I’m a fan of Liam Reddox. Buddy was drafted 112th in the Ovechkin draft and climbed the ladder one rung at a time.

The week he was drafted I wrote about all of the Oilers 2004 draftees. Here’s a rundown on Reddox from June 27, 2004:

Reddox is right off the screen for an Oiler draft pick. Great pains were made to suggest he’s 5.10 instead of 5.09 but I don’t really see the difference based on his style of play. His foot speed has been described as “average” which considering his size means he’s the equivalent of “dead in the water” as a prospect. The scouting reports I’ve read have him getting outmuscled often.

Why did they draft him? Because he has soft hands, he’s a pure scorer. 31 goals in his rookie season in the OHL. He could turn into Michael Henrich, or he could be something better. Stands out as possibly the most unusual of KP’s drafts, and imo that means they love the guy.

Redline (which we saw later) suggested he was an agitator extraordinaire. Industrial strength abrasive. Plays like a pit bull–locks on and won’t let go.

Reddox didn’t make the team this fall, in fact there was a chance he wouldn’t be in the organization at all (remember the two-way deal?). But credit where due, he hung in there and found a way. Liam Reddox has enough talent and desire to find his way into the show, and enough smarts to know that when given the chance to play in the NHL you sure as hell better get noticed. Some of those first rounders might want to take notes.

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