Oilers at Jackets, G21, 09-10

Years ago I was at a weekend sales seminar and the instructor was from Columbus, Ohio. Over the course of the weekend during lunch and dinner breaks I found out quite a bit about C-bus. Unlike Cleveland (made immortal in song by Randy Newman) and Cincinnati (home of Marge Schott), Columbus is progressive, clean, innovative, cutting edge.

Ohio’s future is in Columbus. The trading area is about 1.7 million people (Edmonton’s is over 1 million but Columbus is much bigger in terms of population) but the city itself (213 square miles) is much smaller than sprawling Edmonton (264 square miles) and its endless photo radar vehicles.

The highest temperature ever recorded in Columbus was 106, Edmonton’s highest was 100 in August 1998.

I could say 10 words about Edmonton and anyone from the area would have memories flood. Gretzky, Black Friday, 5 Stanley’s, Leduc #1, West Edmonton Mall. I don’t know 10 words about Columbus that would inspire similar memories, but I do hope at some point the city has a reason to remember the Blue Jackets for something really good. That city endured Doug MacLean, and Canadians owe it to every Columbus resident to make up for it somehow during our lifetime.

It’s the right thing to do.

I’m not going to be too popular among Oildrop fans today, but this game could get ugly for the Oilers. The Jackets are 10-6-2, and an impressive 5-2-2 at home. They’re well run and spent this past summer addressing needs and trying to find ways to get better. They have no cap issues and they seem to have depth in most areas. They must lead the league in former Oilers–Jan Hejda, Jason Chimera, Raffi Torres, Mathieu Garon. I think Garon may be starting tonight.

The Edmonton Oilers on the other hand are a team in the National Hockey League.

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  1. Lowetide says:

    Oil got a point, and with that the road trip is done. Now it's home for the Avalanche.

  2. RiversQ says:

    Ugh, Brule had him beaten there. Oh well, I guess the Oilers used up their SO karma a couple of years ago.

  3. Bruce says:

    Goddamn it, we've lost two shootouts on plays just like that where the puck hit the goalie's pad and bounces in. At the other end it bounces just outside the post.

    This team can't buy a fucking break these days. Nothing but snake eyes.

  4. kris says:

    All in all, I liked the play of our good players. Fun to watch.

    No longer concerned about the losses; those are gonna happen until we add some depth to the forward core.

  5. RiversQ says:

    Oil got a point, and with that the road trip is done. Now it's home for the Avalanche.

    and they're certainly beatable. A reasonably healthy Oilers club should be able to outchance the Avs. That's not Avery good club either.

  6. RiversQ says:

    Should be "not a very good club."

  7. Lowetide says:

    kris: Yeah, agreed. If the Oilers can get some depth up front (a couple of three value contracts in that 1.0-1.7 range) then I think they might challenge for the second season in 10-11.

  8. Showerhead says:

    Well, a point.

    I have to be honest: for better or worse, this is the best I can imagine the Oilers consistently playing this year. No bullshit stupidity, a couple of powerplay goals, and occasional flashes of dangerousness.

    I absolutely love that Reddox/Potulny/Brule line right now. As far as nomenclature goes, it seems they're being called our "3rd" line right now. If they were line 4, Penner/Horc/Hemsky were line 1, and lines 2/3 were commensurately talented, Edmonton would be a very good team. Unfortunately, we have a good 1st line, good 4th line, and porridge. An overwhelming number of Oiler forwards are playing a slot ahead of where I'd like them on an ideal depth chart.

    Arsene got to play!

    POS fanned on a number of solid opportunities. I can remember Lowetide and others pleased with O'Sullivan's desire to shoot the puck. I'm beginning to think that yes, POS is a shooter, but no he is absolutely not a lane finder.

  9. rickibear says:

    I deleted my post found my own answer.

    POS 61 shots
    Penner 61 shots.

    Wonder what the diffrence is?

  10. kris says:

    I would also like to reiterate that Cogs needs to be on a different line. He's the wrong fit for Moreau-Stortini and they're the wrong fit for him. He needs someone to hit him with a pass on the fly, someone who is reasonably defensively responsible. Maybe Pouliot if didn't have pubes-syndrome.

    The upside is we're making it harder for him to claim a bigger contract this offseason.

  11. kris says:

    I think Moreau-Strotini could also use a more reliable defensive guy; someone who knows how to dump the puck in for the forecheck.

    That said, that 4th line is passable.

  12. Bruce says:

    No bullshit stupidity

    Other than the penalty Moreau took at the geometric point that is furthest from his own net with the team already a man down, you mean.

    POS fanned on a number of solid opportunities.

    I wonder if the guy needs to change the lie on his stick. He has a helluva time taking a sharp pass too, goes right through his stick half the time.

    Tonight the shots he took when Hemsky and Comrie set him up alone in front, and again in the shootout, were downright limp.

  13. Dennis says:

    Here is the way i saw it:


    Also, 19 Totally destroys the idea that if you keep getting chances, you'll eventually score.

    The guy has less finish than Elisha Cuthbert's old headboards.

  14. Woodguy says:

    Wow did you see Smid skate it up the slot there then curl back????

    First thing I thought of was "every Oiler defensman should play with Lubo for a while so they can learn composure with the puck"

    5 was getting surrounded by 3 jackets in his own zone and then he pulls that and moves the puck up quick.

    So awesome.

  15. HBomb says:

    All I'm going to say is this:

    Lubomir Visnovsky is the best Oiler defenseman of all time, non Pronger/Coffey defenseman.

  16. Bling says:

    Not a lot to complain about tonight; Horcoff was flying, Pens and Hemmer were alive, and that Reddox-Potulny-Brule line was just abrasive. Unbelievable tenacity on the puck.

    The one negative I'd like to bring up is that Cogs and Moreau are getting outchanced way too much out there. They need to do a better job of getting the puck going in the right direction.

    Dennis has them as 2-9 and 2-8 at EV, respectively. Just not good enough.

  17. Dennis says:

    Just finished reading Slash's book this past week and it strikes me that 94 was to the Oil's success as was Izzy Stradlin to GNR's.

    I'm not saying that makes 44 Gilby Clarke;) but I am saying that 94 could do a bit of everything well and sorta tied everything together when it came to ST and outscoring.

  18. Black Dog says:

    Nice one Dennis. About the headboards and all.

    And I went through this whole thread and let me just say this.

    What a bunch of fucking perverts.


  19. Unleaded says:

    All in all I'm pretty happy wit the game tonight.

    We have a powerplay that can create chances and apply pressure.
    Our top line is a legitimate PVP line, and can compete with any in the league right now.
    Our Defense is getting healthy, and without Grebs, actually played quite sound hockey.
    Smid continues to improve. He is playing like a top pairing defenseman. His contract will be a better one than Hemsky's.
    The prospects we are playing are getting time and developing.

    Our PK still needs a lot of work.
    Moreau will take one bad penalty a game until he day he hangs them up.
    Our young guys are costing us games (I'm looking at you Liam)
    We still lack enough foward depth to be considered anything other than a one-line team
    We still lack cap flexibility to make moves to improve our team
    Management will not dump contracts in the minors.

    All in all, this list is an improvement from last games, and as such, I am pleased. The team is playing better, and the are not getting the results they want, but the method is there. If we ever get some action from our GM (and to be fair, he did good work for us last year), at the moment I am inclined to beleive we could make it to the dance this year.

    he he… BJs….

    Also, note that Sully, Pens, and Brule all choked, and Hemsky scored.

    And… I'm… spent…

  20. Dennis says:

    In the words of my father, RIP, Ethan Moreau would fuck up the church.

    Seriously, the guy is awful and he's expense and the O zone penalties are painfully predictable.

    He's the Oiler with the least amount of accountability since the days of Tommy Salo.

  21. Bruce says:

    What a bunch of fucking perverts.

    BDHS: What's really hard to swallow is that all this went down with no Gags.

  22. Dennis says:

    And the winner is….Bruce!

  23. Bruce says:

    Dennis: I've been doing my level best to see the positives in thecaptainethanmoreau's game lately, but he's making it almost impossible. By my math thecaptain has cost the Oilers 2.5 standings points in the last 36 hours with a pair of BoneHead penalties a combined 380 feet from his own net. Both turned into GA, one that almost certainly cost us a standings point with a solid chance at a second yesterday, and another that likely cost a regulation win tonight.

    Blame the PK unit if you like (and I wouldn't put it past "Spins" Moreau to do just that) but it's got to stop. Quinn has got to nip it in the bud (if something that has been in full flower for years can be considered a bud) even if it means Vladimir Trukhno starts the next game on 4 LW. There needs to be accountability, and that goes double for the guy who's supposed to be setting a positive example ferfuxsakes.

    I'm sick of watching it, and I'm sick of talking about it.

  24. Gerta Rauss says:

    Wrong team won but it was a nice effort and an entertaining game.

    Quinn post game

  25. Showerhead says:

    You know, as much fun as it is to slag on Moreau, I liked his game tonight. He took two shots in a row at one point from defensible angles. He hit a bar. He crushed Chimera. He passed once or twice. He's about as dangerous in the ozone as your longest lasting CFC.

    OK so I don't think I defended him very well. In complete honesty, I disagreed with that penalty call. Not because of the 5-on-3 issue but because I thought the BJ was already going down before Ethan got there.

    Well there goes that post; I'm not even going to bother continuing for fear of more accidental puns.

  26. Smarmy Boss says:

    He didn't crush Chimera at all. He clipped a guy that didn't see him coming. Fine and dandy but it wasn't some sort of momentum changing play.

  27. bookie says:

    I have to commend everyone today/tonight for amazing wit on the sexual innuendo. I am quite serious about this. There are tons of places (blogs, real life, etc) where people try to be funny with this type of stuff, but usually blow it with their lack of subtlety and creativity.

    This blog has a pretty solid collection of witty authors.

  28. Psyche says:

    Anyone know if the QMHL team playing Russia on TSN right now has any Oiler picks on it (besides Phillippe Cornet)?

    Cornet definitely has a presence in this game.

  29. Psyche says:

    From the QMJHL website:

    "BOUCHERVILLE, Monday, November 16, 2009 – Rouyn-Noranda forward Philippe Cornet and Halifax Mooseheads goaltender Mathieu Corbeil-Thériault today were named the TELUS offensive and defensive players of the week for the period extending from November 9 to 15."

    "Cornet scored four goals, including two game-winners, and added two assists in three Huskies wins. Moreover, he posted a +2 rating. Cornet played his best game of the week versus the archrival Foreurs on Wednesday, registering three points in a 5-3 victory. The Huskies are the owners of the top spot in the TELUS Western Division standings."

  30. Lowetide says:

    Penis. hahahahahahahhahaha

  31. Dennis says:

    Bruce: I have been talking about that stupe for years so it's gotten to the point where I'm surprised when he Doesn't fuck up.

  32. Bruce says:

    Penis. hahahahahahahhahaha

    LT: The penis: mightier than the sword. (Otherwise the global population would be droopping)

  33. bookie says:

    Penis. hahahahahahahhahaha


  34. Ribs says:

    Missed this one. Haven't listened to the post game audio yet, did anyone mention what Gagner's injury was? Is it his foot again?

  35. bookie says:

    Glad to hear Quinn sounding a little more positive in the post game. Its not whether they deserve it or not, but rather just a change of tactic.

  36. bookie says:

    Arsene got 06:24 of ice time.

    That makes me feel good even though they lost.

  37. digger says:

    When Cogliano looks on his wing and sees Moreau there, I wonder if he's thinking "Fuck, and I thought being stuck with Steve Downie was as screwed up as a football bat…"

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