Blackhawks at Oilers, G23, 09-10

This is Gilles Marotte. He was part of the famous “Esposito, Hodge, Stanfield to Boston” trade in 1967, a deal that changed the fortunes of the spoked B forever.

There are two things of note about Marotte: The Bruins traded him despite the fact that he’d had success paired with Bobby Orr. Harry Sinden felt that (despite being a punishing hitter) Marotte didn’t have the aptitude to play the defensive game and he also grew tired of hits that took the young blue out of position. His assessment proved true, as Marotte became a journeyman player while minor leaguer Dallas Smith capably filled in on the Orr pairing.

I posted this card because it points out a piece of Blackhawk trivia even old-timey fans may not know: the team name changed years ago.

If you read old articles right through the 70s, the “Chicago Black Hawks” is clearly the name of the team. The original nickname came from the team’s first owner, a World War 1 veteran who fought in the 333rd or “Blackhawk” machine gun Battalion of the 86th Infantry division during the “war to end all wars.”

They were named after Chief Black Hawk, who was a prominent individual in Illinois state history. The team’s name was often spelled both ways, but in my childhood the spelling on the card above was the most prevalent and certainly history books have the “Chicago Black Hawks” winning the Stanley in 1961. My guess is the name changed in the 1980′s.

I’m getting the feeling that what we are seeing this season is a year long evaluation by the current coaching staff. Yesterday’s news cycle surrounded comments from Tom Renney (on-ice) and Pat Quinn (off-ice) about Ales Hemsky’s practice habits. This is the sort of thing that sometimes happens with losing teams, with the coaching staff attempting to change culture. Will it work? Hell if I know. I don’t recall ever reading anything about Hemsky’s leadership abilities and can give you a long list of great players with simply awful practice habits but it is also true that some of the game’s greatest coaches were absolute grumps when a practice wasn’t going well.

I believe Pat Quinn will be the General Manager of the Edmonton Oilers in due time. I believe that this season will end badly for Steve Tambellini. I believe Kevin Lowe is still in charge and I believe Daryl Katz is a long way from being the kind of owner he’d like to be and we pray for every night. Which is fine, but instead of being frustrated about missing the playoffs in 2007, 2008 and 2009 and 2010 I think it might be more beneficial to talk about “the kids” and “development.”

This edition of the Edmonton Oilers remains more about development than winning. We’ll know things have changed when the massive weaknesses of this roster (one of which Pat Quinn pointed out wonderfully in his defense of Tom Gilbert–the centers not named Horcoff don’t know what the hell they’re doing) are addressed with veteran replacements.

We wait.

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  1. Traktor says:

    "BTW, the 19-67-85 line are a collective 0/17 in terms of SC's."

    Didn't Reddox and Brule have a 2 on 1 in the first?

  2. spOILer says:

    PaddyO looks chicken shit way too often. Cogs, too is not a fan of board play.

    They're good little players but they need to be way tougher on the puck in all 3 zones.

  3. spOILer says:

    Moreau makes up for an awful shift of puck touches inthe first with that pass.

  4. PDO says:

    I've never seen a player who outright misses the net as often as Cogliano does on 5 bell chances.

  5. spOILer says:

    The next goal in this game is pretty important. Would be nice to se a littl intensity.

  6. Lowetide says:

    Need a goal here. I have a steak, a bottle of wine and a female. Better make it worth my while, copper and blue.

  7. Bruce says:

    Vis and Gilbert looking brutal this period. Odd-man rushes by the pound.

  8. spOILer says:

    That's more like it.

  9. spOILer says:

    Bruce, it looks like it's buy one pound get the second one free night.

  10. spOILer says:

    Struds v. Buffy would be a good fight. Not that I advocate the use of violnce. Much.

  11. Steven says:

    why hemmer, why?

  12. Steven says:

    That's crazy that Chicago is about to get Hossa going.

  13. PDO says:

    The bright side…

    At least we know Chicago will make sure that neither Vancouver or Calgary is going to the SCF.

  14. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Horc's man

  15. PDO says:

    I'm more focused on the fights, but Horcoff looks like he got caught on a long shift with tired legs and ultimately out of a position there…

    Oh, and JDD gave up another rebound on a weak shot for no apparent reason.

  16. Steve says:

    We want what's-his-name! We want what's-his-name!

  17. Steven says:

    JDD's bobble

  18. Bruce says:

    And now the fucking checking line scores.

    Is it just me? that's seeing Visnovsky real bad tonight?

  19. spOILer says:


    What difference would a John Madden make on the Oil?

  20. PDO says:


    I'm blinded by how awful JDD is.

    3 brutal rebounds have led to 3 goals, and I still can't figure out how his five hole was open for 20 cent to score…

  21. SK Oiler Fan says:

    If Vis is going to have a game like this they're in real trouble.

  22. Traktor says:

    Visnovsky has been the worst Oiler tonight.

    He bailed out on the first goal and it went downhill from there.

  23. PDO says:

    Just me or has Souray's shot not been the same since he came back?

    I mean, guys are blocking it not getting hurt…

  24. Black Dog says:

    I once scored goals in consecutive games from behind the net. That's my signature move.

  25. PDO says:

    That didn't go in until Horcoff came in…

    Very curious what happens here, but I'll gladly take a goal for #10.

  26. PDO says:

    I don't think that should count.

  27. SK Oiler Fan says:

    It should be called a goal, but it really shouldn't have been if that makes sense.

    Having said that they'll get screwed.

  28. PDO says:

    It was the right call.

    Horcoff is getting slagged on HF for celebrating.


    Just… lol.

  29. SK Oiler Fan says:

    That's an odd one. Oilers don't deserve to be in this one anyway

  30. Steven says:

    Man, Horc is such a tool. $7 mil of celebration!

  31. Bruce says:

    Why is Horcoff celebrating instead of digging? These guys need to get their heads in the fucking game. His wishful thinking may have cost us that goal. He made a great play a second later, but it was half a second too late.


  32. PDO says:


    Probably because there's a siren going off, Hemsky's arms are in the air, and 17,000 other people are screaming?

    Just a guess.

  33. Bruce says:

    PDO: I am a HUGE Horcoff fan, and I'm slagging him for celebrating.

  34. Steven says:

    Seriously, that's a $7 mil pair of pom-poms. Awesome.

  35. Hockey Noob says:


    Same thoughts here… Quinn's had some truly awful line matches tonight.

  36. quain says:

    We should trade Hemsky. If he had just fucking scored in the first place it wouldn't have mattered.

    God, when are we going to call up Eberle to replace him!!!

  37. Black Dog says:

    Jesus Christ.

    You know why he's celebrating? Because the goddamned ref is signalling that it is a goal. Clearly. Twice. Before he poked it in.

    Holy fuck.

  38. Lucinius says:

    Yeah, don't get the hate towards Horcoff on that play; the ref clearly indicates its a goal before he has to poke at it; hence the celebration.

    Everyone thought it was in. Shit happens.

  39. Steven says:

    No need to blaspheme. I was just kidding. The whole place was celebrating and the puck disappeared.

    But we should stick to playing the Golden Bears

  40. pboy says:

    I've never seen a player who outright misses the net as often as Cogliano does on 5 bell chances.

    You must not have been around for the legendary duo of Mike Grier and Todd Marchant during the late 90' and early 2000's. I swear to god I remember Mike Grier missing an empty net, while on a breakaway against the Kings in L.A.

  41. mc79hockey says:

    That was actually a reasonably heady play. If there's two seconds left on the clock, everyone is praising him.

  42. Black Dog says:

    pboy – that brings back memories of the Stefan mistake, good times.

    No need to blaspheme? lol

    Seriously though, never mind the crowd or guys putting their hands in their air. The ref signals it. If the ref signals it what is he supposed to do? Crosscheck Huet in the face as he tries to check to see if it is actually in the net?

  43. Bruce says:

    Sure, he thought it was in.

    My mum used to say to me: "You know what Thought did? Nothing, he only thought he did."

    But if the fuckin' zebra signalled goal, all bets are off. I'm all for blaming the refs as often as possible.

    Don't mind me, I'm just in a sour mood. The Oilers are years behind the Hawks. Years and years. It's depressing.

  44. quain says:

    Zack Stortini wouldn't have celebrated.

  45. Dennis says:

    Pboy: Yeah, I remember that game now as well. For some reason I'm thinking it was a game that I saw via the Kings broadcasters; but if you don't have CI then I'll know my memory's incorrect.

    Anyway, I'll cut JDD some slack on the first two goals but there were horrendous rebounds on the third and fourth goals so he's not really helping himself now, is he?

    In any case, we'll sink like a depressed anvil if Khabby's out for anything close to a lenght of time.

    LT: I am shamed to admit that I never heard of Humble Pie until today and somehow I find it strange you never mentioned Steve Marriot before.

    My good lord could that man wail.

  46. Black Dog says:

    Bruce – join the club, sour mood I mean

    But yeah trust me, I checked and double checked it. The ref clearly signals it from the side and then whips behind and does so again. And then Horc pokes it in.

  47. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Has Phoenix officially past the Oilers in regards to building a playoff team?

    Finished 6 points back of the Oilers last year and are 13-9-1 this year.


  48. Steve says:

    How does a drafted player cease to be property of the drafting team before leaving the WHL, anyway? Aren't prospects basically free until they turn pro?

  49. Bruce says:

    Jung's overage.

  50. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Sit Gilbert again!

  51. Bruce says:

    GREAT play by Staios to keep the zone about 20 seconds before that goal.

  52. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Vis is ill right? Has to be.

  53. Black Dog says:

    Hmm, LT said something about wine and a woman and hasn't been heard from since.

    The old goat.

  54. Bruce says:

    What exactly was Gilbert doing there? Got within a stick's length of the puck and decided not to reach out and chip it. Hearing footsteps? Just a terrible decision.

  55. Lucinius says:

    Vis, Smid, Gilbert are all playing like they have one hell of a hangover.

  56. Bruce says:

    BD: Do you blame him?

  57. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Holy Gilbert! So tentative. Does the Hawks forecheck have these guys shitting bricks or what.

  58. Black Dog says:

    Bruce – no sir.

    On that Gilbert play that looks to me like a guy lacking confidence, it wasn't a situation where he was going to get hit. He hesitates, the sign of a guy who isn't sure of himself, and then he turns away, figuring he'd better get back.

  59. pboy says:

    Katz really doesn't have any incentive to eat some salaries of players dumped in the minors and demnad changes because his building is sold out every single game. Regardless of how the team is playing, the fans are showing up, buying jersey's and pounding back the beer. I think that next season, the Drive for 5 (years out of the playoffs) will be going strong unless there are some changes made and doubt anyone here is going to hold their breath. Mediocrity is here folks. We have become the Toronto Maple Leafs.

  60. SK Oiler Fan says:

    And Ethan makes his appearance.
    Still pretty weak call though.

  61. spOILer says:

    Stick a fork in them.

  62. PDO says:

    Atta boy Moreau.


  63. Bar Qu says:

    Thanks Rifles. Nice sequence for me to come home to.

  64. gogliano says:

    A playoff round is worth more than 2-3 million; he has incentive to bury Moreau.

  65. Bar Qu says:

    BTW, how bad/good has JDD looked tonight? Weekes was pointing out flaws, so I am assuming there are giant holes showing again.

  66. pboy says:

    Obviously not Gogliano.

  67. Schitzo says:

    Moreau is just fucking with us at this point. Nobody is that stupid.

  68. striatic says:

    Moreau has got to go. I don't know how exactly we get rid of him but this is ridiculous.

    I'm not sure what he offers the team, and he seems to always be taking ridiculous penalties at inopportune times.

    I can understand how a player of his type can be an incredibly valuable playoff performer, since the officiating is more flexible and he's willing to jump in front of a puck or three, but his problematic play seems to be preventing the team from getting to playoffs, which is the only place he appears to be useful.

  69. pboy says:

    I saw an interview on the Score this afternoon with Craig Conroy. He was talking about how embarrassed he was about the lose they had the BlackHawks and how he had trouble sleeping that night. He said that the guys in the locker room were pretty pissed off at themselves. I wonder how many of the Oil lose sleep after nights like tonight. I bet theCaptainethanmoreau sleeps like a fucking baby.

  70. PDO says:

    Bar Qu:


    Just… horrible.

    I think we may actually be winning this game if Khabibulin was in net, not that we'd deserve to.

  71. Bar Qu says:

    Welllll, good thing we used up that roster spot last year. It would've been a shame to lose him to waivers. Wouldn't have gotten his one in three good games.

  72. Steven says:

    oh c'mon, we all know that we should have traded for Harding and signed Anderson. It was so obvious!

  73. SK Oiler Fan says:

    You know everybody likes to talk about parity in the league these days, but this game goes against that. This is a very good team vs a bad team.

    Oh my Gilbert is just a trainwreck at this point.

  74. Bar Qu says:

    Oh, I almost forgot to ask…

    Who(se) been injured tonight? Any season enders?

    Just satisfying my black humour.

  75. hunter1909 says:

    This game is the textbook definition of Oilers not even being in the game.

    It's like watching the 80's Oilers, when they would win without breaking sweat, except the wrong team is playing the patsies.

  76. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Again, the Quinn post game should be a dandy.

    At least Smid looks like he gives a shit.

  77. Bruce says:

    5th game: 5 GAA

  78. hunter1909 says:

    This team is so fucked.

    Lowetide, in all honesty the Oilers were massacred tonight. it was big v little brother.

  79. Asiaoil says:

    Wow JDD doesn't look like a real NHL goalie – who could have imagined….

  80. SK Oiler Fan says:

    Next couple games should be interesting.
    2 teams where the Oilers actually might belong in the same league.
    If they lay two more eggs, salary better be dumped somehow.

  81. striatic says:

    What are the good things this team can build on?

    Not a rhetorical question:

    Who would you put on a list of Oilers have played well for the entire season thus far, regardless of the team's performance as a whole?

    Who would you put on a list of non-liabilities?

  82. Black Dog says:

    Bruce – I was thinking that too. Ha.

    Oh well so this is what the Oilers need to aspire to. With Lowe and Tambellini in charge my unborn grandchildren might see another Oiler playoff game.

    Maybe. ;)

    Fun fact, when the Oilers last made the playoffs my oldest was two years old.

    She is in Grade One now.

  83. hunter1909 says:

    We still have the 80's.

  84. Bar Qu says:

    My oldest was born the night Ryan Smyth scored the winning goal in one game or another of the playoffs. He now can recite numerous whale types, recognise numbers and write his name (kindergarten).

    I haven't really introduced him to Oilers fandom because I think it is too early for him to take on Goth depression behaviours.

  85. kanadienkyle says:

    If the Oilers keep playing like this I can't, in good conscious, use watching the games as an excuse to ignore my in-laws when I visit. It just begs all credibility.

  86. horbayj says:

    We still have the 80's.

    The Oilers mantra since 1991

  87. hunter1909 says:

    "We still have the 80's."

    Oilers fan in 2014.

  88. horbayj says:

    Regardless of how the team is playing, the fans are showing up, buying jersey's and pounding back the beer. I think that next season, the Drive for 5 (years out of the playoffs) will be going strong unless there are some changes made and doubt anyone here is going to hold their breath. Mediocrity is here folks. We have become the Toronto Maple Leafs.

    Truth, though i don't think calling them the leafs are quite the accurate comparison, but if im a business guy like Katz, i still see the fans chomping at the bit, im not inclined to change anything, i could field cats dressed in gretzky jerseys and still get a sold out crowd

  89. Dennis says:

    I like that Drive for Five line, I really do:)

    Here's the way I saw it:

  90. Bruce says:

    On that Gilbert play that looks to me like a guy lacking confidence, it wasn't a situation where he was going to get hit. He hesitates, the sign of a guy who isn't sure of himself, and then he turns away, figuring he'd better get back.

    Thanks, BD, I only saw it once and I couldn't figure it out. It was like he made a good aggressive play to get within reach of the puck and keep it in, and then he decided against it just when it looked like he had won the race. So he backed off. Poor decision at the very least, esp. at a time of game where pinching is necessary.

    Tough night for the D, all 6 of them with at least 1 giveaway for a total of 12 of the team's 14. Lubo with 4 and Smid with 2 of Type G ("Glaring").

  91. mc79hockey says:

    I think Penner's comments on whether he disliked the criticism can be properly understood as "Yeah, I hate MacT."

  92. HBomb says:

    Dennis: what you saw chance wise sort of lines up with what I saw in terms of the flow of the game tonight.

    When Horpensky was on the ice, the Oilers looked like they could compete. Otherwise, it was men-against-boys for the most part.

    Odd part about that was I thought Hemsky didn't even have a good night by his standards, but Penner and Horcoff were probably the Oilers two best forwards (and, despite this, Traktor still slags #10, but that sort of ignorance is pretty much expected at this point).

    We're a one line team right now folks. This team's best bet for success is to find a decent sized winger for Cogliano-Gagner (as a pair, with 13 on the wing) and hope they can get some mojo going against the soft minutes, and we also need a center to build a 3rd line around.

    Also, Moreau needs to go. Another night, another penalty 200 feet from his own net, another PP goal against because of it to kill any chances of a miracle comeback. Aggressive penalties are easier to kill, someone says? Stupid ones aren't, that I know for sure.

  93. Bruce says:

    Another night, another penalty 200 feet from his own net, another PP goal against because of it to kill any chances of a miracle comeback.

    HBomb: That's 3 penalties in the last week for Moreau (@ATL, @CBJ, vCHI) that were a combined 500+ feet from our net. Deep in the other end, all 3. All 3 wound up as a PPGA. Ouch.

    Odd part about that was I thought Hemsky didn't even have a good night by his standards

    Ales had his moments, but the stats sheet is pretty bleak: 0 shots, 0 attempted shots, 0 hits, nothing across the board save a single blocked shot. Not exactly Iversonesque.

    Agreed that Penner and Horcoff were our best tonight. It's a short list for sure.

  94. Dennis says:

    HB: Yeah, that was odd, wasn't it? I didn't notice 83 do anything positive but that line finished even in terms of GF/GA and they also outchanced.

    Bruce: don't bother counting the number of penalties that 18 takes in the O zone or else you won't have time to work your day job. This stupid prick does the same thing over and over again and no one has the guts to call him on it either in the press or via the coaching staff by benching him; that might not be an option now with the manpower but hopefully it will be an option soon.

    Anyway, the biggest thing I took from this game – and I made a special effort to watch because I sorta got away from it – was that Quinn either doesn't know how to match lines, is too stupid to do it or simply doesn't give a fuck.

    Now, I doubt it's the latter so what is it? I saw tonight that Q got the Madden/Ladd line out against the 10 Trio and then, bam, as soon as 10 goes off the ice, here comes Kane/Toews. Eventually, Quinn kept 27/10 together and sprinkled 83 around but it was too late then.

    So, what I took from tonight's game overall is that all of Quinn's talk about work ethic and mental approach and practice habits ring a fair bit hollow when the guy running the bench doesn't even know how to do his Own job correctly.

  95. HBomb says:

    Dennis: Well, in short, 10 and 27 may have propped up 83 a bit tonight. He had an off-night, and it happens.

    This team has a lot of problems. The first line really and truly isn't one of them. If Quinn got a little more active with his bench management and ran them as a hard match against other team's top opp, they'd do just fine.

    Like last year though, it's forwards 4 through 14 I worry about. We're the type of one line team that the 2001-02 Vancouver Canucks could point and laugh at.

  96. HBomb says:

    Bruce: Has Moreau hit Shayne Corson territory for you yet?

    He did for me middle of last season. 2nd worst captain in Oiler history, without question.

  97. Hockey Noob says:

    Anyone else notice this parallel?

    November 16, 2008.

    "This is the third time this season Craig MacTavish has taken verbal shots at his players in public. Each have been reported, and one imagines that they have some impact on the people involved. That's a double edged razor. I think these are the end times for Craig MacTavish as a head coach for the Edmonton Oilers."

    Today-November 21, 2009.

    "I believe Pat Quinn will be the General Manager of the Edmonton Oilers in due time. I believe that this season will end badly for Steve Tambellini."

    Two November predictions–one already came true.


  98. striatic says:

    Penner was very good, Horcoff was good.

    Hemsky was okay. Not a liability and perhaps drew some defensive attention away from Horcoff.

    Cogliano was okay. He created a couple of decent chances that Moreau unsurprisingly failed to cash.

    Horpensky was fine, but at some point someone has to step up on the second line.

    Gagner was a defensive liability and seemingly non-existant on offense.

    The elephant in the room with this team for the past two years is that Gagner has been expected to do way, way more than he apparently is capable of.

  99. Jonathan Willis says:

    C'mon, I'm the first guy to attack Moreau but that penalty tonight was crap.

    He was pushed into the goaltender; what's he supposed to do?

  100. HBomb says:

    JW: I can buy that to a point, but somewhere one has to start wondering if his reputation is preceding him with the officials, and he's past the point of getting the benefit of the doubt?

    Not sayin', just sayin'.

  101. St George says:

    All you really needed to watch was the shift changes tonight. Chicago, to a man, skated hard to the bench a the end of their shift, whether they had just been run over or not.

    The Oilers? Save for 85 and 67, they waved their stick in the air, coasted into the bench from the other side of the rink, and gave the Hawks that much more room to play.

    No more talk of trading for a third-line centre to take faceoffs please. This team needs a heart transplant.

  102. Bruce says:

    yeah Gagner was brutal tonight. He had the same "offensive" stats as Hemsky (0 shots, 0 attempted shots) but he was a mile out of position on both of the first two Hawks goals. On the first one, scored by the opposing centre, Gags was out by the blueline while Kane and Toews doubleteamed Smid, Toews walked in front and took two whacks at it without a support player getting within 10 feet of him. That was just awful.

  103. striatic says:

    You don't see Penner getting that penalty and he's in front of the net all the time, if only because it is very difficult to push the guy over.

    I dunno, maybe it is reputation. Maybe it is not being able to back up the physical play in the offensive end and either a] taking a penalty while trying to keep up or b] getting pushed over in front of the net.

    The guy seems to want to play physically and put himself in physical positions but can't back it up and it ends up hurting the team.

  104. striatic says:

    Moreau, that is.

  105. Bruce says:

    HBomb: Nope, thecaptain is nowhere in Corson's league for being a complete fucking asshole. I still have a modicum of respect for Moreau, even though he's frustrating the shit out of me. Corson OTOH was a Cancer.

    And I'm not talking horoscopes.

  106. Bruce says:

    JW: Agreed the goalie interference call was cheap, but Moreau got away with one in the far RW corner a few minutes after that which probably should have been a penalty. It just seems like the further the guy gets from his own net the more reckless he becomes. And he absolutely can't modify his game even a tiny bit.

  107. The other John says:

    Wow was that a BAD game.

    LT you talked last night about development. If our team with the Bulin wall; Souray, Viz, Butter, Grebeshkov, smid ; and our # 1 line: 10,83 and 27 plays Chicago in the first round of the playoffs we get KILLED—-we score 8 goals and win ZERO games

    That is what I am trying to say…..targeting 8th and 2 home playoff games is like taking a shower with your socks on…it just don't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Butter looked like SHIT tonite!!! Ok in fairness he did not look even that good. Smid…bad game, even Souray looked outmatched although my wife said he looked tired. Staios would battle till he was dead

    POS….. looking at tonites effort seriously are we paying him? Gags, Cogliano, Brule sheesh they looked bad

    Worse part of it….Chicago removes forward # 12 and adds Hossa

  108. PDO says:


    Maybe not have a rep as a guy who takes dumb fucking penalties in the offensive zone?

  109. Cameron says:

    [i] I swear to god I remember Mike Grier missing an empty net, while on a breakaway against the Kings in L.A.[/i]

    Haha, I remember this. He hit the post on an EN breakaway, but managed to snag the rebound and put a backhander in from the low right circle. The camera then panned to the Edmonton bench, which showed the Edmonton bench in uproarious laughter and especially Eric Brewer trying to hide his laughter from behind his stick. Ah, the good old days….

  110. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: You've never heard of Humble Pie? Good god man. They were fabulous! Have you heard of Derek and the Dominoes? Fleetwood Mac before Buckingham Nicks? Jethro Tull? Genesis with Peter Gabriel? Television? Gang of Four? Public Image Ltd?

    I'm kidding. We could talk for years and not cover all the good music from those decades. In terms of fabulous rock singers, the ones people usually dismiss (Steve Perry, Burton Cummings) for being too famous are actually some of the most incredible vocalists.

    For obscure names from that era, or people you may not have ever heard of, I'd suggest David Byron (Uriah Heep), Phillip Bailey (Earth, Wind & Fire-the higher range vocalist), Steve Winwood (Traffic).

    You know who could really sing? Denny Doherty. Seriously. You listen to those old songs and he jumps out of them. Monday, Monday or California Dreaming. He was outstanding, although my kids knew him for a completely different reason (kids show).

  111. digger says:

    To my eyes, and Souray's protestations to the contrary during his pregame interview notwithstanding, the Oilers played that game like they felt they had a .00000000000001% chance of winning it. End of story.

    Does anyone else think that Cogliano is playing like he's expecting to be traded any minute now, and he's waiting for that particular event to unfold before he exhales and gets on with his NHL career.

    And it sounds like a lot of the veteran leaders on this team ducked out of that dressing with more speed and urgency than they mustered in the game they'd just finished. By the sounds of Tychkowski's article, only Souray stuck around to face the music. It makes one wonder.

  112. HBomb says:

    So "Butter" is the new nickname for Tom Gilbert?

    Once again I am reminded that there are lots of unintelligent and/or ignorant Oilers fans out there.
    It's going to be another step backwards if those fans somehow get to Terry Jones and this guy gets run out of town a la Poti, while the unwashed masses continue to worship the "heart and grit" of cap anchors Moreau and Staios.

  113. Dennis says:

    LT: the first time I ever heard of Phillip Bailey, he was doing the "Easy Lover" duet with Phil Collins and I was about 10 or 11 and I was like, "wow, that black guy is awesome.":)

    And I haven't heard any of the FMac stuff without the Buckingham/Nicks stuff but I did hear pretty much everything else you suggested.

    I just thought of you when I heard Steve Marriot's voice because it was probably the best thing I've heard in terms of vocals.

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