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That’s Al MacInnis cross checking Doug Gilmour in the 1981 Memorial Cup in Windsor. We’ve talked a lot about “comparables” over the years and I think it’s a reasonable way to project current young players into the future. The idea being we collect players from the same or similar leagues who possess the same skill set and have about the same junior numbers.

Then we compare them once they turn pro and hopefully get an indicator as to their progress. By nature, we’ll probably aim too high (who wants to track Jason Bonsignore’s career again? It was painful enough the first time) but then again sometimes these kids surprise us. Recent examples would be Brad Winchester and Liam Reddox.

Regarding Sam Gagner, we’ve agreed that Doug Gilmour and Vincent Damphousse are hopeful comparables and this season we can measure them at the same age and level: 20, in the NHL.

The Boxcars
  • (.663) Doug Gilmour 80gp, 25-28-53 +6 on a +1 team
  • (.640) Vince Damphousse 75gp, 12-36-48 +2 on a -36 team
  • (.619) Sam Gagner 21gp, 5-8-13 -2 on a -5 team

Gilmour’s team averaged 3.66 goals per game, Damphousse played on a club that averaged 3.41 per game and Gagner’s team has averaged 3 per game but it is early. I don’t know that there’s a whole lot to be learned yet except the fact that our man is “in the range” offensively and likely not comparable in terms of plus minus (certainly to Damphousse) at this time.

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