Christmas Morning

It’s Christmas morning. I didn’t stay up late last night putting together a toy train or a magic kitchen or some Lego kit. I said all week how nice it would be to enjoy Christmas eve without a “work project” after the kids went to bed but the fact is I missed it. A lot.

I’ve been truly blessed (married a great girl, have two terrific kids) in life and find myself in a very good place this Christmas morning. We’ve had a tough year as a family and that makes the holidays difficult but it is also true that time is marching on and I can see the day when my wife and I are alone on Christmas morning.

I think the lesson for me is probably enjoy these last few holiday seasons with “just us” and to be gracious when friends (and later boyfriends and girlfriends) change our family traditions. I’ll always have those memories of little feet stumbling downstairs as fast as they could fly and those big smiles on Christmas morning.

I make pancakes Christmas morning (the secret ingredient is vanilla, it makes them taste like cake–but in a good way) and then sit around like Henry the 8th all damn day. My wife will make a turkey, three pies, giggle when I chase her around the room even though it just slows her down, and generally make this day special for her three kids (well two, and her husband).

I always wonder how many of you who visit here have families of your own, or are sons and daughters. I know my dear friend Louise has a brand new grandchild and nothing in the world makes her smile like talking about that little one (not even the Oilers. seriously) and that Dennis mentions his GF more and other women less as time marches on.

To all of you, whether you celebrate at Christmas or some other time, I wish you the best this holiday season and hope that you and your family enjoy these days together. In radio, the leadup to Christmas is pure hell (you have to sell the commercials, produce them, tell the computer to play the right music and do that for five or six days ahead because the station is basically dark for that many days) and the stress level can be crazy.

How crazy? I have a friend who is a writer (and a very good one) for radio commercials and years ago he’d written so many Christmas greetings his brain died. So, when a request for a greeting arrived on his desk December 24th he snapped. He wrote “From the management and staff of McLeod’s hardware, the best of the holidays season and a sincere wish that the hinges of friendship never rust.” He sent it to production and it went to air just that way.

Merry Christmas.

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