For Pat Quinn

I was lost and double crossed
With my hands behind my back
I was long time hurt Thrown in the dirt
Shoved out on the railroad track
I’ve been used, abused and so confused
And I had nowhere to run
But I stood and looked And my eyes got hooked
On that beautiful morning sun
And it seems like, and it feels like
A Brand new day.

-Van Morrison

Listening to Pat Quinn’s media conferences and comparing them to the early days (his first pc’s) is kind of like watching a man give up hope. It reminds me of Ray Milland in Lost Weekend. I don’t know how much they’re paying Pat, but it isn’t worth it. And I’m certain Craig MacTavish is sleeping better.

A quick note to Steve Tambellini and Kevin Lowe: it isn’t working. Patience my ass. Do something. A quick note to Daryl Katz: You are the owner, you know. Loyalty and staying the course are admirable qualities, but so is fixing what is broken. Just saying.

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