Rangers at Oilers, G16, 09-10

I’m not sure if Jean Ratelle has a hockey stick or a divining rod, but this photo from 1967 is a beauty. Also in photo for the Rangers is Rod Gilbert and behind him appears to be Arnie Brown (but it might be Al MacNeil or Wayne Hillman). The Hab is the pocket rocket, Henri Richard. Goalie at the other end is for certain Ed Giacomin.

The Rangers of my childhood always had about 10 guys who were famous but spent the heart of their career in Toronto, Detroit or Montreal. Boom Boom Geoffrion was the obvious example from 1967, but in later years men like Phil Esposito, Marcel Dionne and others represented the group of players who came to New York to collect their final paycheques before heading back to work in the real world.

The modern day Oilers are at the opposite end of the spectrum. Instead of driving rusted out beaters that enjoyed their glory moons ago, the Oilers employ a bunch of youngsters who will eventually turn into quality NHL players. The difficulty for fans comes in watching as the organization figures out which ones are keepers, and enduring all those mistakes while the cream rises to the top.

Pat Quinn’s media conferences are getting more and more aggressive and one suspects he’ll be stopping just short of ribald by season’s end. I can’t see him doing this for three seasons, and would bet money that he eventually begins thinking about that GM position and the security it offers. Who can blame him?

The Oilers should have Staios and Comrie in the lineup tonight, but will be without Shawn Horcoff. Hemsky is apparently unwell but no one wants to think about what happens if he misses the game too. The lines might be:

  • Gagner-Penner-Hemsky
  • O’Sullivan-Jacques-Nilsson
  • Cogliano-Moreau-Pisani
  • Brule-Comrie-Stortini

The D pairings? Don’t know. At practice yesterday, Chorney was with Lubo, Staios played with Strudwick and the Glimmer twins were back together. No word on Laddy, he might be searching for strep throat since he’s had everything else.

EDIT TO ADD: Listening to yesterday’s media clips is very interesting. Shawn Horcoff sounds like he is injured more than ’7-10 days’ if you read between the lines and Pat Quinn is talking about “21 year old kids who haven’t figured this thing out yet.”

It sounds like the Edmonton Oilers will play this hand even if they miss the playoffs. Lordy.

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  1. shepso says:

    Well I think I just wasted some precious student loan money. I caved and bought gamecenter today as I'm sick of bad feeds and uncertainty about being able to actually see the games. Epic fail. If they don't pull out a few wins this month, by which I mean a winning record, I'm not only cancelling my subscription but also vowing to not watch a game at all next month. You have heard it here first. I am running out of patience. We are on year three of no heart no effort hockey and I just feel like I'm wasting my time hoping to watch an oilers game that actually feels like it's worth watching. What's the point of being a devoted and seriously passionate fan when I'm constantly disappointed?is it wrong to be losing my will to care? Am I overreacting? I don't want to come accross as a fairweather fan (I did have season tickets during the dark years of he 90s) but this reign of suck has to end. OTC can't do everything. He needs real players in order to be a real coach. Sorry for the rant but this just plain sucks. And as I said in one of my last comments, it's making me sad

  2. Bruce says:

    Iremember it well, we played well, even threw a few hits, carried the play … and lost. But if was a helluva lot more entertaining loss than the last 6.

  3. rickibear says:

    I just got home from Child exchange he is gone for 2 weeks.

    PK 3-6 sure don't miss Horcoff.

    Wrote this up this afternoon:
    Is this worse?



    What does Gilbert, Vish, Staios, Cogs, Nilsson, POS, Pouliot, Moreau get us.

  4. Bruce says:

    Need I add all 6 of those losses over these last 7 games were in regulation, and all 6 by at least 2 goals. It reminds me of spring '07 all over again.

  5. Gerta Rauss says:

    Quinn post game

    …more sighing…

  6. Dennis says:

    If 10 doesn't seem all that worried longterm about his wing – and gene interviewed him tonight and he seemed very cool about it – and 44's feeling like he's gonna take the roadtrip, well, then, we're soon gonna find out what we have.

  7. Steven says:

    Some of the stats lines are starting to look pretty bad (GP, G, A, Pts, +/-):

    41 D Taylor Chorney 12 0 1 1 -3

    77 D Tom Gilbert 16 0 2 2 -1

    12 R Robert Nilsson 11 1 2 3 -10

    10 C Shawn Horcoff 15 2 3 5 -6

    13 C Andrew Cogliano 16 2 4 6 1

    On the other hand, some look pretty decent:

    27 R Dustin Penner 16 9 10 19 10

    83 R Ales Hemsky 15 4 12 16 5

    89 C Sam Gagner 16 4 6 10

    71 D Lubomir Visnovsky 14 4 5 9 8

    67 C Gilbert Brule 13 4 5 9 2

    But of the guys playing poorly, who would you cut? Nilsson for sure. I mean, he is done. Chorney will get sent down eventually. Other than that, they're keepers.

  8. spOILer says:

    We can't afford to pay everyone to be healthy at the same time so what we really have is…

    No plan.

  9. Jfry says:

    nillson for torres
    POS for Stoll
    comrie for reasoner


    i'm a little tired of thinking that the new stuff is going to be better than the old stuff. being an oiler fan is tough work.

  10. chartleys says:


    Welcome to the darkside. I've maybe caught three games on tv, passed up tickets to attend one. It feels a lot better just reading this and catching a game when things seem interesting but more or less avoiding spending a lot of time watching this madness unfold.

    I can stomach the disaster in the 90's as it was due to circumstances beyond our control. Helped cement my hatred for the New York and Toronto's of this world. There is only one way this mess is going to get better and it's long term but I really think it will. Although EIG iced a cap roster it did not put a lot of money into the background things. We now have an actual AHL affiliate, hopefully add to our scouting staff in europe etc…..

    Things were supposed to get better with money and a salary cap but we've proven extremely poor at cap management to the point of embarassment…Shut of the tv come back after the sky has fallen. I know I'm long winded and will not bother posting again. Have a good season.

  11. PunjabiOil says:

    I was at this game.

    I don't think I'll go to anymore games this year until the team gives me reason to go.

    What a pathetic effort.

  12. uni says:

    We're the pakleds.

    Nice obscure Star Trek reference. So you're saying the Oilers management are just pretending to be unresponsive, witless, slow, and using a broken down jury-rigged team so they can lure another team in and steal their resources? They secretly have a fully balanced, smoothly functioning, and powerful team under this veneer of a team that has holes?

  13. HBomb says:

    Three things:

    1) 6:10:01 AM, I am not convinced I'd take OSullivan over Kotalik at this point, let alone Cogliano. The guy has the tools but no toolbox.

    2) The C on Moreau's jersey does not stand for Captain, if those of you reading Inebriated Oiler Fans get my drift.

    3) Carolina seems to have it figured out, with their ability to absolutely suck every few years. They did it to get Staal in 2003. If they land a high pick next June and use that player to get back to the finals in a few years (while the Oilers play their way out of the top five with another stupid and pointless March hot streak), I will puke. This Oiler squad needs to clean house (Moreau, Staios, Comrie, Nilsson, OSullivan, maybe Pisani or Souray, Cogs and Grebs if something special is available) and suck proper for this season, and perhaps next season as well.

  14. HBomb says:

    rickibear: No disrespect, but you'd keep Grebs and Souray, yet trade Vis and Gilbert? I'd argue you have that 180 degrees backwards.

    Oh, and Torres with 8 goals reminds me what I said to friends in June 2008 – I keep Torres, ditch Moreau, and sign Glencross.
    The Oilers did the opposite.

    It's sad when the casual fan looks back and starts wondering if he could have done a better job than Kevin Lowe running this team between June 19, 2006 and July 31, 2008.

  15. Jfry says:

    i know it's all woe around here, but i'm truly starting to wonder if the "new" feeling of post-lockout hockey is starting to wear off?

    how long until attendance is down everywhere? we'e already seeing a lot of "stars" get hurt and being filled with plugs, around the league…i don't think there's any relief in sight for the salary cap…it didn't really go down this year, but i suspect it will soon unless the NHL can find another way of generating revenue other than dinging me with a 160 dollar ticket to sit in the second tier.

  16. knighttown says:

    Small sample size and all that but does this look like an NHL player?

    CORSI- (-33)
    GF/On- 0
    GA/On- 4.11 (3rd worst)
    Penalties For On (PForOn)- 6.2 (worst among non-goons)

    and boxcars:

    3GP-0-0-0-(-2)-6 PIMs- 1 shot

    and penalty killing (his specialty):

    10.68 GAOn/60

    Ladies and gentlemen, your 2009 Fernando Pisani!!!

  17. Jfry says:


  18. Bruce says:

    Pisani's one of the dwindling number of Actual NHL Players™ in the line-up, but he was a much bigger part of the problem than of the solution last night.

    – Took a holding penalty half a minute after Oilers scored the 2-1 goal, Kotalik scored on the powerplay and the one spark of the night was snuffed.

    – Then took a 4-minute high-stick penalty in the third that resulted in the 4-1 goal and it was time to turn out the lights.

    I didn't see the game or the penalties, maybe the holding infraction saved a goal or something, or (more likely) maybe it was a terrible call, but it sure was ill-timed. And when one of your top PK guys is in the box, it's even less likely to kill the thing off. In the penalty box for two Rangers PP goals, and on the ice for the third. Not his night.

  19. Dennis says:

    It's super early into his return but I don't think you should be super surprised if it's the beginning of a quick end for him as an NHLer.

    Dude's had a lot going against him lately and sometimes it all hits you at the same time.

    Then again, it is early so let's wait awhile before we say he's done.

    In 18's case, it's easier to shovel the dirt.

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