Avalanche at Oilers, G22, 09-10

“What’s the story with that dog?” may end up being the punchline for the Edmonton Oilers this season. They’re home to the Avs, Hawks, Coyotes, Kings and Sharks before closing out the month on the road in Vancouver. The club begins December with a tough road trip, so if they’re going climb back into the race now would be a good time.

There are some good signs. Defensively Lubo and Laddy are a nice pairing, and Sheldon Souray is starting to impact the powerplay for the first time all season. Tom Gilbert’s play defensively has come under fire but he’s an effective player with a wide range of skills. Steve Staios has limitations but is a veteran hand on the blue.

Up front, Dustin Penner is a smidgen from actually walking on water and Ales Hemsky is sublime. Our man Horcoff is picking up the pace despite once again playing at less than 100%. Young Andrew Cogliano seems to have some jump and Patrick O’Sullivan cannot go through an entire season with his gun jammed.

The Avalanche seem to have more sustain than we thought after their quick start to the season, but they played a tough one in Calgary last night and I think the Oilers win tonight. If they don’t, we can look forward to the next GDT and it’s title “If Dave was here….DAVE’S A KILLER….YEAH….Dave’s a mess…..”

And a quick final note. Dean Arsene has probably seen “Slapshot” and “Dumb and Dumber” and all those movies thousands of times on those junior and pro bus rides. One of the best stories surrounding this team in 2009 is that the Edmonton Oilers called up Arsene and he played in the show. I think everyone who is a fan can appreciate what that must mean to him.

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  1. Psyche says:

    I sense a Horpensky offensive burst and an unbreakable Bulin wall. Avs have lost 3 of 4 and played last night in Calgary.

    Carpe diem Oilers!

  2. hunter1909 says:

    Funny these Oilers.

    They've stunk out the room for the past month, yet still seem to possess enough positives to keep everyone…well…positive.

  3. oilerdago says:

    Seems lately that the Avs have owned us on our ice and we own them on theirs. A game where we should jump all over them from the start because they may not have the legs but, this is our 3rd in 4 nites.

    We're a team with a nasty habit right now of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and this games seems to be setting up for another replay of that.

    Hoping they prove me wrong.

  4. Coach pb9617 says:

    "What's the story with that dog?" may end up being the punchline for the Edmonton Oilers this season.

    Another Dog-related punchline:

    Damn shame what they did to that dog.

  5. knighttown says:

    Yeah Hunter, you're right. For the first time in forever,(not you being right) the Oilers half a pile of guys that would be considered better than league average for their depth chart position.


    There'd be a couple of other guys who might get votes such as 10 at 1C, 19 at 2RW, 46 at 4RW and the goalies. The problem is that this leaves just as many guys who are well below league average at their position.

    A team full of league average players should land you about 15th in the NHL. As LT has been saying for years, they need to find a way to get balance, specifically on lines 2 and 3 where you'd be hard pressed to find one player who is well clear of average for their position on the depth chart. He's always said "actual NHL players" and that gets argued sometimes because guys like Brule, Comrie and Gagner belong in the NHL, and 85 and 16 show spurts. But can a team win with those guys at 3C, 2C, 2LW, 3LW and 3RW?

    And of course there's Dink Dumshit who could captain the '27 Yankees to a .500 season.

  6. Unleaded says:

    I expect a statement game from the team tonight. Lots of arrows pointing the right way.

    If this team's forwards ever get healthy, what are the odds that Dink Dumshit ever sees the PB? We all know his play is well below league average. What will it take to see him out of the lineup?

  7. knighttown says:


    That stat about Souray being outshot 10-0 at evens yesterday boggles my mind. I think you're right about matchups.

    Back in the day I was a Pistons fan. They'd play the Bulls and there would be nights that MJ would have that look in his eyes. The head would be bobbing and the tongue would be out. Joe Dumars was tasked to guard him and at the end of the night it might look like this

    #4 Det- 3/12 FG, 2/3FT, 2 Reb, 3 Ass and a steal.
    #23 Chi- 10/30 FG, 2/3 3 Pointers, 13/16FT, 6 Reb, 8 Ass and a steal.

    Mj would have outscored Dumars 39-8 but you know what, Joe D played damn well and made MJ launch a pile of shots to get there. If there wasn't a constant hand in his face MJ might have gone for 55. I don't know that there's a basketball equivalent of Corsi but if there was it wouldn't have been kind to Dumars on those nights.

    Long anecdote but the point is that Rick Nash had that look in his eyes last night. Without 44, he could have gone 2+2. My only theory is that Souray realized this and focussed entirely on defense unless they had the extra man. A road game meant Nash (and Huselius, who scares the fuck out of me btw) got out against Comrie a few times. That's backed up by Renney's in-game comments that they wanted a certain defensive pairing out there at all times but weren't too worried about the forwards.

    Observational analysis vs. math will often lose around here but I think last night was one night the math got it wrong.

  8. doritogrande says:

    If only Stortini, Strudwick and Moreau can turn into the new generation of Hanson Brothers.

    If only…

  9. hunter1909 says:


    The problem is Moreau plays like a Hanson, but thinks he's Mark Messier.

  10. pboy says:

    Joe Dumars was a great, great player. Very underrated. Somehow now that he is a GM he is very overrated. It's weird how that works sometimes.

  11. Mr DeBakey says:

    I think last night was one night the math got it wrong

    There is a very nice post at IOF on this very topic.

  12. quain says:

    Observational analysis vs. math will often lose around here but I think last night was one night the math got it wrong.

    If your version of observational analysis is being concerned with the context of ice time, then maybe you're right. But the guys prattling on about Corsi and Bananas/60 are usually the same guys harping on context and quality of ice time.

    Furthermore, in my experience, observational analysis is almost always, 'Shawn Horcoff can't score a goal because he has no confidence in his coach and the locker room smells too much like bananas… you can tell because of how he banged his stick on the ice there' which leads us right back to Bananas/60.

  13. bookie says:

    I am starting to think this whole blog and everyone on it is bi-polar.

  14. Phil says:


    Bad-Boys. Baaaaad-Boys.

    The Pistons-Bulls playoff matchups 89-91 were epic. I've got a good number of those games on tape, in a box stuffed under the stairs in the basement.

    You make a good point. There are players in every sport that you can only hope to contain, and the players tasked with trying to contain them are generally not going to do much the other way.

  15. FlamingPavelBure says:

    I don't know how they translated it, but if i make a direct one from the french version (Only movie in the world where i think the translated version is better)

    ''Okay, the jesuses line, it's your turn!''

    ''The retards, they brang theyr toys!''

  16. SK Oiler Fan says:

    I dunno. Avs looked pretty good last night. Good goaltending, active and underrated D, forwards skate miles and protect the puck well. Flames hit them alot, but it didn't slow them down.
    That Duschene is a pleasure to watch.

  17. SK Oiler Fan says:

    This man games lost to injury isn't a very accurate stat, but it sure makes Colorado's hot start even more impressive:

    Man games lost to injury so far:
    Vancouver 96
    Edmonton 74
    Colorado 69
    Chicago 54
    St. Louis 47
    Washington 47
    San Jose 46
    Pittsburgh 45
    Montreal 43
    Minnesota 41
    Carolina 38
    Nashville 38
    New Jersey 37
    Dallas 36
    Detroit 36
    Florida 31
    Atlanta 30
    Toronto 30
    Ottawa 27
    Philadelphia 27
    Boston 26
    Los Angeles 24
    Buffalo 23
    Phoenix 23
    N.Y. Rangers 16
    Calgary 15
    Anaheim 14
    Tampa Bay 5
    Columbus N/A
    N.Y. Islanders N/A

    Interesting that the Flames have only lost 15 games to injury thus far. I didn't look back at previous years, but Calgary seems to be very lucky when it comes ot avoiding long term injuries to their best players. Bert and Bourque were the only players of note last year that missed more than 10 games. So they're due for a big injury anytime now!

  18. Bar Qu says:


    most impressive thing about the game last night from the Av's side was the shot blocked total. I had to leave with 10 left in the 3rd and they put up the stat saying the Av's had blocked 22 shots to the Flames' 4. And at the start of that same period the stat was 13-4. You want to talk about a team finding ways to win and play consistently, well when your forwards and D find as many ways to close lanes as the Av's did last night you win games. And it wasn't as though all those shots were perimeter and from the point too. A lot (from my memory) were from the circle and slot area too. It just seemed like every other shot taken hit a stick or a leg and pushed the Flames back.

    I hope I did not just give a preview of tonight's game however.

  19. Moose says:

    Not sure where you got that man games lost list but, the total I saw yesterday was the Oilers with 105…almost sure its not 74, 'cos they were in the 90's on the road trip at one point.

  20. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Apologies. Those numbers were as of Nov 7th.

  21. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Noticed the blocked shots as well.
    I'm assuming Hannan blocked most of those. He's like a second goalie out there. He usually does't even leave his feet to block either.

  22. Bruce says:

    That stat about Souray being outshot 10-0 at evens yesterday boggles my mind. I think you're right about matchups.

    KT: Thanks for bringing that forward. It boggled my mind too, here I was thinking Souray had played a great game and that shot distribution just didn't jive with anything else I saw. Well, it jived with one thing: Rick Nash was a holy terror in that game. Souray couldn't stop him, but he helped contain him (as did Khabibulin who had a strong game). Both Souray and Staios wound up with butt ugly Corsi numbers (-11 and -15 respectively), but there was no damage done on the scoreboard at even strength so they must have done something right. IMO Nash and Souray were the two best skaters on the ice.

  23. Bar Qu says:

    I don't know who was blocking those shots, SK, but it seemed like every attack in the Av's end was blunted 10 feet from the net. It must have been demoralising for the fans and Flames alike.

    As I say, I hope it is not a preview of tonight. I really don't think that playing last night is going to affect the Av's that much. Their play just seems very consistent and very effective (both in wins and energy use).

    This is the end of my reverse jinxology.

  24. Coach pb9617 says:

    but there was no damage done on the scoreboard at even strength so they must have done something right. IMO Nash and Souray were the two best skaters on the ice.

    Look at the scoring chances Bruce. Nash not scoring might have been dumb luck. 14 chances against without a goal?

    Yeah, dumb luck.

  25. Bruce says:

    Coach: Note I did not include Staios as one of my two best players on the ice. He had a hard go of it in Columbus, after some pretty good games earlier on the trip. Souray, who was paired with him for the most part, had just 8 chances against, while Staios bled chances on occasional shifts with Arsene, Smid, Gilbert, even Visnovsky.

  26. Unleaded says:

    I'm kind of surprised at how light the activity is here today. This game should be a really good test for this healing Oilers squad, but not many people have much to say.

    I mean sure there isn't the massive inuendo that we had so much fun with on Monday, but come on people. This isn't a funeral…

  27. Dennis says:

    I remember seeing 44 making all these nice little plays in that game and thinking he had a great game but my chances metric didn't like him a great deal.

    Then again, you always have to temper those numbers with QualComp.

    Regarding 19, he has five goals in his first 40 games as an Oiler and considering his lack of finish, here's what I think he is: a 20-50 guy who only earns that contract if he can outscore or hold even the top opp.

    He has this nifty thing he'll do where he'll change his centre of gravity when he's battling for the puck and I think he's a heady guy and good PKer; plus, he's in the right area for scoring opps.

    But he has close to ZERO finish; he's almost Bill Muckultian in this fashion.

    Overall, at least in terms of SC's, we've been a lot closer to deserving to win these past handful of games than we had been previously so that's a positive. There's enough health and talent on the blue every night now that the unit can be considered a strenght.

    Up front, 10-83 are banged up and 27's carrying the goal scoring load and a kid like 13's dying on the fucking vine.

    And though no one's talked about it, Khabby's starting to show some cracks as well. He can stare guys down from 15 feet but here lately he's been giving up a lot of PP goals with cross ice passes: you had Kotalik vs NYR, Bogo at Atl and then Strahlman last game out.

    As of yet we've yet to see him have a game where he is absolutely lights out and we're shallow enough in other areas that we are going to need that from him eventually.

  28. B.C.B. says:

    I echo the sentiments of Dennis on Patty'O. Thanks.

    Shut up Bookie, we do have to point out I am bi-polar, I having a really hard time controlling. Thanks for understanding, Bookie.

    I disagree, Unleaded, this might be a funeral (hopefully K-Lowe's or Tambi's), just as it was MacT's last year.
    I also believe that I am somewhat vindicated about my support for MacT. Yes Penner is better, but the Oilers are still crap because it is not just, or even mostly, the coach but the players that are assembled for them.

  29. Bar Qu says:


    does it have to be a funeral like last year? I mean, does this team have to limp through the year like they did last year? Really?

    There seems like there are 3 or four little things that could be done and things might change.

    I just hate feeling like I have given up on the season already.

  30. Unleaded says:

    Dennis, I don't agree about 13.

    This kid is being handed an anchor in 18, and a malot in 46, and being asked to swim across the river and back. He's drowning. We know it, he knows it, and the coach knows it.

    Why is he still there?

    My bet is really simple: he needs to be there.

    For the last long while we have been hearing about the players who got here too early, who are here becasue of the cap, and haven't earned it. Entitlement.

    We are still hearing about it, and Gagner is out, and so is Nilsson. So who was drafted high, highly touted, and not doing a great job?

    Smid? I'd say he's excelling.

    Brule? Could be.

    Cogliano? Definitely.

    I'm not harping on what he's got for abilities, or anything like that. I know he's got some nice tools. I think that if the team does want him to learn how to be Marchant+ though, playing him with guys who can grind, and/or guys who aren't that useful as players, could be a tool to get him to step up to the next level. Get him playing crusty hockey. I've heard other people say he's getting better grinding it out on the boards. That is a good skill to have. Would he be doing that with any other line on the team?

    I have said and will keep saying 18 is done as a player. I love the guy, but he's not playing hockey anymore. He's embarrasing himself. 46 is earning his playing time with decent defensive plays, hits, fights, and mucking it out. These are not the high end NHLers. Cogs needs to learn how to play that game before he can move and be a more complete player.

    I think Quinn should be given a Medal for doing things this way. It's the right way to go to help make these young men into NHLers.

  31. hunter1909 says:

    Seeing how Tavares is turning around the Islanders in a quarter of a season, you realise just how much of a difference one great player makes to a hockey team.

  32. Hockey Noob says:

    Dennis, I've noticed (no math to support this) that Khabibulin seems to be weak on closing his five-hole. During this season and even the recent shoot-out loss, he's frequently been beaten that way.

    One time in particular, he had clear sight of a player who was at the outer edge of the face-off circle and he let the puck go straight through his legs.

    As for the cross-ice pass, Bulin's stopped a few, but more often than not, he does let those ones in.

    Overall, his goaltending's been fairly solid, but it doesn't seem like he's making many saves that he shouldn't–if that makes any sense.

  33. Unleaded says:

    As an addendum to that statement, please listen to Coach Quinn's coments today from about 3:30-7:15, which I feel speaks directly to Cogliano.

    Quinn Pre-Game

  34. PDO says:

    Oilers are 3 forwards away (assuming a healthy club) from being a decent, perhaps even good, team.

    If you look at the top 6, you've got 27, 10 and 83 and that's fine and dandy. Then you've got 19, who is damn close to being a guy who can play in your top 6 if he can just figure out how to use that quick release in an appropriate manner, and then you've got 89 who has shown some glimpses and might just be worth the time of day.

    Then it's a cluster fuck, but if 34 is back soon, maybe you can work something out along the lines of 91-67-34 and hope they can at least play the other teams 3rd line even.

    91-67-34 (assuming healthy, otherwise it's another hole)

    And then you fill it out with 13, 18, 12, 46, 85 and 16 however you want, and remember that 22 and 32 are coming back soon as well. And there's Lain's kid 78 due back any day as well.

    By my eye, this team desperately needs one more LW (and maybe you move 27 down with 89-19 to see if he can keep them going and give them some size and cycle, but then you need a LW who isn't JFJ for the #1 LW spot)… but if they can find a LW and get some healthy forwards (and 34 can come back AND be 34), we might not be sitting too badly come April.

    … this team should be dumping Nilsson and Moreau ASAP, for anything, and waiving Nilsson if necessary, and then bringing in a real LW… possibly at the expense at 13, who currently has less PPTOI than Bruce's kid Zack…

    Looking around the league, you know a team like Carolina is struggling and would probably like to cut some salary.

    Cogliano for Ruutu and a 2nd? Ruutu would give the Oilers a banger with a bit of offense touch as well. Carolina's 2nd would be nice because it's still going to be a top 40 pick.

    Of course, the Oilers don't make trades, so I don't know why I'm torturing myself like this…

  35. St George says:

    Funny, that bipolar line. Must be a full moon, because there seems to be a lot of agreeing going on.

    As an addendum to that statement, please listen to Coach Quinn's coments today from about 3:30-7:15, which I feel speaks directly to Cogliano.

    I think he's talking to about 40% of the team there.

  36. PDO says:

    To be clear, when I say we're 3 players away, that's based on how much better 89 and 19 can get.

  37. Ed says:

    HNoob, I disagree. Khabby made a couple of show stoppers off White in that Atlanta game (which is the last game I saw part of). One in particular he had no business stopping. Khabby ain't the problem, expecting, or requiring a goalie to stand on his head if however a problem.

  38. Psyche says:

    As per TSN:


    Curious to see how deeply that impacts the Kings.

  39. PDO says:

    And sorry for the 3rd post in a row, but I just read that 94 is out for a month.

    Really hoping he makes the Olympic team.

    Ruutu's underlying numbers:

    5th Qual Comp
    6th Qual Team
    -2 and a pretty bad team.

    Other names I'd toss into the ring as being potentially available:

    Horton, Stillman, Whitney, Lupul ;), Backes, Brunette, Nolan, Sykora, Mueller, Legwand, Dumont…

    Basically any forward making (or about to) big cash on a smaller market team off to a bad start…

    Kariya could be one hell of an addition for someone come the deadline…

  40. kris says:

    Some thoughts,

    Agree with Bruce that Souray had a good game against Columbus. Nash got tons of chances, but Souray did help strip him of the puck a few times, and it didn't look like anyone else on the team could stop Nash, even occasionally. (And we can actually clear the zone a little more often now… sometimes.)

    Agree that Cogliano needs different linemates, and have been saying this for some time. Though this means moving him to center.

    Really, his linemates will probably do better with a different kind of center too.

  41. Unleaded says:

    Agree with Bruce that Souray had a good game against Columbus. Nash got tons of chances, but Souray did help strip him of the puck a few times, and it didn't look like anyone else on the team could stop Nash, even occasionally.

    Kris, that's Hyperbole at its finest. Hemsky made a great play to hit Nash, stand him up, and strip him of the puck. I don't buy all this garbage about Nash being an unstopable force in the last game. The Oilers stopped him from scoring. And it wasn't just Souray who did it.

    I'm not knocking Souray for his game, because it was a gooder in the Def-end. But there was a whole team out there who ensured Rick didn't score. And the player I'd give most of the credit to is 35.

  42. Steve says:

    Kris, that's Hyperbole at its finest.

    *Literally* at its finest? Or are you exaggerating?

  43. FlamingPavelBure says:

    ''Chiefs looking for theyr 5th consecutive win''

    Going out there with a pre-game brawl


    A timeless classic :P

  44. kris says:

    My comments are always 1000% free of any hyperbole.


    Okay, Souray isn't Pronger at all, but he breaks opposing teams' cycle pretty well, which a lot of our D haven't been doing well.

    You can debate Souray's contributions all day, but you have to admit that without him (maybe with him too, we'll see) we can't get opposing forwards off the puck when they're cycling down low (Vis and Smid excluded) and we're having trouble in front of the net.


  45. Unleaded says:

    You can debate Souray's contributions all day, but you have to admit that without him (maybe with him too, we'll see) we can't get opposing forwards off the puck when they're cycling down low (Vis and Smid excluded) and we're having trouble in front of the net.

    Lol… I couldn't help but think back to 24s first game back. THis one shift he was hitting EVERYHTING that moved below the goal line, and working his but off to separate the opposing teams' forwards from the puck. It was so funny because he did separate each guy from the puck eat least once (three different players, at least once each) but the problem was in puck support from the forwards. There was never an Oiler there to get the puck when it squirted free, and the opposing team's forward would skate in and take it.

    I want to say that "Coverage in front of the net has not been the issue. It's been consistent puck support from the forwards." but that simply isn't the case either. I really think that Quinn and MacT are absolutely right when they talk about this team's lack of dedication to defensive play. It's not just about having a behemoth above the goal crease to clear the rabble. It's about having all the players responding to the different situations together as a team. And there are still a lot of players who don't do this consistently. Nilsson is the obvious target here, but even guys like Moreau (who used to do this like clockwork) and younger guys like Brule and Potulny are struggling with it on a consistent basis.

    Because the team is so young, the defensive issues are going to look worse then they actually are because so much of the team lacks experience at the NHL level. That doesn't mean they will continue to look bad, but it will mean that since the players we have right now are primarily skill players they will look worse defensively when compared to how the look at the other end.

    While I'm not going to say we couldn't use another shut-down defenseman, I will say that clearing the front of the net is not as big of an issue as getting the forwards to support the D while they fight for the puck.

  46. knighttown says:

    And though no one's talked about it, Khabby's starting to show some cracks as well.

    And by "no one's talked about it" you mean other than me, um, 16 hours ago, right?

    Knightown in "Letter to Katz" thread said:
    -Two of the most recent goals against on "The Wall" were identical. Bogosian and Stralman both scored on one-timers from the blue line and I didn't particularly care for either one. The guy has been great but have we found his Kryptonite?

    Oh, and that's the first time I've ever seen billmuckult used as a adjective. Actually, you said billmuckultian almost like a noun.

    From Webster's:

    A billmuckultian is a being who may or may not have been beaten by his father but for whatever reason has the innate ability to miss the net from anywhere on the ice."

    It can also be a verb. Can you picture Penner after his God-awful shootout attemp. "Sorry boys, I billmuckulted that one, fo' shizzle".

    Did Dustin Penner just say, fo' shizzle?

    Yes random italicized voice, I too was surprised they say fo' shizzle in Winkler, Saskatchewan but apparently it's quite a multi-cultural place. Picture a Benneton ad.

  47. Vic Ferrari says:

    Psyche said:


    Yeah, the game line is through the floor for the Philly game in LA tonight. Dude is getting old and banged up and doesn't have a lot of flash to his game, but few in this league frighten the oddsmakers more.

    I respect his game as much or more than anyone here, but that's too much movement IMO. Damn.

    I hope he still makes the Oly squad, but only if he's healthy. Canada needs to win this one on home ice. Sentimental reasons too.

  48. kris says:


    I think Grebs and Gilbert started the season terrible in this respect.

    Strudwick gets burned a lot in front of the net too, just like everywhere else on the ice.

    Chorney's a decent prospect, but he's undersized and not yet very cagey.

    For a lot of games those 4 guys were playing a lot.

    (Staios has been better this year and recently, I agree.)

    But, as a team, the D hasn't held up their end of the d-zone bargain this year. The forwards are bad too, worse even, mind you.

    But that's just by my eye. Take it for what it's worth.

  49. kris says:

    In retrospect, I see that you pretty much said that.

  50. Vic Ferrari says:


    I know what you mean with O'Sullivan, still to small a body of work to know whether Pat has no finish, or is just on a cold streak. Hell, Penner from the last 20 games of 07/08 through the first 20 of 08/09 had a sub dvorakian goals/chances ratio … the larger body of work said he'd improve on that, and he has. The pendulum is at th other end at the minute (hence the love from Oiler fans).

    I'd like to see him play centre though. He has the game where, eventually, he'll become an outscorer I think. A year or two yet, maybe. Still, a horse worth betting on at this point I think.

    Very good scoring chance +/- rates on the PP (which surprised me) and on the PK (which didn't). So he's helping there.

    On the PP … nice to see a situation where I grind through the numbers (in this case SC) and find out that my sense was wrong and the Oilers were right re the allocation of PP time. Geowal thinks Buchy has the PP gig, seeing that though … must be Renney, surely.

  51. PDO says:


    Did you happen to catch the line swing on AO last night?

    I was in class while it was announced, but I was damn curious how much of a swing he would create.

  52. Vic Ferrari says:


    No, my cron is down for some reason, and I was out of town and busy, he'll be 35 to 40 cents, though.

  53. Woodguy says:

    On the PP … nice to see a situation where I grind through the numbers (in this case SC) and find out that my sense was wrong and the Oilers were right re the allocation of PP time. Geowal thinks Buchy has the PP gig, seeing that though … must be Renney, surely.

    Wayne Fleming runs the powerplay.

    Don't think he has last say on who gets PPTOI, but he is the primary PP coach.

  54. Vic Ferrari says:

    Props to whoever provided th podcast link. Quinn is a good interview.

    A polite speaker as well, I think most of us would have said something like "we have a lot of forwards who need to set their balls square and take the hard road more often" … and we would have saved everyone in attendance 15 minutes of their lives. Something to be said for being delicate, though.

    I don't rate Quinn as a bench coach, but it's encouraging to se that the message to the players remains the same.

  55. Vic Ferrari says:


    That makes sense too. Forgot about Fleming.

  56. Vic Ferrari says:

    I like the Oilers chances tonight. A bit concerning that they still have a few guys with lingering flu symptoms. But everyone who has been follwing Scott's game by game Avs recaps and scoring chance tallies knows that they are imminently beatable.

    Oddsmakers like the Oil too (-130) which is a refreshing change.

  57. Bruce says:

    Shitty news about Smytty. Alas, news we've heard too often for anyone's liking over the years.

    Agree with Bruce that Souray had a good game against Columbus.

    And I agree with Unleaded (and mentioned in my first comment) that Khabibulin had a strong game. Also remember well that backcheck by Hemsky on Nash where Ales was covering the pinching defenceman's spot and Nash tried to go around him and couldn't. I wrote a comment right on the GDT about that being a textbook play. But it was just one play, I wouldn't bet on Ales making it 6 times out of 10, nor should he have to. Whereas Nash was relentlessly attacking the defencemen all night. The guy is a horse. On Monday there were a few times that forcing him wide enough to merely get a good shot from the bottom of the circle rather than a great shot from wherever he wanted was a good play, and Khabibulin was sharp enough to look after the rest. Team effort for sure, but Souray was a central figure. To my eye he had a real strong game, especially considering it was a back-to-back which were his first two games in six weeks. Seeing Sheldon put in 52 minutes right off the hop was very reassuring; a healthy Souray makes the Oilers a much better team. A far more multi-dimensional player than I gave him credit for when Oilers signed him.

  58. Bruce says:

    Regarding 19, he has five goals in his first 40 games as an Oiler and considering his lack of finish, here's what I think he is: a 20-50 guy who only earns that contract if he can outscore or hold even the top opp.

    Dennis: Well, off those 40 games he's halfway to being a 10-35 guy, although I agree 20-50 is well within his capability. But the outscoring bit is problematic; he's -12 as an Oiler, playing (by Desjardins and by eye) second level QualComp.

    But he has close to ZERO finish; he's almost Bill Muckultian in this fashion.

    I'll be showing my age (again), but the guy I've been comparing POS to when it comes to finish is Randy "It's Only" Rota, who was a LW with the Oil back when I first got my season tickets in '77. That season Rota scored 8 goals on approximately 800 Great Scoring Chances, so we got in the habit of going "ohhhh! ohh! oh, it's only Rota!" when another sure goal somehow wasn't. Occasionally we would get enough time in advance of the Great Scoring Chance (say, a clear breakaway from the blueline in) to exclaim "It's Only Rota!" even before said scoring chance dematerialized, thus preparing ourselves for the inevitable outcome while resisting any temptation to, say, rise from our seats as some people were wont to do in that era when a Great Scoring Chance seemed imminent. It's Only Rota would invariably leave us slumping back in our chairs, might as well get a head start.

    Patrick O'Sullivan is a way, way better player than Randy Rota, but when it "comes" to finish, they both have as much as that famous starlet's headboard somebody joked about the other day … come to think of it, that was probably you Dennis. :D

    I eagerly await evidence to the contrary. 20-50-even sounds just fine if not pie-in-the-sky, but that now involves quite a bit of catching up. The guy is still youngish, but he's on the middle year of his his second contract and is being paid, handsomely, to produce.

  59. HBomb says:

    Back in Edmonton for the first time in seventeen days. Two comments:

    1) Fort Mac sucks, but the money is good.

    2) I need hookers 'n blow, stat.
    (Failing hookers 'n blow, pizza and liquor will suffice).

  60. Lowetide says:

    I'd argue that O'Sullivan is a streaky bugger and we've not yet seen him on a hot streak. I also think there's a period of adjustment coming to a new team, hell we've had guys come here and take an entire season to adjust.

    O'Sullivan arrived here at the deadline a year ago and then of course has been here since TC. However, he has a new coach and is playing on a team where his skills are duplicated all over hell's half acre.

    On the good side, he's one of the more experienced players of his type on the roster and has scored 20 goals in an NHL season.

    If we get to a point where Patrick O'Sullivan is the biggest problem on the team I'm all for it. But failing that, imo there are a lot of other problems on the roster.

    Let me ask you something: if you had to pick one of Gagner, Cogliano, Comrie and O'Sullivan as being the least effective over the season's first 21 games, who would it be?

    O'Sullivan? Really?

  61. Schitzo says:

    Occasionally we would get enough time in advance of the Great Scoring Chance (say, a clear breakaway from the blueline in) to exclaim "It's Only Rota!" even before said scoring chance dematerialized, thus preparing ourselves for the inevitable outcome while resisting any temptation to, say, rise from our seats as some people were wont to do in that era when a Great Scoring Chance seemed imminent.

    Sounds like Dvorak, circa 2006 playoffs.

  62. kris says:

    … if you had to pick one of Gagner, Cogliano, Comrie and O'Sullivan as being the least effective over the season's first 21 games, who would it be?

    Isn't this the wrong question, LT?

    Granted, POS has been more effective than Cogliano, who started out the season in a messy fog.

    But Cogliano turned 22 in June.

    POS will turn 25 in February.

    There's also PP time, linemates, and all that.

    I'm all for having POS bring some secondary scoring, but I think there isn't much point comparing him to the truly rookie-ish guys right now.

    To me, it looks like POS is a decent secondary scorer, with a contract that's not necessarily a bargain or a big overpay.

    He's not a bad player to have, but if he can help us get a player we need more, then he goes, cause he's replaceable.

  63. kris says:

    Oh, I didn't see Comrie in that list.


    But you get my drift anyway.

  64. PDO says:

    JDD in net?

    I know it's a loser mentality, but I'd rather throw him in net against Chicago and hope to steal 2 points, than risk the better odds on 2 points tonight…

  65. Unleaded says:

    Gagner – Has produced points, shown development, and not been a giant liability. Even his F/O numbers have improved.

    O'Sullivan – Has produced some, shot a lot, and gotten poor results. Hasn't been very gritty. Needs a break to open the flood gates.

    Cogliano – Has played with the dregs and his stats refelct it. Still putting up points occasionally, but has not been a game-changer. Still makes Moreau lok useful at times.

    Comrie – Has produced the same as Cogs, with better linemates and PP time. Has missed 5 more games than 13.

    Comrie's worst by a fair margin.

    Anyone still think he was a good signing?

  66. PDO says:

    Bobby Mac just missed the point in a bad way.

    The problem ain't the top line, it's the complete lack of secondary hockey players after the #1 LW, #1 C and #1 RW.

  67. PDO says:


    To be fair, Comrie is scratched tonight… because he's still suffering flu symtpoms. We know the guy played through a temperature of 103 (IIRC?) and he's been suffering from this since what, game 2 of the season?

    I think those dollars could have been a lot better spent, but if it's Comrie vs. a kid? I'll take Comrie.

  68. Lowetide says:

    kris: It comes down to how much is about development and how much is about winning.

  69. Lowetide says:

    PDO: Agree completely.

  70. Bruce says:

    Let me ask you something: if you had to pick one of Gagner, Cogliano, Comrie and O'Sullivan as being the least effective over the season's first 21 games, who would it be?

    Good question, LT. On the ice, no way is POS the biggest problem. But let me frame it this way:

    $2,925,000 = O'Sullivan
    $1,625,000 = Gagner
    $1,250,000 = Comrie
    $1,133,000 = Cogliano

    My longstanding equation, Salary = Expectations, has never been truer than in the cap era. POS makes more coin than any two of the others combined. I think he needs to be better than those (otherwise) comparables, with space. Do you think he's there yet?

  71. Coach pb9617 says:

    Smid? I'd say he's excelling.

    Careful. He's excelling with Visnovsky – close to evens at Corsi and on the + side of SC.

    When he's without Lubo, he's been bad, very bad, but so have his partners.

  72. Coach pb9617 says:

    To be fair, Comrie is scratched tonight… because he's still suffering flu symtpoms. We know the guy played through a temperature of 103 (IIRC?) and he's been suffering from this since what, game 2 of the season?

    Flu-like symptoms, but he was scratched after bloodwork came back. H1N1 doesn't require a blood sample.

    I'm guessing mono.

  73. PDO says:


    The real frustrating part is, if we found some of those secondary players, we could get more out of those top 3 due to either getting them more favorable matchups, or spreading the love around through other lines…

    I'd love to run with 27-89-19 for example, but then who rides shot gun with 10 and 83?

    We don't have a Bourque or a Glenncross or a Langkow (well, Horcoff, so a Jokinen? Not that I'd want him…) who can either form a nice second line on all on their own, or be spread around with the big guns….


  74. Lowetide says:

    Bruce: But that isn't the question. I understand that O'Sullivan isn't covering his contract but you can argue the two kids aren't really covering their bet either.

    In this season, with the team's incredible inability to make any kind of trade, I don't see O'Sullivan as being anywhere close to the biggest problem.

  75. PDO says:

    I'm guessing mono.

    Isn't that highly contagious?

    If he has mono and is sticking around the team anyway, the team might be even dumber than I thought…

  76. Coach pb9617 says:

    PDO, I don't know what else would produce flu-like symptoms and require a blood sample, come back positive, but not require hospitalization, and not require isolation.

    Well, except for the C word, but that's kookie talk.

  77. Coach pb9617 says:

    I don't believe that Pouliot was isolated during his bout with mono, was he?

    Hell, I can't remember, I'm getting older and I drink too much.

  78. PDO says:

    Couldn't it be H1N1 and they simply checked to see if it was mono?

    Or, I suppose, he could have always been hit by the regular flu and H1N1 in succession…

  79. Coach pb9617 says:

    Couldn't it be H1N1 and they simply checked to see if it was mono?

    Maybe, but Tencer's tweet makes it seem like this scratch is directly related to the blood test results.

  80. Bruce says:

    Bruce: But that isn't the question.

    LT: Maybe it's not your question. Which I tried to answer in my first sentence.

    But that doesn't stop me from asking my own question. I have a few of them, actually. Many of them I ask not of the player but of management who would trade for and sink $3 MM guaranteed money for 2 years into a player type of which the team is already fairly well endowed. Youngish, smallish, skill guys.

    The player may yet prove me wrong and I hope he does. He turns out, we win the trade. I'm just concerned with an organizational philosophy where it seems like every time Oilers make a trade, the team shrinks again. I'm fine with increasing the skill level, but halfway through a player's second contract "skill" should translate fairly directly into "goals".

    Just put the puck in the net, son.

  81. Woodguy says:

    Re: Flu like symptoms that's not flu

    My wife, daughter, and I all are just getting over a stomach virus that has all the fun of the flu without the fever.

    Puking, diarrhea, sever chills, and aches that take about 4 days to get over. Apparently its going around.

    I didn't know the feeling of helpless until I was holding my 8 month old daughter's head up while she vomits up bile in the emergency waiting room, and she gives me a frightened "what's going on, help me!" look.

    Glad that's over.

  82. Hockey Noob says:

    Ed said, "HNoob, I disagree. Khabby made a couple of show stoppers off White in that Atlanta game (which is the last game I saw part of)."

    Ed, I didn't say that he hasn't made any show stoppers–just that he hasn't made many. I agree that he did make some during the Atlanta game in particular.

    Also, I don't think Khabibulin's the problem either. Khabibulin's kept us in games and with his performance, we should be winning more games.

  83. Dennis says:

    I'm not saying 19's a problem but I am saying that I'm seeing a pattern where the guy gets in the right spots but looks to have fuckall finish.

    I remember back in '01 when Marchant was taking on the toughs – I'll guess he was playing with Moreau and Grier – and then you had scoring lines of Carter-Smyth-Comrie and Zholtok-Cleary-Weight with Horcoff-Murray-Laraque as the 4th line. That was a damn fine corps, right?

    Anyway, the 94 line was tearing it up and old 39 was there trying to make it work with Zholtok and Cleary and Zholtok – god rest his soul and he seemed like a great fellow and always worked hard – was just having a devil of a time scoring; I remember one night Weight set him up for an open net and he passed it back to Weight instead of shooting:)

    Anyway, Marchant and Dvorak used to have a lot of trouble burying opps as well but 19's in the biggest funk I've seen from a supposed skill player.

  84. PDO says:


    I'll see your 19 as an Oiler, and raise you a Horcoff in 06-07, that started off with him hitting Lupul in the ass for a potential game winner against Calgary.

    Cole in his first 20 games here couldn't buy anything either, with the worst of it being a game against Vancouver early on where he absolutely dangled Ohlund with that old one handed dangle that Neely used to be a fan of and then came in on Luongo, and somehow managed to slide it fivehole… and into the corner.

    That was one heck of a PP.

    Good chances from Gilbert, Penner, Horcoff and Visnovsky.

  85. Bruce says:

    Hmm … Ferraro gets right on point, and Cuthbert chips in that O"Sullivan insists he's more playmaker than scorer. Which isn't exactly as advertised.

    Back to the game: Gagner joins the delayed penalty as the sixth attacker and immediately fires a dreadful pass beyond Horcoff to end the sequence before it had a chance to get going. That's not good enough, Sam.

  86. PDO says:

    Penner is flying tonight.

  87. Kyle says:

    Did Dustin Penner remind anyone else of Phil Esposito just there?

  88. PDO says:

    I like Gilbert.

    But he didn't take the man, and he didn't take his stick, and now despite a pretty good start we're down 1-0.

  89. Bruce says:

    Gilbert loses two battles, one on the boards and one of the lip of the crease, and just like that it's 1-0.

  90. kris says:

    our D-man with a lost one-on-one battle in front of the net.

    That's what I was talking about earlier in the thread.

  91. Woodguy says:

    How the ]%$€ does 77 let Heduk own him in the blue paint?

  92. SK Oiler Fan says:

    JDD seriously overplayed the pass across. No reason to leave the other half of the net wide open. Bad goal.

  93. Bruce says:

    Yeah, just looked at the replay during commercial, Gilbert had possession along the side boards and fluffed the pass which caused the original change of possession. Then he lost his man, and JDD lost his net. An ugly play from a defensive perspective.

  94. kris says:

    Oy Horc.

  95. Bruce says:

    That's the answer … Steady Steve on the PP. Surprised nobody's said anything about that.

  96. Bruce says:

    Well that was one butt ugly powerplay.

  97. PDO says:

    Bruce… was just coming to type it.

    Souray, Visnovsky, Gilbert, Smid, O'Sullivan, hell try Hemsky on the point before you put out Staios.

  98. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Can Penner be triple shifted? Only player capable of handling the puck past the red line.

  99. kris says:

    Was there ever any update on Chorney's ankle?

  100. Bruce says:

    Zorg with a muffin.

  101. kris says:

    Stortini thought he would score there.

  102. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Was thinking it just didn't type it. Staios creates chances the other way on an Oiler PP.

  103. Woodguy says:

    19 doesn't look like he cares tonight.

    Pushed off the puck easily at least 4 times by my eye already.

    No fight, no try.

  104. Bruce says:

    Wow, what skill from Horcoff and Hemsky to control that puck.

  105. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Penner with text book work on his own hash mark.

  106. kris says:

    This Avs team is really the polar opposite of the Oilers on the ice.

    Really nice D-zone coverage against our top line, even though Penner and Hemsky have their A games going.

  107. Lowetide says:

    That Hemsky, he's no good.

  108. kris says:

    1st line is looking elite.

  109. Bruce says:

    Now that's a bad rebound.

  110. SK Oiler Fan says:

    All Hemsky, Beauty delay. Horc takes out the trash.

  111. Bruce says:

    Hemsky showing some jump. Good decision to take the shot he was given, and sift it into traffic.

  112. Woodguy says:

    10's 2nd in 2 games?


    I like when 83 skates to shooting areas and shoots. He's good at it.

    He's a good, good man.

  113. kris says:

    Here's a question:

    Would you put Hemsky on Team Canada, if he were magically turned into a Canadian.

    This year I think I would.

  114. kris says:

    Gilbert owned all shift.

  115. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Gilbert owned in the corner again by guys half his size.

  116. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Still a bad angle on JDD though.

  117. PDO says:

    That's two shit goals JDD has let in.

  118. kris says:

    POS decided he was tired and wanted a nap.

  119. Kyle says:

    Gilbert is a goat on both. I re watched the play 5 times I still can't figure out who he was covering by the net.

  120. PunjabiOil says:

    No surprise that Jabroni, Jason Strudwick was on the ice on the goal against.

  121. godot10 says:

    It was Brule's man, not POS's.

  122. Woodguy says:

    19, 43, And 77 just awful on that series.

    19 in particular just watched the puck go around and didn't do much to help.

  123. PDO says:

    Oilers did well chance wise by my eye.

    JDD is coming back to earth and Hejduk has owned us forever.

    Also, a big F U to the Avs for sucking for all of one year and coming away with Duchene.

  124. kris says:


    POS is standing at the side of the net, looking around, doing nothing while Av players swarmed.

    That can't be good.

  125. Woodguy says:

    Godot: 19 is playing C there 67 is RW.

  126. godot10 says:

    O'Sullivan was between his man and the goaltender.

    Brule let Hejduk go find open ice.

  127. Bruce says:

    Oilers 7/23, 30% on the dot against the 30th ranked faceoff team in the NHL.

    I don't know if that's reasonable proxy for readiness to play, but 30/70 seems about right for that period. Ugh.

  128. GSC says:

    Tom Gilbert is a fucking pussy. $4 MIL for him to be a total candy ass.

  129. Dennis says:

    I had the chances 9-6; 3-0 ST so it was a pretty good period.

    Other thoughts:

    – 10's starting to get chances every game now so I believe it's about to happen for him.

    - 27's making so many nice little plays now and his speed's improved to the point that you being to believe he can be depended upon.

    - 67 winds up with a lot of chances for but the guy's fucking brutal defensively; or at least it looks that way to me with his down low coverage. The 2nd Avs goal happened when his check just walked away from him and it looked like Foglino's goal last Tues at Ott.

    - absolutely fucking brutal period from 77. First he gets outmuscled twice on the first goal and then he gets punked numerous times on the 2nd goal.

    Finally, JDD has to be better. The first goal was off a rebound and it was a soft enough shot that it had to be covered and then the 2nd goal finds him deep in his net and the shot's soft to boot. Plus, he's an absolute fucking stupe when it comes to handling the puck.

  130. kris says:

    I don't mean this facetiously. Honest.

    But what evidence did we have that POS was a "two-way" player again?

    Was it just that he could PK a bit?

    Or did he post some strong ES +-/60and Corsi in LA against decent opposition?

    He looks like a soft, secondary scorer for life, to me. Again, not bad, but I'm a bit disappointed given what I heard said about him around here when he came.

    But to be fair, I didn't see him in Edmonton silks much last year.

  131. PunjabiOil says:

    POS can be pretty useless out there. Doesn't bank in his chances on offense, and is a weak-link defensively. Quinn mentioned a while ago the organization is trying to figure out whether he's a 2nd or 3rd liner.

    Better to trade him at this point before he's universally panned as a bottom 6 guy.

  132. Woodguy says:

    OTC was running:


    Based on that period I'd switch out 19 and 13. 19 was putrid.

    77 needs a smack too.

  133. kris says:

    Yeah, watching a bit further back I see Brule lost his man bad.

    But POS was right there for God's sakes. He needs to be aware and try to tie up the open man, no?

  134. godot10 says:

    POS had his man. If he left his man to cover Hejduk, than the puck would have gone to the man POS was covering, who was even closer to the net.

    You can leave your guy to go cover Brule's guy if it will leave your guy uncovered.

  135. Dennis says:

    I'm sure Desjardins has the evidence somewhere but I believe 19 played tough min with Frolov whilst a king and came out OK as well.

    I think that's eventually where he lands with the Oil: secondary tough min guy.

    Now, what does he have to do in that role to be worth his salary>?

  136. Hockey Noob says:

    I can't find PDO's original comment… I agree with him that it would have made more sense to play Khabibulin against Colorado and then JDD against Chicago.

    It's right out of the book, The Art of War, by Sun Tzu. In that book which I read over a decade ago, I remember something like this…

    You race your slowest horse against the other owner's best horse (and lose). You race your best horse against his 2nd fastest (and win). Then you race your second fastest horse against his slowest (and win). That gives you two wins out of three.

    I would rather have a chance to beat Colorado. It's obviously that we're very unlikely to beat Chicago anyway.

  137. godot10 says:

    Belichick has a sign in the Patriots's lockerroom.

    "Do your job!"

    It doesn't say do somebody else's job. O'Sullivan did his job at the end of the play. He covered his man. Perhaps he didn't do his job so well earlier in the play.

    Brule let Hejduk go.

  138. pboy says:

    Hopefully Quinn takes Gilbert into the coaches office and reams him out like Sutter did to the Monster Dion Phaneuf last night. I would have loved to have heard that shithead get screamed at.

  139. pboy says:

    I wonder of a sobbing Dion Phaneuf called Pierre McGuire on his cell phone and told him about how mean Coach Sutter was being to him?

  140. kris says:



    1.) If POS had been harder on his man, behind he had a chance to win the puck back before the chance was even generated.

    2.) POS needs to be harder on his man to keep him from in front of the net to prevent the screen and keep his man off rebounds.


  141. PDO says:

    And that's a 3rd shit goal for JDD.

  142. Unleaded says:

    Damn making dinner… always gets in the way…

    I haven't seen how bad Staois on the PP hasbeen so far this game, but at least he was getting pucks on net in Columbus. I'm not saying he's the answer, but I'll say he's got a much better chance of scoring or even creating a chance but shooting the puck.

    Also, that was a beauty. Nice one Brule.

    And what are you doing Jeff? Ew…

  143. kris says:

    Ewww.. that's a bad goal.

  144. Bruce says:

    the centring pass went right through O'Sullivan. He had to move his skate for the puck to miss it. The whole works of them were as soft as microwaved butter.

    And just like that we get it back. Not exactly a goaltending clinic, is it?

  145. Hockey Noob says:

    Deslauriers!!! 3 goals in 7 shots?

  146. Bruce says:

    JDD's first start at home. Is he nervous? He has been nothing short of brutal to this point. Leads both teams with 2 giveaways among other more grievous transgressions.

  147. godot10 says:

    //1.) If POS had been harder on his man, behind he had a chance to win the puck back before the chance was even generated.//

    POS knocked his man down behind the net. How much harder on his man does he have to be. He followed his man back in front of the net, and had position on him.

    He did his job.

  148. PDO says:

    I know it's not as sexy, but I'd take Pronger's point shot over Souray's every day of the week.

  149. godot10 says:

    Penner gets into the Phil Esposito slot position on the power play, and Hemsky doesn't pass him the puck. Back to the point, so Souray can shoot through 3 guys instead of Penner from 10 feet on the goaltender.

  150. Bruce says:

    Hemsky won't shoot from the hash marks but O'Sullivan will from the goal line. C'mon guys, better decisions out there!

  151. Hockey Noob says:

    @Godot–Hemsky's an interesting player… Once he gets a play in his mind, sometimes he keeps trying the same thing over and over again.

  152. godot10 says:

    Gretzky makes that pass from behind the net to Dustin Esposito in the slot 99 times out of 100.

  153. PunjabiOil says:

    Another good shift by the first line.

    After that, there's not much.

  154. PDO says:

    Sublime doesn't begin to describe that pass Lubo just made.

    Hemsky of all people misses it? Really?

  155. kris says:

    So fun to watch our first line.

    So hard to watch the rest.

  156. PDO says:

    JDD sucks.

  157. kris says:

    Do you pull the kid?

  158. PunjabiOil says:

    Lose the face off there and voila.

    Weak JDD, weak.

  159. Woodguy says:

    Now that was 67's man.

  160. Bruce says:


  161. kinger says:

    Now we all know what it felt like to be fans of our opposition during our early season run.

    Remember that Nashville game where we won 6-1? The shots were 20-41.

  162. PDO says:

    Instigator = worst rule in hockey bar none.

  163. kris says:

    Well, I'm sure Wilson learned his lesson there.

  164. kris says:

    JDD is ready for this, no worries…

  165. kinger says:

    77 benched or hurt?

  166. PDO says:

    Wait, so either hitting a guy in the head is a penalty or it isn't.

    Can we decide please?

  167. PunjabiOil says:

    Why delay it until next year? Lets call up DD and get him some NHL games.

    Same issues plague this team year after year. It's too bad because Hemsky and Penner's contracts are one of the few value contracts on this team, and who knows if they'll want to stick around after 2012.

    Steve Tambellini apparently registered in Kevin Lowe's school of ''Go hard or go home'' management.

    It's quite sad, actually.

  168. Bruce says:

    Fucking bullshit. This is fucking bullshit. One team lands a head shot and gets a powerplay. Then the other team lands a head shot and it's a two man advantage. Fucking NHL … it's bullshit.

  169. Bruce says:

    Btw, that was Zorg's first instigator penalty in at least 3 seasons. I don't blame him one bit … a head shot needs to be answered for. Too bad the Fucking zebras don't seem to be able to do their fucking job, so the players need to look after it.

    The good newss is if the Oilers have any Balls at all, we should see them now.

  170. Lowetide says:

    It's funny. MacT fall 2006 through 2009 spring you could listen to his words and hear the frustration.

    Quinn (imo) rightly is showing much less patience with this team and you can hear his growing frustration every media conference.

    Still, we wait. We don't see a right handed center who can win a faceoff (and kill penalties) and we still have undersized forwards who play the perimeter.

    And still Steve Tambellini waits. I'll give him credit, he's patient.

  171. PDO says:


    Just be happy you're not a Wings fan right now (how often do you get to say that?).

    Brad May shoots the puck into the net. Cleanly in. But it's tucked inside the net… but there's zero dispute it went in from the shot and was smothered against the inside corner of the net by Auld.

    Ref blows the whistle about five seconds after the puck has been in the net. Waves no goal.

    They go upstairs.

    Waived off.


    The ref "intended" to blow his whistle.


    Who knows, because the puck was on the stick one second, in the net the next…

  172. grease trap says:

    Totally thought Horc was going to get a diving call there

  173. Bruce says:

    Love how how a good cheap shot can take out two opponents. Another concussion, likely. It's fucking open season out here.

  174. Bruce says:

    At least last game when Nash headshotted Smid, it was Nash who got the penalty.

  175. Bruce says:

    Boy, that's more than we deserve after that Piece of Shit powerplay.

  176. Woodguy says:

    Refs calling powder puff penalties, then let the most obvious and most dangerous penalty of the night go.

    Deslaurier can't stop anything 5v5 but can't be beat 3v5.


    Good to see 77 benched for a while, hopefully he responds.

  177. PunjabiOil says:

    I'm losing passion for Oilers hockey. Still watching the game, but just not getting disappointed like I used to be.

    The best thing for this team to do, in the long run, would be to tank it this year. The draft isn't as deep this year, so getting a top 5 pick is vital. You can't just get an MPS-esque player at the 8-12 range every year.

    Plenty of contracts/players that should not be brought back next year: Moreau, Nilsson, POS, JDD, Strudwick, Comrie, Pisani. You also have to consider moving Cogliano if the deal is right. Likewise with one of Gilbert/Grebeshkov/Souray.

    There is just too much for a lack of a better word, garbage, on this roster.

    Maybe Quinn should go behind Tambellini's back and apply for a GM position.

    Makes sense, no LT?

  178. FlamingPavelBure says:

    Hey guys, what about Andrew Brunette?

    Trade for him?

    Looks like he scores wherever he goes.

  179. pboy says:

    LT: Maybe Tambo could look at a kid Minny has. 50.7% on faceoffs, right handed shot, currently -1 on the season but only 5 Minny players are plus players so -1 isn't that bad. Kills penalties, 7 points in 20 games so far, Alberta boy, making just over 1 million a year…. you could probably get him for a couple picks in the low 100's.

  180. kris says:

    I don't know, the game is still fun.

    The Oilers first line is dynamite and will give them a chance to win every night. Vis and Souray too.

    Of course we won't make the playoffs without a trade and/or miracle turnaround, but the games are still fun for the time being.

    Tambellini is waiting to see more. I wonder what he's waiting to see?

  181. pboy says:

    Stortini is one of the few guys on this year's team who does his job every single night. It's not always pretty but he gives a shit and he's a treat to watch.

  182. Alice says:

    fpb, How's he in net?

  183. danny says:

    If any MMA fans here like multitasking, be sure to watch the WEC Aldo vs Brown championship fight up next. Feeds everywhere online and americans can watch on versus.

  184. Hoos says:

    Is anyone else flipping between TSN2 and "King's Ransom" about Wayne's trade?

    I'm dying here.

    My heart still hurts.

  185. Dennis says:

    I'm much more of a 44 fan than I thought I'd be but that was just a stupid penalty on his behalf and considering he's a vet, he should know better.

    Otherwise, this start by JDD hurts because the fact that he's been shit likely means it's gonna be awhile before he gets another call and that means we keep burning out Khabby and he's already been showing a crack or two.

    Also, I would Love to see 18 retire but that was a vicious shot and it's a shame the refs missed it.

  186. Bruce says:

    PBoy: I think this third period is a pretty good test of who gives a shit and who doesn't. Way too many short cuts being taken by way too many players for my liking. The team should be pissed by the way they are playing and by the liberties Colrado has been taking and bring some real piss and vinegar down the stretch tonight. A little passion is in order.

  187. Hockey Noob says:


    Yeah, that's essentially the Oilers problem. I would have to check, but Pittsburgh missed the playoffs for what ?4 years straight and picked up Staal, Crosby, Malkin, and Fleury in the process.

    In contrast, the Oilers are headed for their fourth year out of the playoffs and what do we have? Granted the Penguins tanked at probably the best time in recent years.

  188. Alice says:

    Dennis, I think Souray's hands came up because another Oiler came underneath, he would probably have caught him on the chest but just wound up reaching over.

  189. Bruce says:

    "Contact by the shoulder" eh? Watch his damn feet.

  190. kris says:

    That PP goal was smurftastic.

  191. Bruce says:

    That's what I'm talkin' about. Great pass by Smid, and a beauty one-man scrum from Penner.

  192. kris says:

    Reddox as a Marchant or a Chimera?

  193. PunjabiOil says:

    Hey guys, what about Andrew Brunette?

    Trade for him?

    The problem with the Oilers is they never sign guys like Brunette – those undervalued players on the UFA market.

    A guy like Biron would have fell into that category. Ray Whitney wanted to be an Oiler at nominal amounts back in 2005. Brunette signed for a mere 1.6M in Colorado and was a key part in getting them to the playoffs.

    The Oilers way is rewarding guys like Moreau, Staios, Pisani based on what what they did, rather than projecting what they will do. So not only do you bear the risk of the contract, you're hampering your team's ability to improve because you have too many one way contracts.

  194. doritogrande says:

    Just got in from work to see the 4-3 Gagner goal.

    Is Comrie playing tonight?

  195. PunjabiOil says:

    Here's how management felt about JDD, along with a bunch of other interesting items


    "Jeff Deslauriers: This is where things get confusing, but at the same time it was an interesting part of the lecture because it showed just how inside and out Olczyk knew the cap and the CBA. The Oilers feel that Deslauriers was the MVP in Springfield last year along with Rob Schremp. They are adamant that he would be lost on waivers if they tried to send him down, according to Olczyk, and that he will one day be a starter for the Oilers so they don't want to lose him for nothing. It is possible that Olczyk is simply saying the "correct" thing to say here from an organizational standpoint, so take it with a grain of salt."

  196. Kyle says:

    Pretty terrific sequence there.

  197. Black Gold says:

    Danny: Aldo is a stud, eh?

  198. Downright Fierce says:

    No Comrie. Pretty sure TSN said he's out with the flu.

  199. doritogrande says:


    Holy hell. Moreau getting slammed's a good luck charm!

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