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I’m at the early stages of preparing the top 20 prospects list (it’ll start November 29) and there are two related questions that keep coming up.

First, I’m back to openly wondering about the value of SP when tracking AHL goalies. It’s definitely a strong tell, but I think we need to factor in things like the experience level of the team in front of said player (specifically the blue) and quality of team.

Any suggestions about how to suss that out?

Also, I’m very interested in following Taylor Chorney and Theo Peckham and their relative progress this fall. At the beginning of TC, Chorney was coming off a struggle in the AHL last season and Peckham appeared close to making the jump.

Peckham missed all of TC and likely isn’t at top level in terms of shape, but his play has been quite poor. Chorney on the other hand looks like he belongs. Their current Corsi:

  • Chorney -24.4
  • Peckham -42.81

Peckham (according to Desjardins) is facing the toughest opposition available (which looks like early season fluctuation) and Chorney the soft parade. I’m wondering if that adjustment from college to the more physical AHL is so great that we should just factor in a lost year for the blue? Matt Greene spent 26 games in the AHL but he was a more physical player. Chorney is more Poti than Peckham.

How do we factor that in moving forward? How much will that step impact Petry? Remember, Wild has struggled too. Anyway, any help is appreciated.

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