Oilers at Thrashers, G20, 09-10

No matter how long the Thrashers spend in Atlanta, the Flames were more interesting in their time in the south.

If you wanted a template for building a franchise from expansion to Stanley, the Flames and Cliff Fletcher’s story with that franchise are textbook. Just like the Kansas City Royals in baseball, the Flames approached the expansion draft by pursuing young players who could both play competitively in the NHL and improve from what they were at that point in time. Exhibit “A” for the Flames was Daniel Bouchard, left exposed by bat-crazy Milt Schmidt the same summer his #1 goalie (Gerry Cheevers) flew the coop for the WHA. It cost poor Milt his job eventually (it wasn’t the worst goalie crime in an expansion draft for the Bruins, they’d lost Bernie Parent to the Flyers 5 years previous) and was one example of why Cliff Fletcher has been employed steadily in important NHL jobs for the last 40+ seasons.

I think we need to change focus for this edition of the Oilers. We’re at the 20 game mark, the coach doesn’t know what we have, the GM is prattling on about waiting to see his team healthy (can fans mutiny? is that an option?) and we don’t really know who is healthy (or playing for that matter).

So today I’m looking for the Frank Mahovlich in Dustin Penner, the Doug Gilmour in Sam Gagner, the thrill of Dean Arsene in his first NHL game (should he play). I’m not saying this club is hopeless, but do believe they are outmanned pretty much every night these days and that the men who could do something about it have decided to pass on the opportunity.

Expecting victory would be frustrating, let’s agree that “small steps” like Gagner maturing are going to have to be good enough until that sweet day when there are no injuries, when everyone grows up, when Kevin Lowe’s vision comes into view.

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  1. Black Dog says:

    Well I would like to say something really clever but 'Kevin Lowe has a vision?" will have to do.

  2. jdrevenge says:

    Fer f*cks sake. LOL. I don't think I can deal with another last season.

    I honestly believe, and maybe its the noob in me speaking out, that we WILL be a second half team. All the pieces, with exception to Grebeshkov, are becoming healthy or falling back in place in time with Souray's return.

    We aren't this bad. We are a hockey team. We will win some games!

  3. Mr DeBakey says:

    "the GM is prattling on about waiting to see his team healthy"

    I finally had a chance to listen to that Tambellini interview just now.

    And to be fair [our oft stated goal], Stauffer asked a leading question about standing pat until all are healthy.
    The GM gave one of his famous close-to-the-vest replies where he neither agreed nor disagreed with Stauffer's thesis.

  4. Lowetide says:

    Me Debakey: I respect that, and you're right it was a measured answer. However, actions speak louder than words.

  5. B.C.B. says:

    The problem with small steps is are they steps forward or backward? I am tired of watching this team lose, I am even more tired of saying it is based on injuries, and still tired of checking tsn every morning for the trade that will never happen. It is a depth problem, we don't have veteran depth, not a injury problem: I am even tired of saying that.

    I think we can mutiny, but I don't know how. Any suggestions?

    I am tired . . .

  6. Lowetide says:

    BCB: These are the 93-94 days, no doubt. Remember the kid line on the '90 team? Everyone loved them.

    The thing about the kid line is that it was 1 line. 3 guys. The Oilers had Messier, Anderson, Simpson, Tikkanen, Kurri, MacTavish and the blue was veteran, strong and deep.

    This Oilers team (as constructed) is asking (and has too many) kids to take on assignments they can't win.

    I honestly don't see how this team can make the playoffs without some help.

  7. HBomb says:

    Black Dog – if it's clever you're looking for, look no further.
    Whatever Kevin Lowe's vision was, it was had through beer goggles. At some point he is going to wake up and realize he took home the, ahem, "slump buster" (trying to be as polite as possible here). Yeah, she's got a couple decent features, but prior to trotting her out for your buddies to see, she needs a makeover and a stint on "The Biggest Loser". Just because she's decent in the sack and has a nice rack doesn't mean she's the complete package one would call "wife material", you know?

    Wow, I think I just channelled Dennis on that one.

  8. Lowetide says:

    You fucking guys. You're actually WORSE when trying to clean it up for public consumption. That last paragraph from HBomb could have come from some color or another in "Reservoir Dogs."

  9. bookie says:

    I think that there needs to be some recognition that we have seen the flu impact this team, injuries to most of our top forwards, Souray injured since the start of the season, etc…

    You can blame Tambolini for the lack of some players here or there to make this team 'balanced' or a team of 'real NHL players', but it is hard to fault him for thinking that this team has been negativly impacted by injury and illness. its also hard to not imagine 3-4 more wins in the last 10 if the team were 'normally healthy' (lets say one major player injured and two lesser players).

  10. HBomb says:

    You fucking guys. You're actually WORSE when trying to clean it up for public consumption. That last paragraph from HBomb could have come from some color or another in "Reservoir Dogs."

    The response to Buscemi saying "why do I have to be Mr. Pink?" still makes me laugh out loud after all these years.

    Reservoir Dogs dropped to 2nd in my "Tarantino Film Ranking" this year. Inglourious Basterds is that good.

    Anyways – hey, at least I didn't call her a fithy, overused….I'll stop there.

  11. HBomb says:

    Oh, general news item: I've decided to open the floodgates at Inebriated Oiler Fans.

    Although posting articles is still limited on a "by approval" basis, it's now open season on comments. Give 'er hell, boys and gals….

  12. B.C.B. says:

    Thanks Hbomb. I have a couple doozy comments I have been sitting on.

  13. Lowetide says:

    HBomb: I haven't seen the film yet. My son badly wants to see it and his Mom says no, so I'm waiting for a time when the coast is clear.

    I can't imagine the dialogue being better than 'Dogs' but have heard the torture scene has now been outdone.

  14. DBO says:

    good times by all. I remain surprisingly optimistic about this team. no reason, no basis in fact, just feel like this is going to turn out good at the end.

    Now that my optimism is out of the way, what the hell is Tambellini doing? or not doing to be more precise. You can't count on Pisani, you can't count on Nilsson, Quinn doesn't seem to like Brule that much (or at least not trust him), and Grebs is gone for a while. So we are back to the beginning again
    We need a solid veteran two way center and a solid top 4 dman who can shut people down and play physical.
    Nashville is faltering and looking to get younger, so is Carolina. Make some damn moves and improve this club both today and in the future.

  15. FlamingPavelBure says:

    Just sell shirts with ''Fire Tambellini'' for minimal cost in front of Rexall Place.

    A crowd of it would ring a bell.

  16. HBomb says:

    Lowetide: It's out on December 15th on DVD. I'd suggest just buying it outright and saving the trouble.

    There's a musical interlude scene at the middle of the film done to David Bowie's "Cat People" that gave me goosebumps due to it's awesomeness.

    Yes, the first "act" of the film is a bit slow, and I know for a fact how World War II actually ended doesn't line up with Tarantino's interpretation of the events, but dammit, it's masterful.

    For the record, my ranking of the six major QT flicks:

    1) Inglourious Basterds
    2) Reservoir Dogs
    3) Kill Bill V.1
    4) Pulp Fiction
    5) Kill Bill V.2
    6) Jackie Brown

    Note, however, that Pulp Fiction being fourth is not a slight, as I still think that film is spectacular. Tarantino's nothing short of a genius, IMO.

  17. DBO says:

    With Carolina looking to shake up their roster, speculation on hotstove last night was that they may put some vets on waivers in order to clear salary and get younger. Matt Cullen is a solid two way center with some size and grit, as well as being decent on the dot. He's got a $2.875 cap hit and is a UFA next year. Not sure on corsi and all that, but I seem to remember him being fast and having solid two way skills. With Nilsson being a waste this year and someone who could be waived or moved for anything, and the potential for Pisani to be out on LTIR, Cullen's the kind of player I think Quinn would like and who would fill a gaping hole on our team.

  18. Matt N says:

    If Pat Quinn isn't Joe from Reservoir dogs then I don't know who is. I would love to see him bust this one out at the draft to Tambo, Katz and Lowe.

    "So, you guys like to tell jokes, huh? Gigglin' and laughin' like a bunch of young broads sittin' in a schoolyard. Well, let me tell a joke. Five guys, sittin' in a bullpen, in San Quentin. All wondering how the fuck they got there. What should we have done, what didn't we do, who's fault is it, is it my fault, your fault, his fault, all that bullshit. Then one of them says, hey. Wait a minute. When we were planning this caper, all we did was sit around tellin' fuckin' jokes! Get the message? Boys, I don't mean to holler at ya. When this caper's over – and I'm sure it'll be a successful one – we'll get down to the Hawaiian Islands, hell, I'll roll and laugh with all of ya. You'll find me a different character down there. Right now, it's a matter of business"

  19. HBomb says:

    Every day at Lowetide's blog, it's something different. Today, we've apparently stumbled upon a Tarantino theme.

    Good luck keeping the language "appropriate for all ages" on this one LT. Quentin likes the F-word almost as much as BDHS likes watching his dog beat up raccoons, but not quite as much as Andy Grabia likes Fernando Pisani.

    Speaking of San Fernando – can the Oilers re-nominate him for the Masterton if this is, indeed, the end of the road? Might be nice for the NHL to be given the opportunity to rectify the BS that was Jason Blake getting said award in 2008.

  20. hunter1909 says:

    I wonder which was the last year any OIler won, or was even nominated a real NHL trophy.

  21. Lowetide says:

    HBomb: It's okay, I think my youngest is still sleeping and will be miles away from this blog today.

    Pulp Fiction would be my #2 behind Dogs as I write this. Has there ever been a better opening to a movie career than the restaurant scene in Reservoir Dogs?

    What's the name he says at the end? Chang? Chow? I've watched that scene probably 30 times and still laugh at that scene. Madonna's high water mark, no doubt.

  22. FlamingPavelBure says:

    1) Inglourious Basterds
    2) Reservoir Dogs
    3) Pulp Fiction
    4) Kill Bill V.1
    5) Kill Bill V.2
    6) Jackie Brown

    Theyr all great, but Pulp Fiction deserves a one up.

    Timeless Classic.

    Have you heard from Burgers in France yet?

  23. bookie says:

    Interesting, I also love QT.

    Kill Bill V1&2 are one of my favorite movies of all time, even though I didn't know it when I first watched them.

    HBomb – I notice that you excluded Death Proof. Was that intentional as you saw it far down the list?

    It takes patience to watch it, but as an effort to pay homage too those traditional B-movies, it was a great movie. Again, like all good things, it took me a while to appreciate.

  24. HBomb says:

    hunter1909: 1993-94, Jason Arnott finished second to some guy named Martin Brodeur for the Calder Trophy.

  25. DBO says:

    And if we'rwe looking at Carolina, how about adding Wallin. He's a physical 5-6 dman who hits and is solid on the PK. he brings an edge and is a vet, and not to mention a UFA next year with a $1.75 cap hit. Grebeshkov on LTIR and Pisani on LTIR frees up enough cap space to add these players and does not sacrifice our youth.

  26. HBomb says:

    bookie: Does "Death Proof" even count as an actual full movie? I have seen it at Best Buy, but I don't rembember it actually hitting theatres.

  27. HBomb says:

    Using Wikipedia as the tie-breaker, I guess this means two things:

    1) Death Proof does count (and I need to see it)
    2) I also need to see Natural Born Killers, because he wrote the original script

  28. Schitzo says:

    2) I also need to see Natural Born Killers, because he wrote the original script

    Yes, you do.

  29. bookie says:

    Death Proof hit theaters as part of "GrindHouse" which was two movies in one. First was Planet Terror by Robert Rodriguez followed by Death Proof. Later QT released a longer version of Death proof (which I have yet to see).

    It was a throwback to old Grindhouse theaters where people could buy tickets and wander in to see B-movies – quite often months after they were released. They were the cheesiest of movies.

    Grindhouse made for a fun afternoon. The fake trailers were awesome. my favorite was Machete, which is supposedly coming out as a full movie in 2010.

    The movies are filled with classic poor quality film, including lots of screen noise and evensome lost scenes.

    Death Proof may not have the same impact by itself. It is a very slow moving dialog filled movie.

  30. Gord says:

    Maybe the Oilers can be like Grindhouse – Planet Terror. Still find a way to kick ass even though we have a bum leg?

    Whatever the hell happens this season I hope it's one end of the spectrum or the other. No more 9th-11th finishes…either make the dance or bungle it up enough to land a top end talent in June.

    In Katzellinoweiunn we trust???

  31. bookie says:

    I should mention that while I note that Death Proof is a slow moving movie, I am not saying its bad, but having this warning will set you up better for watching it. It has some awesome moments and is worth watching.

  32. HBomb says:

    Because we haven't had one in awhile (and even though I can't indulge because I am at work today):

    Orange Whip:

    1 shot vodka
    1 shot rum
    Orange juice
    Cream (1 coffee creamer)

    Stir ingredients over ice and serve. I don't know, I've never tried one, but it came up as a Blues Brothers reference, so I searched the recipe and immediately said "hey, that sounds like a brunch drink!"

    So someone tip an extra two or three back as my proxy, OK?

  33. Lowetide says:

    Natural Born Killers was the movie Badlands could have been. Have you ever seen that movie? It's good but too simple. Natural Born Killers took care of that.

  34. godot10 says:

    I agree that "Inglourious Bastards" is a GREAT film, and Tarentino's best film. Truly ingenious how such an entertaining film can be so subliminally insightful and subversive with regards to universal themes.

    It is Shakespearean in character. It plays on all levels.

    P.S. I am mostly opposed to stop gap measures that are not real hockey moves. Tambellini can gain a lot of restructuring room if he doesn't worry about the short term, and focuses on the medium term. A lottery pick is not such a bad thing.

  35. Schitzo says:

    So someone tip an extra two or three back as my proxy, OK?

    That drink sounds delicious. It also sounds like the sort of thing that would make me shit myself inside-out in an hour.

  36. Dennis says:

    I went to see Jackie Brown when I was going through a long hair/partial beard phase so maybe I look upon that move more favourably than I should.

    Then again, maybe I like that movie so much because BRIDGET FONDA WAS BLOND AND HOT AND IN JEAN SHORTS!!!!!!!!!

    I always joked, maybe;), that Lowe's motto while Oilers GM was "Excuses in lieu of success" and some of those excuses were injuries and then there was the one about Pronger had to be traded where he wanted and for who he wanted;) etc etc.

    The Oilers are banged up right now but should be relatively healthy in say a week's time; 37's gonna be out awhile, 34 could be done and 10-83 might have season-nagging maladies but the last two guys will be around to battle and chip in.

    They've already got a bit of a road to climb and the harsh truth might be that even when fully healthy this club isn't built to make the playoffs, Again, but the excuse of player absentia may be pretty much null and void in 7-to-10 days.

    Anyway, Tambo's probably here as part of a puppet regime because Lowe was sick of being in the firing line and Tambo had run his course in Van but, hey, fuck it, it's not like Oilers fans deserve the playoffs anyway, right?:)

  37. hunter1909 says:

    Badlands is an absolute masterpiece.

  38. HBomb says:

    That drink sounds delicious. It also sounds like the sort of thing that would make me shit myself inside-out in an hour.

    So that explains your name, eh Schitzo? A little lactose intolerance?

    Screwdrivers are the ultimate hang-over cure in my mind (some people swear up and down by Caesars, but I can't stand those things), and this is an extra wrinkle. Somehow I feel less guilty when knocking back orange juice based cocktails because I know I'm getting plenty of Vitamin C in the process.

    (Side note: Gin and orange juice should be added to any reference lists that document proven liquid panty-removers).

  39. Rick says:

    Death Proof is in the top 5.

    And why get mad at the GM when other teams don't want to trade this time of year?

    If you want to be mad, be mad over the amateur-like performance this summer.

    Hopefully they can get something done between the holiday roster freeze and the Olympics.

  40. Schitzo says:

    My old man is coming over today to watch the PPV, so my goal is to get him too bombed to drive home by the end of the game.

    There's something potentially awesome about seeing your dad afternoon-drunk.

  41. Grant says:

    Rodney Dangerfield is probably the best (worst) part of Natural Born Killers. It is a stellar movie though. That Leonard Cohen song on the soundtrack is divine and fits right in with how I am feeling about the Oilers these days.

    Waiting for the Miracle

    Baby, I've been waiting,
    I've been waiting night and day.
    I didn't see the time,
    I waited half my life away.
    There were lots of invitations
    and I know you sent me some,
    but I was waiting
    for the miracle, for the miracle to come.
    I know you really loved me.
    but, you see, my hands were tied.
    I know it must have hurt you,
    it must have hurt your pride
    to have to stand beneath my window
    with your bugle and your drum,
    and me I'm up there waiting
    for the miracle, for the miracle to come.

    Ah I don't believe you'd like it,
    You wouldn't like it here.
    There ain't no entertainment
    and the judgements are severe.
    The Maestro says it's Mozart
    but it sounds like bubble gum
    when you're waiting
    for the miracle, for the miracle to come.

    Waiting for the miracle
    There's nothing left to do.
    I haven't been this happy
    since the end of World War II.

    Nothing left to do
    when you know that you've been taken.
    Nothing left to do
    when you're begging for a crumb
    Nothing left to do
    when you've got to go on waiting
    waiting for the miracle to come.

    I dreamed about you, baby.
    It was just the other night.
    Most of you was naked
    Ah but some of you was light.
    The sands of time were falling
    from your fingers and your thumb,
    and you were waiting
    for the miracle, for the miracle to come

    Ah baby, let's get married,
    we've been alone too long.
    Let's be alone together.
    Let's see if we're that strong.
    Yeah let's do something crazy,
    something absolutely wrong
    while we're waiting
    for the miracle, for the miracle to come.

    Nothing left to do …

    When you've fallen on the highway
    and you're lying in the rain,
    and they ask you how you're doing
    of course you'll say you can't complain —
    If you're squeezed for information,
    that's when you've got to play it dumb:
    You just say you're out there waiting
    for the miracle, for the miracle to come.

  42. Paulus says:

    If you're including stuff Tarantino has written, I'd advise against forgetting two such masterpieces: From Dusk Till Dawn, and True Romance.

  43. FlamingPavelBure says:

    Love how the game begins at dinner time for you guys.

    I play Hockey at 4:00 Dx.

    At least i'l see the first period.

  44. B.C.B. says:

    Oh, Tarantino wrote True Romance as well, he sold the script to pay for 'Dogs.

    Prediction: 4-3 Thrashers and 34-29 Esks this afternoon

  45. The other John says:

    At some point in time the fan base is going to turn on Oiler management. And I suspect it will be UGLY "I can't make moves because we are at the cap." Ok Einstein who pray tell is managing your cap? No one? Thought so.Give you a quick and free tip. Put Pisani on LTIR because he ain't coming back soon.

    "We have to wait for the team to get healthy to make some moves" Why? Seriously! Do you think that waiting is going to make some of your marginal players get better? Will it help you assess them? If that is the case…..quit because nobody else has any difficulty identifying who is not performing.

    Figure out which ones of Gagner, Cogliano, Brule (God do not tell us that you continue to lump Nilsson in this group anymore)Gilbert and Grebeshkov you want to keep and develop a plan to maximize your return for who you decide is not part of your young core.

    Try something new…innovative….it may actually work: COME UP WITH A PLAN

    Sorry I got away from the subliminal topic…..I liked Kill Bill 1 & 2 and Reservoir Dogs a lot. Inglorious Bastards not as much….. historical inaccuracy was hard to watch

  46. Schitzo says:

    Damn it, Other John, quit cluttering up the Tarantino blog with your off-topic hockey rants.

  47. danny says:

    Inglorious Basterds. Wow.

    The first 20 minutes of that movie alone deserves an academy award, the dialogue, the cinematography, the acting, the characters…

    I felt excited watching that scene because I knew I was witnessing something that reached the highest heights of its craft.


    If the Jew Hunter doesn't get a best supporting actor nod, and hopefully a win, then theres no justice.

  48. HBomb says:

    Oh yeah, seeing the Esks go through the Stamps, Riders, and Alouettes would be the football equivalent of getting the keys to a time machine and a message that 25 year old Ann Margaret wanted me to go back to 1966 and have my way with her (I may have been born in 1982, but dammit, that kind of hotness it timeless).

    In other words, it would be "The Sex". With that in mind, 34-21 Esks this afternoon, Henry Burris sprains his wrist doing his little "throw the flag" arm-flapping bit after EVERY time he takes a hit from a D-lineman. With this win, the Esks set up a matchup next Sunday that could potentially result in Lowetide getting served divorce papers if the outcome is like the other two games at Taylor Field this year.

    (Sidebar: I've realized that Rider fans have a bigger inferiority complex towards Esks fans than Flame fans do towards Oiler fans – someone has to explain this to me when they have a moment).

  49. HBomb says:

    If the Jew Hunter doesn't get a best supporting actor nod, and hopefully a win, then theres no justice.


    The guy acted in FOUR languages. Anything less than an outright win is going to be a joke.

    And in that movie, every time Brad Pitt spoke, I was laughing my ass off.

  50. Lowetide says:

    If the Eskimos march into Regina and win, I'll be sleeping in the garage. If I crack a smile or wink or do that "sorry your team sucks" glance I apparently perfected, then I'll be looking for a basement suite.

    Life was easier when the green Riders were going 2-16.

  51. Schitzo says:

    So, LT, how does it feel knowing that a group of big sweaty men can destroy your marriage faster than a pair of nubile swedish girls ever could?

  52. HBomb says:

    So, LT, how does it feel knowing that a group of big sweaty men can destroy your marriage faster than a pair of nubile swedish girls ever could?

    Thank you Schitzo, for making me spit tea all over my office computer monitor.

    To quote the esteemed owner and operator of this blog himself:


  53. HBomb says:

    The Austrian to played the SS actor should win the oscard for best performance by an actor, not suporting actor.

    You could make that argument, yes. Who WAS the main character in that flick anyways? It was such a brilliant inter-twining of two or three plots, you can't identify one main character. Pitt may have been the biggest name, but he's the one who could make the case for "Best Supporting" (and he'd probably be a strong candidate too).

  54. HBomb says:

    And hey, before we talk about winning in Regina, the Esks need to win today.

    Even though I can't stand the Riders, beating Calgary in their park to knock them out in a year they're hosting the Grey Cup would immediately make anything else that happens this season "gravy".

  55. Lowetide says:

    Schitzo: I never really thought about it, but you're right! Jesus!

  56. Gerta Rauss says:

    anybody have a confirmed lineup…?
    TSN is saying Souray is out,but it's not an official game day lineup…

    guess we'll find out in 15 minutes…

  57. suntory hanzo says:

    Supposedly Quentin was so unhappy with Natural Born Killers, he wanted his story credit removed.

  58. Lowetide says:

    Souray in, Arsene out. Dammit, they can't even do that right!

  59. Rob Gilgan says:

    We can't mutiny right now, the flu is going around and our feelings are hurt.

  60. suntory hanzo says:

    anyone have the feed yet? atdhe is giving me bars.

  61. Lowetide says:

    I wish the Oilers would hire the Iraqi information minister. He'd frame the issues properly. "The infidels are trembling in their holes!"

  62. FlamingPavelBure says:

    Can someone shoot the link for game please =P%

  63. Lowetide says:


  64. RiversQ says:

    Love the webcam quality of the shot of the CNN Centre and Phillips Arena. The Oilers really spare no expense on the PPV.

  65. Lowetide says:

    Shouldn't Heidi comb her hair?

  66. hunter1909 says:

    You would think no one cares about the Oilers v Thrashers, the way there's no free link.

  67. Gerta Rauss says:

    both of the Atlanta fans seem to be enjoying themselves…

  68. PDO says:

    Feed? Anyone?

  69. Keegan says:

    atdhe has a edmonton oilers vs. edmonton oilers link posted but it doesn't seem to work.


  70. Lowetide says:

    ATL on the PP. Bogosian with a slapper from the point. 8th goal for Bogosian. Lordy.

  71. hunter1909 says:

    Nice to hear the boys off to another fast start.

  72. PDO says:

    What did the Oilers ever do to Marc Joanette?

    I'd bet we've never had less than 7 penalties in a game he's officiating…

  73. Traktor says:

    Atlanta has a bright future with Bogosian and Kane.

  74. RiversQ says:

    Atl's PP is awfully good. The Oilers probably won't win the special teams.

    Tencer blows.

  75. hunter1909 says:

    In other words, I'm not missing anything?

  76. Lowetide says:

    RQ: I don't know, that was some pretty hard hitting journalism there. I didn't hear the actual words, but his eyebrows told me it was important.

  77. suntory hanzo says:

    http://www.justin.tv/nhl_live pass: Ivegotalovelybunchofcoconuts

    thanks to random help at ON

  78. HBomb says:

    Marc Joanette is the NHL equivalent of Andre Proulx.

  79. Lowetide says:

    I like this drill where the Oilers don't control the puck for long periods and the other team gets to beat them to the puck every fucking time.

    Very fun!

  80. Bruce says:

    Oilers cleared the zone about 5 times on that first ATL PP, then the Thrashers set up for one shot at the tail end of it and in it goes. Shit.

  81. Bruce says:

    Kovalchuk has outshot the Oilers 2-1 so far.

  82. Showerhead says:

    BC 16 Hamilton 6 at the half.

    Edmonton vs. Edmonton feed hasn't magically begun to work in spite of my complete lack of action to fix it, but I really feel I need to wait for my window to be in full health before I judge how successful my watching of the game is going.

  83. Traktor says:

    How much does Gagner's contract extension cost?

    I offer,

    1 year 2.1 million
    2 year 2.7 million per
    3 year 3.1 million per

  84. Bruce says:

    A lot more people behind the nets than on the sides. I wonder how bit the price differential is? (Or maybe the knowledgeable fans of ATL have figured out where the best seats are.)

  85. RiversQ says:

    Comrie sucks. Just terrible play on that offside.

  86. Showerhead says:

    suntory hanzo: Wow, great feed. Thank you!

  87. Keegan says:

    From Jeremy at ON


    Copy and paste up to the point that says


    then C + P


    as the password

  88. Lowetide says:

    Man we're awful today. The highlight so far was Gene interviewing Lissa (the blonde girl).

    I wish Renney would talk more, he seems quite sane.

  89. Keegan says:

    Sorry – someone beat me to it.

  90. Lowetide says:

    Gilbert has his legs today, that could become a big deal later when everyone wakes up.

  91. PDO says:

    Did O'Sullivan get into Greb's stash?

  92. Showerhead says:

    Whoa, Souray is back and O'Sullivan is still on the powerplay? I like the guy but fuck if he doesn't do some stupid things with the puck with the man advantage.

  93. Bruce says:

    "A lot of guys who can shoot out there" … so why is POS doing the old Dink Dumshit spinaround and shoot on the fucking powerplay?

  94. Bruce says:

    Why didn't Hemsky shoot there?

  95. HBomb says:

    Traktor: 2.6 million cap hit? You're probably a bit low, but in the ballpark.

    In terms of strictly boxcar stats, I'd look at the cap hit that Parise got on his second deal from the Devils (4 years, 12.5 million dollar deal signed in the summer of 2007) and think that Gagner probably lands somewhere between what you pitched and that deal, at least in terms of a 3-year contract.

    Past that, since a four year deal takes him to UFA, the price only goes up as a new deal goes to 5-6 years.

    Depending on how this year goes, maybe offer him a 10 year deal in the Mike Richards mould (i.e. "you're the future of this team, here's a long-term pact") and see if he bites on something that offers security on a deal that might seem high the first few years and eventually looks like a bargain (say 40 over 10 or something like that).

    Another thing – I'd be working on doing any deal with Gagner right now. Of the three potential RFA's next summer, he's going to be the priority over Cogliano and Grebeshkov.

  96. RiversQ says:

    Nice play by Cogs to draw the penalty. It would be nic if he figured out that he has to drive the puck to those areas to be effective. Either that or grow a pair.

  97. Traktor says:

    I think we did well in the Cole trade but O'Sullivan is useless.

    It's kind of like when you push your money in with the best hand and buddy spikes his card on the river.

    I would make that trade 7 days a weeks but it didn't turn out well for us.

  98. PDO says:


    Agreed. We also got Kotalik (or a 2nd, depending how you wanna view it) in the deal.

    I'm thinking we would have been better off just giving Kotalik O'Sullivan's money….

  99. RiversQ says:

    I've seen enough of 91-89-19 for a lifetime. Bad at EV and possibly worse on the PP. I don't think Gagner has touched the puck once in the neutral zone and he's the only guy that should be carrying the puck.

    Comrie is sooooo sslllooowww.

  100. Lowetide says:

    I'm not sure exactly where O'Sullivan ranks on the list of the things the Oilers should worry about but am fairly certain it's on page 43.

  101. HBomb says:

    Well, Rod Phillips sounds just disgusted with the Oilers effort level thus far.

  102. Bruce says:

    Special teams let us down that period. PK was good except Khabibulin couldn't stop the 60footer, and the three PPs generated SFA.

  103. Showerhead says:

    Nice play by Cogs to draw the penalty. It would be nic if he figured out that he has to drive the puck to those areas to be effective. Either that or grow a pair.

    Exactly what went through my mind. Nice speed, made the right choice to take it to the inside. His goal the other night on the doorstep also involved taking punishment so hopefully this is a trend.

  104. Bruce says:

    LT: Not sure what you're seeing in POS that you're so happy with him, but I'm not seeing it.

    I hope you're right.

  105. Traktor says:

    "I'm not sure exactly where O'Sullivan ranks on the list of the things the Oilers should worry about but am fairly certain it's on page 43."

    I guess I could always go back to harping on our 5.5 million dollar shutdown center.

    Over/under on 40 points this year?

  106. geowal says:

    The atdhe feed works in a bizarre sort of way. I had the colour bars, then accidentally clicked the "compatibility view" button next to the refresh button. The screen then changed to say "click to view" I did, and now I'm watching a justin.tv feed. It's slightly choppy, but very clear.

    In case the feed mentioned earlier isn't very good.

  107. RiversQ says:

    Most bizarre highlights package ever.

  108. B.C.B. says:

    I am with Bruce (and others): what does POS do better then average?
    - good shoot, but it doesn't go in (5.4 shooting %)
    - decent 2 way play, but he is not that great in his own end (-0.72+-ON/60, and -15.91 CORSI ON)
    - his is pass even average? I wouldn't say so.

    What does POS bring to the team?

  109. Traktor says:


  110. RiversQ says:

    Good timing Traktor. Horc with the goal.

  111. Bruce says:

    Hey, our 40-point centre just scored!

  112. geowal says:

    I had blindly assumed that was Souray's shot, then realized it wasn't very hard. Was temporarily worried about his shoulder.

  113. Gerta Rauss says:

    this should be a good goal…

  114. Showerhead says:

    Random question: if your stick breaks on a tip in, does the goal count?

  115. Woodguy says:

    Bruce: some numbers on 19 I posted on Nov 9:

    Patio Lantern is the 10th rated Forward in the NHL on the PP with 11.98 GFON/60. (Selected for Forwards who have played at least 5 games and play at least 2min/60 on the PP)

    Maybe it has something with him playing the point. To my eye I hated him on PP1. Shows what I know.

    Patio also is 2nd on the team in 4v5 GAON/60 6.64.

    Patio is first among PP'ers and 2nd among PK'ers on the Oilers in regards to GF/GF ON/60 on special teams.

    Doesn't match my eye either, but there you are. Numbers have obviously changed since then. Will look them up when I get a second.

    I'm not one of the idiots at Rexall who yells SHOOT when Hemsky has the puck on the PP, but for crying-in-the-sink he had the puck in AAA spot twice and dished it both times to a worse spot. Horcoff got the one timer off the first time and the play died the second time.

    I know Hemsky is shooting more. I know Hemsky is a good player. I know Hemsky is not a bad-bad man, but for love of all that is good he has to shoot the puck when he has a AAA chance.

    I can still say that and not be burned as a heretic or be accused of molesting 83's dog right?

    67 skating well. Great effort when he got knocked down, got up, got the puck and got a shot off.

    19-89-91 can't get past the Thrasher's blue line, even on the PP.

    I still like 89-27 and 10-83 as pairs to spread it around a bit and get some good match ups against weaker D. 27-10-83 makes it too easy to throw all your good defenders over the boards at the same time.

  116. PDO says:

    Nice tip.

  117. Traktor says:

    I'm still taking the under.

  118. geowal says:

    Our Pvp line was trapped in its own zone for a minute by Reasoner and Armstrong.

    shake my head.

  119. Icecastles says:

    I know it often seems that we are our own worst enemy these days, but ATDHE.net has taken it to a new level when listing the game.

  120. Lowetide says:

    They announced the assist on that goal as Lubo instead of Hemsky. It was Hemsky, right?

  121. Woodguy says:


    Khabby keeps it even.

    Robbed White who somehow was alone with the puck in the slot as 4 Oilers were within 5 feet of him, but no one took him.

    3-4 real good saves during that cluster@*¥.

  122. kinger says:

    How about the game 5 is having. I know that 71 makes it easier but this kid has turned a big corner.

  123. RiversQ says:

    I would say O'Sullivan has been decent this year but he is another one of the small not particularly gritty forwards. He brings more to the table than a lot of the others (especially on ST) but he's still in the group.

  124. geowal says:

    They announced the assist on that goal as Lubo instead of Hemsky. It was Hemsky, right?

    It was a Staois shot, didn't think Lubo was even on the ice.

  125. Lowetide says:

    Smid made a beauty play on Kovalchuk earlier and does look calm out there. As you say, Lubo has something to do with it but even so credit where due.

  126. Lowetide says:

    And yes Bruce, I would trade him. :-)

  127. Ed says:

    nice pick by 18 there… terrible shift.

  128. Woodguy says:

    nhl.com has it as 10 from 24-83

  129. Gerta Rauss says:

    I'm almost certain that it was Hemsky that dished it from the corner to Staios.

  130. Showerhead says:

    It was Hemsky. NHL.com has it right.

  131. Bruce says:

    LT: Don't think I would. Big, young defencemen with a good skating stride, soft(ish) hands and a mean streak are Gold.

  132. Showerhead says:

    Jesus. Ladislav Orr.

  133. Woodguy says:

    Almost Vladislav Coffey.

  134. Bruce says:

    Nice rush by Mr. Trade Bait there. :)

  135. Gerta Rauss says:

    Ladislav Orr with the nice rush.

  136. Lowetide says:

    Bruce: There's no doubt he has value, and certainly you don't trade him for the sake of it.

    But he has good value, and should a Smid plus dwarf forward get the Oilers a quality return then I'd pull the trigger.

  137. Gerta Rauss says:

    wow…Pensky material indeed.

  138. Lowetide says:

    Cogliano playing with skilled men, it's a nice thing. Frank Mahovlich drove to the net nicely there.

  139. Bruce says:

    Eric Boulton overtakes Tom Gilbert on the icing … and whaddya know, it works out in Oilers favour.

  140. Showerhead says:

    Fast-Penner is way more fun to watch than would-never-have-caught-up-to-that-play-Penner.

  141. Bruce says:

    Man that puck was in the net in a hurry. Great shot.

  142. geowal says:

    Fast-Penner is way more fun to watch than would-never-have-caught-up-to-that-play-Penner.

    That's definitely the part that can't be blamed on MacT.

  143. Woodguy says:

    Great back check and poke check by 89 to break up a 3-2 caused by a Staois special pass.

    BIG P.!!!!

    Cogs really should play as far away from 18 as possible.

    Nice pressure after the goal too.

    I think 18 on the LTIR due to a re-occuring eye problem would be a good thing.

    Not hoping 18 has a relapse, but hoping OTC just can't see him playing on his top 12 anymore.

  144. PDO says:

    Fuck off Moreau.

    Fuck off Joanette.

  145. geowal says:

    Offensive zone penalties are always good.

  146. Lowetide says:

    thecaptainethanmoreau! Any drinking game surrounding his play would mean almost instant death by alcohol poisoning.

  147. Bruce says:

    Is it just me, or are ALL of Moreau's penalties in the offensive zone?

  148. RiversQ says:

    Yeah, I'm loving Penner's game this year but I'm a little pissed he didn't listen to the org and get himself in shape a long time ago. They told him several times.

  149. PDO says:

    Souray needs to remember he's on a penalty kill there.

  150. geowal says:

    Got a little too excited about the shorty chance there.

  151. Bruce says:

    Souray was pinching, tried to back up, and Potulny made a back pass to him with a checker sneaking up behind 44. Very poor read by Potulny.

    And where was Strudwick? No way you should allow a breakaway on the PK. No way.

    We do know where Moreau was.

  152. HBomb says:

    The C on Moreau's jersey no longer stands for "captain". Draw your own conclusions on that one.

  153. Lowetide says:

    on the Falcon front, Slava Trukhno got an assist today and Lerg scored a beauty goal. 2-0 Falcons in the first.

  154. Scott says:

    The pass back to Souray was a mistake.

    Souray starts to back out with some urgency, but another player (not sure who that was) passes it back to him in a tough spot with a guy coming up behind him. You have to remember the situation and not try to force that puck to Souray (as awesome as it is to see him unleash the bomb).

  155. Lowetide says:

    I believe the passer back was #13.

  156. Scott says:

    Bruce beat me to it. Potulny was the player I was talking about.

  157. Scott says:

    Or perhaps Cogliano?
    I guess I'll have to wait for the feed to come back and to see a replay.

  158. CrazyCoach says:

    what happened to the feed?

  159. B.C.B. says:

    on the PK, that puck needs to go into the corner not back to the point. I know it would be more difficult to score from there, but we are a man down for fuck's sake.

  160. Lowetide says:

    Good things about this game:

    1. Horcoff scored a goal
    2. Penner looks good and we're at the 20-game mark. This is not a fluke.
    3. Gagner had a couple of nice touches in that period and looked confident.
    4. Cogliano made some very nice plays.
    5. Smid continues to be effective
    6. O'Sullivan is getting chances.
    7. Stortini really is an all out effort player.
    8. Khabibulin had a couple of nice moments.

    Anything else?

  161. PunjabiOil says:

    Jason Strudwick was responsible on that goal

  162. Woodguy says:

    Just re-watched it, it was 13.

    Was only a 6 foot pass but it was semi-blind, 13 had his head down trying to control the puck.

  163. PDO says:


    Nobody's been hurt yet?

    Is Penner a team Canada candidate yet?

  164. geowal says:

    Is there an all-star game this year? If there is we know Penner is on it.

  165. PunjabiOil says:

    what happened to the feed?

    It's a centre ice feed for PPV, and thus no intermission.

    It should come back.

  166. Bruce says:

    My bad, it was Cogliano. Very ill-advised play on his part. That's just a brutal goal to give up in the last 30 seconds of a period.

  167. CrazyCoach says:

    If you don't have the feed use "hockey_live" instead of "nhl_live"

  168. Bruce says:

    9. Reddox really is an all-out effort player.

  169. Lowetide says:

    Bruce: Yeah, agreed. Interesting that Nilsson can't get into a lineup so beaten up, I wonder if the team will leave him in the SE division before flying back?

  170. PunjabiOil says:

    Here's a working feed you Lowetider Clowns


  171. kris says:


    Nilsson left a trail of breadcrumbs on his way from Edmonton.

    If they try to ditch him in Atl., he'll find his way back.

  172. Lowetide says:

    HEY! Clowns? Alcoholic,sex fiends, lowlifes, unemployables, deviants, misfits, infidels, all of those names apply.

    Clowns? Clowns? I hate clowns.

  173. Phil says:

    Man, that is one empty arena. How much longer can Bettman act like the sky isn't falling on most of these Southern US teams?

  174. Bruce says:

    HBomb: C for Clueless?

  175. geowal says:

    thanks crazy coach.

  176. kris says:


    The C is for cookie. That's good enough for me.

  177. Lowetide says:

    Phil: At some point the owners (at least some of them) are going to see what happens when Bettman helped out PHX and what it cost their owner.

    I think that entire mess probably did two things:

    1. Some of these clubs are moving and they don't give a rat's ass what the NHL thinks and

    2. They've learned not to agree on anything when Bettman comes to town. You order a steak, Bettman agrees, then you change your order to salad.

  178. PunjabiOil says:

    2. They've learned not to agree on anything when Bettman comes to town. You order a steak, Bettman agrees, then you change your order to salad.

    LOL. Hilarious.

  179. Bruce says:

    @#$%* powerplay. I swear our PK has generated more chances than the PP this afternoon.

  180. HBomb says:

    HBomb: C for Clueless?

    Appropriate choice of response Bruce.

  181. Woodguy says:

    67-85 doing well against toughs today.

    Based on speed and pure try, they could be the answer OTC needs against toughs and 2nd toughs (if they don't trade for a 3C..ha)

    16 doesn't quit belong there, 34 would be better when (if) healthy assuming 85 can play LW.

  182. Matt N says:

    10. Brule taking the puck to the net aggressively.

  183. Mr DeBakey says:

    Its interesting to watch Popovic for the Thrashers

    He's a guy I thought the Oilers should like at.
    He had a decent season in Leningrad last year

  184. Traktor says:

    Thanks for coming out.

  185. CrazyCoach says:

    wow strudwick on the ice yet again when the other team scores. That guy is this century's Jerry Gillis

  186. Phil says:

    @LT – Exactly.

    I also believe that the day will come when the NHL will quietly approach Mr. Blackberry, hat in hand, and say something to the effect of "We're sorry we spurned your gross overpay of an offer. Can you please help us out with one of the other 6 teams we are now controlling? Hell, buy one get one free!"

    I'm quietly hoping for a few teams to fold, and the resulting dispersal draft. It may be the only vehicle left that could bring elite talent back to Edmonton.

  187. Woodguy says:

    43 should just get off the ice whenever good offensive players hit the ice, regardless of where the puck is.

  188. geowal says:

    Somehow the Ti-cats just scored 11 points while I wasn't paying attention to tie it with 2 minutes left.
    Crazy CFL.

  189. Lowetide says:

    Ah, Jere Gillis. Two things on that play. One, Penner had his stick held and two, wasn't that a shot the goalie should stop?

    Or did it go in off of something?

  190. Traktor says:

    Is Peverly a top 20 center in the league?

  191. CrazyCoach says:

    LT its just easier to blame Strudwick and bench him LOL

  192. Keegan says:

    Atlanta is reading the feed to Souray every time.


  193. HBomb says:

    Peverley's on a tremendous hot streak, but how the heck was this guy on waivers less than a year ago?

  194. RiversQ says:

    Atlanta is struggling, but keep in mind that Edmonton is probably one of the worst draws in the league. Not even the Bruins can sell them out.

    Plus the lower bowl in Atl is heavily corporate and customers usually aren't around for Sunday afternoons. Especially for the Oilers.

  195. PunjabiOil says:

    That sequence is all you need to know about POS.

  196. Traktor says:

    Rich Peverley has 56 points in his last 56 games.

  197. Lowetide says:

    Wow. How does she get the ball to stay in mid-air? Are her breasts magnets? Pretty girl.

    Okay, I cave. O'Sullivan can't fucking play. like at all.

  198. Woodguy says:

    How does 19 miss the net from 10 feet twice?

  199. Bruce says:

    Christ almight O'Sullivan, hit the fucking net.

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