferably not numbers or emotion based.

    …he's a first round pick and Kevin Lowe thought he was peachy? I think that's reason enough to play him.

  37. Lowetide says:

    millpoo: YES! I was hoping it wasn't too obscure.

  38. 99thoilerfan says:


    I would love to see Penner have a great season. I have always liked his hands around the net, and of course his size, crashing the net.

    I was impressed with his effort

  39. millpoo says:

    LT: Niiice, one of my all-time favorite beatles songs. Would have thought the line went "coo coo ca-choo" like many others do if I didn't have to analyze the song's significance in a class.

  40. trader says:

    he's a first round pick and Kevin Lowe thought he was peachy? I think that's reason enough to play him.

    So quain, I take it your a fan of Smid as well.

  41. Lowetide says:

    When I was dating my (soon to be) wife she attended Red Deer College (and worked at Choppy's in the Capri Center). She was taking university entrance English (or lit, or LA or whatever they call it now).

    One night she told me she couldn't see me because two songs needed to be analyzed: El Condor Pasa by Simon and Garfunkel and Tainted Love by Soft Cell.

    If it had been Sugar Sugar and Sweet Caroline she could have come out to play, but NO! El Condor fricking Pasa. Still think of that when I hear that song.

  42. Racki says:

    We all talk about the need for someone up front, but I'd rather see them fix the hole on the back end. Our defense is still pretty weak. Steady Steve isn't quite as steady anymore (although I still like the guy) and he's the best defensive commodity we have right now. Our offense will get the job done well enough because we've got a good spread of offense over all 4 lines. We might not have that one uber-elite forward that a lot of teams have, but I never have really thought that this was as big a priority as people made it sound. It's up there, but this teams biggest problem is goals against.

  43. kinger says:

    Marc Pouliot is a useful bottom sixer both by the numbers and by my eye.

    That's good enough for me.

  44. Icecastles says:

    Lowetide said…
    Trader: Quain has presented a very reasonable argument there, and you seem to be glossing over it

    Just to jump into the deleoping hornets' nest here LT, I think the issue a lot of us have with certain posters is not whether they make reasonable arguments, but the smug superiority and condescension with which some of those opinions are shared.

    The best argument can be derailed by sarcasm, derision or talking-down, because it simply tunes people out from wanting to listen.

    I'm sure I'm a guilty as anyone, but these past few days aren't the first time I've given up posting my opinions because of the pushy and aggressive stance taken by certain posters. I know you try to run a clean show here without having to actively police it, but defending posters who regularly refer to people with whom they disagree as their 'class' and jump all over dissenters doesn't encourage a diversity of opinions.

    One of the great things about this blog (usually) is the incredible range of perspectives voiced. I'd hate it if the loudest and most aggressive voices eventually drown out the others. Just because someone has a valid point doesn't mean they are entitled to belittle people who disagree.

  45. Lowetide says:

    Icecastles: I agree that loudest doesn't mean best. It is hard to know who the good guy/bad guy is in some of these conversations too and that contributes.

    Finally, it really does seem as though there are posters who have an agenda as opposed to moving the discussion forward. It's a shame, but hopefully calmer heads will prevail.

  46. Icecastles says:

    Everyone who's a good guy say 'aye'. :)

    Moving back to the original thread now, I'm concerned that, even aside from the likelihood of finding a dance partner, guys like Moreau and Staios are pretty safe of the roster because of that buzzword "toughness". And as much as I hate to admit it (actually I like Staios, I just wish his speed and decision-making hadn't gone over a cliff), they are two of the tougher guys on the team.

    With the small lineup that the team currently has, management is probably going to be very hesitant to give of veteran grinders like those two. SMac's days are almost certainly numbered, but I can't see a guy like him being even remotely tradable.

    What I'm wondering though is this: if Dubnyk plays well in Springfield and JDD does nothing here to inspire confidence, what do you guys think the chances are that we can see him being packaged up as part of a trade?

  47. Bling says:


    Check out Pouliot's GF ON/60 – GA ON/60.

    He's a negative; has been for the last two seasons.

    One set of the numbers you posted belongs to Gagner, if I'm not mistaken. He posted a positive GF ON/60 – GA ON/60 last season as a 19 year old, second year pro. Lest we forget, he was also riding a bum ankle until December.

    Given the context, I think it's slightly disingenuous to compare the two.

    If we subscribe to the notion that Horc-Hemmer took on the toughs, Moreau-Pisani the secondaries (and the numbers bear that out), then why can't Pouliot post a plus against poorer comp?

    Stortini was doing it.

    Nilsson's been doing it for two years.

    We can argue quality of linemates. That's been brought up before and it's a great point.

    But we're talking about a kid who has been to 6 NHL camps, and has never blown the doors off at a single one. Someone who disdains being referred to as a checker.

    Is this that tough a call?

  48. flamingpavelbure says:

    ''Fixing the hole where the rains come from''

    It's kinda getting ridiculous, especially considering we played 1 game, and it hasn't show all that much.


    Montreal not interested in Staios.

    We need a puck moving guy.

    We can't afford 2 years contract, Price has to be resigned.

    Sergei Kostitsyn, just redeemed himself and doesn't want to be traded anymore.

    I think here's the trade baits for Montreal (IMHMFO) (In my humble montreal fan opinion)

    Kyle Chipchura
    Roman Hamrlik
    Guillaume Latendresse (You like that heh?)
    Sergei Kostitsyn
    Matt D'agostini

    and a bunch of AHL'ers

    I think Andrei and Plekanec will have a evaluation period, has if plekanec goes out as a 70 pointer, Gainey will look pretty stupid.

    Our 3rd and 4th lines are yoopie doopie, especially with Travis Moen, who i just love, huge bodychecks knows his role and drives the net.

    So yeah.

    What Montreal wants (IMHMFO)

    2nd line Winger
    Puck Moving dman

    Robert Nilsson and Denis Grebeshkov?


    Roman Hamrlik and Kyle Chipchura?

    How would you like that LT?

  49. Lowetide says:

    Bling: I think it is. Pouliot has a wider range of skills and that has value. Plus, unlike a lot of these young forwards MP has some size and can play center.

  50. Lowetide says:

    Flaming: No sale. Grebeshkov has very good value and I don't know if Chipchura is any better than any number of local optins. Hamrlik doesn't help the Oilers because when they do trade a D the idea will be to reduce the payload for the blue.

  51. Bling says:


    I like Armstrong a lot. He can help.

    Do we want to give up on Smid, though?

    One of Souray or Visnovsky has to be moved by this summer for cap reasons. If it's the former, and Smid is shipped out, the blue line will look like the 09-10 Blue Jays outfield — no defense and no hitting. Do you trust this regime to fill in the gaps?

    I don't.

  52. pboy says:


    I'm concerned that you might be a hockey polygamist….

    Quick quiz:

    Oilers – Habs Stanley Cup Finals Game 7?

    Who are you cheering for?

  53. Lowetide says:

    3-1 Columbus over Vancouver early in the second period. This cannot be happening, I picked Vancouver to win the conference.

    They'll come back and win tonight. Book it.

  54. Lowetide says:

    4-1 Columbus. Vancouver will win the Stanley. BOOK IT!

  55. flamingpavelbure says:

    Pboy: I'm an Habs fan, and Oilers fan (Since two years ago) and a referee, i would have no one to boo in that game.

    I would cheer for players.

    Robert Nilsson and Andrei Kostitsyn get hat tricks and we never score so endless OT!.

    Well, Hamrlik, even if he has a big salary, he's very good defensively, something you might lack a bit in your top 4 of blueliners.

    Anyways, you could always send a chip it contract off.

  56. Lowetide says:

    No to Hamrlik.

  57. pboy says:


    Just as I expected….


  58. flamingpavelbure says:

    Pretty clear,

    How about Weber,Subban or Carle?

    Or a delayed package in Ryan O'byrne.

    Markov is untouchable.

    Mara Gill and Spacek just got signed.

    Oh well, do you like Guillaume Latendresse? If he has a slow start, he could very well go for a Winger and D.



    Puck Moving guy + Nilsson ?

  59. Lowetide says:

    No, no, no. You're the team with the giant gaping cavity.

  60. dubya says:

    LT, I think "Book it" has a lower hit rate than Lotto 649.

  61. Lowetide says:

    Here's hoping. :-) Might as well use my power for good!

  62. flamingpavelbure says:

    Haha, then why speculate about Montreal if anything stands as awful?

    Forget Lapierre,Andrei,Tomas,1st line,Moen. That with the free Dmans.

    You could get Halak if we get sure Carey can keep the pace.

    I mean, they won't give you theyr young shutdown 3rd center, or an impact forward with potential, for your rests.

    Works for both way lol.

    Moreau+Staios /=/ Lapierre LoL.

  63. flamingpavelbure says:

    Same for Atlanta, look at theyr lineup, theyr's really no hole to fill, why would they trade?

    Is kovvy a great friend of Bobby?

  64. Lowetide says:

    flaming: I didn't speculate about Montreal. Earlier in the thread, I said "I'd do the same for Montreal but don't know who they have that the Oiles could use. Plekanic? Pacioretty?"

    So, I'm not making it up. It doesn't look to me as though the Habs and Oilers are a good match, which is much different than just putting your hockey club down.

  65. flamingpavelbure says:

    LT: Wasn't referring to your comments only.

    And you'r not really putting the team down, your putting the ''availables'' down.

    There's a reason why they are availaible lol.

  66. quain says:

    Just to jump into the deleoping hornets' nest here LT, I think the issue a lot of us have with certain posters is not whether they make reasonable arguments, but the smug superiority and condescension with which some of those opinions are shared.

    In fairness, I never shared an opinion. I wanted to know why Pouliot was treated with derision, but the other four players were elevated.

    Everything else is true.

    Check out Pouliot's GF ON/60 – GA ON/60.

    I was responding to someone talking about scoring, so it's not really a valid rebuttal. Sam Gagner's +4 is nice, but he was -14 the year before. Another player in that list was Andrew Cogliano, who was -1/-1 over the past two years, exactly the same as Pouliot. There's almost no clearance between Pouliot and Cogliano, but people need to constantly explain why Pouliot shouldn't be waived and Cogliano's roster spot is etched in gold.

    I know the reason why (upside), but I have a hard time understanding why Pouliot isn't a perfectly acceptable Top 12 forward or even Top 14. It's not like he's making much.

  67. Lowetide says:

    If the Habs still had Chris Higgins on their roster there would be a trade to be made. If the Oilers are out of it at the deadline there may also be a deal (Subban, Pacioretty) depending on how much Gainey wants to gamble and who is healthy along the blue.

  68. Lowetide says:

    Quain: We used to have exactly the same conversations about Horcoff years ago, and I mean EXACTLY.

  69. quain says:

    Quain: We used to have exactly the same conversations about Horcoff years ago, and I mean EXACTLY.

    I'm excited to have it about Riley Nash in a few years. This is like practice. I plan to visit a keyboard shop in Mexico so I can be fully prepared, maybe get a commenting psychologist.

  70. Bar Qu says:

    FPV,I have to claim the Montreal speculation, which I made simply because I heard Markov was down. I don't know players from other teams well enough to play the trades game, I just want to participate in reasonable discussions with the limited knowledge I possess.

  71. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Trading away a D-man away without adequately replacing him plus 2 injuries =
    Strudwick, Peckham, and one of Chorney/Arsene/Taylor in the top 6D. Scary

    I'd rather see a puck moving D moved for a stay at home D who is a PK stud.
    Visnovsky for W. Mitchel – I know, will never happen.

    Then an offensive forward moved for a solid low event C with size who is a capable PKer and faceoff man.
    Nilsson for D. Steckel – I know, Washington has enough offense allready.

    Off topic – Bobby Lou gets the hook after 3 goals in 3 shots to start the 2nd. all three were weak.

  72. Bar Qu says:

    But, I do think you can open up a space on the D (through a 2-1 trade for forward help)and bring up either Peckham, Arsene or even Chorney to play 6-7 D for the balance of the season. It would not be worse than where the team is now.

  73. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Bar Qu
    If you're trading one of Staios, Struds, or Smid I agree the dropoff to Peckham, Chorney, Arsene, or Taylor likely isn't going to be devastating.

    Obviously Staios is the guy to get rid of because of salary and age.

    The other option is trading Visnovsky for a very capable stay at home, physical, PK D-man. Some salary cap relief out of this would be desireable.

  74. Scott Reynolds says:

    Incidentally, good for Mathieu Roy to be playing NHL hockey this year. He's thanking his lucky stars that Scott Howson was in Edmonton for a time.

  75. Dennis says:

    I like 78 as much as anyone else but I'm ready to say now that his biggest value right now is that he can play top nine min and at least can hold serve while you wait for the other guys to sway the tide.

    I think his time's past as a guy who can be counted on or would be given a chance to produce offense but if he works like a bugger killing penalties, winning faceoffs and uses his size, then he'll be an asset and he might wind up being a Pisani type with 15 goals and 30 points and a plus.

    Just talking to my Habs buddy online and he asked me what i thought of the 2010 Oilers and i said i thought we'd be much better off if we brought in Scot Nichol and Tom Kotsopolous and let them play on the 4th line and then kill penalties for us.

    I wish the Oilers would do something like that and just define roles but instead they just throw out a whole bunch of kids and Hope that a 13 or 78 can learn how to win faceoffs, kill penalties and check instead of going out and signing vets who we Know can handle those roles.

    It's as frustrating as fuck if you think about it for too long.

  76. Dennis says:

    Scott: drop me an email at mwhite.dking@nf.sympatico.ca

    Thanks, bud.

  77. suntory hanzo says:

    LT: Long time lurker, rare poster…If we were to trade Viz, how damaging is his big contract to prospective teams? He has the skill no doubt, but the $ are big too.

    Yay BJackets..makes my life at school in Abbotsford more tolerable tomorrow :)

  78. Psyche says:

    I think the Islanders would make one half of a nice trading partner. I'm just not so sure the Oilers would be their ideal date to the prom. Players like Hunter, Witt, and Weight would bring nice balance to the Oilers roster. I just don't know what pieces the Islanders need in return.

  79. DBO says:

    If Montreal really wanted a dman, the only player i would want is Maxim lapierre. 6'2, 207lbs, he hits, is solid in his own zone and is a 53% faceoff guy. Exactly what we need. Doubt Montreal would consider him, but if I'm the Oil, he solves a bunch of problems.

  80. Coach pb9617 says:

    Dennis, I sent your email to Scott in case he didn't see it. Hurry and delete that or you'll get spamhammered.

  81. Gord says:

    Jan Hejda is now +4 in two games this season….

    Womder what we would have to trade to get him back???

  82. Bruce says:

    It's a drag that Poo got hurt in training camp. Another year, another slow start … not his fault, but the clock is ticking and he will once again have to work his way out of the press box.

    I like him in a vanilla useful sort of way, still think he may be a player if he can ever resolve what I see as consistency issues.

  83. Ed says:

    Pouliot and Gagner had some chemistry last year. If Moreau goes down 78 on the wing with 89 would be a nice option.

  84. Lowetide says:

    suntory: I think Lubo's contract makes him a difficult player to trade but his skill set is exceptional.

    If they do deal him, the Oilers will very likelyt acquire an expensive and useful forward, however. So it's more shuffling the money than shedding it.

  85. George B says:

    Maybe if we trade two for one and include Staios, Semenov's wife will let him play in Edmonton?

  86. Dennis says:

    Ed: that's a good point regarding possible chem betweeen 78 and 89. They were playing together with 26 and putting together two or three good games just before 26 was moved back to Car.

    I often wondered how much sustain they would have had.

    Also, considering that 78-34 have always played well together, maybe those guys plus 34 could be a little movement towards a secondary tough min line. You'd just have to take out 18-32 to move 78-34 back in and 46 could move down a line.

  87. Ribs says:

    Maybe if we trade two for one and include Staios, Semenov's wife will let him play in Edmonton?

    Oh hell no. We held onto that guy way too long once already. I'm surprised he's been an NHL'er this long. Staios is twice the player he is.

  88. Bruce says:

    Gagner and Pouliot also had some nice games with Nilsson.

  89. NBOilerFan says:

    George B said…
    Maybe if we trade two for one and include Staios, Semenov's wife will let him play in Edmonton?

    I don't think it was the "where", it was the "how much".

    And as far as Poo goes, I was perfectly happy with the thought of a TC with him, Brule, Stone and others fighting it out for the 4th line center role.

    Well, that was what I thought would be teh case because I certainly believed Tambellini had a better plan when he dealt Brodziak then filling the 4th and 3rd role with those same players (plus a later added Comrie)

    I was perfectly fine with Brodziak being dealt, but it was also assumed that meant the arrival of a better option, not worse.

    But until Tambellini finds a better option via trade, then Pouliot better not be waived or dealt. And this is coming from a Brule supporter.

    As far as tonight, I think your are right LT, looks likely that Pouliot is in, and Moreau is out. The positive being that it buys Tambellini more time to get some deal done to avoid losin ga body for nothing if claimed off waivers.

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