Oh for Crying out Loud

Good grief. Denis Grebeshkov’s knee injury is “significant”, Fernando’s colitis has flared up again and he’s flown home, Stone’s knee has him a ways from recovery and Jacques is days away.

Horcoff and Souray are getting closer on the good side of things, but O’Sullivan apparently left the ice today.

This might be one of those seasons where the organizations empty’s all of the shelves and we see everyone play in the majors.

This ordinarily happens only after we’re out of the pennant race, but injuries seem to be deciding that early on for these Edmonton Oilers. If they can recover from the flu, the plague and the hammer of the Hockey Gods and make the second season, it’ll be one for the ages.

This team is in a world of hurt.

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54 Responses to "Oh for Crying out Loud"

  1. Ribs says:

    Friday the 13th strikes! Boo!

  2. hunter1909 says:

    Who can we blame?


  3. Unleaded says:

    Honestly, I'm just glad Eberle and MPS aren't on the team right now, because odds are they would be hurt now too, and fall into the damaged goods category that so many of our prospects seem to…

    Is it a bad thing that I want Chad Moreau back with the org?

  4. Jonathan Willis says:

    Here's a crazy idea:

    Why not pick up the next semi-useful player (Craig, Miller, Mair, etc.) to hit the waiver wire?

    As a stop gap.

  5. Jfry says:

    sportsnet just did their oilers coverage and it sounds like nanda has been keeping hush hush about the colitis for a bit and trying to soldier through it…tough year…

    looking at the top of the standings and seeing all these teams stacked with top 3 picks makes me think maybe it's time to stop "fighting for the playoffs" and accept whatever gift the lottery draft is offering us.

    i hate losing!

  6. Lowetide says:

    Now Jonathan, our GM has already stated clearly he'd like to see the entire roster healthy before he makes any moves.

    Patience. 2012 is just around the corner.

  7. Gerta Rauss says:

    …and my world is in order again.

    It was either Picard or Hawkeye and Trapper John.

    And Hotlips.

  8. Lowetide says:

    Gerta: You have a skill for when the facepalm is timely. I was thinking of something hopeless when reading your post in the thread below and knew instantly you were right.

    Nothing says "stock up on liquor" like facepalm. :-)

  9. Lowetide says:

    In other news, Riley Nash has an assist in the first period of a 2-2game against Yale. He just took a penalty for "grasping the face mask" at 19:59.

    Falcons game is here:


  10. Stuart van says:

    Has a curse been put on the Oilers for trading Ryan Smith?

  11. Bruce says:

    Great pic, LT, says it all right there.

    Falcons game is here:

    Would that be the Stockton Falcons or perchance the Springfield Thunder?


  12. hunter1909 says:

    "Has a curse been put on the Oilers for trading Ryan Smith?"

    No, that was Mark Messier.

  13. Coach pb9617 says:

    Honestly, I'm just glad Eberle and MPS aren't on the team right now, because odds are they would be hurt now too, and fall into the damaged goods category that so many of our prospects seem to...

    MPS is concussed. Hartikainen is battling a severe flu.

  14. M@ says:

    Stone has been skating in full equipment. Generally a good sign…

  15. Jfry says:

    i'm sure this has been posted before…but links to man games lost to injury can be found where?

  16. Lowetide says:

    Coach: MPS is back playing in Sweden, he actually didn't miss any SEL action.

  17. geowal says:

    The Oilers injury page is starting to look like something you could build a team around, very busy place. Good thing they're sending players home, the pressbox isn't big enough.


  18. raventalon40 says:

    The team is still in decent shape in the standings. The Oilers have a ton of depth if Falcons can step in and contribute the way they have, we might be in decent shape come playoffs (should there be any).

    If that's the case (and hopefully it is) I really hope it doesn't lead to the same delusions we had in 2007-08 when everyone thought the kid line with the help of Erik Cole was going to carry us to a division title in 2008-09.

  19. Black Dog says:

    Jonathan – thats crazy talk and we'll have none of it

    Tambo wants to see what we have before making any moves.

    So Horcoff is back Sunday, Hemsky and Reddox are probable, maybe Souray??

    It could be much much worse. I guess.

    And Stone they figure for the end of the trip.

    So if nobody else goes down then in a week IR should be MP, JFJ, Fernando and Grebs, right? Am I missing anyone?

    This is Liam Reddox' shot. And I would bet that Colin McDonald gets a long look if Fernando is out for a long time.

    Wait til next year! ;)

  20. Lowetide says:

    Fricking Pouliot. I do everything short of a rosary for the guy and he's got wide open highway roster-wise and his body fails him.

    His mother and I are not amused.

  21. geowal says:

    Black Dog:
    Chorney and Nilsson (apparently concussed)

  22. geowal says:

    So if we don't have Souray or Chorney back for Sunday, who are our defense callups? Peckham? and…….Minard?

  23. Black Dog says:

    geowal – right, can't keep track

    Nilsson skated today so I owuld guess if he's ok tomorrow then he's probably close

    And Jacques apparently is skating as well, might be ok for next week according to Gregor.

    Any word on Chorney?

    Jesus it changes from hour to hour.

    LT – yeah, poor MP, it might just not be meant to be.

    Thank goodness he has that Poly Sci degree to fall back on if le joue d'hockey doesn't work out

  24. Black Dog says:


    Looking good!

  25. Gerta Rauss says:

    Gerta: You have a skill for when the facepalm is timely

    That,and off colour Kennedy references.

  26. Lowetide says:

    Yeah, but there's only about 5 of us old enough to get the Kennedy references.

    Best Kennedy reference in a movie. I believe it was "When Harry Met Sally" and Billy Crystal is telling his friend about how young this girl is. He says "when I told her where I was when Kennedy was shot, she said 'Ted Kennedy was shot'?"

    Still remember my wife and I laughing in the theatre. :-)

  27. doritogrande says:

    At what point do we start sacrificing barnyard animals to appease the hockey Gods? Maybe we could sacrificially offer up Peter Puck?

    Frickin' hell. It's certainly an underdog to cheer for now.

    Let's go you Edmington Oilconder!

  28. hunter1909 says:

    Exactly how many goals has Nilsson scored this season?

    One? Two? Any?

  29. Smarmy Boss says:

    It's obvious the hockey gods are not amused with Lowe's continued involvement in the franchise.

  30. Smarmy Boss says:

    Or Nicholls or LaForge for that matter.

  31. Smarmy Boss says:

    Edmonton residents you know what you need to do.

    Kill them. Kill them with fire! and the gods will be appeased.

  32. doritogrande says:


    To go along with Nash, Eberle and Rajala both with assists so far tonight.

  33. Black Dog says:

    Oh yes that Kennedy reference was pure wicked.

    Hunter – an empty netter, that is all

    Watching the Hawks v. Canada's team (my God I want to shoot myself and I live in Toronto) – men v. boys

    20 shots for the Hawks. Poor Toskela, this is the game they start him.

    Leafs have a couple of nice veteran LWs – Hagman and Ponikorovsky, don't know who the Leafs would want though

  34. Smarmy Boss says:

    Well Wilson has completely trashed Hagman in the media so I don't think it would take much to get him or Poni.

  35. Gerta Rauss says:

    I haven't given up on this season yet-if the boys keep trying and bring an effort to the rink,I'll cheer for them because,well,they are my team.

    Realistically though,we're in tough now.The playoffs would be a miracle indeed.

    If we continue to bleed out over the next 30-35 games,I hope that the Oilers braintrust has the sense to make the moves that should have
    been made this past summer.The trading deadline doesn't have to be about buyers OR sellers,a team can be both.We need to shed some salary,and we
    need a top 6 forward with some size.

    I was convinced that this team was going to make a trade or two in the first 20 games,but in listening to remarks from Quinn last week,and Tambo's
    remarks today,I don't see any moves in the near future.

    If we still have the same roster after the trade deadline and we sputter to the end of the season,Gerta is going to be upset.

  36. Black Dog says:

    smarmy – Poni is a UFA this summer so probably a pick or a prospect

    Big guy, scores twenty plus a year, plays the toughs and ends up with his head above water

    Wonder what his and Quinn's relationship is like

    As for Hagman yeah he has had a slow start but he's a fine player, imo. One more year on his contract ~ 3million I think

  37. Robert Blizzard says:

    I think everyone is missing the actual cause of this run of injuries. It's clearly because Edmonton lacks a world class arena facility.

  38. Jon says:

    MPS / Tyler Seguin/ Eberle

    The new kid line???

    or is too soon to start this kind of talk?

    P.S. I'm tongue in cheek…kinda

  39. knighttown says:


    Rod, if you're still on here:

    All of these callups must be really adding up our daily cap hit. Does anyone know exactly where we sit in comparison to the $330k we can spend per day?

    I assume that the answer to that question explains why we can't help our team through waivers, no?

  40. Lowetide says:

    Dubnyk now tied for 9th in AHL SP at .925 for the season.

  41. Woodguy says:


    Capgeek has a daily salary cap tracker here.

    Manually I have them at $278,589 with Souray and MAP on LTIR.*

    Add Souray and subtract Grebs and you get 290,247.

    As far as I can tell the cap is 294,300 per day (56,800,000 over 193 days), so they have 4,053 per day in cap room, which equates to a full season salary of 782,327.

    That's assuming Grebs goes on LTIR.

    So in order to take advantage of the waiver wire, they need to shed salary.

    *(I know you cannot subtract salary from the cap with LTIR, but if a team is pressed against the cap as is the case with the Oilers and can exceed the cap by the amount on the LTIR, then essentially you can add it, but it cannot be banked-…I think I go that mostly right. What is right is thanks to Schitzo/Rod, what is wrong is me)

  42. Phil says:

    How come no one is blaming Chad 'Mandelbaum' Moreau yet? That was so en vogue last year…

  43. Lowetide says:

    Phil: I believe the Mandelbaum's have been replaced by Bodies by Bennett. Next year? Curves.

  44. hoil says:

    Not the cavalry, but, maybe the Isles will waive Schremp…

    (I kid, I kid)

  45. Phil says:


  46. uni says:

    Who knew that Chad Moreau's regimen wasn't the cause of the Oiler's injuries woes, and he was actually stemming the tide all these years =).

    Also I'm with Robby Blizzard on this one, the massive injury list is clearly due to the lack of a world class hockey arena.

  47. raventalon40 says:

    Edmonton residents you know what you need to do.

    Kill them. Kill them with fire! and the gods will be appeased.

    Last time I made a joke like this somebody started stalking me and sending me hate mail.

    Not kidding.

  48. Steve says:

    Last time I made a joke like this somebody started stalking me and sending me hate mail.

    Not kidding.

    Oh, I send you a few dozen threatening letters and suddenly I'm a "stalker"? Pfft – I hardly continued at all after the second cease and desist order.

  49. DeeDee says:

    Have faith Oiler fans.

    The team always goes into a losing streak and drops like a rock around Christmas.

    Then they always climb out of it so they can finish around 10th place.

    It's a tradition.

    Book it.

  50. Oilmaniac says:


    FacePalm was Great, but Double FacePalm… HAHAHA…
    I love it..

    Back to the oil, yeah.. trouble.. Good thought JW,.. is it time to have some try-outs (interim basis)!? maybe we will find some more crust, crumbs in the beard of the hockey player eating machine.. the 2009-10 Edmonton Oilers..

  51. Oilmaniac says:

    "Nothing says "stock up on liquor" like facepalm.."

    Consider this line stolen..
    Wisdom to get us through the very possible upcoming strech,..

  52. Dennis says:

    what exactly Is the timeline on 32?

  53. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: Tambellini said "hopefully soon" and "he's progressing well."

    What the hell that means I have no idea.

  54. Mr. Bugg says:

    It means that I'm glad I live across the street from Sherbrooke Liquor. According to their website, 600 different kinds of beer- enough for each man game we're going to lose this season!

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