The Weighting is the Hardest Part

The worst team in Oilers history was probably the 1992-93 team. They lost 50 games, traded away half the team and were so bad the draft gave them Jason Arnott the following summer.

That season was a mess at center ice. Bernie Nicholls was traded during the year, as was Brent Gilchrist and Josef Beranek. And those were only the centers! Among the other players sent away that winter were Esa Tikkanen, Greg Hawgood, Craig Muni and David Maley.

The only center who survived the entire season: Craig MacTavish. The Oilers did bring in some quality (Doug Weight came over that season) but they struggled the following year and were up and down for a few more seasons before adding Marchant in the middle and settling in for a nice run in the late 1990′s.

Today we find out if Shawn Horcoff will miss any real time and if the answer is “yes” then the Oilers have a choice: find a replacement for Horcoff’s heavy lifting or threaten the 50 loss total for that 1992-93 Oilers team.

Most Losses, by Season
  1. 1992-93 (50)
  2. 2006-07 (47)
  3. 1993-94 (45)
  4. 1995-96 (44)

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91 Responses to "The Weighting is the Hardest Part"

  1. jdrevenge says:

    Bold Bold Bold prediction. Is it really that bad in Oiler land? Injuries, flue and defensive ineptitude is killing us but if we can …

    F*ck it you're right. This would be horrible news. We have our first rounder right?

  2. Lowetide says:

    jdrevenge: Yeah, Oilers have their 1sr rounder and honestly this shouldn't even be discussed based on the talent level of the team.

    However, the Oilers spend much of their season lately not addressing need and imo not getting a quality, veteran C would leave a (more) gaping hole.

  3. Shannon says:

    Oh, why get a quality veteran C when we can sign Comrie for dirt cheap dollars. A bargain ? Yes, a need addressed ? Not really … tsk tsk tsk

  4. NBOilerFan says:

    The problem I have with this team, is that the old habit seems to be showing up again, of not playing with any heart or desire. I thought this coaching change was suppose to fix that?

    The Islanders (to my eye) simply played harder, applied a terriffic forechecking gameplan and won most of the battles.

    Seem to remember hearing that same issue regarding this club late last season.

    Funny thing is each team we play I keep thinking to myself, my what a great forechecking team the opposition is, then I keep reminding myself that I'm comparing that to the Oilers play, so that isn't setting the bar very high.

    Course I do realise that our current size up front doesn't help eitehr, but size is not crucial for a good forecheck. It always seems that we try to forecheck and the opposition seems to slip by and move the puck out fairly effectively and efficently, however, apply a forechecking attack to the Oilers and we play a game of give-away and panic.

  5. jdrevenge says:

    I completely agree. I'm throwing my hands up a little bit in confusion because they looked legit in the first few games. Since the flu started swirling around in the papers they've lost all confidence like you said. Losing their number one guy would hit that confidence a little harder despite his play. I just can't believe the injuries that have occured this early.

    I told myself I wouldn't be optimistic about this team and once again my heart is on the floor and my beer is in hand.

  6. jdrevenge says:

    Hey I know that Garrioch is the worst kind of rumour monger but this Horton thing that he reported back in July… Would anyone make that deal for Gibby or one of the D?

  7. Kristopher Milligan says:

    Let pessimism reign supreme!

  8. bookie says:

    A note on pessimism. I have been critical of the folks who were writing this team off as a lost cause prior to the season. I have defended optimism through the flu run.

    However, what LT is saying today is a different duck – If Horcoff and Souray are gone (or not playing at 100%) for a large part of the season – there is very good reason for pessimism.

    It is ok to switch from being optimistic to pessimistic and vice versa! Its not religion

  9. Kristopher Milligan says:

    "It is ok to switch from being optimistic to pessimistic and vice versa! Its not religion"

    Agreed, at least we have an actual reason to be pessimistic now, not simply because they tanked the last game.
    At this stage the best thing we can hope for (assuming 10 is out for a prolonged period) is a trade.

  10. hunter1909 says:

    Yeah. Let's trade that dickhead Tambellini for that Lou guy in New Joisey.

  11. NBOilerFan says:

    "Let pessimism reign supreme!"

    Losing one of your best defenders (Souray) along with one of your best forwards (Horcoff) long term, along with fielding a team with obvious holes prior to Game 1.

    Add in the fact that the forward lost is also our top center and really the only center on the club that the team can rely on to win draws and play solid at both ends of the ice and in any situation.

    I don't think that is pessimism… its realism.

  12. Kristopher Milligan says:

    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.

    -WIlliam Arthur Ward

  13. Oilman says:

    So. other than Mike Peca, who may or may not be able to play???, who's out there to be had?

  14. hunter1909 says:

    Bernie Nichols.

    Lowetide, you know as well as anyone just what a stink that name has got among the hard core.

    Irony of ironies, how the Oilers tried to sell this plug to the fans, when even at thirteen years old I knew that all he was was a jumped up version of Blair MacDonald.

    For Mark Messier.

    Coffey, Gretzky, then Messier. Un effing believable.

  15. Woodguy says:

    Just wait until there's a salary cap, then we'll be able to compete!

  16. DBO says:

    Well, all the Horcoff haters will realize his worth soon enough. Brownlee thinks it's a seperated shoulder and it could be months. if this is the same one he hurt a few years back this is a horrible problem since it means it could happen at any time (see Ethan Moreau). I hope the Org sees this as an opportunity to address the unbalanced lineup. I do beleive this team can make the playoffs if we have a heathly roster (and I shelled out for expensive season tickets so i want to see them make a run). i want the org to make a decision on Cogliano, to clear some of the vets who are fading quickly (see moreau) and address the needs they identified this off season.

    - Two way center with size who can win a faceoff and play in his own end (ideal Dubinsky)
    - solid physical defenseman who can play top 4 minutes (Hamhuis)
    - Physical top 6 winger who can play both ways and chip in 20 goals

    bait for trade
    - Offensive defenseman (Grebeshkov, gilbert)
    - young offensive players who have upside (Cogliano, O'Sullivan)
    - Veteran grinders (Moreau, Staios, Pisani)
    - "need a new address players" (nilsson)

    What could we actually do? And with this organization it'll be a small deal with nothing of impact and i'll be frustrated again. if only trading in the NHL was like playstation

  17. HBomb says:

    If Ít is the same shoulder as last time, dislocation or separation, Horcoff's season is done, if the Oilers medical staff knows what they're doing.

    Get the surgery, do the rehab, be ready for TC next fall. Yes, we'd have a gaping hole in the middle, but you want the guy able to provide value for years 2-6 of his contract.

  18. Bar Qu says:

    Get the surgery, do the rehab, be ready for TC next fall. Yes, we'd have a gaping hole in the middle, but you want the guy able to provide value for years 2-6 of his contract.

    Not to mention it is the best thing for the player too.

    Is there anyone else in the league who is actually available for the Oilers? I know Horton has been thrown out there, but is he really the answer? And who else wants our middling players for their quality centres?

    I thought I heard the Stars had more centres than they needed – was that correct or am I mixing them up with another team?

  19. doritogrande says:

    I would hope they give Cogliano a shot at the 2C spot before doing anything irrational. Say a 10-game audition of:


    Sub Stone in for Nilsson/Moreau when he gets healthy. Or, and possibly an even better option would be to recall Chris Minard or Charles Linglet in the event that Horcoff is in fact done for months or longer.

  20. Ed says:

    I don't think you can run Stortini at centre and still hope to roll 4 lines. Time for management and scouting to step up.

  21. kris says:

    . Say a 10-game audition of:


    Maybe that's a good idea Dorito.

    But, IMO, that's 10 games that we likely go like 3-6-1. Maybe better, maybe worse.

    Hard to make the playoffs with a poor start like that, especially if we have some bad luck and go 1-7-2. We're not exactly gang-busters at racking up the points when we're healthy either.

  22. kris says:

    I mean, we already can't form 3 good lines.

    I'd go for this in the short term:

    Cogliano-Brule-O'Sullivan (soft)

    But we need trades ASAP, even if Horcoff is only out 10-12 games.

  23. hunter1909 says:

    dorito: You realise that's half a dozen smurfs you're sending out to win NHL games with.

    Tambaloney has had 2 seasons to ice a hockey team. He's had a mulligan last season from most of the fans(not me), and put his foot up his arse last spring when he talked tough and then shows up at the knife fight armed with a pair of nail clippers.

    The Comrie signing just extracted the urine.

  24. Traktor says:

    "Well, all the Horcoff haters will realize his worth soon enough"

    The last time he was injured Edmonton went on one of the best runs they have had in the last decade.

    This team will be fine.

  25. goldenchild says:

    Didnt they have Reasoner and Stoll, 2 established NHL centers during that run? Or is that an unimportant detail to your conclusion?

  26. hunter1909 says:

    What's galling is just how much more the fans know that the management. For how many years have the fans been crying for bigger players, then the "management" brings in mighty mouse Comrie.

    Everyone knew last season that the team was incredibly weak down the middle, yet the "brains" running the club did nothing to address this elephant sized problem.

    It's getting to the point where I actually envy the Flames fans. They have a hockey team. They have a hockey team that procures players that they see a need to acquire, and obviously are managed so much better than ours is, that they can attract hometown players who sensibly avoid Edmonton and it's appalling management like the plague they are to everyone else in the game, bar the Oilers fans.

    Quinn/Renney seem like a sensible choice, but what is Kevin Lowe doing even having a job anywhere near the team? He's more responsible for the team's abject failure than MacT ever was. And what exactly does Tambellini do? He can't seem to even think of which players to trade for, let alone get anyone useful. Lowe was in idiot, but he at least tried. Tambellini doesn't even do that.

    Injuries, the flu, the bubonic plague next I presume. Anything other than the truth: This is one of the worst run teams in the NHL.

  27. hunter1909 says:

    Lowe was an idiot*


  28. bookie says:

    Hey, I just saw this comment on CBC's website about the Flames getting flu shots ahead of high risk Albertans and thought that it was worth sharing.

    "Let's not jump to conclusions here. Maybe all of the Flames who received the vaccine were (i) pregnant, (ii) between 6 months and 5 years of age, or (iii) elderly with underlying health problems. That certainly describes the Maple leafs …"

  29. NBOilerFan says:

    Nylander is available.

  30. MDOilFan says:

    Anyone know anything about Ryan Craig.? Went 49.6% on the dot, taking 222 faceoffs last year with Tampa and they just put him on re-entry waivers. He is also 6'2" 208 lbs. I know nothing about his overall game, but he could fill a hole for cheap. With Horcoff out, the point is mute without a trade however.

  31. Mr DeBakey says:

    Ryan Craig:
    ASSETS: Works his tail off shift after shift. Can play either wing or center. Loves to be down low in the corners, and pays the price to score goals.
    FLAWS: Must avoid injuries in order to play a major role in the NHL. Lacks speed and creativity, so his game is somewhat predictable over time.
    CAREER POTENTIAL: Third line forward.

    Ryan Stone meet Ryan Craig,
    Ryan, this is Ryan.
    Hello Ryan
    Hello yourself Ryan

  32. Wikiwonk says:

    With Vis missing games, we're reminded of how the gaping hole at center was created in the first place: my kingdom for puck mover. Now we've lost the guy who breaks cycles, and we've lost the guy who moves the puck. Look at the geese fly now. And people wonder why MacT became a bit OCD about rearranging the deck chairs: shortage of lifeboats. So far miracle Quinn hasn't gone on a run any better than a good run under MacT in any season except his last.

    Penner up, Horcoff down. Who knew we had Jekyll and Hyde? Tag team coach killers. I've always liked Horc, and always believed that Penner had it in him. Back when we had the good Stoll, he had a range of skill that makes a team less fragile. Since the trade, what is the split with Vis in/out? It can't be pretty, trading a life jacket for a carbon fibre oar to power through the white water, and then losing the oar.

    1st intermission

  33. Wikiwonk says:

    2nd period

    And how about Betmann's blender: this new CBA? This is designed to spread the glory around, especially to the dark places where the sun always shines. There are no teams any more with a stack of centers 1A, 1B, and 1C. Get a first line injury, expect to lose ground. Parity equates to neutral buoyancy, for 25 teams out of 30 at any given time.

    If you look at the league as a whole since the lock-out, even the years the Oilers missed the playoffs, they performed near or above league average by any objective measure. Checked the NHL qual-comp lately? Somewhat higher in the western conference. Within the NW division, there's been a notable lack of whipping boys to restore ones dented ego, unless we count ours truly during one of their stench outs.

    Here's the thing: Oilers fan believe a good season is making it out of the first round. A minimum tolerable season is making the playoffs at all. By this criteria, a team can expect to have one good season out of four (and these probably come in bunches), a barely tolerable season, and two unacceptable seasons.

    It's about a coin flip to make the playoffs (8/15). Likewise for each playoff series. Here's how the last four years stack up in the coin toss derby.


    4 points total

    There are 31 points awarded per season across a league of 30 teams. Fair expectation: about a point a year. Four points in four years? We're dead on fair expectation here, with fewer weak sisters to beat upon.

    Now you'd think that a 3rd round victory comes against higher qual-comp than merely making the playoffs, and counts for more. I know Lowe believes that to the core of his being, which is what got him into trouble. Sloppy optics says making the playoffs is the easy path to job security. Takes longer for the wrath of fans to ignite a paper shark.

    Let's do the math with a bonus structure for winning when it counts most (e.g. SCF/G7). 1 point for making the playoffs, another 2 points for winning the first round, …, another 5 points for hoisting the chalice.

    16*1+8*2+4*3+2*4+1*5 = 57 points, averaged over a 30 team league, roughly two points per season fair expectation.

    By this weighting, the Oilers earned 10 points over the last four seasons, against a fair expectation at a shave less than 8 points, and were *one game* away from doubling down, and socking away 15 points in their freezer of glory.

    By this scheme, one cup victory offsets a seven year playoff drought. Do you really believe its all about winning the cup? Enough to write off a seven year drought as a fair exchange? I don't think most fans believe in the cup as much as they claim to. Lowe does, and it makes him a mad man.

    My beat-the-expectation formula gives not even a niggle of bonus for the three consecutive years of squeaking out of the playoffs. Lowe didn't do a great job of placing Pronger into the witness protection program. It shouldn't have been on his docket to begin with. I think he deserved one mulligan.

    The teams that can afford to build themselves for playoff success with no risk of missing the playoffs are the ones that punched a lottery ticket and actually had their name called. All the BINGO captains out there are certain that securing a prom ticket implies smiling gods. If it was that easy, body armour would have been discovered in the garden of Eden.

    2nd intermission

  34. Wikiwonk says:

    3rd period

    What is hard to assess is why neither GM has managed to pluck serviceable spares out of the NHL tickle-trunk, particularly the ones who specialize in crossing horns over red dots. Hard to say how many brilliant armchair trades either of those guys proposed over the horn, that never came to fruition. In every case where the stack of chips behind the failed move came to light, the stack of chips behind the move was scary large.

    What's the evidence that our GMs fail to conclude deals due to a weakness in underpay? Two guys. GlenX and Hedja. And who knows what transpired behind the scenes to sour either of these. I think partly it was management distraction over pushing out excessively large piles of chips and never having their calls returned. No date for the prom. The girl from the debating club is awaiting your call, but that's not where your mind is. Until you've blown it will all the lookers, your steady blows town, and plan B goes down with mono.

    And that's the horn, folks.

  35. PDO says:

    The last time he was injured Edmonton went on one of the best runs they have had in the last decade.

    This team will be fine.

    I refuse you're dumb enough to believe a word of that.

    The team had a better shooting % than Mario Lemieux in his prime. Now unless Horcoff being injured creates a rule where the other teams goalies aren't allowed to go into their butterfly and have to wear little more than street clothes with a mask, I have more than a little doubt of that happening again…

  36. hunter1909 says:

    Would someone please tell me how thecaptainethanmoreau rates among his peers? That is NHL captains. Is there anyone worse than Moreau? Seriously, is there a single NHL team with a more worthless captain?

    Honestly, I see Iginla, Crosby, and particularly that fight between Moreau and Iginla thinking to myself "what the f**k is THIS guy doing wearing the big C???

    It's simply beyond embarassing.

  37. logical thinking says:

    How come Lowetide has the 2006 – 07 Oilers with 47 losses? Was that supposed to be 43?

  38. Dennis says:

    +1 to the cat who broke out the comment about us being able to compete once the the cap's implemented:)

    LT: I initially thought this was gonna be a comment about the season where Weight was injured by Mark Tinordi and how that affected our lineup.

  39. Black Gold says:

    I forgot how bad those teams were.
    The 94-95 was on pace for 46 losses over 82 games.

    Unfortunately the oil didn't start playing .500 hockey until 99-00.
    I hope we're not on year 4 of a 8 of gutter hockey.

  40. Steve says:

    Man, fuck Mark Tinordi.

  41. quain says:

    Somewhere, Marc Pouliot is weeping.

  42. quain says:

    Also: to echo a poster up the thread a bit, I have no idea where that 06-07 number comes from. They either lost 43 games, or 50 (L + OTL), not sure where the 47 comes from.

  43. GSC says:

    While I agree with those who believe the Oilers have needed, and still need, a veteran shutdown centre and defenceman, I think the problem comes right down to contracts. Only because of a couple players being placed on the LTIR do the Oil have any sort of cap space. They're knee-deep in professional contracts and have no wiggle room under the cap, unless they start moving bodies. Therein lies the problem: what the Oilers are selling, or have been selling, no one else has wanted. That, and no one is going to pick up what Tambo drops off on waivers.

    IMO, it's either that, or the management team is completely inept. We'll see what happens next offseason with so many pending UFA's and RFA's before it comes time to pass judgment on the Steve Tambourine man.

  44. Lowetide says:

    The loss total is losses + overtime losses. I didn't penalize shootout losses because those would have ended in a tie previous to the Bettman point.

  45. DeeDee says:

    Oilers were complaining previously that they couldn't make any trades because they were at/near the cap and if Horc's is gone for the year that free's up 5.5 Million to work with.

    But nothing really suprises me about this team anymore. We had a big hole at center and they trade Brodziak away, after trading Stoll and Reasoner, and with Lowe's past history anything is possible.

    I'm expecting to see a press conference with Tambo/Lowe addressing the press and saying something like "I woke up and realized that we have too many defenseman and now we are trading for another one, weird ain't it?"

    Give the team until after Christmas to try to compete. Turn over every rock and check the free agent list for a few players to plug some of the more obvious gaping holes.

    Come January, if they aren't competitive, hold a fire sale and dump the older guys and sink to the bottom and go for some high draft picks.

    We don't even know how to suck properly. Sucking enough to finish 10-12th does nothing for us. A few years of major suck could build us a core to become competitive again.

  46. hunter1909 says:

    DeeDee: Obviously you're way out of touch with the vast majority of us fans. None of us would dream of blowing say, two or even three seasons in a row, just to collect prime draft picks.

  47. NBOilerFan says:

    As per Jason Gregor…

    "Quinn just said it is 7 to ten days for Horcoff! "Straight from page two from the trainers manual" said Quinn!"

  48. oil dude says:

    Horcoff out 7-10 days

  49. rickibear says:

    The last time he was injured Edmonton went on one of the best runs they have had in the last decade.

    I seam to remember that run giving us a false sense of quality of team.

    Can anyone tell me how many OT wins we had that would have been only one point at the start of the decade.

    Oh Wait I can!

    Horcoff was injured Jan. 24 using start of the decade scoring>

    We went 11W-9L-7T 29PT/54 = .537

    Have our teams been that shitty for a decade?

  50. oil dude says:

    Tencer said…

    Sheldon Souray is scheduled to skate on his own later today.

  51. Dennis says:

    1. if we're getting off that lucky with 10, then we dodged a huge bullet. I'm gonna guess that 10's gonna give it a while to calm down and then he's gonna try and play through it like Grier did that season.

    2. did anyone else read Matty's piece in today's Journal detailing the 'slumps' these past 30-to-40 games for Mssrs. 12, 13 and 19. I notated slump because at some point it's no longer a slump.

    3. what the fuck is going on with 44? how do you go from reportedly a severe setback to skating on your own?

  52. hunter1909 says:

    Picture yourself as Katz: Filthy rich yet essentially boring, you're suddenly in the company of your boyhood heroes(well, the second stringers). All of these second stringers from the dynasty having nigh on a decade and a half to two decades with which to develop their "super" personas away from the rink. So. What will you do? Jettision your boyhood idols, and in effect, announce to the world that you're prepared to be known as a dull alibet rich man?

    Noooo. You listen to these post dynasty hacks, just like a star stuck 18 year old groupie hangs on every word of Bono during the post gig party.

    Proof: James Dolan, owner of the New York Rangers during the past decade of Ranger futilty.

    Of course he gets to hang out with Slats, and Messier.

  53. Ribs says:

    Souray skating and Horcoff 7-10 days??

    *takes hand off of toilet flush handle*

    I'm pretty surprised by the Horcoff news.

  54. Steve says:

    Have our teams been that shitty for a decade?

    Other than that brief and wonderful period during which CFP played on an Oilers team with competent goaltending, yes.

  55. PDO says:

    What's with all the wacky reports on 44? I've heard just about everything on him, and all I'm waiting for is for LT to post some picture of that Military Leader saying everything is fine and finding out 44 is done for the season…

  56. spOILer says:

    Dee Dee,

    that frees up $5.5M (I SOOOO wanna say $7M here a la Maclean and Jones but I'm bitin me tongue) but only till Horc comes back, IIRC.

    If you sign or trade for someone you will have to dump that salary later when he returns from injury. If he's gone for the year, then we're okay.

  57. spOILer says:

    7-10 days on Horc. That IS good news, as long as it doesn't mean he's forgoing surgery in order to plkay with a damaged shoulder.

    I'm just happy Sheldon is vertical.

  58. HBomb says:

    PDO: Clearly you're the type of person that gives the benefit of the doubt.
    Fact is, there are actually people who don't only think that the team will not be affected by his absence, but that having our only proven complete center on the shelf somehow makes this team better.

    To those people – step one: remove head from own ass…

  59. goldenchild says:

    So here is the question did the last 24 hours where OTC thought about the possibilty of going rest of the season without 10 and nobody on his roster at C that he can trust finally create the urgency in the GM's office to fuckin do something about it?

    This is as good news as we could of got and they dodged a bullet but the gun is still pointed directly at them.

  60. commonfan13 says:

    Whatever happened, it's definitely the same shoulder he had surgery on in 06-07 (left), so we can only hope that it's really minor.

  61. Traktor says:

    "2. did anyone else read Matty's piece in today's Journal detailing the 'slumps' these past 30-to-40 games for Mssrs. 12, 13 and 19. I notated slump because at some point it's no longer a slump."

    Horcoff has two 5×5 goals in his last 33 games.

    You're right – at some point it's no longer a slump.

  62. Kristopher Milligan says:

    Just wanted to share something i read on

    "Hejda, one of Columbus' most valuable defensive players and a veteran of 207 NHL games" [was activated to roster today]

    Wow, that Hejda, man how awesome would it be if we could have a player like him…

  63. Steve says:

    Horcoff has two 5×5 goals in his last 33 games.

    You're right – at some point it's no longer a slump.

    Horcoff's recent play has been nowhere near good enough, and refusing to admit that makes we pro-Horcoffians look foolish. Moreover, admitting that in no way diminishes the facts that
    i. Horcoff has established himself as a legitimate number one centre since the lockout,
    ii. based on the information available at the time, his contract was fair value (and I hope it still ends up being, though that will necessitate picking it up),
    iii. Horcoff's (very real) performance issue are exacerbated by there being nobody on the roster to pick up his slack.

    So yeah, Traktor, you'll get no argument from me that Horcoff's recent performance has been inadequate. On most of the rest of your Horcoff-related opinions, you will.

  64. hunter1909 says:

    "Horcoff has established himself as a legitimate number one centre since the lockout…Horcoff has two 5×5 goals in his last 33 games."

    This is like shooting fish in a barrel.

  65. spOILer says:

    Gregor has Staios and Comrie returning to the line up vs Rangers.

    Hemsky hurt but will likely play.

    Smid did not practice and his status is undisclosed at this time, but Gregor hope to have more later today.

    PO'Sully moved to centre between JFJ and Nilsson.

    Cogs between Moreau and Pisani. Brule with Comrie and Storts if Hemsky plays.

    Grebs back with Gilbert again after the nightmare experiment with Chorney last game (speaking of Grebs, we haven't heard much from Gord on his elite status lately).

    With Smid not practicing, Chorney was with Vis, Staios with the Strudmuffin.

    Smid might just be resting with the flu, is my guess.

  66. doritogrande says:

    Horcoff out 7-10 days?

    Probably the worst case scenario here. We can't put him on IR, therefore we can't recall another body from the farm.

    Everyone better get ready for another episode of "Strudwick at forward".


  67. Woodguy says:

    Other than that brief and wonderful period during which CFP played on an Oilers team with competent goaltending, yes.

    The season where they made the playoffs on the last day because Vancouver lost?

  68. Dennis says:

    Trak: I was Horc before Horc was cool – same thing goes got 34 for that matter – but right now I know he's not getting it done offensively and he has to be better and he might be injury prone to boot.

    So, there you go, a guy who loved 10 from the old days and now I've admitted that.

    So, do you have anything else?

  69. Woodguy says:

    What's with all the wacky reports on 44? I've heard just about everything on him, and all I'm waiting for is for LT to post some picture of that Military Leader saying everything is fine and finding out 44 is done for the season…

    The Iraqi Information Minister is issuing the Oilers injury updates.

  70. FlamingPavelBure says:

    Last time everyone predicted the apocalyspe (Before TC) we won a bunch of games scoring a lot.

    So i guess i should watch every little seconds of the upcoming games.

    Really it's getting weird how much everyone panics to the max

  71. kris says:

    Re: Souray

    I'm sure it's been said here before but concussions are funny things. You're fine for a few days and then not.

    So I don't think Souray's case is odd. May continue. May not. Thus, predictions about when he'll return are uniformly unreliable.

  72. Steve says:

    The season where they made the playoffs on the last day because Vancouver lost?

    Yes. You'll note that the Oilers had inadequate goaltending most of that year, which is why they almost missed the playoffs, hence my emphasizing the brevity of the period that they didn't suck.

  73. Gerta Rauss says:

    Quinn audio today…14 minutes worth:

    several other audio interviews here:

  74. hunter1909 says:

    The Iraqi information ministry, when we still had the Axis of Evil.

    Good times.

  75. Jfry says:


    your constant horcoff bashing is becoming a little boring…we all know what you think…can you just leave it be for a bit?

  76. rickibear says:

    your constant horcoff bashing is becoming a little boring…we all know what you think…can you just leave it be for a bit?

    You should see the boy love he gets from the HFB antihorcoff crowd.

  77. Mr. Bugg says:

    2010: Taylor Hall/Tyler Seguin
    2011: Adam Larsson

    Do it!

  78. Woodguy says:


    I get you.

    Trade deadline day until game 7 of the SCF.

    Those were the days.

  79. Vic Ferrari says:

    Horcoff was just starting to look fit and to win puck battles as well. A shame. If this were a video game he'd be easy to replace, but in the real world he just isn't. I think Gagner can probably do fine on the top line, he's distancing himself from the other kids now, but Horcoff's absence will ripple through the whole lineup.

    Comrie at centre was a nightmare earlier, you'd think he'd have improved while he was away, turns out not so much. He's got to stay on the wing, I think.

    I like O'Sullivan at center, though. If he can cope on the dot, it's a good fit. I like his game a lot, but it's starting to look like we can't expect more than a Dvorak level of finish from the guy, so the center position fits better.

    Then again, at this point Cogliano doesn't seem to do much above average except finish and skate, so I'm bewildered as to why he is in the middle. Maybe a mgmt decision, I dunno.

    Over the next stretch the Oilers will need to get some good goaltending and they'll have to bury their chances like Mario, because the odds of them outchancing the bad guys were no hell before, and they are worse now.

    I dunno, I'm still bullish on their chances of making the playoffs. Visnovsky is a difference maker, the bookies like him more than they ever liked Pronger, and by over a nickel. That's a bunch. Smid has gotten the same Vis-bump now that Grebs got last year, but surely a blind man can see who's driving the bus.

    Hemsky, Horcoff, Penner and O'Sullivan can all play against anyone. Gagner is getting there, though I think we all expect a bunch of backward steps yet. I'm not minding Nilsson's game lately either, dude has to shoot though. Still, he's changed his game, props to him. It's not a Reasoneresque shift, but he's playing good hockey, the results will come if he keeps it straight.

    Pure shithouse luck has the biggest say in the results on any given night in the NHL. You know that, Lain. If the hockey gods can help them through this next stretch, and they get healthy … then I think they'll be okay.

  80. Lowetide says:

    Vic: Welcome back. Your voice is always welcome. It would be nice if you could post up something on your blog too. :-)

  81. Lowetide says:

    Wait a minute! YOU DID! Music!

  82. Hockey Noob says:


    Here's a telling quote from that audio link that Gerta posted for Pat Quinn. I'm terrible at transcribing, so it might not quite be word for word, but it's pretty close:

    "That kind of player that does simple things well, puts pucks deep, knocks other guys off pucks, doesn't turn it over very often, is responsible defensively, doesn't get out of position. Yeah, I would like a handful of those."

    "You make decisions. They made the decision to play some young guys here 2 years ago. Where they ready to play in the National Hockey League? Probably not–they're not there yet. But they decided we were going to do this. The organizaiton decided, this is the policy of the Oilers this particular year and we're going to live with it. If Horcoff's out, we've got 4 young kids in that position. So you name the number one, I don't care."

  83. Hockey Noob says:

    In short, both Lowetide and Pat Quinn seem to see eye-to-eye. There's just not enough actual NHLers.

  84. Lowetide says:

    Hockey Noob: Which is exactly it. We're training these kids to play in the NHL and they'll make someone a lovely center one day.

  85. Vic Ferrari says:

    I posted today, Lain. Mostly I'm just sitting back being a casual fan, waiting for the Oilers ownership or management to give me a reason to care more. It's not a plan, just the way it's rolled. Plus I've been busy.

    I've been reading all your posts though, a few others too. Hell, I'd check in just for the photos. Could Nilsson look any gayer in that post from yesterday? Damn. The first thing I thought was that he looks exactly like the kind of guy who always dresses as a woman for Halloween (not that there's anything wrong with that). Then I check in to hot-oil today and it turns out he dressed as Hefner for Halloween while Gagner and Gilbert went as playboy bunnies.

    Jebus, the fewer questions asked the better, Lain.

    I've got a great 'guy who always dressed as a girl at Holloween' story btw. The guy was a great hockey fighter, hung like a bear as well. His patented move was to step straight out of the shower and out the dressing room door to swing his cock around for the entertainment of the puck bunnies. Remind me to tell it sometime when we're all in a lighter mood.

  86. geowal says:

    Pat Quinn:

    "Horcoff 7-10 days. 7-10 seems to be about page 2 of the trainers handbook"

    Not even sure what he means there, but damn he says some random things.

  87. Hockey Noob says:


    Overall, Pat Quinn sounded pretty pissed off when asked if he was confident that Gagner could fill in for Horcoff. Pat Quinn, "You watch him play. You don't say he's a number one because he's playing that position… It's his third year in the NHL, would you call him a number 1 center?"

    It sounds like Pat Quinn's not thrilled about the lack of any veteran centers. As for your question, it seems like Quinn's trying to help them play in the NHL and maybe they'll be fine centers one day.

  88. Black Dog says:

    Not a video game? Not a video game!

    Quinn doesn't pull any punches, eh? Good stuff.

  89. HBomb says:

    More Vic, less Traktor. Awesome.

  90. FlamingPavelBure says:

    ''2010: Taylor Hall/Tyler Seguin
    2011: Adam Larsson

    Do it!''

    Actually the first pick could well be Mickael Granlund.

    PPG' guy in the SM-Liiga at 17.

  91. Dennis says:

    I think what Quinn meant by that 7-to-10 days comment was that's really a vague timeframe and no one really knows when he'll be ready. In terms of games missed, Quinn guessed 10 will be back for two Sunday's time in Atlanta but once again, that was a guess.

    Vic: I took a look at the lineup tonight and I was speeding ahead to next Sun when hopefully all of 10-32-44 are back. So, I did a mock 18 skaters and I came to the conclusion that it still comes down to what we get from 13 and 19.

    I think you might have hit something on the 19-as-Dvorak comparison but if that's the way 19's gonna roll, he's gonna have to come up aces against tough opp. There are times when he's hard on the puck and puts it in the right place but then there's others when you'll go a whole game and now know he's even playing.

    BTW, I'm watching Bill Cosby on Letterman and he's slowing down a little; it makes me feel a little sad.

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