#18 Prospect: Colin McDonald

Current Rank: #18
Summer 2009: Not Ranked

Colin McDonald makes the list for things other than offense. In fact, he is the least talented offensive forward on this list, with Desjardins’ NHLE estimate showing him at about 15 points for an entire NHL season.

Why the ranking? McDonald’s skating has improved, and in the last year he has been playing against the tougher opposition and surviving. He makes the list as a lower end option from the Pisani-Stone family of role players who take a little time to learn the trade but are useful in a defined role. How bad is McDonald’s offense? At age 24 here are the NHL/NHLE’s for the players listed above:

  • Stone 13gp, 0-5-5 .385
  • Pisani 82gp, 12-16-28 .341 (NHLE)
  • McDonald 82gp, 7-6-13 .159 (NHLE)

So we can see that McDonald’s offense isn’t where it needs to be and that Stone and Pisani are good comps for each other using the boxcars. What about EV strength? McDonald plays little if any PP time (but does spend time on the PK), would that impact this ranking?

  • Pisani 79gp, 15-23-38 .481
  • Stone 38gp, 4-14-18 .474
  • McDonald 25gp, 4-3-7 .280

I’ve posted Stone’s numbers from last year, which is the last AHL action he’s seen so it is a pretty fair comparison. So McDonald’s offense isn’t on par with either Stone or Pisani, so his NHL time will likely be spent in a 4th line energy role and as an extra forward.

What are the odds of McDonald having a career? His Dad (Gerry McDonald) played in 8 NHL games and I think his son probably beats that number by a few, but the lack of offense in the AHL at a fairly advanced age for a prospect probably means McDonald won’t pass 100 games in the show. I’ve placed McDonald ahead of the other prospects who are close (Kytnar, Roy, a couple of others who I won’t mention so as to keep you guessing) because those players have a long road to go before reaching the NHL and McDonald has at least managed that these 6 years after his draft day.

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